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Simple & Inexpensive Gifts Your Guests Will Love

holiday Dec 01, 2019


If you are a host on Airbnb, you are always on the lookout for ways to beat your competitors. You try to provide the most modern and best amenities to your guests and keep your prices reasonable to attract large numbers of guests. Are you still struggling to catch the attention of tourists to your Airbnb property? If yes, then you should try giving away simple and inexpensive guests to them. It is better than giving discounts during the off-season as it costs little and yet gives wonderful results. Here is a list of such simple gift items with which you can welcome your guests.


A Mouth-Watering Collection of Snacks

The way to a person’s heart goes through his stomach they say, and they are not wrong.  You can melt the heart of all your guests by giving away a welcome gift basket containing an assortment of yummy snacks. Make sure your basket is full of non-perishable food items rather than fresh fruits as they last longer and can be carried along by your guests. You can include snacks like cookies, crackers, chocolates, popcorns that have a great appeal among people of all age groups.


Movie Night Gift Basket

Welcome your guests with a gift basket that is meant to be enjoyed by your guests during a movie in a theatre.  You can arrange colas, sodas, popcorns, and chocolates in a small basket and hand it over to your guests when they arrive to your Airbnb property. This basket can get you a 5-star rating but it doesn’t break the bank.


A Bottle of Wine with Sweets

If your guest happens to be a young couple having arrived on a relaxed, romantic getaway, the best welcome gift for them would be a basket containing a bottle of wine and an assortment of sweets.  This gift basket on a budget will help you win over the hearts of your guests and they will surely spread the word around among their friends about your Airbnb property.


A Basket Full of Essential Supplies

If your guests are a family with small kids, the best welcome gift for them would be a basket containing essential supplies for a vacation. This basket could contain a bath towel, soaps, and toilet paper; makeup remover, a bottle of shampoo, napkins, diapers, and sachets of conditioners. Other items to be included in this basket are sunscreen, toothpaste, body bar, sponge, paper towel, and hand towels.  The better you know the typical guests you serve, who they are and why they are visiting, the better you can choose gifts they will love and appreciate.


Keep the Price at Around 10% of a Night’s Stay

Do your best to keep your gifts within reason.  Don’t throw away money that you don’t have.  If your average nightly rate is $130, do your best to keep your basket or gift’s cost around 10% of that or $13.  I know it doesn’t seem like much but we have a Bevmo membership that gets us bottles of local, unknown wines for around $4 a bottle when we buy a case at a time.  A little basket of snacks and we have spent less than our 10% while leaving the guests truly appreciative and happy. 


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