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Episode 067 - Grayson Marshall's Five Keys to the Life You've Always Imagined



Grayson is the “Guy That Gets You To Believe In You”. He is a highly sought-after speaker in a number of disciplines. He has inspired millions across the globe and has been coined  “The Coach of Coaches“. His audiences range from amateur sports teams to Fortune 500 companies.

Grayson's Five Keys to the Life You've Always Imagined:

01) Own where you are TODAY. 

02) Living in the Present Moment.

03) Operating in Agape'. 

04) Finding the good in everything.

05) Empowering your legacy.


Two Ways to move closer to your goals quicker and easier are:

First - No attachment to the outcome

Second - No time frame



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Show Transcript

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income, is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset, and you are listening to the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast...

and in today's episode, we are going to be interviewing my very dear friend Greece and Marshall. Grayson is the guy that gets you to believe in you. He's a highly sought after speaker in a number of disciplines. He's inspired millions across the globe and he's been coined the coach of coaches. His audiences range from amateur sports teams to fortune 500 companies and I'm very happy to be bringing him to you today, but first I wanted to remind you that our show today is brought to you by audible. You can get your first audio book for free by going to audible forward slash S T R revenue. That's audible, forward slash S T R revenue to get your first audio book for free and 30 days membership into the audible membership, which is a daily deal that they send you a bunch of different cool things on the app.

Speaker 2: (01:24)
It's awesome to be a member with audible, so go to audible forward slash S T R revenue to get your free audio book today. So we're going to dive right in and get started with the interview. Okay, I'm here today with grease and Marshall. Grayson is a very dear friend of mine. We met way back in 2007 we were in a multilevel marketing company together and Grayson could not only fill the room when people knew he was coming, but he would, he was like Martin Luther King. You would just sit there and just listen to the man preach and you be like being raised Catholic. The Pentecostal and income would come out of me like, Hey man, brothers, preach it, baby. Go, go. Oh my God. I would just turn all Penacostal instead of, he was amazing and has always been an amazing speaker. Just super inspirational.

Speaker 2: (02:24)
I think it just, it's in his spirit and his soul to teach and to show others. So we've got him on the show today. He's got a new book coming out and I'm super excited for him and excited for you because Rayson is amazing at helping people move from that mentality and mindset of when you're first getting started guys, cause we all know we come from this poverty mindset and the education system has held this one place, but you have to move out of it yourself. There's nobody holding you back. But you and Grayson will explain why he is the man to do this, are going to love him. My dear friend, mr Grayson Marshall, how are you Grayson?

Speaker 3: (03:04)
You Michelle. I'm also men. Uh, don't tell people how long you known each other. Make me feel older than I am. But uh, to be on the show and to talk to them about what I love is a passionate shoe opportunity. I'll get right into it because you talked about the way people think and my moniker, my main, my title Grayson Marshall jr I am the metacognition expert. The got to get you to believe in you. And metacognition by definition means the understanding and awareness of how you think. What I really looked at in my life was why do people not become as successful as they should become? My background is from education. My mother was a principal, my dad was a teacher. My sister's the current head of online education for the department of defense. So I came from that education school. I came from that learn, get your degree.

Speaker 3: (03:52)
I was born and raised in bread in that mindset and psychology, but never really bought into it. It was a means to an end because there was credentialing. They needed to happen in life. Having most of us follow the pattern of, um, least resistance. Let me follow this pattern of what everybody else is doing, but I want what everybody else doesn't have. And that's, that becomes the challenging part. I secretly think about this, but I'm going to do this, which was my whole conundrum early on because I grew up watching soap operas and my first exposure to what I thought was wealth and prestige was watching. Now I'm gonna restless and all my children and what I saw was guys waking up everyday, putting on students, going to work, running companies, having freedom, being able to make decisions, being on their own time. But I never saw anybody in my social circle doing that.

Speaker 3: (04:46)
I saw them doing something really different and I had an affinity and a love for that, but it didn't have anybody to teach me. So I pursue what they told me with all the vigor and the intensity that I could, I'm going to get the best grades. I was fortunate enough to be an athlete, um, was a scholarship that even clumps university. I'm, and I'm an ACC legend, I'm in the hall of fame. There was so many things that I did that were documented in the way they wanted me to do it, but it was never a fulfilling and it's not going to be fulfilling for anybody because if you had any desire to be more than you are right now, then what you function of doing is never gonna work. I said, it's an audience. One time. I said, how many of you all make $100,000 a year?

Speaker 3: (05:31)
And there may have been, if there were 50 people in Rome, there were five people have raised their hand. So let me ask some question. How many you all are worth $50 an hour? And they always say, I said, well, do you understand that you make $100,000 a year? You only make $50 an hour? I said, so every mind his room told me that you're worth more than $50 an hour, but you're not making $100,000 a year. So you really have no idea of what your value is because you're telling me what's your perceived value is or what you believe in. The value is, but you're not making that kind of money and you're not making that kind of money because you've been conditioned to take less and appreciate less than what you've been designed to do. What? Because you have been entrenched in value systems that aren't your value systems at once you that accepted. So when you literally look at where people are today, you're talking about real estate and you're teaching people to invest in real estate, and you and I were talking before and you're telling me some of the things that you're facing as you're training and teaching people. I did a, I do a morning walk every morning and the title of the morning message this morning was the problem of God's promises

Speaker 3: (06:38)
and what I shared with them was, is that, and you, when you look at biblical principles, there are things that have gone to work. Michelle, don't matter who you are. Biblical principle works. I don't care any low. God, don't love God. Biblical principles are going to work, but there's a problem with the principle and the problem is you.

Speaker 3: (06:54)
The problem is you execute in a principle. Why do I know that? Because I know people who might not believe in God operate the principles and the principles work, so it's not the problem. The principle is the problem with your belief in who you can be, who you should be and who you are right now. There's a verse of scripture in the Bible, and I, I want to share this because it will help you understand where I'm going to take them. Here. It's from Mark seven and 13, and it says, the tradition of man makes the word of God and many facts, the tradition of man makes the word of God and none effect. It means that what you practice once your blueprint is what you've been trained to do. What you have been actually do every single day is greater than the principle

Speaker 4: (07:39)

Speaker 3: (07:39)
So you're gonna default to what's your habit is and ignore the principle, but you want what the principal is going to give you. So we've got to change those things. The habit is your subconscious.

Speaker 3: (07:54)
The principle is the conscious mind. It shouldn't be, but that's what it is. The principle should be your subconscious mind. It should be what you default to. It should be what you do without thinking. It shouldn't be the habit. Correct. But it's not. So now you have to battle this thing. So when you're talking about teaching the people about real estate, this is the battle. Uh, you were talking about them reluctant to make calls and all these kinds of things. At the end of the day, you cannot live in both worlds. Fear and faith are either in one or in the other. And we've lived in fear for so long, we don't even realize that that's what it is. So we're trying to make principles work and principles were given to us based on faith only.

Speaker 4: (08:38)

Speaker 3: (08:38)
God doesn't operate on fear. He told you he didn't give it a spirit of fear, but a power, love and a sound mind. So you're trying to operate principles in fear. They're never going to work. I don't care how many phone calls you made, I don't care how many seminars you go to, I don't care. So you got to change that part of thing. So it's gotta be that faith has got to be the premise. It has to be the condition behavior that becomes unconscious in your world. So when I did my book do positive just because the keys to the life you've always imagined. That book is based on five principles and that five principles Michele, are based on the biblical number that five is the number of grace. See what I do. Everything I think about the overall perspective of what I'm sharing is the biblical number of racist five so I use five keys and when I talked about these five keys, it's based on the verse of scripture.

Speaker 3: (09:28)
First John four 18 it says, perfect love casts out all fear. I want people to get to the place where love is what's permeating and love is what's getting rid of the fear. One of the things that you teach them is about building legacy. Well that's love love-based that's not fear base building legacy. So everything has to do with that understanding of love. First is Bertina force says love is patient. It says love is can is says love is not boastful and that was not self serving. It talks about all these things that your course and what you're teaching them. You teach them to be loving because not self-serving, not boastful, not, not hold anything but, but to produce something that's going to be here for a long time. Produce a different way of thinking. The real estate market and legacy that it produces teaches you to think differently.

Speaker 3: (10:21)
It teaches you to think down the road. It teaches you patience. It's teaching you to wait. In a world where everything is microwave gotta have it tomorrow I can get in two seconds. The real estate that you're teaching is teaching them longterm waiting. That's part of the bigger picture. So there's more truth than you're teaching them that they don't understand that. So when I look at these five cheats, I'm going to walk you through them and show them how it can apply to their mindset change and definitely apply to what you guys are teaching. So key number one is own where you are today. No excuses, no explanations, own where you are today. No excuses, no explanations. So it doesn't matter how you got here. It doesn't matter what you went through in life. It doesn't matter what hardships you have, what heartbreaks you've had, what disappointments you've had, and they all may be qualitatively legitimate.

Speaker 3: (11:18)
They could have been things obviously that you could not control. Some of the things that you've encountered experienced were maybe devastating. They were troubling. They were really not good. However, if you're going to move forward, you have to own them all because again, I'm talking real estate. If you own it, you handle it differently. I handle a property different than my own and that if I read it, my car that I own, I actually live a better than a rental car. Why? Because I'm giving a rental car back. I had to have an owner's. Unfortunately, most of us don't have an owner's mentality because of the fact that truly in our minds, we never really own anything, so you have to own where you are today. No excuse and legislation. At my age, I have to own the fact that I was homeless at 28 years old.

Speaker 3: (12:11)
I have to own the fact that I suffer from low self esteem since I was six years old. I have to own the fact that I was in a 20 year marriage that was narcissistic. I have to own all that. What I become of it. I could make excuses for to justify how I am today. I know. I want that to be the reason that you see that any of that stuff did not change who I was. I'm here because of that. I own it all. When you get to the place, Michelle, where you're blaming society, comedy, you're blaming all these things, then you're never going to move forward. He kind of me is the biggest indicator real estate because if you're smart, you're sell it when is good and you're buying one is bad. You got to understand all these things. Why? Because you have a longterm plan.

Speaker 3: (12:58)
You have a different mentality, so you can't blame the market, learn how to deal with the market when it's here. You can prosper in the market no matter what the market is. You just learn how to do that. When do I go? When do I sell? When do I do this thing? 1919 right before, right, right. Referred to great depression, right? Integrate some of the walk. The walk was transferred during that time. People bought during that time, held on to it, and now they're multi multigenerational millionaire. They bought with their kids. Kids are living off of that because of what they were willing to do. So they had to own where they were at that time on where you are today. No excuses, no explanation. That's, that's key number one. Key number two is living in the present moment, living in the present moment. What am I going to do today with real estate? Not five years from now, not 10 years from now. What moves am I making today? Living present moment.

Speaker 3: (14:00)
Am I learning the market of today? Am I learning what needs to be done today? Am I going into the Airbnb market? Because that's where the trend is. Am I taking advantage of what's out there in the real estate marketplace to take advantage of it today? Because it may shift in 10 years. Am I willing to do, am I duplex buying now as opposed to um, multiple, you know, single-family holds? What? What is the, where do I need to be right now present moment, right to get to take advantage right now I'm thinking down the road, but what am I actively doing? What am I learning present moment as it relates to real estate? What am I learning is it creates to funding? What am I learning as it creates a credit lock? What am I learning as a crazy all was to position myself to be leverageable in any market?

Speaker 3: (14:50)
What am I doing now? Who am I connecting to right now? Who am I listening to right now? Who's coaching me right there? And one of the big things that I encourage people to do is get a coach for the new place that you want to go. And don't tell me you can't afford it. It'll cost you more not having one than what it cost you to have one. So present moment. What am I doing right now? What is in the marketplace right now to position me in a different place for the future? So only you are today. No excuses, no explanation. Number two, living in the present moment. Number three in this one is a unique one because it really talks about you and it's the, and the third key is operating in a Gothic. Now I've got a is unconditional love. And the reason that I put this in here is because you have to love what you're doing, why you're doing it, and who you're doing it for.

Speaker 3: (15:49)
And it has to be unconditional, which means you're willing to do whatever it takes. You're willing to sacrifice. Now, you're willing to invest right now with great leadership and great direction. But I kinda love this. It's kinda hard to provide for someone down the road if you've got no loving, if you gotten no love for yourself. We talked to these up, but early about the poverty mindset. The reality of it is if you don't love yourself, how can you want to have successful things? You know, how can you want to acquire things if you don't believe you deserve? If you divide yourself, if you don't have a healthy self, love for yourself, how can you operate in this way? The things you're providing for the, the decision that you're making. Now the sacrifice that you're making is because you've got an unconditional love for the people.

Speaker 3: (16:37)
You had an unconditional love for what you're doing. You've got a passion for permission. You've got a passion for making sure that people are taking care of. So you've got to operate in a God bait. When you're dealing with, when you're dealing with real property owners, you got to operate in love cause he has you out it. Somebody's going to be wrong. Somebody must've, yet the property might not be what it is. You're going to go put their mind around that thing and you're going to close. You're going to find out they've got termite them and then it had something's wrong. I mean all these things going to happen and what you're going to have to do is you're gonna have to operate in love. You're going to have to maturely respond to it and own it to, again. That's why I put on where you are today first because whatever decision you make, that doesn't seem to work right away.

Speaker 3: (17:18)
You gotta own it. Can we excuse it? So the love that you have to have is got to be a spirit changer. How am I dealing with all this? How am I responding to the property values going down? Am I getting upset? Am I getting frantic? Am I dumping properties? No, I operate in love. Just chill, relax. It's all good. So the, the concept of love, peace, that has to be an influence on how you operate day to day. It's gotta your ability to walk away from some properties or your ability to go for some properties. But it's all about how emotionally you're wrapped, how emotionally you are wired so that you can handle all that stuff. You go down and you find a property you like, got a verbal agreement with the guy come back and something contract with somebody else. What I thought we had, well you know what?

Speaker 3: (18:12)
Hey that wasn't for me. Thank you so much. Hope maybe next time we can do something. That's where you have to get cause what's used for you. You don't know if God didn't keep you from something you weren't supposed to be in. So again, you have to just learn the lay. You know what I've learned. You do the possible he'll do the impossible. You make every effort that you need to make do all things you. I mean, it doesn't happen. No, that woman for me, and that's where love comes in. When you understand that what's for you is for you and you understand that that's the type of love that's going to be addressed. It's what's going to happen in your life and you've got a whole new perspective. So on where you are today. No excuses not to Mason living in the present moment and then operating in a Gothic number four and this is the one that you truly have major control over Michelle, and that is everything works together for your good.

Speaker 3: (19:03)
Find the good in everything. The key number four is find the good in everything. There's a verse description of Bible that this is directly correlated to and as Romans eight and 28 and that versus scripture says that all things work together for good for them that love God and those that are called according to his purpose. Now, what I noticed about it, Michelle's had done say a few things. I got to say a couple things. It says all things, everything's working together for your good. So what you have to do is look at everything that's transpiring in your life and it's working for you. Good. Now that is predicated on you loving yourself, a God Bay. You living in a present moment. Do I use you now? And you own it? Any mistakes that you made before all this is we're going together for you.

Speaker 3: (19:52)
Good. Here's the key guys. You gotta check this out. You went in the end. I'm just gonna tell you that you win so you don't have to worry about it was lonely and you want an ear. So all things work together for the doula. All things now, something so that how she didn't get where you do all those, all the things that are happening, we're going to be good. Um, I lost the money on. I probably, I was, I was working for you. Good. You learn something from it. You have to really look at that because if you live and continue to live, things are going to happen. Here's reality, ladies and gentlemen. Life happens. You can only worry about what you can control. That's it. Most of us try to control everything outside of where we are. You can't. You can only control you.

Speaker 2: (20:40)
That's it. That's my favorite one so far because I have this thing where people say, you know, why is this happening to me? It's like, Oh, I think of it this way. Why is it happening for you? It's always happening for you. It's never happening to you. It's always happening for you. Whatever is happening, it's always for you. It's for the better. Good. It's for your greater good. For a lesson you might need to learn. If it's a hard thing or if it's easier, it's going to be the better thing. God is going to lead you to a better place, so just know that it's always for good. I love this. This is,

Speaker 3: (21:13)
and that's only allowable by people that understand that they're doing their part. Most people get fearful, Michelle, because they're unsure if they're doing the right thing. So they get nervous. They're afraid they're, they're questioning themselves. That's why it's hard to let go because they want to be in control of everything. The toughest thing for most people is to let go. It's too, uh, you talked about this earlier. You know, we're talking designate, give stuff to people. Why? Because we want control and we have a tendency to be narcissistic when it comes to that. I've got to control everything I have that it's all about me. It's all about me. No, it's not all about you. It is truly about serving others is truly about allowing things to happen in your life for your good. Now, when you're doing the things that you're doing, you have a greater chance of things working out for you. When you're walking by faith, you see it for what it is, no matter what. When you're walking by fear, you see it for what it could be. No. See it for what it is.

Speaker 2: (22:17)
Fear and faith. Ask the same thing of you to believe in something that you haven't said, correct. Right? So you can choose to be fearful about something bad happening or you can choose to be, you know, faithful and know that something good is always going to happen. It's the same exact thing.

Speaker 3: (22:34)
And when you've been trained to think about what's bad, why television? So everything that you take in, everything that you take in is going to shape your reality. The model says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word they come by. Hearing. Hearing and listening are two different things. What you hear is what you believe. The more you hear it, the more you believe it, which is why it's so important for parents to tell their kids with stuff positive stuff, because they need to hear that. If you constantly hear about how bad the economy is, if you constantly hear about it and that's what you believe, don't worry about it. You're never going to buy a house. You're never gonna get the real estate. Conversely, if you hear how good the market is, if you hear it's time to buy, if you hear those things.

Speaker 3: (23:18)
So you have to make sure that you surround yourself with people that are going to speak what you need to have faith in. So these classes that you teach them how to see the market, the way the market is, here's what, here's what you do now. Now it's time to sit. Now it's time to go. Now it's time to bite it. And now it's not about that. Here's where we need to go. That's what you're hearing that go do it now hearing listening to them and things, listening means I'm actually doing what I heard. So many people hear what to do but they don't listen. You tell them, they hear it, they hear this, suppose to call. They don't listen cause they didn't go. So you hear me? Any of you that have kids? Here's a scenario. Tell me if you've heard this before, I'm a need you to take the trash out cause you hear me. Yes, I did come back an hour later. The trash is still there. Did you hear what I said? Yes I did. They heard you clearly. They were not listening to you. If they listened to you, that trash will be outside. So we have a world of people that here and here shape. Here's shapes. Their belief. Listening is fate. When I listen, I actually act. Faith is about action. Faith without works is dead. Action. I've got to do something if I truly have faith. I don't mind acting

Speaker 3: (24:34)
when I have fear. I tend not to act. When I fear, I tend to be apprehensive. When I have fear, I'm a drawn. They is an action. And so when you're not acting, I know you're not operating in. I know exactly what it is. So it's real easy for coaches to be able to look at their clients and say, no, that's bull. [inaudible] no, no, no. I'm going to even know. Cause if he really meant that visit, would you be doing? I'm just done. Which is why I put the onus back on them. That's why you got to own where you are today. No excuses why it's nice and it's the toughest one to Sean. I'm made them. I made that the first tee because if we can't get past that, the rest of them just just will not get there, but only where you are today.

Speaker 4: (25:17)

Speaker 3: (25:18)
if you're not planning to see where you are, want to be on it and get there, but you can't get to where you want to be. If you don't admit where you are right now, you got to start somewhere. That's the only way you are today. No excuse the Muslim nation, living in the present moment. Number three, operating and adopting. Number four. Finally getting everything a number five and this has everything to do with real estate is I need to do what you do. Number five is empower your legacy.

Speaker 3: (25:44)
Empower your legacy. Your legacy is not just your blood relatives that are in your life. Your legacy is any and everybody you come in contact with. When you touch everybody, you touches your legacy. Everybody. How are they different after having met you? How are they different at the, have you been an account with Michelle Russell? How are they different? What's different about them? It can be significantly different or maneuver the different. But are they different? Have they have, are they different after having met you? That's what this, so when you're talking about the legacy portion of real estate, it's different when your kids can grow up knowing that they have access to money, they can be converted, they actually have, uh, electricity and power and now they have somewhere to stay up. They had to empower your legacy. How can we take this generational wealth and move it one more generation?

Speaker 3: (26:39)
What do I need to do here and move a one more generation to make it easier? What we tend to find is it gets tougher. Every generation. What are we going to start getting it easier? Regeneration. What are we gonna give birth to kids that don't have to worry about anything ever going to come down to though because we positioned ourselves that way. It's unfortunate that we're not trained to do that and only a small microcosm of society is trained to do that. The Rockefellers, the Kennedys, the Ash all. When we look at those names, those people have sent down a mindset. I showed somebody today, Michelle, this. I said, if I'm born and Kennedy, I don't worry about being broken. It's not a mindset that I have, so I don't even entertain port. Why I ain't around it? Why would I entertain bore? It's a different thought process,

Speaker 2: (27:27)
right? They've never had that feeling of her, of lack of limitation. They know there's going to be food on the table. They expected it's not, and it's almost, you know, some people think that it's, you know, well the silver spoon in their mouth, in a way it is, but imagine never having that problem. But honestly, being brought up in pure faith is exactly the same because Jesus had the same belief. He knew that father God would always provide for him, and so there was never a doubt in his mind that there would be anything less because you always have exactly what you need.

Speaker 3: (28:04)
I wasn't any of, you look at us and I tell, I show a full tilt down everything that Jesus did, he did as a human. So all of his experience when he was raised in volt from the dead, he did as a human when he was stopped, only does you know why? Because the level of faith is so high. But if we are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise, you're a child, God, you're a child of the King. So let me ask you, how would you act if you were in Buckingham palace and that was the house? You would be a whole different mindset if you were a child of the King and you really understood that practice, that live, that you will live a completely different way. And so when we're looking at the mindset, we have to really understand that it first starts with how you're thinking today.

Speaker 3: (28:45)
Owning that. And once I own that, Michelle, it's a lot easier to move into a different direction, but I got to own it. I can't fix what I want. Now, if someone has a problem with drinking and they don't want acknowledge it, they can never get a sober life. Cause I don't think I'd drink. I don't think I'm an alcoholic, so I can't do that. I've got to recommend. If you don't understand that generational wealth is your responsibility. If you don't understand that you haven't prepared for nobody who pray before you, then you have to do that. If that's what you want, you can't just talk about it. It has to be a part of what you actively do. And because you weren't pedigreed that way because that's not how you were raised. You have to now learn how to live that way. You have to learn how to be that. You have to learn and how do you learn it from other people that are doing it from other people that are lived it from other people that have been challenged with it, by other people that have failed that if people have made mistakes, that's how you're going to are

Speaker 2: (29:45)
and walking that path. I mean if you, if you think exactly what you were talking about, the legacies take the queen and how she acts and then if some people might be too young to remember, but you and I remember princess di, what happened when she was in the castle? What happened when she became a princess? Remember all the wonderful things she did with, with the wealth that she had and all the places she visited and all the good she did. So you put a person of God and a faith in that position. There's, I mean so much more. But what was cool about her was she also, she, she knew a little bit about it, but she had to put yourself there beforehand. So we always say fake it until you make it and you know, be in that position already and then act as if you have already made that. How would you act if you were a person of God? How would you act if you were in complete faith? Even if you're not right now, how would you act if you were a person of complete faith? So when people say, what would Jesus do? They're not just saying, you know, well what do you think he would do? They're saying, okay, let's act as if we are Jesus. Even if we don't have complete faith, let's act as if we did. What would happen if we did act that way?

Speaker 3: (31:01)
And again it becomes for most people reckless because there's no, in their mind, documented evidence of it. The Bible says faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen and I think we live in a world where it's the concept of sight that allows us validity to that being real. We have to see it first and I think that's the biggest problem. So fear is visible. We can see it all the time. If they show it to us every day, they don't show us fake. I see fairly because I don't want us to do that. He doesn't. It was on easy fear all day long. It's a reminder, but we don't, we don't really have a reminder of faith. How does that work? What does that look like? We have to in our minds process in a certain way as well.

Speaker 3: (31:41)
I said that the tradition of man makes the word of God in anything. We do so many things and visually that is so hard for the word of God to even get in because of our practices. So when it comes down to it, we have to have model. That's what I said is getting coaches. I don't believe they have the truly fake it till you make it Michelle. If I'm watching somebody do it, you know what I'm saying? If I have, if I have somebody in front of me that's doing it, I don't have to. How are you doing it?

Speaker 2: (32:06)
I'm just watching them and I'm imitating that

Speaker 3: (32:08)
and that's what Jesus did. He went around doing good that he went like he showed them how to do this thing. I mean show you how to look. Let me show you how to forgive. Let me show you how to heal. I'm going to show you all this so you don't have to say you had never seen it. I'm watching it right now so I'll see it in action. So I think the fact that you teach them what you've done for years, you walk them through it, you shown them, Hey, here's how it's done. I'll show you how to do this. I'll walk you through this. Now I don't have to fake it. All I have to do is follow it. What I'm saying is that's all I got to do. Follow it is what it's been proven. It's documented already. It's been that way.

Speaker 3: (32:49)
All you'll do follow it. No more or less. If you follow it, this is what happens. This is why Jesus said, if you follow me, I mean it's the, this Bowman is simple. We want to make it difficult because we want to have our own answers. We want to have to figure it out ourselves. And I remember the karate kid, the original one. And I remember when he, when he went to mr Meogie and he went to misdemeanor, allowed me to teach him how to fight. And mr Miyagi said, no, I'm not teaching you how to fight, but I will teach you how to wax my cars and I will teach you how to paint my fence and I will teach you how to stay on the floor. And so this kid comes and he wants to be able to defend themselves and he doesn't understand, but he does comply.

Speaker 3: (33:33)
And when he got frustrated, when he wasn't seeing, when he got frustrated with no evidence of what was going on, there's not, he stood in front of him and he said, now paint the fence. And it was this. I was playing defense. Well now, and he wanted the punch. It was, Oh, I see this now. Wait a minute. So wax the floor. It was like, I mean it was all night because he didn't see it a funny, was I having a hard time with, so he's frustrated with what was actually going on because he couldn't in his mind, wrap his head around. But once he was able to fully see, Oh, Oh my goodness, then he was doing it without thinking. He was doing it as reaction. He was doing it unconsciously. He was doing it. Second nature, the same thing with faith. We have to get to a place where we're actually doing faith.

Speaker 3: (34:21)
Faith is now the foundation of our subconscious mind. So when things happen, I was all good. I know so many people who literally, that's the way they live. The lie, man, I'll get whatever. I ain't gonna worry about it. It's just what it is. And you look at my user. Yeah. I mean I'm that way now for the majority of things I do and how it happened. You're not mad. Here's the deal. If I get mad, it's only hurting me. So why do I want to do that? I don't want to self and police them on me. There no one is mad going to change the outcome. Nope. But is it going to hurt me on the inside? Yes. Don't want to do that. So what do you different? They, yeah, so I think that when we're talking about the mindset, it truly is about application.

Speaker 3: (35:01)
It's about following and it's about understanding. It's about application internally. That's why I believe those five keys and the biblical number for Fido says grace is a middle number for five fives, a Google number race. So you need grace as you're moving forward to do the things you want to do. So you need grace as long as you're moving forward. So grace is there. These five things correlate directly with what is responsible by you to do your part. And if you do your part, the end result will be exactly what you want. The two things are, I will tell people, Michelle, is this, that to totally change your life immediately shifted tomorrow. So we positioned this thinking, almost like disrupting the, uh, the functionality is this, number one, no emotional attachment to any outcome. And the number two is no timeframe for things that happened.

Speaker 2: (35:55)
Ah, that emotional attachment. Even I have some times where I'm like, when I'm buying a property, I'm like, Oh, I'd really like this. And I'm like, but I'm going to let it go, God, because you know, like, I'm going to let it go. If it happens, it's because you want it to happen, but, but inside you're going, Oh, please let it happen, please.

Speaker 3: (36:14)
Well, and here's the other, we can rest in peace as long as we've done everything we need to do. I think that's the bigger part. You have a better sense of peace. If you've done all you can do now when you haven't done everything. Yes you do. Get a little bit anxiety. But here's what happens. The reason I tell him no time frame is because we've been taught Michelle, um, to set smart goals, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time sensitive. And what I found with time is this, anytime I impose time on something, it creates the wrong emotion in me. If I get something in a timeframe, it automatically creates doubt, worry, concern, anxiety, stress, none of which I really want, none of which are going to add any vibrational frequency toward the positive outcome that I want. So why would I do that? Why would I do that?

Speaker 3: (37:02)
And God has never yet operated on my time schedule and not one time never answered exactly when I told him. So if I'm going to shift him, I'm going to reposition my thinking. Then the first thing I have to do is detach emotionally from any outcome, emotional attachment. Stay away from it because emotion triggers the wrong thing, takes you down a wrong way and you get what you feel about as well as what you think about. And then number two, no timeframe for things to happen. God's going to work at all in your time. That's why all things work together for good. It's his time, not yours. So the success of correlation, that the key, the connection of the keys leads to all of these things being understood as we're doing it. If you'll do these things, then you'll position yourself to be ready to receive all of what that has. You see the other part of it is that we don't have a problem with executing. Some of us have a problem with receiving, receiving as part of the cycle. You've got to [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (38:02)
at the level of our acceptance.

Speaker 3: (38:03)
Correct. And most them don't believe that they're worthy or not acceptable. So they don't receive, but what do they should, but it becomes a problem. So I hope that helped you.

Speaker 2: (38:14)
Oh my gosh, that's amazing. I love this because I mean all five of the steps so own where you are today. Number two is living in the present moment, which I love too. The fact that you're still talking about coaching guys. Coaching is so important. Having a mentor, I still have a mentor today and obviously I pay my mentor. Why wouldn't die? It's like they are the people who keep you on track and hold you accountable to the things that you are, you're doing your best to aspire to operating in a Gothic. Now how do you spell a Goffee? Because that was not a word that I knew.

Speaker 3: (38:54)
I've got the AGA, P E is aggrieved for unconditional love.

Speaker 2: (38:58)
Oh, I've never heard that word. Why have I never heard that one?

Speaker 3: (39:02)
So what'd you have is you have, I'm in love in the Greek, you've got Stelios, which is front and love. You've got arrows, which is intimate love. And then you have a God who the three different levels of love, um, and affiliates is a friend, loves meet you and I have to Leo's, you and your hubby got arrows. And then, um, then a got Bay is what I should have for everybody. It just should be the way I treat. And like, right, so God Bay is the ritual. Treat others, you would love to be treated. That's what it got bays.

Speaker 2: (39:32)
Ah, okay. I love that. Okay. And then, uh, number four, find the good in everything because it is, it's so happening for you. The funniest thing is as we get older, cause now I'm in my fifties, you know, I'll meet people and when I'm helping them they go, well you know, it's not perfect for this person. It's, and I'm like, dude, it's not perfect for any of us because I believe that whenever I'm, when I am getting out of integrity with God, man, something will happen to slap me down back on my knees. So I remember who is in charge here. And it's like, ah, because when do we connect? When do most people connect with God is when they are going through troubled times. It's like they'll start going through, if you start forgetting, believe me, there are things in your life that will throw a monkey wrench in there to remind you with God, he's there all the time, not just when you need him always, you know, it's a whole learning curve which goes to the empowering your legacy.

Speaker 2: (40:36)
It's so important to remember that our legacy, who we are and what we represent. I mean, that's, think about when you do pass away. I've lost both my parents. When you, when you hear people at their, at the funerals and they're talking about this is what your parents meant to me, what will you mean to not just your children but to other people? How did you serve? How did you represent, how did they know? Like immediately, have you ever met anybody in immediately? You don't have to even talk to them. You'll, you just sense the spirit of God inside them. Have you ever had that Grayson? Do you know that? Exactly. And you,

Speaker 3: (41:20)
when you're that way, you're going to attract people that way. Just that's all right.

Speaker 2: (41:22)
And attract people that way and you're going to, that's the legacy. I mean, that will illuminate from you. And that is that grace that you're talking about to all this, the grace of God. It just illuminates from all the people who are there. And they don't even have to be the same religion as you guys. They really don't. Um, they can have a few different beliefs, but we have one God and a lot of different ways that we represent worship. So just remember that we are all though brothers and sisters. I always like that cause and no attachments and no timeframe. That's even a lesson that I, the no timeframe I'm getting, cause I'm in my fifties now. I'm like I'm gay, I get that one. But you, no advancement is a, as you get older you're just like, Oh please let this one work boring. But I do know that I'm supposed to let it go because every time you're like, okay, let it go, now ask for it and let it go. Always in God's time, always in his perfect, perfect plan. He's got, he's got this for you either get the outcome you wanted or the lesson you needed. That's it.

Speaker 3: (42:28)
And I think that's, I think that's what everything. And I think no matter what, when you walk into it that way, realizing that I'm going to get a, I'm going to get the outcome or the lesson. And the reality of it is both of them are what you need. You seem to forgot what some of it is because no matter which one it is is what you need it. And again, that's, that's again, that's living present moment. That's finding the good in everything it again, if you shift it, I tell folks this all done. I said, if I said tomorrow, today's Wednesday, right Michelle, I said to Michelle tomorrow, I said, tomorrow is Thursday. You can have a good day or a bad day. Which one would you choose? So why would you ever have a bad one? It's your choice every day. So the guilt, the thing is that you can control it.

Speaker 3: (43:04)
That's why number four is so powerful for me because you can control that every single day. A good day is only determined by how you see it. So if all things were going together for your good, why would you have a bad day? I sent this to a, a men's conference one time. I was talking about forgiveness and the Bible says you should be given seven times seven. So we're talking about forgiveness. And I said, well, if everything is working together for your good, why would you have to ever have to forgive anybody? Because that experience is working where you're good. So a matter of fact, I should be thankful. You know what? Thank you for, let me go do that. Thank you for doing me that way. I mean, and we really, so it truly is a place of really understanding who the heck God is and why he is in our lives and the things that he gives us to show who he is and why we need to follow that example. And I think that's the beautiful part about it. So thank you for having me. I appreciate it so much.

Speaker 2: (43:56)
Thank you for coming on. I appreciate it. I love you so much. And guys, we're going to have links up to Grayson's book, how you can get that. We'll put, we'll see if we can download. He's got this great introduction to his book. It's a, it's basically like a commercial, what do you call those?

Speaker 3: (44:13)
I'm just, it's just a video trailer.

Speaker 2: (44:15)
Yeah, the video trailers so you can see exactly what he's talking about, but you really got to pick up Grayson's books. We're going to have links to that here or are you on the page? All right, that was fantastic. Thanks so much for listening, guys. I hope you enjoyed our interview today with grace and Marshall. You can go to our website, short term rental revenue or S, T R and you'll be able to go directly to this episode's link and find Grayson's book and a bunch of other information about Grayson right there. Thanks again for listening. Hey, we're getting closer to the holidays if you need anything. Remember, we've got the prosperous Christmas groups still going on. It doesn't cost anything, but it's going to teach you how to handle your money during the holiday season. So if you want to just hit us up on our Facebook page, you'll find links to it right there. God bless you so much. Have a great day. Go and grow.


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