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Outdoor Amenities That Will Help Attract Guests


Summer season is in full swing and tourists are out there enjoying warm weather and beaches. As a Short-Term Rental or Vacation Rental Owner, you know to take advantage of the season your region is known for to maximize your profits.  When you’re in a sunny area, like Florida, this is it.  When you’re in skiing country, it’s the winter.  But what attracts guests to other Areas?  What attracts them to the mountains?  More importantly, what will attract them to your property?


You can attract more guests to your property if you offer some exciting outdoor amenities to them.  Outdoor spaces in a property, whether it is in a mountainous region or near a beach, allow guests to have more fun during their stay.  You can score more bookings by adding these outdoor amenities to your property.


A Swimming Pool


Whether it belongs to your community or is in your back yard, a pool equals fun in warm destinations.  It gives your guests a feeling of staying in a resort when they find there is a swimming pool in your vacation rental.  In a survey, it was found that more than 80% of tourists choose a property that has a swimming pool over other vacation rentals that don’t have access to one.  A swimming pool becomes the center attraction of your guests and they use it to have lots of fun with friends and family members during their stay. 


Outdoor Space for Kids


If you have a family-friendly or family-focused property, then families with small children will be drawn to your property if you offer some type of safe play area outside for children.  Kids love to have fun and seem to have boundless energy when on vacation.  Parents are looking for a space to relax and kickback.  Wouldn’t it be nice to offer them a safe, contained area to allow their children to burn off some of that energy while they can safely watch?  If you can provide an outdoor space for kids where they can run around and indulge in playful activities, your property will attract a large number of families with kids to it.  A property with a backyard is a commodity, just like a pool without the expense.


Outdoor Space for Pets


Many families are looking for a space where they can bring with them a beloved pet and they will gladly pay extra for it.  If you have a family-friendly STR, you are a hot commodity.  People who bring their pets along with them love to find vacation rentals where their pets can play in the outdoors and have grass to roll around in.  They appreciate dog beds and dog houses, pet dishes and leashes, and even pet treats that are left out for them.  Be creative and fun!


Barbecue Grill or Outdoor Cooking & Eating Area


Barbecue is grilled food that is loved by the vast majority of our guests. How about providing them with an open area to barbecue in and a place where they can enjoy the food that they prepare?  Guests from cooler climates would love some fun and entertainment outside along with family and friends.  An opportunity to picnic and relax under the shade of trees while enjoying a sumptuous feast is just the ticket.  You may just need to clear up some space in your backyard to place a barbecue grill and a table with seating for your guests.


Michelle’s Note:


Please don’t allow fear to dictate whether or not you offer these amenities.  Just make certain you post safety signs and have proper insurance coverage (see our article on insurance or listen to Michelle's podcast here).  The added cost of insurance is far outweighed by the benefits of having these amenities but cover your assets and your guests with insurance, just in case.  Then you can breathe easy.  We've placed a Proper Insurance pdf below.


Also, place these features prominently in your listings!  You want things in your title and on that first picture so you can get potential guests to look deeper into your property.  Don’t miss out because you buried these features!



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