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Episode 086 – How CoVID Changed Our Industry & How to Market Your Property Now

cleaning covid marketing Jun 01, 2020


The world is going through some challenging times.  Whether there will be a “new normal” or whether we will go back to our old normal is yet to be seen.  One thing we know for sure is the Short-Term Rental Industry has been impacted dramatically by the Pandemic.  What, exactly, has changed the and what can you do to roll with the punches until normal becomes normal again?  How can you market your property so potential guests understand the new measures you’ve implemented in your business?  What words can you use?  Find out in this episode and be sure to get all our checklists for cleaning, plus a lot of other great advice for, not just surviving but thriving during the CoVID Pandemic.

Some Changes:

More people are keeping their travel closer to home, less than 50 miles

What it means:

We need to accept more locals but still, check them out carefully.

Some Changes:

More people are looking for cheaper stays, less than $50 a night because a lot of people's incomes have been impacted by the LockDown.

What it means:

Depending on your area, you may want to think about lowering your prices, at least for the meantime.

Some Changes:

More people are booking later than ever (within a week of travel) AND they are wanting to find places with less strict cancellation policies.  Events and concerts are being canceled left and right, so people are looking for flexible cancellation policies in case their travel plans change.

What it means:

We need to be more flexible if we want more bookings.

Some Changes:

Less and less shared spaces, more and more entire units are being booked - and some platforms are eliminating or limiting shared spaces.

What it means:

We need to fill that need with separate entrances and separate units.

Some Changes:

More people are looking for a safe, CLEAN space.

What it means:

Our cleaning routines have to change.  We need to do better and market how we've changed to potential guests.  Ratings in cleanliness will be more important than ever.



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