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Smart Messaging Using Smartbnb

For an Airbnb host, the ability to send informative messages to guests in a timely manner is an important part of the business. There are many instant messaging apps but one tool that has gained massive popularity among Airbnb owners these days is Smartbnb.


The popularity of Smartbnb stems from the ability to save you tremendous amounts of time by automating your messages to your guests.  For example, you may send out a “Welcome" & "How to Check-in” messages the day before a guest’s arrival.  It’s most likely the same message each time and you may even have set up the template inside of Airbnb’s messages.  Now, just link Smartbnb to your Airbnb account and it will send automated messages to your guests at the times you desire. If you want to save your time and enhance the experience of your guests, there is no better messaging tool than Smartbnb.


Sending Messages is Time-Consuming But Necessary


Sending messages to customers is the most important part of managing your listing on Airbnb. It can be very time consuming and even become irritating at times. You communicate with potential guests, send messages to the guest checking out and the guests checking in.  Even with your saved messages, it takes time. 

01)  You sign in.

02)  Go to your calendar.  

03)  Click the guest and message.

04)  Find the saved message you have and send, or worse, have to create a new message because you STILL haven't taken the time to create & save stock messages yet.

05)  And, you have to do this several times for each and every guest!


Therefore, it makes sense to utilize a tool that can send automated messages to your customers at designated times or even when keywords are used. Like its name, it is indeed a very smart messaging platform. It allows you to automate most of your messages that you send on your Airbnb listing.


An amazing feature of Smartbnb is that it can guess the language spoken by your guests and then respond in the same language to them. As Smartbnb utilizes artificial intelligence, it is also capable of making a guess about the subject of an email to reply with a message that appropriate to it. For example, if the subject of the message is Wi-Fi, it will reply with a message explaining instructions to use Wi-Fi inside your property. If the guest has mentioned parking in his subject, the message sent to him by Smartbnb would contain instructions on parking.


Even though the bulk of messages sent through Smartbnb are automated, your guests cannot judge this fact. This is because of the personal touch that the tool allows you to use with your messages. You can insert the name of the guest, his check-in date, and the total cost he can expect for his stay at your property, and much more.  It’s amazing how many times people comment on my team’s quick response or excellent communication when they have talked to no one… like not even a real person.  Just our messaging system.


Smartbnb is packed with many amazing features. It can improve the ranking of your listing on Airbnb because it is lightning fast.  Well, maybe not lightning fast but really, really fast. In fact, this platform sends you a daily report on the ranking of your listing on Airbnb and you will be able to see that they have responded in seconds. Most guests repeat the same questions again and again, anyway, and most of the messages you send can be cut and pasted. It can be frustrating to send the same reply to different customers on Airbnb. This where Smartbnb proves handy for an Airbnb host.


It will run you, at the time of this article, around $8 or $9 per unit per month but absolutely worth it.  Using Smartbnb is a breeze and it not only allows you to interact with your guests quickly but also increases your efficiency and saves you time.  Use the free 14-day trial link below to check it out!

Get your Free Trial of Smartbnb Here.


Pick up our "7 Touch Messages" that you can use to cut and paste into your Smartbnb account or even your Airbnb Automated & Saved Messages.  Just remember, for about $2 a week per unit you can save HOURS of time sending messages!  HOURS!  Try it for yourself!

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