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Episode 027 - No Cash? No Problem! How to Get Started on a Dime



LIES WE ARE TOLD & HOLD AS LIMITING BELIEFS... It takes money to make money. NOT TRUE! You just have to work harder.

Co-hosting is to Short Term Rentals what Wholesaling is to Real Estate Investing.

The Key to Any Type of RE Investing is Marketing! Consistent Marketing is best but you have to FIND the properties. Actively go looking for the type of homes you need.

What type of property do I look for? You are looking for a home that no one lives in but is furnished. It could even be a staged house for sale. Just non-owner occupied, no one living there, but furnished.

Where and how do I find these properties?

*Buy a list on



*Put out Yellow Signs (Bandit Signs)



You are looking for homeowners who are open to allowing you to host guests in their already furnished home.

What is my job as Co-host? You will run the STR business. You will get the property BNB ready. Clean & Stage,...

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no money down Sep 02, 2018

What does “No Money Down” mean?

Money changes hands in nearly every transaction when it comes to investing, especially when investing in real estate. When you hear the term “no money down,” it usually means that none of your money will be needed or used. However, money from some other source will most likely be needed and used. OPM is a term used in investing that means Other People’s Money. The majority of “No Money Down” deals will use OPM or they will involve an almost immediate reimbursement of any money that is put in on the deal. “No Money Down” rarely, if ever, means that no money will be used for the down payment of the transaction.

Can you really invest with “No Money Down?”

Yes. Using OPM, you can invest in little or no money down deals all day long. However, these deals often require more effort and more due diligence. They may even require good credit. But sometimes, they just require a bit of effort and...

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