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Episode 054 – What is the Master Mind?



Napoleon Hill coined the term Mastermind in his book, Think and Grow Rich.

He said a mastermind was “a friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

When two or more are gathered together like that, a THIRD intangible mind is present.  God or Source, it is absolutely a higher being in which we tap into and that taps into the group.  It is the MASTER mind.

Throughout time they have spoken of ideas, thought, creation, and inspiration coming from this source and not much has changed today. 

The Greeks called the inspiration Muses.  They believed there were nine muses who were the source of inspiration and creation for artists.

But not just art, much more.  Everything really.

The Greek word “mosis” refers to desire/dreams/wishes.  They believed that with the desire came the ability to achieve the desire.  After all, a God that gave you the desire to do something would have to be cruel if He did not, at the same time, give you the ability to achieve or obtain that desire.  Correct?

Museum also comes from this word.  A building containing all those inspired “creations.”

Many famous artist and inventors knew that they were GIVEN their ideas and inspiration.  Leonardo da Vinci said his ideas were given to him in dreams.

Inventor, Nikola Tesla, who harnesses the power of electricity, specifically the AC current, knew that his ideas were gifts given to him by some higher intelligence. 

Steven Pressfield, an amazing writer of fact and fiction, often writes books to inspire people to move past Resistance.  Oh, that dreaded monster that keeps us stuck!  He also talks about ideas coming from that “source” in which we can all tap into.  If you don’t do it, someone else will!

Elizabeth Gilbert, another author who penned “Eat, Pray, Love,” wrote an amazing non-fiction called “Big Magic” where she discussed just that.  She had come up with the idea for a novel and begun it.  She had detailed notes written on the characters, plot, and location.  Life got in the way and she put the book writing on hold.  Another writer she had become very good friends with described writing the same book.  They compared notes and came to the conclusion that Gilbert had been given the task, could not complete it, and passed it along to her friend… through that wonderful unseen source of all ideas and creativity.

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force, which may even liken to a third mind.”

Joining a Mastermind should be just as inspired.  You should only join those you feel moved, like woo woo divinely moved, to join with.  Allow inspiration to move you, to spark creativity within you, and to place you where you need to be and with whom you need to be with.


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Show Transcript

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and in today's episode, Speaker 1: (00:29)
we're going to be talking about masterminds. I know they're everywhere, all over the Internet. Everything is a mastermind. There's masterminds here, masterminds there. Everywhere you look, what is a mastermind? Why do you want one or do you want to be in one? What is a mastermind? Why you want to be in one, right? Okay, but first, before we start going into that, I wanted to remind you that today's podcast is brought to you by audible. You can get your first free book from audible by going to audible, forward slash s t r revenue. That's audible, forward slash s t r revenue. You'll get your first audio book for free and 30 days to try out audibles awesome, amazing app. And if you don't have an app on your phone, you can just download it for free or you can go online too because online they have the same things.

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Your laptop and your desktop computer can download an audible app so you can find all the same wonderful programs on audible there. Lots of, lots of free stuff that you get from audible. Great deals every single day, two 95 books, two free books a month, lots of things to do and see and learn when you are an audio book listener. So try audible today by going to audible forward slash s t r revenue. So our membership site is open. That's exciting, right? It opened August 16th this is the second time that we've opened day. We had our Beta membership group at the beginning of this year and they're amazing people. I love, Love, love that group and so as not to grow too fast and to make sure that people are getting the same benefits as the Beta members we're getting. We've just wanted to open it up to about a hundred people.

Speaker 1: (02:20)
Now, I know that sounds like a lot, but here's the deal guys. Most of the time when people sign up for stuff, they don't participate in it very well and we want to encourage you to participate. I know just not the participation badge that you would get if you were a scout leader and you had to give away. I mean real participation. Okay. Real participation and also I wanted to cover the fact that most of what our membership is is like a mastermind. It's like a mini mastermind and I love that because I'm in a couple of masterminds and I paid tens of thousands of dollars to be in masterminds. I have, I've had coaches, boys since I was with Tony Robbins. I've had personal coaches, I've also had mentors, and I've paid mentors to mentor me. I still have mentors. They used to own rich dad seminars and now they are back in Australia and they mentor me.

Speaker 1: (03:19)
I love having a mentor or mentors, plural. But the whole deal is when you have mentors, when you have coaches, when you're inside masterminds, what do they do? They don't give you all the answers you need. They basically let you be a sounding board to what needs to happen, what you want to happen in your business, and then something magical happens within them and it's amazing. No coach comes to you and says, okay, so tell me your challenges, Michelle. And it's like, well, I need this and this to happen. It's like, okay, well do a, B, c, and d and You will be done. And you're like, thank you very much. I'll talk to you again when I need help. That's not how it works. And the same with having a mentor, a mentor is there going, okay, what do you think is important? You know, what are your primary objectives?

Speaker 1: (04:11)
What's your primary question? What's your why? They keep you on track, but they let you figure out the answers. Masterminds are similar only there's a lot more input. And what's really great is we're in a mastermind up in Canada. The head of our mastermind is Amy McLaren. You might know Amy, she's going to be a bestselling author with Hay House cause she just got her hay house book deal, but she is the head of a nonprofit organization called village impact and Amy is absolutely amazing. She's actually married to a guy who does membership sites. He doesn't just do membership sites. He is the membership guy. You know like if you have a membership you'll want to talk to Stu. But you know the wind beneath my wings thing, I think Amy has a lot to do with the wind beneath Sue's wings because she's amazing and we've got nothing but women in the women's mastermind that we go to up in Canada and we're meeting this week.

Speaker 1: (05:13)
But what's cool about a mastermind is you get a bunch of people together. Now a lot of people are throwing it around. It is the new buzzword mastermind and they're throwing it around. But I don't know if a lot of them really know what a mastermind is or where it even came from. And being the awesome reader that I am. I love reading. I knew where mastermind came from or at least I do. I think I do. I'm hoping like somebody calls and goes, actually it was Julius Caesar who came up with that word, but nope, I think it was Napoleon Hill who came up with it and he wrote about it in think and grow rich, which is one of my favorite books next to Wallace wattles book, and I'll let you know all those books later on, but Napoleon Hill's thinking grow rich book. He coined that term mastermind and he used it.

Speaker 1: (06:04)
He said it was a friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose and that's what a mastermind is, but get this, this was the most important part of that. He said that when two or more people gathered together a third intangible mind like God or source is created and it is inspiring. Now think about this. You can go back way before Wallace wattles and way before Napoleon Hill, way before all these amazing books. There's a ton of books that tell us that source is, you know, God is our inspiration for everything that we do. Every plan that we have, every everything, right? Every idea that comes into being is in this vibrational source. Let's say if it's radio waves that are just hovering above us and when we open ourselves up, we can reach up and grab these ideas, but the ideas are not our own.

Speaker 1: (07:08)
That's not a new idea, but it's really been verbalized a lot lately. Steven Pressfield is one of my favorite authors. Now. He's written a lot of fiction, like the legend of Bagger vans. Believe it or not, I've never heard that book because I don't read a lot of fiction books, but I have read almost every nonfiction book that Steven Pressfield has written because I love his nonfiction. He writes books for authors and they are nonfiction books telling people how to stop procrastinating. Basically, you know how to get the ideas out there when books are not writing and you're an author and you're sitting there and you're like, I'm stuck. I'm stuck and you just, you do everything you can, but get the job done. Stephen is the guy, he wrote this amazing book that somebody introduced me two years ago. That was when I worked for Kiyosaki.

Speaker 1: (08:07)
This book was called the war of art and it was an amazing, amazing book. But basically Steven Pressfield talked about the fact that these ideas are given to us by a source. Now, lately I think I've talked about it before, or at least I had with my group that Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote eat, pray, love. She also has written a nonfiction book called big magic. And in big magic she talks about the same exact thing. Amazing that this is a continued ideology that has carried across, not just for generations guys, but for centuries. And I'll get into that. But when Elizabeth wrote her book, Big Magic, she talked about a book that she was writing, and in this book she was writing about a woman who was gone down to South American and she fell in love there and she had this big whole storyline. But then some things happened in her real life that took her away from writing this book and all the ideas of it.

Speaker 1: (09:13)
She met another female author, she embraced her at a function and that female author went and wrote a book that was about the same exact thing, like how amazing is that? Right? But it wasn't just about the same exact thing. It was almost the same exact book. And so as the two became fast friends and they got together and they realize what had happened, they realized holy cow source is the source of all these books. And when someone can't fulfill the magic of finishing that creation, then it is given to someone else. And you'll see that a lot. You see it a lot in Hollywood. Remember there was like a volcano movie and then another volcano movie. It was like don tase peak and then volcano and then like there's a bunch of them and it was the same with spelling bee movies. There's like one spelling bee movie and another spelling bee movie is like one thing after another after another, and that is because they're all tapping into this source.

Speaker 1: (10:13)
It's holding this same vibration. It has the same ideas. Now I know that that's hard to grasp, but get this, let's go back a little ways into ancient Greece. Now the ancient Greeks used to think about muses. Remember the word Muse? Do you guys know what that means? Muses were there, I think there were nine muses. And they were the artists, best friends, right? Basically they were these magical, divine, usually women creatures, very beautiful. And they would inspire people to write beautiful music or plays or sonnets or whatever they were doing. Mostly artists, you know, maybe to create art and they were the inspiration for them. So it would say, you are my muse. When somebody used to say that it meant you are the inspiration for the things that I do or the things that I write. So that's what amused was. But get this, the Greek word Moses, which is emo sis.

Speaker 1: (11:19)
That word in Greek means desire or dream like a wish. So I think we've covered this once before when I talked about what Tony Robbins says, the word desire that muses means of God, that creation is the source. It is given by the music. It is given by the gods to you. Okay? So those ideas and everything that you have, your dreams, and it's not just art, it's all dreams, all desires, all wishes when want to be do and have something that you don't already have. That is a dream. That is a desire, that is a wish, and it is given to you by God. But they also knew that at the same time that you were given that desire, you were given the ability to achieve the desire because the gods were never cruel gods and your God, your heavenly father is not a cruel God.

Speaker 1: (12:21)
He wouldn't give you the desire to do something and not at the same time give you the ability to do it. Correct. Because what a cruel God that would be. It was like, you know, I really want to fly. And it's like he'll never be able to do that. But then guess what? People did fly, they created machines and they did amazing, amazing things and it was fantastic. Right? The thing is anything you desire to do, it's already inside you to do it. The ability to do it, it's just getting it out there. This is what we're going to be talking about with masterminds. This was the whole purpose of that mastermind ideology that said, look, when you get two or more people together and you start thinking about something, source is opening up to you. You are tapping in to the divine and these ideas are bigger than you and greater than you.

Speaker 1: (13:21)
And if you think about it, that has to be true. And let me tell you why, because we can't just come up with something. Everything that we think has been some kind of experience that we have had. So our logical minds can only go back and look at prior happenings in our lives. So situations, correct, or prior knowledge that we gained in order to base any kind of theory or hypothesis on, we have to have something to back it up. So even if we have a belief system that's made up of lies, let's say for instance, somebody had told you your whole life that you are stupid, you're stupid, you're stupid, or you're stupid, right? You are the most stupid person in the world. So that would be our belief system. That said that when we did something smart, when we figured something out ourselves, because we were at school and our teacher said, hey, very good, you're pretty smart.

Speaker 1: (14:23)
We would be shocked almost at the fact that they would say something like that, but the thing was, we probably learned it from the teacher, right? She probably had some examples there and we were able to figure out the process based on those past experiences, but what the theology of the muses were and what the theology of even Steven Pressfield or Elizabeth Gilbert or Tony Robbins, what these guys are saying is something even bigger happens because when you have two or more people and you tap into that source, then you are inspired. Then you dream. Then you think outside of the bounds of your own reality and your own knowing and the things that have happened to you in your life. It's like it's way, way bigger. It's bigger than you. It's bigger than the other person with you. It becomes a massive, massive thing. So it's the one person that you're with.

Speaker 1: (15:25)
Let's say it's you and your spouse and you decide you're going to mastermind together. It's bigger than the sum of that. It's bigger than one plus one is two. It's going to be one plus. One is infinite. Do you get it? Because you can't even say three because that infinite being is infinite. It just takes it and multiplies it by infinity because the possibilities are endless now and that is tapping into that inspiration, tapping into the source of all dreams, of all inspiration, of all knowingness. Now, what's crazy is they all talk about this. They talked about it in past in history. They talk about it in the present, right? So great leaders like Tony Robbins and great writers like Steven Pressfield and Elizabeth Gilbert, they talk about tapping into that. But there are more people who talk about tapping into that. Leonardo Davinci talked about it. He talked about how these dreams and these ideas were given to him.

Speaker 1: (16:35)
He knew they weren't from him. He knew that he didn't come up with all the ideas he was given them in dreams and so was Tesla. If you don't know who Tesla is, Nikolai Tesla was a great, great inventor. Some say the most brilliant inventor in our age. He was overpowered and overbearing by Thomas Edison and Edison didn't want any one to have free electricity nor the company that he was backed by it. Most people don't even realize this on Thomas Edison didn't just like stand alone in his little laboratory trying to figure out how to make a light bulb. No, he had a crap load of apprentice working for him, like an entire big building of other apprentice working for him. Other scientists, they all worked underneath him and he was backed financially and those financial backings literally helped them make Tesla look like he was a blooming idiot.

Speaker 1: (17:41)
They wanted to make him look like an idiot. So they did an experiment with an elephant where Edison said, this is how dangerous electricity is. It needs to be harnessed, blah, blah, blah. And then they electrocuted this elephant. But Tesla knew that electricity didn't have to be dangerous. Have you ever put your fingers on those balls where the light, the lightnings inside the ball and then the electricity goes to your fingers heavier? You know what I'm talking about? They're like these balls with these blue lights on the inside. Or have you ever done an experiment in school where you held something and you held somebody else's hand and somebody else's hand and you go all the way around? You can go all the way around the room and as long as everyone is holding hands, a light bulb can light up because we carry electricity through us.

Speaker 1: (18:31)
We carry energy. So all that energy is not dangerous. And Edison just wanted to make people think it was because they could charge for it. They could be, they had to contain it. And so it could be charged for, but Tesla wanted free energy and Tesla had brilliant ideas for free energy. And actually all his stuff disappeared mysteriously after his death. But Tesla had a bunch of brilliant ideas, but they made him look like complete idiot. So he died broken alone in his apartment. But all his notes and everything from his lab was taken. And a lot of conspiracy theorists say that it was taken because they don't want us to have the free energy. All his ideas were given to him. He said by a higher being, he thought it was maybe even some type of alien beans, some extra terrestrial that was so far ahead of his in technology.

Speaker 1: (19:32)
And if you think about these things, they're actually quite possible because just in these generations, in these last few generations, we have moved so far, so fast. Whereas in the past centuries we moved just to my new bit. So a lot of people believe that our technology has been given to us by some kind of advanced or maybe reversed engineered from some kind of extra terrestrials because that's how fast it did progress. It's pretty amazing. But whether you believe that or not, start to think about the people with the most brilliant ideas in the entire world. Always saying that these ideas came to them, that they were given to them. They realize that they did not create them at all. What's really cool, I remember we were talking about the muses and Moses, right? But here's this museum that is actually from the Greek word about muses.

Speaker 1: (20:33)
So it's basically a brilliance, a creation, uh, ideas and all the technology, all these things that are of God. So when you go into museum, these are wonderful artifacts that throughout time have been given to us. That's what the idea of a museum is, is things that were given to us, not inventions that we so much created, but that were given to us by a much higher authority and a much higher power. Right? So Napoleon Hill said to no two minds ever came together without thereby creating a third invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind. So here's this third mine. This is where they got the word master mind. So you've got one mind, another mind. Sometimes. I mean, most masterminds have less than 20 people. They have a smaller group, they try to keep it small, right? But when you bring all of them together, ideas start flowing.

Speaker 1: (21:38)
It's because they're all open to listening to each other's exchanges, right? So they open their minds and when you open your minds, you open your mind, God and that source can lower and settle in and the ideas are born inside masterminds. It's really amazing. So I've been in groups sometimes where we've been throwing things out there and somebody will say, Hey, what about this? And it'll be something that they never thought of. It never was. Even in their mind, they don't even know where it came from. Then they'll have this brilliant Aha moment and we'll all sit there with our mouth, you know, dropped down to the floor because it's amazing. And you're like, that's brilliant. Why did none of us think of that? You know, it's amazing. How did you come up with it? I don't know. It just came to me. That's what most people will say.

Speaker 1: (22:33)
So that is the mastermind idea. Now lately, masterminds are getting off the ground because Tony Robbins and dean Graziosi and a man named Russell Brunson have gotten together and they created a course. And so now tons of people are out there creating these masterminds. And I love Tony and obviously I've spent a ton of money on Tony and Dean Graziosi and believe it or not, even with Russell Brunson, because I have click funnels. So what's really crazy is people are spending thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars to join these mastermind groups, but they're joining with the wrong people. You need to be with the right people guys. And I can tell you something that I know for sure. Okay, so let's say when we're going onto Facebook or something, we go into a Facebook group and we're reading some of the stuff DRL sit there and go, these guys are complete morons. What the hell?

Speaker 1: (23:32)
What the hell kind of question is that? Or what kind of responses that, there was a gentleman one time who posted in one of the short term rental groups that he had some people smoking pot and every single response was a smart ass response to this guy and he had a legitimate question he really wanted to know and nobody was giving him just a straight answer, you know, just saying, hey look, look up fresh air. There's like some little things that you can plug in that will stop people from smoking. You'll be notified about it quickly. You can also get an app, it'll notify your phone and you can use the evidence to hand back to it. And they all companies like Airbnb's had that they can literally get you a cleaning deposit like 250 bucks to clean up the smoke that's in your place.

Speaker 1: (24:23)
And that's regardless of it's cigarette smoke or pot. Right. But then we also learned that you have to have a minimum if you do fresh air. But we're going to be talking to them about that because maybe we could get together as a group of all of us and then divided up because holy cow, it's a great product. I mean if you don't have 20 units then then you can't take advantage of it. And there are people who have between one and five units or one in 20 units and they would love to have this thing. So I think they need to start thinking about that. But here's the deal. He just wanted a real answer. He just wanted somebody give me a legit answer. And that's what he was looking for. When somebody is legitimately looking for help, that is not the time to be a smart ass.

Speaker 1: (25:10)
That's the time to break into action. So when you're in a mastermind group, you can have a bunch of comedians in there, but when a legitimate question is asked, it shows that you care. When you drop the jokes and you really try to answer somebody from your heart or really tried to tap into that question for them, you know, so that your mind is open, their mind is open. And you're all working together to brainstorm ideas. That's when it's really important. Okay. And what's really cool is in our membership group, we meet a few times a week. So we have something called an accountability group that we do that we always do every single Monday night at 7:00 PM and it's really amazing because when everybody goes in there, and we do a horse around a little bit, but we get very serious because everybody's got legitimate things that they want to accomplish.

Speaker 1: (26:06)
And if any of us know how to make it easier or how to make it better, whatever they're trying to accomplish, make that road and that path quicker and easier path than we give it to them. We say, hey, did you try this? Did you try this? Could you try this? What about this? Right? But if it's something that all of us go, oh, I need to work on that too, then we're all there for each other. We're all supporting each other. So what I started to figure out when we started doing this was we had created our own little mastermind. It wasn't just the fact that we were doing our best to achieve three goals each and every week. We were actually using each other as conduit to tap into this mind, this mastermind. Right. And so we started to see that everybody who was attending these Monday night meetings and just getting on the zoom call with us, they were going pretty far pretty fast.

Speaker 1: (27:06)
And obviously we're getting feedback from them and we can see what's happening in their life. But we can see a lot of progress from everyone now, not every single week because everybody has a bad week, you know? But for the most part, everybody was always moving forward. They were doing their absolute best. And if they came up with something somewhere in the middle of the week that they knew would help somebody else out because they heard what they were trying to accomplish, then they would bring it up at the next meeting. So we'd be on the zoom call and somebody would say, hey, I saw this. It reminded me of you. Did you ever see this? And they would give them, you know, a link or whatever information it was and it seemed to help everyone. And I thought to myself, yeah, this is definitely a mastermind, but instead of meeting once a month, like our regular masterminds do, and these are the masterminds that we pay thousands of dollars for, right?

Speaker 1: (28:02)
The ones where we go and we meet each other and stuff, I'm like, this is a weekly thing. It's moving us together faster. We are achieving more faster because we are a hole and it just made sense. I was like, holy cow, this is amazing. I'm loving this. I wanted to make that a bigger part of our membership site, these meetings so that people knew that it wasn't just about learning about rental arbitrage, which we definitely have, right? So we've got our welcome month where we've got a bunch of different things for you to do that everything drops in a 30 day pattern. So welcome is zero 30 days later is all about rental arbitrage. Then we've got virtual assistants, we've got co-hosting. Then we've got property acquisitions and retirement and a bunch of stuff in between right? Lots of stuff that feeds into resources and things like that.

Speaker 1: (29:00)
But the whole point was you've got to have not just the resources at your fingertips, not just the knowledge at your fingertips, but something even bigger than yourself. And that desire remember means of God. And so when you put your plans out there and you open yourself up, I believe you grow a lot faster. And so this membership became something even bigger, even better. So I know that opening it up for another a hundred people seems like a large number, but I can guarantee that not everyone is going to get in and go gung Ho right away. They're going to get in and they're going to play around with all this stuff inside and hopefully ville attend one or two things. But then when they see progress, that's when they get really excited. And then they start coming again and again. And then when they miss and I text them or I emailed them and say, Hey, we missed you.

Speaker 1: (30:07)
If you just didn't get your stuff done, that's okay. If you had a bad week, don't be afraid to come back on. But here's the deal. We need you there and you need to be there because we need you as much as you need us. We all need each other. We're all this big part of this group and it's really amazing what we have. We want to make sure that we can grow it, but we want to grow it in such a way that it's useful for everyone. So if it gets too big, too fast, then we've got to scale it back. So we decided to, let's see what happens, right? Because worst case scenario, we do two accountability groups a week or three accountability groups a week, right? Worst case scenario, but we make sure that everyone gets exactly what they need from this because it's imperative and we know that there's always a divine intervention.

Speaker 1: (30:59)
You are where you need to be exactly when you need to be there. There are no missed opportunities, never. You're always exactly where you need to be and you're always around the people you need to be around at that moment. Now obviously people come into our lives and go out of our lives, right? For different reasons. But once we learn whatever lesson we were there to learn next, and this is a big, big learning experience, so I really want to invite you to come on. Now remember there is a money back guarantee, so if you're in there, there's 30 day money back guarantee. If you're in and you don't like it, hop back out. There's nobody who's going to call you or bother you and ask you why. You just let us know and your money goes right back into your account after 30 days.

Speaker 1: (31:49)
But here's the deal. If you don't and you just continue it any time you want, you can click out of it. The controls are actually right in your membership. So if you ever one out, you just say, you know what? Cancel my subscription. You don't have to call anyone, you don't have to send an email, you don't have to write a letter and get it certified. Nothing. It just cancels your next payment, right? Your old payment that goes through. Now you only have one 30 day money back guarantee. That's all you get is the one. But after that, anytime you cancel, your next payment will not go through. Okay. Try it and see, because it's amazing and you're going to be with serious people, people who are serious about doing their business. They're not all serious, you know, and boring. They're really fun loving giving people, but at the same time, they're serious about building their business.

Speaker 1: (32:43)
And if you are serious about building your business, it's where you need to be. If you're listening to this, it's where you need to be because you wouldn't be hearing this if it wasn't somewhere along your path, right? So you'll either know in your heart that you're supposed to be doing something or you know you're not supposed to. You're like, yeah, that doesn't, that doesn't float my boat. It's not something I even want to do then don't do it please. Because we don't want somebody in there who doesn't want to be there at all. We just want people who want to be there. By all means, your first instinct is always the correct instinct. So if you had immediately said, I would like to do that, but then that cognitive brain that wants to save you from wasting money or wasting time or wasting whatever, if that brain kicked in and talked you out of it, shame it, shame on you for talking me out of something that I was going to do that was so intellectually advanced, I was going to tap into source for the love of God.

Speaker 1: (33:46)
So shame it and tell it to go away and then come back to us because your first instinct is probably almost always correct. I would guarantee that. So I love this whole thing about the masterminds. I love the whole thing about this intangible third mind that is created or source or I think of it almost like a river of knowledge, you know, just fluttering above us that we just tap into and reach into. But masterminds are incredibly important and so we have the meeting now. Our first one is taking place in October and that is just for the members who are already in there now, but the next one for other people who are coming in now will be in February and we'll be having that in Orlando. So that is included in your membership. And I know, I mean, we do our best to keep the costs down.

Speaker 1: (34:42)
We know you're building a business, but I know that a lot of times if we can just focus on getting our business up and running, then we'll be able to pay for these expenses. And I want to make sure that I'm not tapping you out because honestly, in order to make your business cash flow correctly, you have to spend money appropriately. You can't get in there and buy all brand new furniture when you first buy your property, right? When you're first getting started and you're on a shoestring budget, you should be buying things off of maybe Facebook or craigslist or something like that, right? You want to keep that budget down low. Eventually you'll have the money where you're like, okay, now I've got this kind of budget for each house. You'll know what the budget is and you can go in and you can buy all new stuff, but I don't want you to break the bank unless you want to be impressed because I can totally impress you.

Speaker 1: (35:36)
I used to work for, I mean Tony Robbins events, we had 2000 people there. You wouldn't even believe the size of these rooms. We had interpreters in the back interpreting for people in several different languages. I mean you wouldn't believe it. They would be sitting in the back in the sound rooms with headphones on speaking, I don't know, like you name it, whatever, whatever language it was and they would be receiving the interpretations there. So I mean those events, I've done those events, they're amazing to holy cow, like Tony Robbins events back back in the day when I first went to mastery university, the entire thing was like 40 grand and probably like one event is like 40 grand now. That's how old I am. But the whole deal was when you went there, I mean you are walking on fire, we jumped off of telephone polls. We did a lot of really cool stuff.

Speaker 1: (36:32)
Team building events. I'm like, well when we staffed, we did team building events, we did highway cleanup and we did stuff for different organizations on the islands or wherever we went. But the whole point is you can do things the right way without spending a lot of money and that's what I want to do for you. Let's get the job done and we can get fancy later when everybody is making a lot of money, we can go out and celebrate and then we can start having these events in bigger and better places so that we can have, you know, a pocket book event where everybody who's on the shoestring budget can afford to be there. And then we can have bigger and better events as we go on. The whole purpose is to get you moving and in order to get moving you have to take action.

Speaker 1: (37:20)
So all these things, this is what's leading me to the mastermind thing. What's really crazy about the muses, and when you read any of these books, when you listen to anything about the dreams from Davinci, Tesla, when you read Elizabeth Gilbert or Steven Pressfield, or you go back to think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill, they all say the same thing. So you get these ideas and they're wonderful and they come of God. What is your job when it comes to these ideas? What is the number one thing you have to do? Yeah, I believe, believe, believe, right? Everybody's like, oh, I saw this secret 18 times every day for a year and a half. It's not just believe guys. It's not just thinking and imagine it. Those are great, great things, but that is not the step. The step is taking action. If you do not take massive action towards your goals, they will elude you.

Speaker 1: (38:19)
They will just go away and they will become someone else's. So Elizabeth Gilbert talked about that when she couldn't pursue her book, her book slipped away, slipped right out of her fingers, and went to somebody else who was going to do the work. So you've got to not just have these dreams, not just focus on them, not just change your attitude, not just do all of that stuff. That all goes along with it. But you have to take massive action. You have to do it and you got to do just like the five second rule book. Have you guys seen that? Have video on Ted talk where the author of the five second rule, she's on there and she was talking about things. She was an alcoholic and she said every time she wanted to do something she would just count down. Never up because you can always count higher and higher, but always count down from five, five, four, three, two, one.

Speaker 1: (39:16)
Do it. Just take action. So I want you to learn to do the same thing. You can read that book, the five second rule, and she's going to tell you ways or give you examples of taking action. It's always taking action. It's five seconds and then you just do it. So when you have the inkling to do something, the desire to do something, you have five seconds to take action on it. That's it. When you decide, you know what, I'm going to go on a diet so I'm only going to eat healthy. So you go into the kitchen, you see something and you're like, nope, not going to do that. Not going to do that. And you're like, okay, I'm going to eat healthy. And Five, four, three, two, one, grab the healthiest thing I can find. And if there isn't something healthy, hop your button to the car and go get something healthy.

Speaker 1: (40:03)
It's taking massive action instead of going, oh well there's nothing in here for me to eat, I guess I'm just going to have to eat this bag of chips. No, that's not it. It has to be moving you towards your goals, right? And you have to be taking action towards them. And if there isn't something there, then you need to move yourself to a place where it is. And that is massive action. So I want you guys to think about that. This is going to be just a short mastermind one, but we are going to be having a mastermind. Like I said in February, you will not have to be a member. However, my members will get two extra days free that other people do not get. I'm going to do two personal days with my crew and then a day and a half with everybody else.

Speaker 1: (41:00)
So it'll be a three and a half day event and my people, my members will get a little bit more than everyone else will only because they deserve it. They're with me every single month and every single week and setting goals and moving forward so they do deserve it and you deserve a two. You deserve happiness, you deserve everything. Your heart desires. You just have to learn to take action on it. Massive, massive action. If you want more books, I mean obviously the five second rule is a great book, but for me it got a little monotonous after a little while cause I was like, okay, I get it. Count back by four, three, two, one. That's only because I've been trained by Tony Robbins and what is Tony's thing? Take massive action constantly. Everything Tony Ever said was about taking massive action. You set your goals and then you take action.

Speaker 1: (41:54)
You set something every single day and then you take action. It was always take action. So I've already been trained in the taking action part and you need to be trained in the taking action part to the setting goals and taking action. Obviously the affirmations are amazing and those things work. The dream boards, yes. If you are a member of our inspiration for winners course you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. But in inspiration for winners, we talk about each and every person in there. So I mean there's people like Oprah and Tony Robbins and Walt Disney and all these people, right? And they're inspirations to everybody. They're winners and successful, but they always, it always comes back to taking action guys. Tony is right. It's always about taking action. So we have to get our mindset right. How do we do that? We take massive action.

Speaker 1: (42:48)
We make sure that we're doing affirmations, we make sure that we're doing meditation, we make sure that we get all the negative out of our life. We stop watching the news, we stop anything negative that's coming in and we only put out positive, right? Only put out the things that we want to draw to us more of. And that's what we need to do. So I want you guys, if you haven't had enough of that training in your life, go ahead and start with a five second rule book. But if you want a little bit more, I would go Tony robins way, man, because Tony's got some freaking awesome inspiration. Holy Cow. You could go back to the thick, thick. There was the first book he wrote. What was it awaken the giant within? Oh my gosh, that book was so thick and so big and I don't know if I ever got through reading it.

Speaker 1: (43:38)
I had to wait until there was an audio version of that because I was like, I'm never going to get through this. Right? But the thing was, once you got through it, or even if you took his courses, remember he had those 28 day courses and you would take one every single week and listen to the same one over and over again or something. I mean, it was amazing, but the thing was, it was always about what is the next thing you do? As soon as that tape went off, you went and you took a step towards your goals. It's always about taking massive action. So I want you guys to do that. Remember, there's an invisible mastermind. When ever there are two or more of us gathered together, right? We come together. This mastermind appears. We tap into that source, our desires mean of God. When we have that desire, we automatically have everything we need to that desire. And all we need to do is set our course and take massive action. So I want you guys to have a great day. Please remember to go check out our membership site because it's amazing and it's a money-back guarantee. You can't mess that up. God bless you. Have a great day. Go and grow.


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