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Episode 056 – You Can’t Fix Noise & Other Things to Avoid (Part Two)



What you want to look for when acquiring properties for you STRs or your Portfolio:

Look for a Neighborhood that Looks & Feels Good.

Check it out at all times of the Day and Night.

#1 Thing - as always - Location, Location, Location!

How's the Parking?  At night?  I look for Designated Parking!

What to Avoid:

Noise! - Whether it's being backed-up to a busy street or barking dogs, noise is one of your worst enemies when it comes to renting out a property.

Bathrooms - Optimally, one bathroom for each bedroom.  At the very least, no bathrooms that force you to walk through bedrooms.  No good!  Masters need their own bathrooms, always!

No converted rooms or quirky floorplans.  A house has to have flow & it has to be re-sellable.  You have to be able to sell fast and quirky floorplans and converted rooms JUST DON'T SELL WELL.

Stairs should be wide and clear, and everything should be standard.  Steps' risers and treads need to be standard and normal.  That way, people won't trip and fall, especially when carrying baggage.

All rooms flow easily to the common rooms.  Great family space.  Great kitchen (or at least fixable) and great bathroom layouts.  Bathrooms are usually more difficult to add to or change the footprint of.

We need a Maid's Closet.  Inside.

No low ceilings.  Popcorn ceilings are okay if I'm buying because it's fixable and not an expensive fix, either.

Clean - it has to "Look Clean" when it's clean.  If the place looks old and moldy even when it's clean, it won't work.  It has to LOOK CLEAN.  Houses I buy may be fixable with minimal work (paint and molding, steam clean tile, etc.) but if I'm renting, I'm not going to fix up their property with MY money.

If I'm buying, houses have to have garages.

If it's a condo, it cannot overlook noise - ie nothing overlooking a main street or a parking lot. 

Never buy near powerlines.  Renting?  Make the call depending on other amenities.  



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Show Transcript

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income, is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset, and you are listening to the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast...

and in today's episode, Speaker 1: (00:28)
we're going to be talking about my tips about what to rent or buy and what not to rent or buy when it comes to homes. Stay tuned, but first really quick, I wanted to let you know and remind you that our show is brought to you today by audible. You can get your first audio book free by going to audible forward slash s t r revenue. That's audible, forward slash s t r revenue. That's your first book, free and 30 days to try out audible the app and the membership on your phone or on your computer and check out audible and see all the cool things that are going on with it. Okay, so I'm going to give you my list of things that I look for when I'm buying a short term rental property or I'm buying a property to use for rental or I'm buying a property to fix and flip and sell.

Speaker 1: (01:26)
Okay? Renters, when you are buying a property to rent as a short term rental, you need to look at location. We've mentioned this before, it's the number one thing to look for. It's critical guys that you know that you're not backed up to noisy neighbors or a busy street. It's just pretty much common sense. I don't know how somebody cannot realize that, but maybe you did too late. Write it down. Have it be one of your prerequisites. Don't even go look at a property. If it's backed up to a busy street, don't even look at it. Don't even contemplate it. Let somebody else pick up the noisy property. You have the perfect properties. All your properties are perfect properties. You want it in a good neighborhood, not just that it's in a good neighborhood, but that it looks good. It's aesthetically pleasing. When you go through it feels like a good neighborhood and you're gonna check out the neighbors.

Speaker 1: (02:25)
You're going to walk around, you're going to talk to neighbors, you're going to make sure you've got good neighbors, not too nosy, not too distant, no drug dealers and no Gladys. You want to make sure it feels good to that it feels like a nice neighborhood and you want to make sure that you check it, not just midday because almost everybody goes and looks at properties mid day. You've got to check it every single part of the day, so you want to make sure that yes, during the morning rush hour, it's nice in the evening rush hour home, it's nice and later at night it doesn't turn into, you know, a drug dealers paradise because some properties do, a lot of properties do. As a matter of fact, especially when you get into larger cities, you go in there at night and it's completely different than during the day, especially in warm places like Arizona in the middle of the day.

Speaker 1: (03:18)
No one's outside, no one's outside, nobody even cares. It's 107 nobody wants to hang out, but everybody comes out at night when it starts to cool off. So you want to make sure that the property, you check it and that location is good every single time of the day. Remember to look for parking. Parking is critical. Your guests are going to have to have somewhere to park and they don't want to have to park down the street or try to find a space. There's nothing worse than not having parking. Now I know that some of you live in big cities. I don't care. I wanna know that there's parking and if I have a car, I want to know there's a place close by that I could have my car and if I have my little kids, I don't want to be lugging luggage and baby stuff and kids and holding their hands down a busy street way away from parking.

Speaker 1: (04:14)
Parking is critical and it means that you can sometimes charge more. So look for parking. Look for garages. That's actually on my bio list. If I am going to buy a property, I never buy a property without a garage. I just don't. It has to have a garage. If I'm going to buy it, it has a garage. Even an Arizona where they have carports. It's got to have a garage. If I have a property that doesn't have a garage, it's not my property. I'm renting it because my properties have garages. They have to have a garage if I'm buying it or it has ample parking and we're not overlooking the parking lot ever. So let's say I'm in a condo situation out in Florida where they don't have any grudges in those properties. I make sure the location of mine always overlooks a lagoon that it never backs up to a parking lot.

Speaker 1: (05:12)
Why? Because when people are getting back from amusement parks, especially at different times of the year, think about this guys. When Halloween horror nights is going on, that thing goes til two in the morning. The park is literally open til 2:00 AM and the people get out at 2:00 AM do they go right to their room? No, they don't. Now they're hungry. They've been walking around the park. So where do they go? Jimmy? John's is open til 3:00 AM while Wa is like a little gas station that they have. Wall was open 24 seven you can get sandwiches. Everybody goes out, they eat, they get a little more to drink, they come back. They're loud in the parking lot, getting all their crap out of their car, you know, whatever they had with them, making sure that they've got their new bugs in their tee shirts. Hey, did you grab that t-shirt? [inaudible] yelling across the parking lot to each other and if your units are right next to the parking lot, chances are there's going to be a family who are not going to Halloween horror nights and nights. They're there to go to the amusement parks and there one of those families,

Speaker 3: (06:12)
we're going to be up at the crack of dawn kids and as soon as the national anthem comes on and the gates are open, we're going to be going in and that's going to be the,

Speaker 1: (06:21)
as to who gets to hear those people screaming and shouting at 3:00 AM because they're getting up and another three hours and weekend a bunch of kids up and having breakfast and getting them ready so that they can be there by the time the gates open. The thing is you have got to think about these things ahead of time. You've got to think about it because if you don't, you're making a huge mistake. You can't fix noise. You're not responsible for it. Yes, but you kind of are. You kind of are. When you purchase that property or you rented that property, you were responsible at that time for making sure it was in a location that was going to be quieter. So you want to make sure no busy streets, no busy parking lots, no motorcycles, you know, in the yards getting started. No dogs barking.

Speaker 1: (07:14)
Right? We were already gone over that. The first part of this, but you want no noise. Noise is one of the things, so good neighborhood parking noise. What about the parking at night? If you don't have a house with a garage or some type of designated parking, what does the parking situation look like at night? Make sure you test that out because I've been to a lot of places and they look great during the day and you've checked it out and you come back at night. There's no place to park. Is there designated parking? I want my people to have a designated parking space. This space is reserved specifically for them. It's critical. It's crucial. It's part of my rituals when I'm looking for things parking, so we make sure that when we buy in certain buildings and certain units, I always say, look, my unit has to be facing the lagoon.

Speaker 1: (08:13)
My Unit, you know, has to be away. And when I have agents looking for properties for me, one of the first things I say to them is I will not look at this property. If it's backed up to a main street, I won't even look at it. And so when I get sent the little listings from my agents, one of the first things I do is pull up a map and I pinpoint it and I do a lot in a, there's, if you go on Zillow, you can pull up the lots and it'll show you the outline of the lot. And so I look at it, where is it? Where's the closest main street? Are there headlights that go right into it? Because if there is a bedroom in the front and it's at the end of a street dead ends into it, then you've got headlights and there's, there's a million different things I look for when I'm looking for properties.

Speaker 1: (09:01)
But I can tell you right now, bunch of them, I can tell just by looking at a map, nope, not gonna look at it. I don't care what the price is. People are like, well yeah, but you can do this and you can, sure, sure. But you know when you lower the price, when you lower the nightly rate for your short term rental, you lower the quality of the people you get. I've said that on this show a bunch of times. Why? Because it's true guys. It's really, really true. You cannot do that. You don't want to compete for last place. You never ever compete for last place. You don't want to be the Walmart because here's the deal. You will just play catch up all the time. You will be working hard. You'll be writing constant, you know, reviews and answering questions and answers.

Speaker 1: (09:54)
I mean, you'll be back and forth with these people all the time and if you're not, then the people you hire, your virtual assistants will and that is costing you time and money because they can be doing something else. If it was a quiet unit, it wouldn't be having any sort of trouble. It wouldn't be causing you any problems. Correct. Bathrooms, I look for properties with at least one bathroom for every bedroom now. You can't always get that. That's my ideal. That's what I prefer. Sometimes you're going to have to get a house that's a three too, right? So it's got a master bedroom with its own bath and then it's got a bathroom from a hallway and then two other bedrooms that share that bath and that's okay, but here's the deal. Ideally I want a bathroom for every bedroom unless I know there's going to be a lot of kids.

Speaker 1: (10:48)
Then I don't mind Jack and gels and things like that, but for the most part, a bathroom for every bedroom, but here's the deal. Never, ever, ever buy a property where people are going to have to go through a bedroom to get to a bathroom if they're going to have to share a bathroom, you don't want those bathrooms through something else. When you're buying a property, you're looking for things with strange floor plan that falls into this strange floor plan. I don't buy houses or even rent houses with strange floor plans. It's not good. It never ends up being good. You want the floor plans to flow. You want the bathrooms to be from a hallway and you want as many of those bedrooms to be just like their own unique little sweets on sweets, so then it's a bathroom and a bedroom altogether and you never have to worry about the other guests sharing those bathrooms.

Speaker 1: (11:46)
So just make sure that when you walk in that the flow of the House is nice because people noticed that it's not and you might think, oh, it's kind of quirky, but it will work. No, you're not looking for something that works. You are legitimately looking for something that people will enjoy. This is their vacation, this is where they are going to spend their time. It can't just work. It has to really work, so it can't just function. You don't want functionality. The hell with functionality. You don't want those properties, those properties of the properties that the people are just clearing maybe $500 and they're busting their ass for that $500 to $1,000 a month. You want better properties than that. That means you want your properties to all have a certain flow to them. Have a certain look to them and that reminds me of something cleaning.

Speaker 1: (12:47)
Here's the deal. When you are buying a property, it's easy to go in and fix it up, but I am a nut for cleanliness. It helps because when you get your stars, you know people are rating your property. If your place isn't clean, you're going to get low ratings. Your place has to be clean, but not just clean. It has to be clean. [inaudible]. Let's say you go into an older property. How cleanable is this place? You look around in the Thailand stuff, you can clean it up and you're like, I can get rid of this and this and this, but how clean at its cleanest will it look when you buy it? You can go in there and tear up the gross tile and put nice new tile up. When you own it, you can fix those crappy baseboards and put newer ones in and you're like, oh, that's only a couple of hundred dollars upgrade.

Speaker 1: (13:43)
I can easily do that. Put some fresh paint on the walls. That's okay. You can do that when you own it, but when you don't own it and you're renting it, how cleanable is it? If you were to go in there and clean it, would it look clean or would it just look okay? How cleanable is the property? That's actually really, really critical. It's a good question and it's something you should always think through with the odd floor plans, it's going to be the same thing. Those little nooks and crannies, they creep people out, man. They really do. It's like, where the hell does this closet go? It's like the Winchester house, no Winchester mansion. It's like a staircase to nowhere. Like what the hell is this for? It's creepy. People don't like it. If you can't clean it, people don't like it, so make sure that there's no odd floor plans and that it's a nice clean area.

Speaker 1: (14:36)
People love good common areas too, and high ceilings, good common areas. High ceilings. I am a nut for high ceilings. If I walk into a house and it's got low ceilings and popcorn ceilings and I don't own it, Ugh, I hate that. If I own it, super easy fix, they just spray it with water and go in there and five minutes later and they can just smooth it all out. For me, it's a very easy fix when I own the property, but when I don't, nobody likes those ceilings and nobody likes low ceilings. If I get some tall guys in there and they can just stand there with their hand up in the air and touch the ceiling, it is too low. I don't buy properties with low ceilings. I don't like old houses with low ceilings. It's just one of my things, especially when I'm buying now, you might go, it's good enough or in this area, well then you deal with it, but I'm just telling you, these are the things that I do.

Speaker 1: (15:37)
I want my standards to be better than everyone else's. I want when people walk in, I want there to be a wow factor where they go, wow, this place is nice. Wow, this is airy. Oh, feel how openness is. That's what I want. I want people to walk in and have a wow factor and that's if I'm renting it or if I'm buying it, so I don't do it. I just don't do it. It's something I don't do. I don't buy or rent places with low ceilings so you can make up these rules as you go. They're just my rules. Another thing I look for, guess what? Everybody maid's closet. It's gotta have a good maid's closet area. I know there's a lot of places that are really fun to look at, especially a little casita's when you're renting a one bedroom place and they'll say, this is great, but it has one closet that is not good.

Speaker 1: (16:31)
You have to come up with something else. Now we've been able to do that because we've been able to buy these drawers and put locks on them and use them for the maids to lock up and everything. But whenever you have keys, that's hard. I don't like having keys for hardly anything. I like digital everything because keys tend to get lost. Keys are just, I mean there just a problem waiting to happen. So maids closets. I love those little digital locks. There were like $35 for the indoor ones, so, so easy. And they keep everything locked in there for your maids and they separate them. When you go into a property, look for a place and say, ah, this closet would be a great maid's closet if it's only got one closet. Be careful because where are you going to put your stuff and you want your maids to have their stuff in a place where you can lock it away.

Speaker 1: (17:25)
Because if it's not locked away, people think is theirs and they just take it and you can't blame them because people are just, that's just how they were raised. Their Mama didn't raise them. Right. That's what my mom would've said. Their Momma didn't raise him. Right. I'm like, yes, you're right, mom. They didn't raise them right. If it's not yours, you just don't take it, but lock it away because whatever's not locked up, they're going to think they can take. It's absolutely, people have taken hairdryers and you're like, really? Like you didn't think that maybe that should stay. I mean, that's why I love those hairdryers that actually screw into the wall. If it's screwed into the wall, there's no denying that it wasn't meant for them to take. You're like, dude, it was screwed into the wall. Why would you even think that? You could have taken that?

Speaker 1: (18:08)
And the last thing that I do is make sure that I have a garage. If I'm buying the property, I want a garage. But I like garages in single family homes anyway. The reason why is like in Florida, I'm sure you guys have seen a lot of places in Florida, they'll take and they'll do the floor up really nice and then make it into a game room. Or they have air hockey or a pool table or foosball or something for the kids to play. And people love that. But people also love that when you buy the property. So if you're buying a property, people love having garages. They want to have a place to store their shit. American's got a lot of shit. I mean, they've got a lot of stuff that they have. I've got to put my Christmas stuff away and I've got to put this away.

Speaker 1: (18:57)
So attic storage, I am a storage freak. I love closets. I look for a lot of storage areas, but if I'm buying it longterm, I might think about the income, but I never use the income from short term rentals to buy a place. Anything I buy, I base on a longterm lease. So if the place runs out for 2000 a month for a longterm lease, month to month, those are the numbers I'm going to run. I don't care if I can pull 6,000 a month or 7,500 a month out of it as a short term rental. That's not what I'm going to buy it because things change and I never want to be stuck with a property that I can't afford because something changed, right? So I want to make sure that I buy the property based on my rentals based on the rentals in the area.

Speaker 1: (19:51)
They have it on a bunch of stuff. So actually you'll be able to look up and find out what the rental prices are. Pretty easy. You can go on to you can go on to Zillow and find out what the rent meter is. Everything has a rental price. You, you've got to know your areas, but that's what you're going to base a purchase on. If you are buying the property and if you are renting the property, you'll be renting it for that much a month that you don't want to pay more. You're going to do everything you can to not pay more. You can pay all six months up in advance, right, to get the test, the water kind of thing. But the thing is you want to make sure that when you're buying a property that it's got all the things that you want. If you were to have to sell it quickly, let's say the earth shook, no more short term rentals are allowed there and everything's up in arms.

Speaker 1: (20:42)
You wanna make sure that you can cashflow that property easily and that if you have to dump it, it has everything a great property needs in order to sell. Quirky properties don't sell fast guys. They don't. They sit on the market forever and ever. Well, every house in this area has a garage and this one doesn't. Why did you rent that or buy that house? One of my rules is I never buy a house without a garage. If I'm buying it, it has to have a garage. If it's in a condo situation where no one has a garage, where is it? It's not backed up to the parking lot. Right. So I make sure these are rules that I have because my unit's gonna sell faster. If there's another unit in that condo and one's overlooking the parking lot and mine is overlooking the lagoon, whose place is gonna sell first?

Speaker 1: (21:34)
Definitely mine. And I can probably sell it at a premium price because it doesn't overlook the parking lot. So just know those things. There are reasons because if you ever have to get out of something and you have to get out of it fast, you want to make sure you can sell that. Yours is going to be picked first. Your location is better. If you're backed up to a major street, you're going to be, you know, Ding, Ding, ding down power lines. Awful. Never ever be backed up to power lines. Power lines are a big no, no. Okay. Those are the things I'm going to go over them really quickly again for you. So it's a good neighborhood. It looks good. Feels good, right? Not just good during the mid day, but location, location, you want to check out the neighbors, the parking. What about at night?

Speaker 1: (22:22)
Want to make sure it's kind of ample parking noise. Dogs, motorcycles. Pardon? You know the parking lot. Busy streets behind them. You want to make sure that you are very aware of the noise. Bathrooms optimally. One bathroom for each bedroom, right? But if you can't do that, just know that that's what you want. And you never want to have a bathroom that somebody has to go through a bedroom to get to. And speaking of that, remember no odd floor plans. Quirky is fun for somebody else. It's not fun when you have rental properties or real estate, you don't want anything quirky. The house doesn't have any funkshway. We'll walk through it and you're going, where the hell are we going? Where is that other room? This is like a big puzzle piece. It's like they added onto the house here and added on there and added on there and just because it's got five bedrooms in an area where you need more bedrooms, you're like, oh this is great as by bedrooms and then you get in there and you're like, look, this house has no flow to it.

Speaker 1: (23:19)
I need a house that was specifically built to have five bedrooms so that everything flows easy. That is not a big giant puzzle when people get in there because people don't like that. They like their common areas. They like their rooms to flow. They like everybody to go to their place and then come back and join together and if it doesn't have a flow to it, it just doesn't. Now there are weird acentric little places and sometimes those are quite nice and you can do eccentric, but watch the floor plans. Also watch the stairs if the stairs are too narrow or don't have a long enough landing. So that means you want to make sure that your foot fits across the whole part of the floor. You don't want people having to use their tippy toes to go upstairs because stairs are short. They'll fall easier when they're coming down.

Speaker 1: (24:12)
They need to be able to plant their feet correctly as they're coming down the steps with their bags and stuff. You've got to make sure that your stairs are wide enough and that the landings and risers are a good size so that it has the perfect, wonderful flow of oak staircase. But there's nothing worse than having little short, tiny steps where people can just trip over each other, fall and hurt themselves on your property. Not Good. You want good common space. You want no low ceiling, so you want nice high ceilings, no popcorn ceilings unless you own it. If you own it, you can fix popcorn ceilings rather inexpensively. Some things are pretty easy to fix. Now remember, whenever you buy a property, especially, you may have to someday flip that property and sell it. So hopefully you're going to be able to hold it for a long time.

Speaker 1: (25:06)
And if you buy correctly in the beginning, you're going to avoid all these challenges and if you rent correctly in the beginning, again, you're avoiding a lot of challenges. Low ceilings suck and so I'm very, very picky. If I can't stand the ceiling hype myself, then I don't go there. It's like, nope, nope, not going there. If there's weirdness about it, if I think something's weird, somebody else is definitely going to think it's weird and I want things to sell quickly. I like the flow to be right. I like the ceiling height to be right. I like when I walk in for everything to feel good about the house and if it doesn't right away I just say no. I say no about a lot more houses than I say yes to and that's okay. When you start investing in real estate and you start to buy these properties, be picky, you will go through more properties and say no to them.

Speaker 1: (26:04)
Then you will say yes, you will get more nos to the offers that you make. Then you will get yeses. If you get yeses to all your offers, your offers are way too high because you should initially always get a no. That means you came in low enough. Ask Maria. She'll tell you we had Maria Giordano on before and she knows if I think my price is low, I go in and offer a little bit lower. It's like, I'm like, that's a low offer until I'm almost embarrassed to give it. That's when I know my offer is low enough. It's like my, my cash offer anyway. It's like, here's how I know it's low enough. It's pretty embarrassing. I would be almost embarrassed to do it, but that's why. That's why we can do that. We have actually a bunch of other offers that we do and we'll teach you that later, but make sure you're looking for these things and make sure that you're not.

Speaker 1: (26:57)
Here's the feeling you want to avoid when you're purchasing and renting properties. This is the only one. If I don't get this [inaudible] you don't want that feeling guys, because there are a million properties out there and you've got the chances and the opportunities to pick the right ones. Pick the right ones. Not every property is for you and if you lose out on a property, there will be more. Always know that you will get the right properties, that the right properties will come to you. Make that one of your affirmations. I only rent the properties that are right for me. I only buy the properties that are right for me and my guests. That's a great affirmation to have because you don't want anything else to happen. You want a maid's closet and you want it clean or easy to clean. When it is cleaned, you wanted to look clean, easy to do if you own it, because you can do a lot of rehab and a lot of repainting and moving things and changing things out.

Speaker 1: (27:59)
Not so easy to do when you're renting an old place that just looks dirty even when it's clean, not good. You want it to look clean when it is clean. Okay. I know that sounds weird, but just make sure it looks clean and if you're buying it, you need a garage, you have to have a garage. If it's a house, if it's Condo, it's a good location, meaning it overlooks something nice to look at and not a major freeway or a parking lot. Remember we don't buy backed up to any kind of noise ever. We don't rent backed up to any kind of noise ever. Thanks so much for everybody who came and joined the membership group. We're going to shut it down again until next year, probably the end of spring, beginning of summer. Um, we're going to be working on the members that we have. If you're on our mailing list, when we go through our first few weeks, things are jolted around.

Speaker 1: (28:57)
A lot of times people, I don't know how it happens, but they'll buy twice. So we kind of wiggle those around. So a lot of times if you're on our mailing list, we might have a shotgun sale where we just opened it up for an hour or two or a day or two and allow you into the membership. But only for people on our mailing list. Not saying that it's going to happen just in case it does. Just so you know, being on the mailing list does help and there's some new stuff on our website. Two new freebies that we gave away. We had the old ones up there for awhile and I guess everybody has, you know, their house rolls and their cleaning stuff, but a lot of people were asking us about questions that we asked the cleaning companies. So we put in there as a nice little giveaway.

Speaker 1: (29:42)
There's some questions that you can ask when you're hiring and cleaning company that we've put on there and a couple of new things are coming out. So just keep your eye on the website. Remember that we always have a lot of great articles that come out twice a month. I think the first and the 15th and starting, I am trying to remember the month we're going to be starting with a weekly blog that comes out instead of just biweekly because we do our weekly podcast and we do have the show notes that you can download. So that's kind of like an article cause you can go in there and read it too and then download the show notes. So since we had that, we weren't doing blogs every single week, we got this cool little award for being one of the top 100 real estate, short term rental blogs, and we were super excited about that.

Speaker 1: (30:29)
So we do have the ones that we do twice a month right now, but we're going to up our ante on it and make it weekly pretty soon. I'm trying to remember the date and I'm so sorry that I downed. Welcome all your new members. I'm so super excited and we're gonna have a blast. We're going to have a blast together. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm loving, loving our Mondays accountability groups and things. I encourage you guys if even if you're not in the membership to get together with somebody and do an accountability where you create your success plan. Just I think, I'm trying to remember, was that like episode seven or nine or something? It was one of the beginning ones where we just created the success path for everybody and helped you. And then you take your success path and you break it down into, you know, tangible bites, right? Things that you can touch and do and achieve every single day that are moving you towards your goals. And if you have an accountability partner or an accountability group, it really helps out. It really, really does. It keeps you motivated and it keeps you moving forward constantly. Whereas other times, we acquiesce and to something that's easier and simpler and we just want to relax. We got to always keep on our game, right? Just making ourselves better and better. So thanks again for listening. Have a great day. We'll talk to you next week. Go and grow.


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