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Cheap Security Upgrades Your Guests Will Love

If you are running a Short-Term Rental Business, your focus is always on providing comfort and safety to your guests, along with any amenities that you can provide.


It’s obvious that many guests book vacation rentals based on the price listed.  Others book based on amenities offered.  Location is always critical in the majority of our bookings.  What you may be ignoring or overlooking is the concern of the guests for their safety and security.  Many pay particular attention to the security features of the property as much as their own comfort during their stay. Here are some inexpensive security upgrades that your guests will love and which may help increase your bookings.


Replace Ordinary Door Locks with Strong Locks


You may not think much of the blocks on the doors of rooms, but your guests get a very safe feeling when they see strong door locks on strong doors that are difficult to break in.  On the other hand, nothing makes them feel more insecure than a flimsy-looking door and lock.  Your doors should be sturdy and thick to give a feeling of security to your guests. Guests are happy when they are given a smart locking option with a password that is known only to them and when they can securely bolt the doors from the inside.  There’s a sense of peace that comes in the knowledge that you cared enough to add these features for them.


Motion Sensing Light Fixtures


I purchased a bunch of these at Costco for less than $30 each on coupon.  They were Outdoor, Solar and Wireless, meaning they were easily installed anywhere because they did not require hard wiring.  Perfect for carports or dark paths, they make lighting and securing your property a breeze!  Look for ‘motion sensing’ light fixtures that enhance the security of your rentals. These lights come on as soon as they detect any human activity and focus a light on the area where the person entered your property.  These lights can also be synced with an automatic timer so that they are switched on and off at specified time during day and evening. 


Surveillance with CCTV


Let’s be clear: Cameras outside are okay but inside are not.  You don’t want to intrude on the privacy of your guests.  However, outside cameras for security are wonderful and protect both you and your guests.  Your guests feel happy and secure when they learn that your property is under constant surveillance with the help of CCTV cameras.  You feel safe in knowing who is entering your property.  (See our article on Pop-up Brothels because this is a key way to prevent that from happening on your property.)  CCTV cameras were costly not so long ago but their prices have come down significantly.  Costco and Sam’s Club have revolving sales with affordable units that include several cameras.  Some even have night vision!  With surveillance cameras installed in strategic positions around your property, you can not only prevent burglary attempts but also make your guests feel safe and secure while knowing exactly who and how many are entering your property.


Reinforce Window Treatments


No matter how much security you provide with the help of doors, locks, and CCTV cameras, guests do not feel safe until they find your windows strong and fitted with locks. You should replace your windows if they have become old and vulnerable to break-ins or you can place sound sensors (devices that pick up the sound of glass breaking) on your windows.  This type of burglar sensing equipment can even be placed close to your windows so that they can pick up any activity of a stranger and trip the alarm system. 


Patio Door Bars and Locks


Sliding glass patio doors should always have a security bar that your guests can use to make them feel safe.  It is sometimes difficult to make sure a patio door is locked properly but with a bar, they can see that the door is secure, putting their mind at ease.



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