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What to Look for in a Vacation Rental

vacation rentals Dec 01, 2018

Choosing the right vacation rental is crucial because the quality of your accommodation will really impact your overall experience during your vacation. You can get your money’s worth by comparing your options and doing some research before booking anything.

These simple tips will help you find the right vacation rental for your trip:

1. Research different areas and neighborhoods for your destination. Narrow down your options to safe neighborhoods and to areas that are near main roads or public transit hubs.

2. Once you find a potential rental, check the surrounding area with Google Maps. Look for businesses that could be nuisances (pubs, clubs) and locate the nearest stores, doctors, and hospitals.

3. Make a list of the amenities you would like to find in your vacation rental.  A rental with a fully-equipped kitchen would help you save money on food, but you might also want a rental with a good Wi-Fi signal, parking, air conditioning, and maybe a private pool.

4. Make...

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