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Episode 087 – Pricing Post Pandemic: Competing for Last Place

coronavirus covid pricing Jun 08, 2020



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Episode 085 - Make Your STR "CoVID Clean:" Cleaning Advice from Our Favorite Nurse



When making your property as safe as you possibly can cleaning against the coronavirus, first, remember that there are a couple of potential sources of the virus when cleaning; it could be left in your property by your guest and/or it could be carried into your property from you and your cleaning/maintenance crew.  Therefore, you have to fight it both ways.  Protect your crew FROM it and protect your crew from SPREADING it.

There’s not much you can do about guests bringing the virus in but you can absolutely prevent you and your crew from bringing it in.  The steps we share in this episode have the duel purpose of teaching you how to clean in order to protect your crew from potential contaminations from your guests while, at the same time, keeping the potential virus from someone on your staff from contaminating your property.


Please, download or view our Cleaning Checklist here.  This is a step by step guide to...

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How to Properly Clean Your BNB to Protect Your Guests from COVID-19


These are unprecedented times.  Whether it’s fact-based or media-driven, people all over the world are in a panic because of the Corona Virus, aka COVID-19.

If you haven’t yet, listen to Michelle’s podcast episode on Corona Virus Tactics to Keep Your STR Afloat We are in the travel industry, as you well know and understand.  Something like this can make or break your business model.  Be prepared and be proactive – ahead of the game.

Also, Michelle talks to our favorite nurse, Maria Giordano, on how to properly clean your Short-Term Rental.  You can listen to that (Episode 089) right here.


Keeping Your Guests Safe

We suggest you implement thorough cleanings each and every time a guest departs and do not deviate from those procedures.  Create an SOP, set of Standard Operating Procedures, that ensure the health and safety of your guests at all times.

Go over every surface with the proper sanitizers after a thorough...

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