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Episode 091 – Room by Room: Living Room! What Each Should & Must Have - Part 3

living room tips & tricks Jul 06, 2020


Smart Locks

You absolutely must use smart locks.  Today, they are less expensive than ever and are MUCH safer than handing your keys to a strange to lose, or worse, make copies of.  We use August, who teams with Yale.  Their app is easy and you can safely set codes that begin when your guests arrive and end with their departure.  Set codes for your cleaning staff and maintenance.  Plus, you can log when people arrive or depart without the worry.


Living Room

Comfortable Couches and Chairs – stain-resistant or washable

Pillows, add color and texture

End tables, Coffee table, TV stand – kid corners (see Safety Article below)

*Smart TV – along with fast wi-fi

Remotes, batteries


Entryway: hooks for coats, a place for shoes, entry rug


Art, plants, some nik naks


Office Area

Don’t need a designated room, just a space.


Comfy Chair


A place to easily plug in a computer and essentials

Fast wi-fi (we place a sign w/name & password)





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