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Episode 052 – Creating Family-Friendly Stays: How to do It and Why it Means More Money for You



If a family likes your home and they enjoy their vacation destination, they can potentially come back year after year after year!  Make certain you do all you can to make your place family-friendly so you can build that "fan base."

Provide Safety and Security

Cover Sharp Corners and Secure Furniture

Have Gates for the Staircase

Toys and Games

Have Essentials for Children and Infants

·        High Chair

·        Portable Crib

·        Inexpensive Strollers

·        Baby Bath

·        Baby Monitors

·        Sippy Cups

Offer Discounts on Next Year's Booking


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Show Transcript

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income, is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset, and you are listening to the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast...

and in today's episode, Speaker 1: (00:28)
we're going to be talking about creating family friendly stays, how to do it and why it means more money for you. But first I wanted to remind you that our show today is brought to you by audible. You can get your first book free by going to audible forward slash s t r revenue. That's audible, forward slash s t r revenue. You can get your first free book, download that and download the app and you can have lots and lots of free audible experiences. There's tons of channels to listen to, things you can do, mysteries, Saifai, you name it, whatever you like. It's on audible. I love the business books, whatever type of books float your boat, you can get them.

Speaker 1: (01:17)
They're on audible. Okay. We're talking about family friendly vacations. This is actually an extension of the last podcast we did. It was just so long that we split it into two. But I wanted to remind people that family friendly vacations are actually really good. Moneymakers I'm not sure if you know this, but a lot of families, a big percentage of families that travel will travel to the same destination every single year and they'll bring their kids and as their kids get older they go where they feel comfortable and if they feel comfortable in your home, that's amazing. They will book with you over and over and over again. It's just such a great source of revenue and if you can make those families happy, you can keep them coming back to your place year after year after year. So I wanted to talk to you more about creating a family friendly place, how you can do it and why it means more money.

Speaker 1: (02:18)
Well obviously the more money part is because they keep coming back to you. And if they do, especially if you have your own website or even if you had little flyers, something that is going to tell them that you are available for them next year as well, that you are ready to book them in, that you will give them the discount. Now most of you will. Yeah. Well I can't afford to give them a discount every year. Yes you can. You know why? Because if they're not booking on airbnb or VRVO or wherever they book, normally they're booking directly with you. You can take that money that you would have paid and discount it from the price that they already got. And it's a huge, you can ask them, I'm not sure if you realize this, but the money that you save at somebody as charged is not always the money that they are charged.

Speaker 1: (03:08)
So let's say for instance, you're charging $100 a night and airbnb takes out two 50 or $5 for that, whatever it is. So that means you got $95 but what they charged the guest may not have been $100 a night even. It may have been a little bit more so sometimes airbnb or other platforms will make a little bit off of you and a little bit off of your guest. So when you give them a definite price, say in this case, $95 a night, that's a huge discount for them. They may have paid 105 a night or they may have paid more, so you just don't know. Offering that discount, it means a lot to them and if you can offer a discount every year, they will love you for that. People tend to stay in the same places. My parents rented the same cabins down in the Ozarks every single year and as a cabins because my aunts and uncles went and they were all around this lake every single year.

Speaker 1: (04:11)
I mean it was the same thing. A lot of people do that. We stayed in the same place several years in a row until one lady sold it and then we found another place. But there's a lot of people who traveled to the same destinations with their kids year after year after year. And the potential for creating a residual income, the ones that keep coming in, you don't have to work too hard for that type of income. Those are really great when you are family friendly, when you cater to the needs of the people who are visiting your property. And in this case, we're talking about families. Now you can do the same thing with other people who are visiting your property, cater to those same type of people, and they will come back to you over and over and over again. That's the type of business that you want. Something that's almost automatic. So one of the first things that families look for is a safe location, a safe environment, and a safe home.

Speaker 1: (05:10)
They want a place where their kids can play where they feel safe. So if you have a pool of fence around the pool, a gate around the backyard, something that keeps them safe. So listing the fenced in backyard, that means a lot to a lot of people. And if you have a playground in there, like we talked about the outdoor spaces at the beginning of this episode, if you have a playground and it's fenced in, the parents feels so much more at ease just letting their kids play outside because they're in a place they don't know. They won't get lost or wander away and the parents can unpack or take out the groceries or whatever they purchased and get everything set and ready and they don't have to worry so much about the kids. When the backyard is all fenced in, it gives them a lot more ease in what they're doing.

Speaker 1: (06:02)
Nothing is worse than walking into a place with your kids and everything is a no touch zone. Don't touch this, don't touch that. Stay away from this. Stay away from that. I mean it's terrible because you just feel like, oh my gosh, I will never be able to sit and just relax because you know that the next sound you're going to hear as a crash of something very expensive. So some parents when they get into a place, the first thing they do is go through and take anything that's breakable and put it up high so their kids can get it. I used to do that constantly and it was a pain in the butt until we found one place that we absolutely love and guess what? That place was so kid friendly that we came back year after year after year because when you find something you like, boom, you stay there, you stay with what feels familiar, what feels comfortable to you, what makes you feel at home when you're far away.

Speaker 1: (06:57)
People love that. Parents also want to make sure that they're in a safe neighborhood, that they feel safe. So make sure if your neighborhood is safe, don't lie. But if your neighborhood is safe, go ahead and say this is a very safe neighborhood. We feel very secure here. Let them know this is a safe place. Make sure you have things for them too. Things like baby gates pulled fences, outlet covers on all the outlets, cabinet locks, whatever you can do to help keep the property safe and secure. For the kids. The parents are going to appreciate it. Just having breakable things up high, that helps out a lot. Another thing that you can do is cover any sharp corners and make sure you don't have really sharp corner furniture. So we have a lot of cushy furniture in our family friendly locations. We don't have anything with a real definite corner.

Speaker 1: (07:55)
Everything is pretty much rounded. So little ones when they're learning how to walk or when they're playing rough housing, nobody bumps their head really hard against the corner of a furniture. Nothing is worse and we make sure that if there's any level changes, so a lot of houses that are older might have a sunken room or a raised dining room where it goes down just one step. We make sure that it's, it's very defined that they can see the difference in the levels because nothing is worse than it toddler. Like zooming around, not seeing that a step is coming in. The parents going, no, no, no, no, no. Chasing after them, trying to catch them before they slam on their face because they didn't see the step. So we make sure that we define areas of different levels very, very well, making it safe and secure for the little ones and any place where we really think that they could bump their little heads or hurt themselves.

Speaker 1: (08:51)
We want to make sure those are covered or they have some kind of cushiony edges that you can put on there, some little foam edges. Another really cool thing to do for parents is to secure the furniture. A lot of people don't talk about this, but little kids have a tendency to climb and if your furniture is not secured to the wall, it can be a big danger for little ones. They like to open up drawers in bedrooms and start to climb to reach up to the top of a dresser and if that dresser is not secured to the wall, the weight of the child can bring that entire dresser or bookcase or whatever. They're climbing right down on top of them and nothing is worse than that. It is literally caused deaths, so I'm a big one on securing furniture. If there's anything tall where someone could grab it and tip it over, then I make sure it's secured.

Speaker 1: (09:50)
Bookcases are secured, tall dressers are secured. Anything that could tip over on the little one if they tried to climb it, they're always always secured. Make sure you do that doesn't cost much. It's literally like there's these straps that you can get these screw into the back of the furniture and then screw into the wall and it keeps it from falling all the way over onto a child because kids will climb. You can tell them all day long they can't climb, but you know while the mom's going to the bathroom, you cannot tell what's going on with the kids. They are like little Houdinis. They get into things, they disappear. They can open the most difficult locks that we can't open the our little Houdini's our son, who is our oldest son, he's now almost 30 but when he was younger we literally called him Houdini.

Speaker 1: (10:37)
We couldn't find a car seat that this kid could not get out of from the time he was a young toddler. He could figure it out and pop his little butt out of there, snap it open and maneuver his shoulders in a way that he could get out of car seats. So we always had to double check our little Houdini all the time because we would turn around and he would be out of that car seat. And it was incredibly frustrating when you're a parent, but your eyes, you can't be everywhere when you have more than one kid. You can't have your eyes on all of them. I mean, it's just impossible. So you have to make it easier for the parents. And it's not that the parents are not taking care, it's just that sometimes you're outnumbered. And I was definitely outnumbered more than once when I, when my kids are young, I mean, so it's pretty obvious to them.

Speaker 1: (11:31)
You don't want glass tables, glass end tables and glass, coffee tables, anything with glass. Not a good choice when you got little kids. Not to say that you can't have furniture. I find that heavier furniture is actually better. My kids got less hurt when I had heavier furniture than when I had cheaper, lighter. So just watch the type of furniture that you have, the edges, the corners, make sure they're fixed to the walls and just keep everything safe and secure. It's a great idea to have gates on the stairs too. Now, if you're not a fan of having the gates that are secured to the walls, which are actually the ones that are better, but if you're not a fan of that because you don't want to dent the walls or you don't want to have to fix that later on, then by all means get the ones that self secure.

Speaker 1: (12:24)
They have a latch that goes down and keeps them nice and tight for the parents, but if you have stairs, stair gates are imperative. When you have little ones, it's going to keep them in a safe place with the parents and you're going to make sure that they don't climb or fall downstairs. So one at the top and one at the bottom is a really great thing to have. Parents will absolutely love you if you have some of those. Now, obviously there's toys and games that you can provide for kids. Whatever you can provide is absolutely fantastic, but let's make sure it's age appropriate. Now, I've been on some Facebook forums with some short term rental owners and they're complaining about parents allowing their kids to play with games that weren't age appropriate. So when they got back, they had board games out and some little kids had gotten into them and they were all over the place and all mixed up and I'm thinking, well, you left that out there and if there were no toys for that kid, if they forgot a bag of toys or whatever, that child is going to find some kind of toy.

Speaker 1: (13:36)
So you need to be the one to provide age appropriate toys and games if you're going to have them. What we do is we have tubs, those big Rubbermaid tubs that you get. You can put them up in the closet and you can label them according to age so you can put age appropriate toys for infants, age appropriate toys for toddlers, age appropriate toys, port kids, four to seven age appropriate toys for kids, eight to 12 age appropriate toys for kids, 12 and up. So you can be the one who designates what toys are going to be left if you don't feel like leaving them in your property and they can go through all of them. Then ask them before they come, what are the age of the kids that are coming and that way you can be the one who leaves them out for the kids and you don't have to leave all the rest of them out.

Speaker 1: (14:35)
But if the parents allow the kids who are younger to play with the older kids toys, that's pretty much on the parents. There's nothing you can do about that. Don't judge them. They're on vacation and they just want to relax. Just have fun and be lighthearted about things, but also try to provide some really fun stuff for kids and you know, just ask other parents or go on other forms and you'll see there's a bunch of really cool stuff. If you can't remember or you've never had kids, then ask someone else about what would a little girl about this age, like what little boys about this age like and then just go down to goodwill and find some really cool stuff that's in pretty good shape. Don't get junkie stuff or dirty stuff. Or if you get something like a playhouse, make sure that you power wash it and hose it off so it's really, really clean.

Speaker 1: (15:28)
But whatever you get, kids are going to love because it's not what they have most likely. So it's new to them. Kids are great about just appreciating pretty much any kind of toy that you have. Just make sure that they're clean and age appropriate and mark them before you let them play with everything. And that way you have nothing to complain about. The kids love board games and things like that. Now my kids, as they got older and we were going to the same place, we switched to a new property and that property had a big game room. It's very popular in Florida to take a garage, do the floor up, really nice, and then they put air hockey tables, ping pong tables, pool tables, foosball, whatever they want. They make a big game room out of it and teenagers love that stuff. My teens were in there all the time.

Speaker 1: (16:21)
They made it look like, oh little rock and roll place. They had like a 50s theme going with a little bar with little stools that were those bright, you know, red with specs on them, that leathery stuff. It totally looked 1950s era and it was just so adorable, but the kids felt like it was their room, their place to go, and I could trust them in there. They were fine. They were doing okay. This place also had a pool, so they were constantly in the pool, back and forth, and it was nice because it had its own entryway in a little shower on the outside of it. And the kids absolutely loved it. I mean they felt like this was their house and especially I think by the second or third year they were just like, are we going to our house as if it was ours?

Speaker 1: (17:09)
Like as if we owned it and that that time we did not own that house. We hadn't purchased our first property there yet. So it was kind of funny. It was something that made us do it later on and we really enjoyed it after that. So make sure if you have a pool as well that you have some pool noodles, some floaties, maybe even some goggles and things that you picked up from Costco. Something there for the kids to play with because most likely they will have forgotten their own. And if you want to keep them then you can put up signs that say please return these so that others may enjoy them as well. Or people tend to think that if you left something out, it's for them, especially goggles. I don't know why, but goggles seem to be like something they pick up.

Speaker 1: (17:59)
So if you can go to a dollar store and pick up a bunch of dollar goggles for little kids, because if you leave them out and the people take them when you won't feel bad about losing them, $8 $9 goggles, you kind of feel a little worse about losing. But $1 goggles, you're totally cool with it. You want to have the essentials for families with infants as well. So when someone's traveling with a baby, it's incredibly difficult, especially if they have more than one child. It's like they've got diaper bags on this shoulder and the strollers they're pushing here and car seats and blah, blah, blah. So the more you can have an offer them, the better off you'll be. And you want to feature these things in your listing so that people see that they don't have to bring all of that stuff with them.

Speaker 1: (18:51)
So some of those things are things like high chairs, portable cribs, inexpensive strollers, baby baths, baby monitors, sippy cups, things like that. Things that they can take with them. Especially if you're like in Walt Disney world, you want things that they can take with them in the park. One time we got a bunch of free waterbug things, you know those just, you know they carry water, I don't know what you call them, but they, they were free. We got them from this event that we went to and they had a whole bunch leftover. And so they said, do you want these? And we said yes. And we took them and we just put 'em out there. People loved them. They were like, oh. And we said just go ahead and keep them. And they were thrilled. So we looked into at one time even putting our logo and having those and offering those up as part of their free gift when they got there.

Speaker 1: (19:46)
But people love that stuff. They love anything that they can take with them to and from the beach or to the parks or on picnics and stuff. Things that they didn't have to spend the time packing. So if you offer things like that, like I said, you don't necessarily have to have that in the listing, but you can have a picture of it and that will let people know too. So let's really quick cover something that a lot of people think of people with. Kids tend to lose a lot of things that are left in their house. If a kid wants it, they take it, they have no, no, no filter on those things. So if there's something that you don't want somebody to take, don't have it in your guest house. If it's something that you want to have in your guest house but you don't want them to take, put something there that says, please don't take this not on the inside.

Speaker 1: (20:41)
Like if it's a book, don't put it on the inside of the book, put it on the shelf, a little sign on the shelf that says these are for you to use while you're here, but please leave them for other guests to share. So that way they know that it's meant to be there. Now, in recent times, we'll see that people take so much stuff. It's so crazy. There's even a video on youtube about what you can and cannot take from hotels and B and bs and some of the stuff. I'm like, I don't like people taking all that stuff. I mean this stuff costs money and we know that, but there's a really great way to kind of let them know what they can and cannot take. That's a gift bag or gift baskets. Those items that are left in there, you can say these are for you.

Speaker 1: (21:32)
The toilet trees, little snacks, maybe the goggles, whatever you want to put in there, put in there for them, let them know they're there for them, but that the rest of the stuff, if it's not in there, then they'll really get an idea like, well that wasn't in our gift basket. I don't think that we should take that. And the reason why is it wasn't in the gift basket and makes it very, very clear things for you. Things not for you. So let your people know what you want to stay and keep and let them know what they can't take. So obviously pull toys, that's obvious to us. We just keep a little sign inside the storage room door that says for your kids to play with while they're here and that way they know they're supposed to be there for all the other guests or for our guests to enjoy something that lets them know that they are meant to stay there, not to go home with your kids.

Speaker 1: (22:33)
That's all you have to do. So obvious things, hopefully they won't, but if you're one of those people, go ahead and take an inventory. Just cut the parents some slack because they're on vacation. You don't know which kid took what to, you have no idea what they have in their pocket. Sometimes you get home and you're cleaning out the car and you're like, where the heck did this come from? And you're as shocked as anything else. Especially when you have a lot of kids or you're taking a bunch of kids. Like I said, most of the time when we traveled, we traveled in a big van with a ton of kids. They weren't always all mine. There were a lot of kids and best friends going with us, so sometimes we'd have up to nine kids traveling with us, so cut those parents some slack because they've got a lot on their mind and they're also going broke because they're paying for a lot of kids.

Speaker 1: (23:26)
So it's like, oh my gosh, just think, imagine Disney tickets for nine children. Yes, not a fun thing, but cut the parents some slack. You guys, make sure you make it as easy for them as you can possibly make it. Make it crystal clear for people so that they know what they can and what they should leave. Now, like I said in the beginning of this, I think it's really important that you offer these parents some kind of discount on future bookings and you can do that with, like I said, pamphlets or some kind of signage. You can email them, you can call them whatever you want to do, but just let them know that that property is available for them next year if they feel like returning, and maybe if you have your own website, leave a link to that so that they can sign up on your email list and they can see your website, but offer a discount.

Speaker 1: (24:25)
Offer the absolute lowest price on your website, just like hotels. Do. Hotels do that. Why? Why do they do that? Because they know if you booked directly with them, you get the best price. Everyone else they have to pay a commission to then your people who are going there are your guests who are returning over and over again. No to go to your website to get the absolute best price and they're happy to do it. They're happy to do it. You don't necessarily need a website, but honestly there are free, I mean there's a lot that are free, almost free, practically free, so come on. It's so easy to set up a website now, just post a few pictures on there. Put some dates, link it to your paypal account and it couldn't be easier. Hello, so try that. Try those things to get them to repeat their business before they have a chance to leave while they're still in that mood.

Speaker 1: (25:22)
Because right there, they're in that high peak emotional state and they're ready. They're ready for it again. You know what? I want to do this again next year. And then if you give them too much time, then they go home and the reality is of life kick in and the mundane goes on and the day after day and they forget about it. They really, really do. But if they can do it while their emotional state is really high, I mean, why do you think when you're walking around amusement parks, Disney, universal, all those guys, they have their property guys booths all over the place trying to push the Disney vacation membership or the universal vacation memberships or the Marriott vacation memberships. Why do you think those are all over there? Because they want to hit people in those peak emotional states. They're ready to buy, they're having a great time.

Speaker 1: (26:17)
They're with their kids, they're relaxing, they're having fun, hit them during those peak times and that's when they will book with you and give them a discount and they will book again and again and again and let them know. You know that you love referrals. Thank you so much for any referrals you give. If you give out this many referrals, make some kind of program for them so that five referrals gives them, you know, this much of a discount or a free dinner or something because families can be your biggest forms of advertisement. When they love a place, they will tell everybody they know about this place. They will be little broadcasters for you going around and pitching and marketing and you won't have to pay anybody. So use them, use them when their energy is high and their emotions are at a peak state.

Speaker 1: (27:12)
Let them know that you'll give them discounts, that you are appreciate referrals, that you give free dinners for referrals, whatever you, whatever you do to get them coming back again. And that goes back to something that I teach my members. I gave away one of my websites and let them see how I built it, but if they looked on their clothes, they would see after 10 nights they get one night free. What does that mean? They can't get in on the same stay so they have to be a repeat client when they are repeat guests coming again and again, they can earn free stays and why do we do that? We do that because it brings repeat guests. They come again and again and again and they booked directly with us and we saved so much money and if they're staying 10 nights, heck yes, we can give them a night free.

Speaker 1: (28:06)
You can do it any way you want. I mean you don't have to do 10 nights equal one night free. Like I said, you could do use dinners, you could use discount tickets, whatever the heck you want to use. Just come up with something that keeps people coming back again and again and again because you want that repeat business and they will be your biggest form of advertisement. Now I've got a really great couple in our membership area, Fred and Laura, and they were talking about their properties in Florida and how everyone had a themed room for the kids and how just changing it to a more adult theme. Got them several bookings, but I was thinking about the fact that sometimes you can theme something for a child so you can say, Hey, if you've got kids, let us know. We'll be happy to throw some Mickey mouse things on there.

Speaker 1: (29:02)
Or star wars or Harry Potter. Tell us what your little fan loves and we'll make the room exactly what they like because we've got a bunch of theme stuff, so it to us, it's not going to cost us any extra money. We've got a bunch of themed comforters so it's not going to cost us a bunch of money, but you can ask people what they want. Now this got me thinking about a bunch of things that we used to do. I know this is so weird, but when I was a girl scout leader, I was a girl scout leader for more than 10 years and a boy scout leader for another more than 10 years. Because of my kids. We did something for the local shelter. They were these birthday boxes and birthday boxes were just boxes that we put together with everything. For a birthday party inside for girls, women and moms who were at shelters with their kids, they would pick them up and take them and they couldn't afford even the cake mix and the frosting and the candles and some presents and balloons and the streamers.

Speaker 1: (30:07)
We put a bunch of stuff in there, so they had an instant birthday party and it didn't cost them anything but people love debt. Now I started thinking, why can't we do that for our guests? We can say, Hey, are you going to be celebrating anything special like birthdays or anniversaries or graduations or anything? Right, and you can put like a little party stuff over in the corner for them or even bring buy a cake on the day of whatever you want to do. However deep you want to go with this, you can go with it. But the thing is, let them feel more at home there. When they see that you do little things for them or for their kids, they'll be so happy and the kids will be so happy. They'll remember the birthday that they had there. Our daughter Brittany and our son Tyler.

Speaker 1: (30:56)
Every year when we go to Florida, we go about the same time of year. So we're there during September and October and they've celebrated so many birthdays in Florida and we had a second home there for a long time. So we were there half a year more. But it was crazy because our kids just knew mother's Day. We're always in Florida and we're always in Florida on t Jay's birthday and we're already in Florida on this person's birthday. So if your families are traveling to your place, always in the summertime, maybe they've got some summertime babies and it's their birthday and you can help be a part of that celebration. See how deep you want to go with it. But just play with those ideas. Try to think out of the box and make it really special. You can even add a little charge for it.

Speaker 1: (31:43)
Well, we do have a birthday celebration. If you're having any birthdays, we charged $25 but it includes cake streamers, balloons, candles. Just tell us how old they are, blah, blah, blah, and we'll have it all there ready. You tell us the day and it'll be delivered by blank o'clock or whatever, sitting in the fridge for you, whatever you want, but you guys make up your mind and you can charge a little extra for things like that. People do not mind. And if you have a website like mine, I'll have a link to Kajabi, but Kajabi has where you can just hook your paypal up to it and they can click on, you can create little add on packages and they can click on them and add them right to their vacation, so their bookings or their vacation packages, whatever you want to offer, you can even have excursions on there.

Speaker 1: (32:31)
All your own. It's absolutely amazing. Now, Kajabi is a little more expensive, but it's super, super easy to use. And it basically pays for itself. Once you have packages like that on there, it's awesome. I love having Kajabi, but there are other websites that you can have where you can add those things. On wordpress, you get to weird plugins that are hard to deal with. I just don't want all that techie stuff, but our websites are all done through Kajabi, the prosperity process and short term rental revenue all through Kajabi, love Kajabi. They're my favorite and also really quickly, I wanted to remind you that our membership site is opening again on August 16th if you haven't gone to our website, short term rental or just s t r you can sign up there and get on our email list and that way we'll know to send you out the reminders right before it opens, but it's going to be open for a very short time.

Speaker 1: (33:34)
It's amazing. You're going to love it. We just revamped a bunch of stuff so that we know how it drips and stuff. Our Beta group was fantastic. They answered a bunch of questions and we still have all of our monthly things that we do, our weekly things actually. So every Monday we get together, we have an accountability thing, we do a mindset thing, we do a Q and a every single week. So I'm in there a lot with everybody and everybody is fantastic. Actually. It's really great because everybody is contributing so much that I feel it's pretty much our group and not just mine. And I love that every single person that pops on with me, I just, you know, I have a special place in my heart for them and their businesses and I can't wait to see everybody just exceed their biggest, greatest dream because I know they will.

Speaker 1: (34:24)
So, um, every night I'm looking at my wall and praying for my people and, and anyone on the wall. So if you guys, if you want to be on our wall just to have prayers, even if you're not in the membership or something, send us your picture and the picture of your listing. Are you in front of your listing and send us that, and we'll put you on our wall too, because we say a lot of prayers for every one there that they get to experience God's love and prosperity, just a ton of blessings and that the blessings flow through them to other people. So just know that when you are a business owner, when you own things and you're running a company that yeah, you're making money, but you're making a lot of other people happy too. So you're paying your cleaning companies and your maintenance guys and you're paying airbnb and they're paying a bunch of people who work for them.

Speaker 1: (35:10)
So everybody is happy. That is what prosperity is all about, is just allowing that love and prosperity to flow through to everyone else. So I want you to mark your calendars. August 16th we're going to have a special webinar coming up this Wednesday for newbies at 5:00 PM and people who already have a short term rental at 7:00 PM so if you want to just take a listen, five o'clock and seven o'clock this Wednesday, that is, I think the 7th of August. And you'll be able to go on there and see some of the things that we have to offer newbies and people who already have short term rentals inside our membership area. So thanks so much for listening. Have a great day. God bless you. Go and grow.


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