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Episode 013 - Who is Even More Important Than Your Guests?

cleaning companies Nov 02, 2018

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Here are the books Michelle referenced in today's podcast.  Note, these are Affiliate Links.

[00:00]Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires and created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while Creating greater income is your host best selling author and Speaker Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle of the master of money mindset and this is the short-term rental revenue podcast. In this episode, we are going to be speaking about something that is extremely important. Now, last episode we talked about having the pictures and getting your pictures taken because that's going to get you the booking that's going to get you your, your guests, but right after that, yes, ratings help too, so those go together, but right after that is going to be cleaning. You're...

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