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Episode 075 - 7 Reasons You Should Give to Charity

charity mindset Mar 02, 2020


1.      Give because you can: No matter how little you think you have, there is always someone worse off than you. 

2.      It’s a great way to commemorate love: Whether or not they are still with us in the physical sense, you can commemorate a loved one with a donation. 

3.      It’s an opportunity to give back: Charity can be given to your old school, your old neighborhood, or organization that at one time in your life gave so generously to you. 

4.      Charity boosts motivation: It makes them feel better about themselves and often drives them to work even harder so they can give even more.   

5.      Charity helps you earn respect: Giving “out loud,” as I call it, can not only gain respect, but you will inspire others to give, as...

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