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Episode 093 – Room by Room: Backyards and Bonus Rooms - Part 5



Keep it clean, safe, & inviting!

Resilient Flooring & Durable Fabrics (Easy to Clean)

Add a Pool Table, Fooze Ball,

Air Hockey, and/or Game Table

Pinball Machines


Games, Video and/or Board

Card Games, Skip-Bo, Uno, & Cards Against Humanity

What's in the Neighborhood?  Bikes and Helmets, Golf Carts, Snorkel & Dive Equipment, Canoes & Kayaks w/life vests or jackets, sand buckets, water toys, sprinklers, water guns

People LOVE Water!!

Pools, Hot Tubs, Lakes, etc.

A place to sit, a place to sun, a place to eat (Shade)

Volleyball, Tetherball, etc

Sports Equipment, Balls, Rackets, Bats, and more

Lawn Games, Corn Hole,

Fire Pits

BBQ Grills & BBQ Tools

Blow up toys for the water

Buy/Rent close to amenities and pay the HOA instead of maintenance fees.

Buy/Rent close to playgrounds instead of having to keep your own playset safe.  Otherwise, make certain your playset is well anchored, sanded and safe of splinters...

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