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Episode 084 - Who You Need on Your Team in Your STR Business

str team May 18, 2020


When building your Short-Term Rental Business, you need a TEAM of professionals around you to support you and your business.  This episode is all about your STR Team. 


Here are the people you need:

  1. A Great Photographer
  2. An equally good Designer
  3. A Virtual Assistant or A Company like Smartbnb for messages
  4. An outstanding Cleaning Crew
  5. Laundry Service, if not part of Cleaning Crew
  6. A Co-Host or Onsite Manager
  7. A Maintenance Man or General Contractor
  8. A Property Manager if you’re out of town
  9. Pest Control/Landscaper/Pool Service
  10. A Bookkeeper or Accountant who specializes in STRs
  11. An Attorney to write up contracts and protect your assets
  12. An Insurance Agent who specializes in STRs


If you don’t have any friends and family who do Short-Term Rentals, a great place to find your Team Members is getting recommendations from other investors at your local REIA meetings.  A REIA is a Real Estate Investment Association. ...

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