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Episode 028 - How Legal Is My Short Term Rental?




You want to diversify and invest in many things, like stocks & bonds, gold & silver, and real estate.  However, Specialize in one area of Real Estate Investing - like Short Term Rentals, for instance!

Attorneys specialize. Doctors specialize.  You should, too.

Each state has a variety of rules and regulations when it comes to Short Term Rentals. 

You can go to Airbnb's Page about Legal & Regulatory Issues. Read what they have to say, then google your city and state with search phrases like, "do I need a permit or license for my short term rental in Tucson, Arizona?"  Then just start reading.


  • Find out all you need to know for your state government's page and from your city's official government website.


  • Ask your Real Estate Agent if the property is Short Term Rental friendly but still, ask for a copy of the HOA's CC&Rs.


Remember, the government provides tax cuts and incentives as a...

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Episode 009 - The One Thing That Can Rain on Your STR Parade the Hardest

cc&rs due diligence hoa Oct 12, 2018

Here are the books Michelle referenced in today's podcast.  Note, these are Affiliate Links.

[00:00] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital long. Creating greater income is your host best selling author and Speaker Michelle Russell.

[00:22] Hi, this is Michelle, the master of money mindset and I'm here with this episode of the short term rental revenue podcast. And in today's episode we're going to talk about the people who rain on your parade. We're going to talk about the Hoa and the people who set up all these cc and rs and all the codes and compliance as city ordinances that will rain on your parade when you are a short term rental owner. Another thing I don't like HOA's and I'm gonna cover that, but HOA's have been like this for a long time. I don't know if any of you, because we didn't have a choice when I was...

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