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Episode 002 - What is a STR and Why should You want to Have a Few?

str Sep 04, 2018

Show Notes & Lessons 



Most Rentals have lengthy leases, 1-2 years, where you move your stuff in.

Short Term Rentals are usually less than 30 days, most around 2-3 days to a week where you just bring a bag with some clothes.

Boarding Houses preceded hotels and BNBs have always been around in various forms.

Hotels: bed, bath, mini-fridge, same look.

STRs: can be a room or entire home, experience the culture of the entire city, travel with entire family as one but split costs to save money, homey feel.


Basically, an STR can be less expensive than a hotel with way more room for larger families and even some great amenities, like pools.



* A very popular & growing trend

* Locations all around the world

* The US makes up only 20% of all Airbnb's

* It's a great way to control real estate

* It can be quite lucrative


What if I don't own Properties?

You don't need to. You can run...

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Episode 001 - How This Podcast Came to Be & Who It's For

str Sep 03, 2018

Here are the books Michelle referenced in today's podcast. 

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This is episode one of the Short-Term Rental Revenue Podcast and this is your host, Michelle Russell.  Are you ready for this?

Hello and welcome everybody.   This is Michelle Russell and this is our first ever short-term rental revenue podcast. How exciting is that? Okay, let's get started. As you know, we've been doing The Prosperity process for a few years now. We've got quite a following on our blogs and our Facebook pages and all the rest.  But whenever I do seminars or I'm out speaking somewhere, people always ask me the same question.  They always ask me. “How do you make money if you don't have any money? How do you make money in real estate if you don't have money?" And the obvious answer to that is always flipping. But a lot of people just don't know how to flip and that does...

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no money down Sep 01, 2018

What does “No Money Down” mean?

Money changes hands in nearly every transaction when it comes to investing, especially when investing in real estate. When you hear the term “no money down,” it usually means that none of your money will be needed or used. However, money from some other source will most likely be needed and used. OPM is a term used in investing that means Other People’s Money. The majority of “No Money Down” deals will use OPM or they will involve an almost immediate reimbursement of any money that is put in on the deal. “No Money Down” rarely, if ever, means that no money will be used for the down payment of the transaction.

Can you really invest with “No Money Down?”

Yes. Using OPM, you can invest in little or no money down deals all day long. However, these deals often require more effort and more due diligence. They may even require good credit. But sometimes, they just require a bit of effort and...

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