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Episode 078 - Corona Virus Tactics to Keep Your STR Afloat

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2020



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Show Transcript

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income, is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset, and you are listening to the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast...

and in today's episode, we're going to be talking about what else? The Corona virus. But this time I'm going to give you some helpful hints how to make it through this rough time. How to keep your guests safe, how to keep making money and how to move past these crazy, crazy times. But first I want to remind you that our podcast today is brought to you by Audible. You can get your first audio book for free and a 30 day trial in tow. Audibles membership by going to audible trial dot com forward slash str revenue. That's audible trialled dot com forward slash S T. R revenue. Okay, so that Corona virus has hit. People are going ape shit crazy out there. They're just nuts. There's no toilet paper to be found, which is amazingly incredible. You're, like, really toilet paper. That's what they're hoarding. Toilet paper, Not food, not rise, not beans. Toilet. Baber, you're like, Oh, okay. Toilet papered. It's what's really kind of weird is in a situation like this. I'm not panicking. No one around me is panicking. But when you're around people who are panicking, you start to think to yourself. Should I be panicking? Maybe I should be taking this a little more serious. I'm not taking it nearly a serious as some people are. I have a husband who's a doctor. My friend Maria is a nurse. Her husband, Gary, is a doctor, and all of them have told me, Stop panicking. This is just like the flu. It's just a little bit worse, but not much. And stop panicking, right? Don't panic. There's nothing to worry about. But then you see everybody else and you're going. Maybe I should be worried, but so far in Arizona were pretty calm. I was up in Sedona for several days, doing some shooting up there, and when we were up there, the university kids were on spring break and they came up and nobody was freaking out. I mean, there were people everywhere. The restaurants were packed, the hiking trails were packed. I mean, people were all over the place. The traffic was amazing, just like it is Any time there's spring break and everything was going like normal, it was just normal. And then when I got home, it was a little bit worse. I was like, Okay, people are really freaking out. You went to the stores and the store shelves are empty. I have two sons who both worked in the grocery industry. One of them works for sprouts and I love sprouts. It's like one of my favorite grocery stores. I think of any they have the best produce in the valley, and I absolutely love going there. And he said, Mom, you wouldn't even believe it, He said. People are hoarding toilet paper, and before they started implementing quantity limits, a lady had come in and just cleaned off the shelf of all the toilet paper. She had carts overflowing with tons of toilet paper. I don't know what she was going to do that, because probably more than a year's worth of toilet paper. If you Philip your guards, you're like, OK, I don't know what you're gonna do with that, but all right. And she took all this toilet paper and one of their older gentleman who lives in the area saw it and said, Hey, you know, you took the last of the toilet paper. Can I just get one of those? And the woman just verbally attacked him like, literally f bomb dropped him and just, you know, get the f out of here, old man, get out of my effing way and just went and really attacked this old man. It was like I felt so bad because it was one of our customers who was there all the time. And I know this old gentleman and he's really nice and kind, and all he did was indeed one package of toilet paper and this lady went absolutely nuts. So it's a crazy, crazy world out there. It really is. But here's the deal. I know that a lot of us are hurting and beginning to panic because it's really affecting the travel industry, and that's who we are. We are really in the travel industry, correct. I mean, we're providing a service for people who are traveling, whether they're staying for a short time or a longer time. That's who we are and what we d'oh. So a lot of you might be hurting right now, and this is the podcast for you. I want to help you out, regardless of how you're doing your short term rental business. Are you doing it where you own the property and you're renting it out to yourself as a business as a B and B business? And you've got two businesses running, Or are you doing rental arbitrage? Or if you're co hosting with someone, if you're co hosting with someone, you don't have quite the panic that everybody else does because you're making a percentage off of whatever income comes in. If the income doesn't come in, you just make less percentage. But you have nothing to lose because you're not paying a rent. You're not paying all the utilities. All of that stuff is not coming from you, so you don't have to panic as much as everyone else. So co host stirs out, there are breathing a little easier, but here's the deal. They're still not creating an income. They're still not making as much money as they did before, so that's not good. Nobody likes to have their income cut. Let's talk about those of you in a rental arbitrage situation. You are actually renting from somebody, and you have to pay that rent. You have to pay those utilities now. Obviously, when things are off, you can shut. Something's off. But you can't necessarily shut off all your utilities, your electric and your gas and your Internet and stuff and then say, Okay, well, when I get a booking, I'm going to turn it back on. It's not that easy. And sometimes their fees to turning things on and turning things off. And there's also the smells that our associate ID. If you have a refrigerator off for a long time or turning the gas back on, you might have pilot lights that need to be lit. So it's not just a simple thing. Turning off utilities. What is simple is Ron Tino Apartments, and that's what I want to talk to you about, but hold on one second. Let's talk to the people who own their own properties. You guys have mortgages to pay, and that's a scary thing, because yeah, you can not pay a lease or landlord and you can get kicked out. And maybe your credit goes down a bit. Maybe it doesn't, but it doesn't really matter if you own the property. That's where most people are panicking and going. This is my property. I've got to pay the mortgage. I've done this. I've created this. No, I'm in big trouble because I have my own place to pay a mortgage for And now I've got this mortgage as well. So I'm going to address the two of you. Remember what I said about in case something happened? You wanted to make sure that your property could be paid for by long term renters. Now is the time to begin to contemplate that right or at least contemplates somebody renting your place for more than a month. So, like traveling nurses or business people, because now we've got to market ourselves. We've got to get out there, and we've got to get our properties filled because mortgages have to be paid and rent asked to be paid. So if you're not co hosting, don't freak out. Don't panic. Let's start thinking about how we can get somebody in there to start paying those bills for us. And the way we can is we think about longer term rentals. That's the only way to cover our assets in this type of situation. Now, if you have a property that's either the top of the market or the bottom of the market, you're going to do a lot better than the middle of the road. And let me tell you why. Because people are out either right now to save a ton of money, and they're going to be looking for bargains and that way there, hunting the bottom of the market, right, the low hanging fruit. If you're lowering your prices, you're gonna be competing with a lot of other people lowering their prices. And I want you to be really careful about doing that because when you lower your prices, you're also lowering the quality of people that come into your property. We've talked about this over and over and over again. The people who are doing this who are coming out in groves and traveling and traveling and just getting deal after deal. These aren't the type of people who travel all the time, and they may not be the type of people that will take care of your property. So if you feel the need to low cut low ball, just slash your prices and compete for last place, which I really don't recommend. But if you feel it's necessary to do that, I beg you to make sure that you up your game and how you screen and process your guests because low prices equal, low quality. Guess these are the people who will ruin and ransack your properties, steal you blind, make a mess, destroy things. I mean, that's what you're looking at. So I am begging you not to do that. But if you feel like you have to, if you feel like it's your only choice, no one's gonna ever judge you for doing that. Because these air really, really weird times right there, kind of like the same thing that happened to us during the big bubble burst. So when the real estate bubble burst, we had the same thing. The prices dropped tremendously and we had rental prices drop tremendously, which had not happened. Historically, historically, even if the markets adjusting the prices of rent usually remain the same. And here in the Valley we had our prices like slashed. They just kept going down, down, down. And it was amazing. We had properties that were renting for 1200 a month, 1500 a month that went down into six and $700 a month. Sometimes there were properties that went even lower and again, the quality of people that you get at those prices. Those are the people who would rather have a big screen TV and not pay their rent. You know, they pay their cable first, they pay everything else. And then they tell you there's sob story about why they can't pay their rent, and it's really, really tough on you. So I'm just trying Thio let you know that if you decide to do that, don't come bitching to me or anyone else afterwards and complain about the type of people you got or the stories that you can tell afterwards because you're asking for trouble when you slash your prices you really, really are now the middle of the road. You're not gonna get too many people doing that because these are the people who are going. Maybe I'll just wait to travel, right? Maybe I'll just take my time. Or maybe I'll just sit tight and wait for things to blow over. That's the majority of people. Right now. They're just kind of going to ride it out and see what happens. They don't want to go out into the crowds unless they have to. They just want to play it safe. And that's going to be the majority of people. And they would be the middle of the road for your nightly rates. They would have been the ones that paid in there. So then you're gonna have travelers who are willing to look for something nice, but they still want to get pretty good deals. So you want to have the nicest place out there. You always d'oh! You want to be one of the top 10 properties always in your area. You want your place to look great. You are not competing for last place. You are competing with yourself and you always want to out d'oh what is being done? So I suggest when my people are on, I love my members. My members are fantastic. And when we talk about going on to air d n A. And looking at the daily rates and looking at the occupancy rate and kind of evaluating properties before we purchase them or Wrentham, we are always looking at what is available. What are the top properties in that area, and what do they look like? And we want to make sure we can compete, because if we can't, it's gonna put us down in the lower percentages. We're gonna be between 50 and 75 now. Those are the numbers we use anyway to project our income. But at the same time, we know that we're going to compete and look as best we can, right? We're gonna make our property is very, very competitive. And so hopefully the majority of time, we're gonna far exceed those expectations between the 50 and 75th percentile. We are going to far exceed them. So we look and use those numbers to run our numbers just to be conservative. But we know we're going to be better than that So when you're looking at properties like on Air D N A. And you're looking at the best properties in your area, those are the pictures that you want to use. You want to look at their pictures, see what they're doing, see what kind of amenities they have. See where their locations are at. Are they a little bit higher up by the mountains? Are they down in the valley or they next to the lake? I mean, where are they in relation to what's going on in your area and how are they decorated? What kind of condition are they in? And that's who you want to compete with. Those air going to be your top producers. You want to be right there with them. So let's take, for instance, I've got a great couple who are working on some properties in Texas, and they have the ability to compete with all these other top 10 properties because they are literally decorating their properties to be like them. They can see that the majority of people are going for this contemporary warehouse kind of looking theme, and that's the type of dick or everyone seems to be booking in their area. And so they are creating the same thing. They're taking what's winning and they're going with that. And when you conduce that you are more likely to make more money, you really, really are. So again, don't compete for last place. Compete for first place, see what kind of amenities you can add. You want to start creating income in every way, shape and form that you possibly can. What else can you d'oh! To add value to your guess? What else can you d'oh To create a greater income for yourself with that same property? So you're gonna have to make up for lost time, right? Whatever we lose in the last week or two and whatever we're gonna lose in the next month or two because obviously this is gonna blow over. But we've probably got a couple of months of hard time. So in this couple of months, what can we d'oh to create more money? And that's offer Maur things. I mean, we just gotta offer more amenities. Can we drive these people to and from airports? Can we pick up and drop off luggage, you know, and hold it early? Can we bring them breakfast. Can we provide juice? Can we buy groceries for them ahead of time? Can we do their dry cleaning and their laundry? What else can we d'oh to increase our income? Those are the things that we've got to think about. Think outside the box. Don't ever panic. There's always way to create more money. OK, from justice sources that you have. You just have to think outside the box and stop panicking. Everybody is panicking. It's okay. It's scary. Most of you are so young that you haven't lived through anything like this. And I got to tell you, I'm older and I have so I can remember. Back in the days when we had the AIDS epidemic running through and people were scared to death, they didn't know how it was caught. They were afraid to touch anybody. They literally became super homophobic and even in some cases, very meaning cruel to people. And it was very trying time. It really, really waas. Nobody knew what was going on. But as people got educated, they started to learn and realize that we were more dangerous thio them than they were to us. And there were only a few ways to get AIDS, and so now you don't see anybody walking around as scared as they are. So the same with this flu, it's just the flu. It's just a new strain of flu, and it's a little more aggressive than the old strain of flu. But if you looked every year between 35,000 and 70,000 people in the United States die of the flu and about 10% of our population gets it every single year, so it's already a big deal. We've had those same numbers for a long time, and nobody was on the news every single night telling us how many people died of the flu so far this year. It was going on and we didn't know it was going on. Now we're just seeing it right in our face. So take it seriously, being sure that you are taking all the precautions you can and washing your hands and being a safe as you can. But at the same time, don't let it freak you out. These things happen. They happen all the time. Every election year is a matter of fact. We have something happened right So every election near this goes on, this just happens to be one of the biggest. I would say media frenzies. I mean, the media is really taking this to the hill. I mean, there are scaring people, and honestly, I think it's unprecedented to me. What the media is doing is it should be illegal because they're creating this panic. They really, really are. It is a bad thing, but it's not nearly as serious as they've made it out to. I was listening when they first began, and they were comparing it to Ebola. And you're like guys, it's nothing near as dangerous as Ebola. It should never be compared with it, but they love to frighten people, and that is a sad, sad thing. They should not be allowed to do that. They really shouldn't. So now let's talk about what we can do to increase people stain and our property, so people are going to want to know that the place that they're stain is clean, like really clean. They're not going to want to stay somewhere where there's any kind of, if Penis about it, right, so a lot of people are going to turn back to hotels. Believe it or not, even the hotels are more used. People feel safer with what they know. It's like, Why do people eat? And McDonald's when they're on the road? They might not even like McDonald's, but if they're in a small town that they've never been to and there's a Jos Grill and, uh, Betty's Bakery, they're most likely the majority of people will eat at the McDonald's there because they know what the food is like. They know what to expect, and it's comfortable for them. There's only a few of us out there who would give it a try and say, Hey, let's check the yelp on Betty's Bakery or Joe's Grill and those people are, you know, the more adventurous types. But the majority of people like safe and safe and sanitary to them feel like Ah hotel and they'll go to the hotel. But here's the deal. If we can get them onto the sites, if they get onto an Airbnb or V R B O or wherever your platform is, that if we get them on there, how are we going to grab their attention? I'm gonna tell you right now, you need to put something in your title something in your page that grabs their attention and lets them know that you're taking this seriously and that you're cleaning up your place and that you're taking extra precautions and that you have professional cleaners, sanitizers everywhere and that between every guess you are doing everything you can to take every precaution that there possibly is. You may want to even say that you're waiting two days between each of your guests. I mean, not lie, but do it in that way. When you sanitize everything and you give it the two days waiting period for how long the virus can stay alive on a solid surface than you're taking double precautions, there's not going to be anything in there that can make anyone sick. And that's even the best for everyone. So I would start to put things in my title that tell people that you are sanitizing your taking extra precautions and in your pictures I want you to put things that show your cleaning crew in your listings. I want you to put things that tell all the extra precautions, list them one by one of what you're doing to prevent any kind of virus from spreading that you're taking all these precautions. So list out the precautions you're taking. Take a picture, show them how you're sanitizing the areas, maybe a picture of your cleaners cleaning and wiping an area with a big smile on their face or whatever. Just make sure that they see it and then also let them note that you will have sanitizing wipes and you will have sanitizing sprays that they can spray on all the linens to make sure that they feel safe all the time. An honor website. We're going to have some really great ways to create these wonderful sanitizing sprays. And we can do that without having to go and get a bunch of Lysol or a bunch of Lysol wipes. Weaken. Do that literally with natural oils and with things like witch hazel and spray bottles that we get on Amazon. Gonna have a links to this and recipes for you guys so you can make up your own sanitizers and these sprays that people can put on their beds and maybe you want to put a little lavender and there and it'll smell really nice and they can sprayed on their sheets when they go to bed as they look. Spray this. Let it sit for five minutes and you've just sanitized your own sheets. Every time they stay, they can have these little bottles. And if you put him in smaller bottles, they can even take them with. And it would be a nice little gift from you. You're like, Look, we're going to give you these when you come take these with you our gift to you. And that way they've got something to remember you by, and they also feel safe. No matter where they are. They can use them as hand sanitizers. They can use them to spray on their sheets. They can use them to spray any area in the home, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, wherever they feel like. And it's all nice, natural sanitizing agents, nothing harmful for the environment and literally will make them feel better and safer. But you need thio somehow. Let them know that you are taking thes precautions and your place will stand out if you d'oh let them know let them know visually with pictures and with words, right? Let them know that they are protected and that you are doing everything you can. And I recommend that to day wait in between If you can do it, If you can't, you know, do what you can do. I mean, if you're really struggling and you're like, I just got a book back to back Michelle, because if I don't, I'm gonna lose way too much money. If you have to do it, do it that way. But if you can do a two day waiting period, let them know we're doing a two day waiting period between our reservations. That way, even after we clean, we make sure that any virus would be dead because anything left on the surface over 48 hours should be dead. Now, we have links to a bunch of articles from the CDC that tell you exactly how to clean. This is really important, Okay, because you and I both know on her hands just soap and water will kill this virus just like the flu. So that's really nice. But on surfaces you have to have cleaners that are either ammonia based or alcohol based. Those air going to be the only way to kill this virus on any hard surfaces. We're also going to create a poster for you guys that you can download in place inside your EST ers, and this will tell them how to wipe their phone down because that's the number one place that that virus would stay and stick around. And the dirtiest place that we have is usually our cell phones. So it'll tell him how to wipe their phones down. How to wash their hands, avoid putting their hands anywhere on their face, right? We're on anyone else's face, how to wash your hands before eating anything, even a piece of gum and how to teach your kids to do the same. Just the safety precautions that anyone is willing to dio, and what's gonna feel really good to them is to have something tangible, like the's spray bottles were talking about. People feel safer when they have something tangible. You know, that sounds bizarre, but just that little spray there's something psychological about having something tangible that makes people feel safer. It really does, so if they have the little spray that you made up for them, they will love it. They will feel better they will feel more secure and the little signs in there You just get a little plastic frame and make sure you have that up. It's going to let them know that you are in control of your space and that you have taken that extra step, those extra precautions for them and they're gonna feel amazing about it. They're gonna be like this place is a place I want to stay. I mean, look, they've got this little things set up for me. I am going to feel safe there. I can spray the beds. They've already cleaned them. Everything that we offer them is going to make them feel more safe and more secure. So I think it will put you in the spotlight. I think it'll put you out there in front of everything because people might even use those keywords the C O V i. D. Dash 19. Or if they're going to use Corona, whatever keywords they might use to search, they might just be looking for somebody who mentions it so that they know that the place is clean, so you might want to have something that lets them know that you are combating this virus and that you are winning super clean place. But somewhere in your Burbage, somewhere in those words down there don't want to have it out in front. Right, Because you don't want the scare and the bad first. But somewhere in your Burbage, you're gonna wanna have those. So your keywords are pulled up. Okay, so those keywords will be pulled up. But you want something that makes them feel good in your title in your description, Okay? Something that makes them feel good and feel safe. And the place is sparkling clean, sanitized for your safety so that they feel good about it. Okay, that's what we want to d'oh. Now again, don't panic. If it continues for longer than a month or two, then you can start thinking of other things, depending on your financial situation and how much you have put away and how much you have going out. So if you have mortgages coming due and you have no extra money in your account and you are struggling right now and you are freaking f out, you're like I am banned a gain like don't panic and you're already just running around. Panicked game if you're already are panicking and you don't have any money. And I want you to think about those long term renters and the nurses, at least the nurses, so that you can get somebody in there for a longer length of time. Even if the money is lower, it's guaranteed money coming in and starts right away. Okay, that should be your backup plan. If you have money in the bank and you can hold out for a couple months, If you can hold out for a couple of months and you've got a little bit of back up, then that's going to be your plan B. Okay, If you don't have any money, it's gonna be your plan. A But if you got some money in your savings account, you've got a little bit of back up money there. That's gonna be your plan B. And the first thing you're gonna dio is you're gonna start tweaking everything to direct people to you because it's sanitized for their safety. Okay? And you're gonna make everything sparkle. You're going to fix your headlines. You're gonna put a list of stuff that you do in there. You may even put pictures of it. But what you're going to do is you're going to compete for first place, and you're going to make sure that your marketing includes all the steps in precautions that you have taken to make your place better to make your place safer, to keep your guests safe. Right? So those are the things you're going to dio again. Please, guys don't panic. Everything blows over. It really, really does. If you're young, I know you have a tendency just to freak out. It's kind of weird because out of my five kids, the one who is the calmest right now is my 32 year old and she's actually sick. She's been sick for a couple weeks, and they actually tested her on Thursday for Corona Virus. That test hasn't come back yet. It's the end of the weekend right now, and we're getting this out to you. But she hasn't gotten back yet. She's not worried about it. She's like, you know what? I know I'm gonna be okay. The doctors are on this. She can see what the rates are for everybody, and she's under 40 and she has no lung challenges, so that's You know, it's usually older people or people with lung problems and smaller Children. Somebody with compromised immune systems. Plus, she's got her dad, who's always very analytical and straightforward. So he keeps us steering straight ahead. You know, he keeps he keeps us all on track and says, Look, don't sway from the plan. This is how it goes. Doesn't matter what they're throwing at. You just keep going and stick to the plan. This is not the time to panic. Okay? You're going to be all right, so I want you to be all right, and I don't want you to panic. I want you to have a plan A and a Plan B. Remember, if the Plan A is not working if cleaning up and making all those changes don't work, then you're going to go to plan B. What is Plan B? Plan B is marketing to the nurses to business people or just going to a long term renter. You want somebody who you can get out as soon as you possibly can? Because us I mean, think about it. Our summer months here in Arizona are our slowest months, so I don't mind putting a six month lease in there right now, that's going to get me over the hump, right? But I want that lease up before my big time comes in the fall and the winter months. So I would be very careful and hesitant to put a whole year lease in there. I would just want to cover those months. Now, you guys, your summer months are gonna come. And believe me, when you can't take the kids to Disney on spring break like you planned, you're gonna think about the summer plans. So when people push these vacations, they're just pushing him out just to the summer months. So you may want to focus on the nurses. Because if you conduce that or business people, right, if you can do a long term rent for a month or two just to get you over this hump, that'll work. That'll be awesome. You want to make sure that you don't shoot yourself in the foot and completely blow your biggest time of the year Because in Florida, our biggest time of year is definitely the summer months. So starting at the end of May and going into June, July August, those air going to be our biggest times. So if we had a long term renter and there those would blow our big income months, we'd have to wait all the way till December and January for them to get big again because it would be the next November holidays. Right? So Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, that would be our next biggest rush. So don't shoot yourself in the foot unless you absolutely have to. If you freak out and that was the only way to do it, then you're gonna have to hold off. But try to get something in the meantime, something to hold you over, Okay. And if you have any questions and if there's anything that I can do for you guys, anything I can do it all go on our Facebook page. I'm not on there all the time, and I'm gonna be on their very sporadically throughout this month because we're closing on two houses this week. Ah, personal property for my husband and I. We have actually bought a house, and I'm super excited about that. And we're buying another house down in Tucson that we're fixing up. And then I think we're doing to other properties down there with a motto and his wife, and we've got a lot going on this month. Plus, we're gonna have to do it with our hands tied because a lot of places air shutting down, restricting travel and all that stuff. So it's going to be a tight, tight month for us. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that I get on in the next couple weeks and get at least a short show on. But if there's something that you need specifically from me, feel free to go on the Facebook page and leave a message there or write something in the comments so that we see them and we will address them as fast as we can. And if we can, we can address thumb right here and also remember, go to our website, go to short term rental revenue and click on this episode. You're going to have a lot of resource is there to help you out to help you so that you can create these little gifts to give to your guests for very cheap. And like I said, they're super awesome guests. We are going to love them because they're very natural natural products. They're not harmful to the environment in any way. They can take them with them. There's something that they can touch their tangible. They're going to make them feel better. They're going to make them feel confident. And we'll also have links to all these great resource is on how to clean each surface properly. It'll just be a great resource for you. And hopefully we'll have that poster made up for you, too. By the time this breaks on Monday, and that way you can download a nice little picture for your guests and frame it and put it out there so that they know they know that you care. They know that you're taking these extra precautions, and they feel better about it as soon as they walk in. So again, if you've got any questions or comments and you'd like to be on the show, just go to our website right on the home page. About halfway down, you'll see a place where you can listen to a short message from me and leave me a message. But do me a favor. Leave me permission to put your name and your voice on the show, and we'll have you on the show. We've had people leave messages and people have for gotten to leave their permission. I'm going to make sure that we re record that message. So it does reiterate the fact that we need your permission. We would love to have your permission to put you on the show, but leave us any questions or comments there, we'd love to get back to you and help you out with any thing that we possibly can. And also, I'd like to inform you that next month in April the end of April, we're going to be re opening our membership. We only do it twice a year, and it's coming up also. Members who are already there. I want to remind you it's free and go get your affiliate membership, and this year will be having our affiliates help us out. Actually, anyone can go in there and become an affiliate member, and affiliate members are really great because when you share the program with people, you get basically a little perk for helping out, and you get that each and every month in the form of the membership. So it helps you out and it helps us out and everybody's happy. It's a win win. It's a great way to spread the word. So April, that's gonna be so fun. We're gonna have a nice launch there. I went to Sedona this week and we did some pro Moe's for it. That was really uncomfortable for somebody like me. I don't like to be in front of the camera. My son and kids are absolutely like camera friendly people, but I am not so much. But I love people. I work with Lyn and Jim. I just want to thank you guys so much. These are award winning videographers. They've literally won awards. Further commercials that they made with Johnson and Johnson. The Olympic commercials. The thanks, Mom. And they did my commercials for me and so was so amazing. These guys were so wonderful and they made me feel comfortable every step of the way, so I can't thank them enough. But I want to thank you guys for listening. Thank you so much. And God bless you. I hope your family is safe. I'm pray for each and every one of you. And remember my new house is still going to have my wall with your family's pictures on them. So if you want to send me a picture of you, your family, your business, I'm going to pray for you each and every day. I want you to be prosperous and happy. You deserve blessings as much as anyone else. Remember that God wants you to be prosperous. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to take care of your family. So you deserve this as much as anyone else. And I want to pray for you and make sure that I'm doing my part to help you in your business. So send me that stuff. If you would like to. You can send that right to meet Michelle at the prosperity process dot com. That's easy. Just send it to me. But in closing and I just wanted to say thank you so much. Stay safe. Wash your hands. God bless you. Have a great day.  Go and grow.


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