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Episode 088 - Interview with Lisa K.: How to Recognize Your Intuition

intuition tips & tricks Jun 15, 2020


We had a fantastic interview with Lisa K. today that really hits home on intuition.  Lisa is a scientist, first and foremost.  So, her interview was full of really great observations as well as some powerful, "that's so cool," moments.

Although we just touched the surface with this interview, Lisa let us know a lot about our intuition!  

How do we know it's our intuition and not fear?

Our intuition doesn't use a lot of words.  It comes to us peacefully and calmly.  It will come with ease, not tension.  It fits very easily, like a puzzle.

Fear has a lot of tension, emotion, and you often hear that voice in your head rattle on and on and on.  That's not intuition.  Fear often feels overwhelming.  Intuition, again, peaceful and calm.

Still not sure?  Ask yourself:

What don't I know?

What do I know?

What can I do?


Lisa K. helps people trust their intuition to make better decisions. Lisa...

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