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Episode 085 - Make Your STR "CoVID Clean:" Cleaning Advice from Our Favorite Nurse



When making your property as safe as you possibly can cleaning against the coronavirus, first, remember that there are a couple of potential sources of the virus when cleaning; it could be left in your property by your guest and/or it could be carried into your property from you and your cleaning/maintenance crew.  Therefore, you have to fight it both ways.  Protect your crew FROM it and protect your crew from SPREADING it.

There’s not much you can do about guests bringing the virus in but you can absolutely prevent you and your crew from bringing it in.  The steps we share in this episode have the duel purpose of teaching you how to clean in order to protect your crew from potential contaminations from your guests while, at the same time, keeping the potential virus from someone on your staff from contaminating your property.


Please, download or view our Cleaning Checklist here.  This is a step by step guide to...

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Simple & Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your STR for the Holidays

for guests holiday Nov 15, 2019


The Holiday season is just around the corner and like every short-term rental property owner, you are excited to receive lots of bookings from your guests. With an increase in the number of Airbnb properties in every city across the country, catching the attention of tourists to your listing has become difficult for many owners. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways in which you can decorate your STR for the coming holidays.


1.      Decorate with Christmas in Mind

You can easily add a festive spirit to your vacation rental by placing Christmas preparations at strategic places. Your decoration does not need to be elaborate or expensive. Even a simple but elegant Christmas decoration can help to send your guests into a festive mood. You can start by placing Christmas lights that can make your guests have a very warm and welcoming feel. You can also place miniature Christmas trees inside the property. Another item for decoration is a beautiful...

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