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Episode 051 – Outdoor Spaces That Create Repeat Guests




Outdoor spaces in a property, whether it is in a mountainous region or near a beach, allow guests to have more fun during their stay.  You can score more bookings by adding these outdoor amenities to your property.


What type of Outdoor Areas can attract Guests?

Swimming Pools in warm areas.

Jacuzzi and hot tubs in both, warmer and cooler climates.

Gardens, like a zen garden or just some chairs to chill.

Outdoor playgrounds for children or lots of toys for the pool.

A place for our four-legged furry friends.  If you allow pets, have a space outside (and in!) just for them!

An eating area is fantastic and if you can add a grill, it's even better.


Also, place these features prominently in your listings!  You want things in your title and on that first picture so you can get potential guests to look deeper into your property. 


NOTE:  Don't allow fear to dictate whether or not you purchase a house with a pool.  Having your business protected by an LLC and proper insurance will sufficiently cover your assets.



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Show Transcript

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income, is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset, and you are listening to the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast...

and in today's episode, Speaker 1: (00:28)
we're going to be talking about outdoor amenities. It's summertime, everything is booming outside. People are loving, loving, loving the outdoors in this peak time, but what can you do to make your outdoors more inviting to guests and how are you going to promote that and market it to potential guests? That's what we're going to be talking about. First, I wanted to let you guys know though that our membership site is reopening on August 16th so please, please mark your calendars. Don't forget if you're already on our mailing list, that's amazing because you're going to get special offers. That's going to be super fun for you if you're already on that list. If you're not on the list and you want to get on the list, go to short term rental and you'll see where it says the membership is closed.

Speaker 1: (01:17)
There is a page there that tells you about all this stuff that we have inside the membership. You can just click on there and give us your email address and your name and we'll send you all kinds of information. Like I said, the special offers when you opt in, you can opt out any time you want. What is so cool about our membership site is it's got a button right inside there that allows people if they wanted to, to any time they want. They just say, that's it. I'm out and they can get out. There's no phone calls. You have to make no special things that you have to do. You don't have to certify a letter and mail it by x time to a special address. You don't want to do something yet, click it and you're done. But this is so cool for me because right now our membership, we started with a Beta group of about 20 people and those 20 people are amazing, awesome people.

Speaker 1: (02:08)
We meet probably three times a week. We have a Monday morning and thing that we do for our mindfulness to set our intentions throughout the week. We also have a Monday night accountability, so we go over different things that we did the week before and we set three specific goals that we're going to do each and every week. So that's a lot of fun. And then we also meet on Wednesday mornings. If anybody has any questions or anything, I'm there every Wednesday morning and there's usually only a couple of people who drop in every Wednesday morning. I get there usually about 15 minutes early, so some people actually drop in early. I hang out for about an hour or so with everybody and we answer questions and talk about stuff and that is a lot of fun too. But we go over and we kind of see what direction everybody is moving and it seems that we're all moving in the same directions a lot of times.

Speaker 1: (03:04)
So it's really, really incredible. The bond that we're forming with this group, it's, it's a lot of fun and everybody is there, the right mix of people. It's kind of cool. Almost seems as if it was divine intervention, how we all got together and are able to work together. It's so fun. But anyways, what I wanted to say is that's our 20 people. So kind of opening it up to me was kind of scary because I'm thinking to myself, I don't want to lose this awesome comradery that we have. You know, we're working together really well. Everybody is setting goals and progressing and hitting milestones and I'm loving it. And what will happen when we add a bunch of people in. So I had just started putting it out there talking to people about what they do with their membership groups and they said, just add a hundred more people because it's a small fraction of people who really do things with it.

Speaker 1: (04:00)
And you'll still get that wonderful interaction. It'll grow just enough. Just stop it at a hundred people go in and people go out and they said, it'll be cool. Just do a hundred trust us. This is a good number of people to work with. Do that. So we're going to open it for a hundred people and then as soon as we hit a hundred it's going to stop. So just know that it will not be opened very long. We'll open it August 16th and the first hundred that get in the doors will shut no more than a week. It's going to close on a certain date or if we hit a hundred people it will close before that date. So just know that. So set your calendars, get in there as quick as you can. It really is a lot of fun guys to be around. People who are likeminded, who have the same goals that you have, who intentions are setting up systems and processes for their business to get them to to a certain place in their life where they can enjoy work but still have this wonderful business that we like because all of us love this business.

Speaker 1: (05:04)
I mean if you're listening to this, you probably like having a short term rental business. It's not just the money. Obviously it's a lifestyle. We love real estate. We can, we love travel and we can mix the two together. And for me that was the ultimate thing. I mean I went to travel school, always loved traveling and then was blessed enough to work for rich dad seminars for those seven years and love investing in real estate. I mean those are my two favorite things in the whole wide world and to be able to blend them together in a business, I mean awesome. It really is the American dream for me. It really, really is. So I hope you can join us there. I also want to remind you too that our program is always sponsored by audible. You can get your first book free on audible by going to audible, forward slash s t r revenue.

Speaker 1: (05:56)
That's audible, forward slash s t r revenue and you'll get your first audible book free plus 30 days to try audible's app and the audible membership and you will absolutely love it. Love it. Today I had to drive my son to the airport and so I was up super early and I'm wondering why are these people up and running around at like four something in the morning? I'm like pulling into the Starbucks thinking it's going to be like, who's going to be here at four in the morning? A lot of people are at Starbucks and we're in the morning. I was like, oh my gosh guys, you need a business so that you don't have a job because getting up this early is not fun when it's still dark outside. But anyways, as we're going through the drive through, my son turned to me and asked, what do you want me to put on?

Speaker 1: (06:47)
Which podcast or what do you want on? And he was going to link my phone to the audio because we had been listening to his playlist and believe it or not, he was listening to queen all morning. I was totally rocking out with them. So weird. And he goes, do you want this podcast on or do you want this? And I said, no, no, put another book. And I said, I just finished a few. I said, put one of the new ones I got on. He shuffled through, I don't even know how he found it, but he found a book called Essential Ism. And I started powering through this book and as I was coming back, it was a good hour coming back home. I had it on to speed and I'm listening to it and I'm like, I think I've listened to this book before, or I wrote it in my mind because it was such an awesome book.

Speaker 1: (07:32)
And I said, okay, I think I may have listened to it. Have you ever listened to something and it's been such a long time since you listened to it that the whole thing sounded a little bit new but still reminiscent of something that you did. So I was like, okay, this essential ism, I'm loving this book. So I've been listening to that all day. I'm almost done with it and I know it's like six hour book, but when you listen to things fast you can get through them them fast. So I love, Love, love this book and I wanted to share it with you guys again because holy cow, everything it talks about in there is exactly true. It's cutting out the minutia and just doing the things that move us forward. It's exactly like the accountability group that we do. We have three things that are literally moving us forward and we're learning to delegate things that don't move us, that don't create an income for us and delegate those out to other people.

Speaker 1: (08:27)
And it's literally a muscle that you have to train. So I totally in completely, if you have not taken advantage of that free book yet, please do that. And get the essential is I'm going to link it up to this podcast and you'll be able to see exactly what book I'm talking about, but you're going to love it. It's super awesome. Great. You're going to say, oh my God, I've been waiting for this book for a long time, so let's get back to the outdoor amenities. There's going to be a lot of things in your backyard and outside your house that really draw people to you. Now, obviously the number one one is going to be a hot tub or a pool. People love pools, especially if you're in a summer place and they're going for the summertime. They love love, love pools, and it's kind of funny because a lot of people shy away from pools when they have short term rentals.

Speaker 1: (09:20)
They're like, oh, the liability issues. Listen, pools are an asset. They should never be a deterrent to you. You should always have a pool and an area that is known for pools like Florida and Arizona and California and parts of California, I should say. You should never walk away from them. Las Vegas. People love pools sitting by the pool, standing in the pool. They love hot tubs. They love pools, they love anything with water in them. Kids love that stuff. Just make sure you have signage up, that you have the depth marked and that you have signs up that say no lifeguard on duty. It's not that hard. It's really actually that easy and you have ample what? What would be the number one thing that you would just have to make sure that you had? You have insurance on it, right, so proper insurance and if you're a member, there's a whole bunch of insurance listed in our membership site.

Speaker 1: (10:16)
I suggest that if you haven't touched that section yet, that you go in there because there's some special insurances that I talk about in there in depth, but those insurances are really important guys. Having extra insurance is imperative and you can't get around it. I don't know if you guys are in these things, but if any of you are into social media, I really have to get more away from social media because it's like a black hole to me. I'm like, I'm going like Alice in wonderland down a rabbit hole of, you know, Oh, let me read this and let me read this, but in one of our short term rental groups, I actually, I think she posted it in a couple of them. There was a girl who talked about someone breaking their leg at her property. It was raining and the stairs were wet and slippery and the guest fell and broke their leg and it was a younger guests with children and they said, oh no, we're not going to sue you.

Speaker 1: (11:10)
My heart just dropped. I was like, please, please let this woman have extra insurance because she might say it now that she's not going to sue you. The fact that she does or not, she can bring that lawsuit in the next year or more. I don't even know what the deadline is, but she can come after her anytime she's feeling a little bit, you know what? If she's in pain six months from now when I supposed to be healed and she's like, you know what? I need something for my pain and suffering or she's going to be permanently injured. You have no I dia. What is going to happen? The fact is that when something like that happens, the first person you always call is your insurance company because your insurance company is going to help you know exactly what to do. What the right thing to do is.

Speaker 1: (11:57)
The next person that you would call would be like airbnb or whatever platform you are on. Let them know about the accident. Just make sure that you're doing everything you can to make that guest life pleasant and the rest of their visit pleasant, especially something like that. So just make sure your ass is covered. Guys, these are, you know, cover your assets. Kiyosaki talked about that all the time. You have to make sure you have ample, ample insurance coverage. Things happen. You don't, I mean if you live in that you're like, oh well we don't have a pool or it doesn't rain by us. It doesn't rain hardly at all by us, but we still have very slippery areas when it does. But let's say you live up north somewhere. Well you got snow and people can slip and slide on the ice. I mean, you never know what's going to happen and it may or may not be your fault, but the fact is when it's your property, you will be held liable.

Speaker 1: (12:55)
And if they sue you and you don't have insurance, they will go after everything you have. So what was the second thing this woman needed? Hopefully she had her insurance. I'm testing you guys because hopefully you've been listening enough to know what she hopefully had her business wrapped in an LLC because that will keep all her personal and private property separate from her business property. As long as she never pierced that corporate veil, as long as she operated her business like a business and not like a hobby. So I want to remind you guys again, your business is not a hobby. Don't just play with this because you will lose everything. You can lose every thing you've ever worked for. If you're just playing around with this and you're not taking it serious. If you just use your credit cards for business and some of your credit cards for personal use and you just, you don't keep it separated at all and you don't take it seriously, then you're playing around and you're not protecting yourself and you're piercing that corporate fail, so protect yourself with an LLC and protect yourself with proper insurance.

Speaker 1: (14:03)
It's imperative, but once you do that, then you don't have to be paranoid anymore. It's kind of like having insurance on your car. The majority of us don't have to worry about having a car accident because we have ample insurance. It's nothing that we go out every day and go, oh gosh, I have to get behind the wheel and go to the store. I'm so frightened because what if I have an accident? Once you're covered, it's something that you can actually just now you can take a deep breath and sigh of relief because you are protected when you are playing by the rules of real estate and real estate investing and business ownership and business investing and running a business properly. When you are taking things seriously and running things like a business, you can breathe easy because no matter what happens, your insurance company and your business will have your back.

Speaker 1: (14:56)
So you don't have to be afraid. People are like, oh, we're so scared that something will happen. Well that's why you have insurance. You don't everyday, you know, set out paranoid to drive your car because you're so afraid something could happen. Car accidents happen every day, all the time, but not to. Most people find that you have insurance. You can breathe easy and not worry about those things. Okay? And that's what life is all about to you. Draw to you a lot of stuff. I want you guys to get a little woo and remember that a lot of the crap that happens to you in your life is because you constantly dwell on the wrong thing. Kia Suck. He used to always talk to people about money and investing and play these little games and one of the biggest fears people had, he would ask somebody, why did you not win this game?

Speaker 1: (15:43)
What happened? What did you learn? And a lot of the times you'll hear the same answers. They didn't go all out in the game because they were afraid they were going to lose. If you're afraid you're going to lose, you're focusing on the wrong thing. You're focusing on losing. How much can you win? How good can you stand it? Those are much better questions to be asking yourself all the time. How good can you take it? Because you literally draw this stuff to you. There is definitely a law of attraction out there. Every single wealth book throughout history has talked about it hundreds and hundreds of years. Even Jesus himself talked about it. I mean we could go back thousands of years and there were probably people who talked about it before Christ. If it had written words that I had read would have been talking about the law of attraction, your prayers, your intentions are answered with what you set out there and what you focus on.

Speaker 1: (16:42)
So stop focusing on fear, lack limitation, only your piece of the pie, blah, blah, blah. Stop listening to all that fear stuff and start sending out their feelings of abundance and gratitude and set intentions for wealth and prosperity that you can share with other people because when you are wealthy you are pushing that wealth out to other people too. You are dispersing it. You are letting it flow through you. Let's say you own 20 some properties. How many cleaning companies are you supporting? How many employees in all those cleaning companies, how many maintenance crews, how many laundry people, how many people who manufactured all the furniture and all the linens and all the towels and the pictures and artists and photographers and the web guys who are putting up your stuff. How many people are you supporting? When you have a business like that, a lot of people, wealth is a flow through energy.

Speaker 1: (17:40)
It comes to you and you cannot hoard it. It is meant to be dispersed out. And the more you disperse it, like a good servant, the more that will come to you and be drawn to you. But you have to focus on the right things. Do not focus on the fear. Okay, so back to the swimming pools. I know that was a big detour, right? Let's go back to the swearing pulls back to the hot tubs. Just have ample insurance. Just have great signage. But when people see those things, they're in awe of them. Don't be afraid to rent or buy a property that has a pool. There are amazing in the right areas. Now, if you're in Alaska somewhere, probably not a pool, but maybe a hot tub. I don't know. I've never been to Alaska yet. Um, but I do know that when you're in Colorado in the winter time, those hot tubs are so awesome because you know, the steam is coming off of there and everybody's sitting in them and having a little bit of a nightcap and just enjoying the cold, brisk air on the outside while they're in this warm, warm water on the inside.

Speaker 1: (18:43)
So hot tubs are amazing in most cold places. So if you can have them in there, sold by you, definitely invest in them. They're really great. Um, make sure that they're private though that goes along with making the place, you know, attractive. Make sure that if you have an outdoor area, it's good to have a seating area out there so people can go out and enjoy specially a place that they have not been able to enjoy themselves. So let's say somebody coming down from Alaska and they're going down to Galveston and they're like, okay, I've never been down to Texas. This is beautiful. I'm down by the ocean. I just want to be enjoying all this stuff. They're going to want to sit outside and enjoy the weather. So make sure you've got great seating out there. Even if it's just chairs and a little table that they can set their drinks on and just look out at whatever view they can.

Speaker 1: (19:38)
And if you don't have a great view, make it a great view. I've seen patios that are super tiny, small with just a couple chairs and tables and they put some lovely pictures on these fences and there wasn't room at all and they made it like a little oasis, like a little zen garden. You can do a lot with small spaces and people will definitely appreciate it. So make it, make it something that looks nice and feels nice so that people can enjoy it, especially if they're not from around there, especially if they don't get to enjoy the type of weather that your property offers them. They're there to enjoy it. Another thing you can have is an outdoor space for kids. Now if you've got a big yard and you've got the pool, I always tell people have as many pool toys and stuff as you can.

Speaker 1: (20:29)
If you've got a lot of children staying there, especially at our places in Orlando, a lot of our places, if they're a single family home, we make sure that there's pool toys, tubes, things that the kids can play with in the pool with adults. And we make sure that there's a fence around there. Make sure that it's safe and we're going to go more into that. I am actually cutting up this episode because we had how to make things family friendly and we're going to make that an entirely different episode and we're going to air the rest of this next week. But making a place, family friendly is really important. But when it comes to pool, you want to have pool toys, you want to have things for people to do out there. And if you've got the room, putting a playground out there is amazing. Just make certain though, if you have a pool and a playground that the pool has a fence around it so that the parents feel safe and secure and allowing their kids to be out there.

Speaker 1: (21:29)
So you want to make sure that you have pool fences around your pools. It's not that expensive. There are cheaper ones that they just drill these holes in and it's basically almost like a meshy material of fence that you can put into the ground. And if they have an all adult roster of guests there, they can easily pull up the fence and move it so that they can all be enjoying the pool. But if they have little kids, then the little kids are absolutely protected by the pool fence. So pool fences are important, but if you've got a nice big area where you can have a playground shoot, do that. Parents love that. Kids love that. I mean, just make sure that you keep it out of the sun. If you're in Arizona, the sun beats on these things incredibly. So we tell people, don't get wood in Arizona because the wood dries out.

Speaker 1: (22:21)
So you want to make sure you get that wood and plastic mixed stuff so that they don't get the splinters and that you keep it covered with some kind of tarp. There's these really great sales. They look like, you know, boat sales and they go over and shade a park area in Florida. Wood is great. You can even put wood chips down. You'll see a lot of wood chips. We don't put wood chips down in Arizona for a couple of different reasons because they draw bark scorpions to them and so you don't want to have wood, but people put sand down or sometimes they put like a foam ground down so that the kids are nice and safe and they won't get hurt. But again, make sure you have signs out there that your kids are playing at their own risk, right? You want to have these things, but just limit your liability.

Speaker 1: (23:08)
Let parents know that they need to be the ones keeping an eye on them in the pool. They need to be the ones keeping an eye on them, on the playground. But you're going to do everything you can to make your place safe. But parents love playgrounds. I love playgrounds. I had five kids and usually when we left on vacation, we had other kids with us because we were that house. We were the Koolaid House. We had a huge house up by the mountain. We had a big 6,000 square foot house. We had horses, we had a few acres, we had a guest house with a bunch of stuff, so there were always a ton of kids at my house. Every weekend. One person had their best friend and they had another best friend. So when we went anywhere, when we went to sea world or we went to universal or we went to Disney, guess what?

Speaker 1: (23:56)
We didn't just take our five kids. We usually had at least nine kids and there were times where we could fill up an entire 12 seeding ride. There's 12 seeder rides all over, so like Indiana Jones when you're over at Disneyland, and then when you're at Disney, the dinosaur ARIDE I think is another 12 it's we filled out whatever it was. We filled out all those seats with kids or a few times where it's like every single person on that ride was in our group. So always a lot of kids. So if I could stay someplace and rent a place with an area for kids to play around, it was amazing. One of the first houses that we rented through vacation rental by owner and when my kids were little, had this huge garage that they converted with pool tables and air hockey and foosball and the teenagers just loved it.

Speaker 1: (24:47)
The backyard had a pool with a fence around it and it also had a playground. And my kids loved that house as much as they loved going to the Disney parks, they had so much fun. When it rainy days, they didn't care. And we always stayed places at least a month because my kids were homeschooled. They could stay as long as they wanted. We would go someplace and we would stay as long as we want. So when we went and rented a camper in Australia, we stayed for an entire month and drove around Australia for an entire month. So kids love to be into stuff, right? They love to be a part of it. And my kids definitely have a travel bug because everywhere they go, they felt like they were almost a resident of that place by the time they left. And a lot of places we went to over and over and over again each and every year.

Speaker 1: (25:38)
So definitely make sure your place is one of those places where the kids would say, let's stay at that house again. Oh my gosh, it had a pool. It had these activities and this activity. Kids loved that stuff. So make those outdoor areas kid friendly. If you have a lot of families traveling to your area, make sure that you really, really focus on the kids having fun too, that it's not just adult time, that there's a space for the parents to sit out there and watch the kids while the kids are playing on a playground or swimming in the pool so that everybody is having fun and that the kids can be kept an eye on. So that's a really good thing to have. Now, here's another thing that a lot of people don't think of, but a lot more people are traveling with pets and people have, oh my gosh, this is like one of those subjects.

Speaker 1: (26:27)
It's like abortion or something. It's like pets are like abortion in this way. People have a definite attitude about whether or not they like pets. Some people really like pets, some people really do not like pets. Some people don't mind allowing pets. Some people really mind allowing pets, so when you decide on which stance your going to take for your property, take that stance to the next level. If you have no pets allowed in your property, then make sure you have something that says no pets are allowed. If there's an allergy in your home, make sure you post that because according to airbnb and a couple of other platforms, you have to allow pets if they're a service animal and that includes even if they're an emotional support service animal meaning not even really a service animal. Just a, you know, I have an assistant who is blind.

Speaker 1: (27:25)
She has a seeing eye dog. That dog has his specific job of leading her around and keeping her safe. It was trained for that. That's a service animal, an emotional support animal, not a service animal, especially if it's a peacock, not a service. Animals not coming into my property, right? So make sure that you have those rules posted because airbnb says you have to allow them in some spaces. Now here's the deal. Now if you decide to go to the other opposite end of that spectrum and embrace the fact that you love animals, then go for it. Make an outdoor pet area for animals. Make some kind of space sacred for animals. Get little animal beds and little animal bowls and a place for leashes. Maybe even put a leash up. Do something special. If you've got a place outside, make a little sign. This is where your dogs can do their duty out here and this area specifically.

Speaker 1: (28:21)
Make sure that you cater to animals and if you do animal lovers and people who are traveling with animals, we'll see this specific area that you have designated for their pets and they will love you. They will love you. And they will come back to you. Now, if you've ever been down to the keys, the keys is huge. Everybody and their mother travels along with her animals. I mean, there's dogs all over the place. If you're sitting out at a bar somewhere, if you're walking down the street, people take their animals everywhere and the keys, it's like a thing. I don't know why I don't get it. I don't want my dogs drinking with me and I don't want to hurt them if I get drunk and trip over them because I would totally trip over them if I were drinking too much. But there are people who love that and they want to take their dogs with them and they're totally into it.

Speaker 1: (29:09)
So allow those people to use your property and love you because you've provided this wonderful space for their pets. Make your space a wonderful pet space, a wonderful area outside, specifically designated for their pets, and maybe even some space inside that does the same thing because people, man, they love their animals sometimes more than they love other people in their kids. So cater to those people. If you're going to go on that bandwagon, go all the way baby junk. Don't just go halfway. Go all the way, all the way. Make sure you have stuff for them. Okay. Now let's talk about food in outside spaces. So hopefully you've got an outdoor area where you can put tables and chairs. People love to eat outside. We eat outside all the time and we have wonderful tables and chairs that are sitting outside when we have family members over, especially things giving them big holiday get togethers.

Speaker 1: (30:09)
The weather is so awesome in Arizona that we frequently have things giving dinner where we spread to the outdoors and use our outdoor areas. So if you can have an eating area and a barbecue area outside, oh my gosh, some people even have space or even buy properties with outdoor kitchens. People love those. And if there's a pool involved with that, that's just a bigger bonus. You can get a lot more money per night when you have these amenities. So make sure you're doing what you can to make those spaces. Inviting tables and chairs and rockers and sliders and swings and pillows and plants and barbecue. Ah, love me some good barbecue. My husband loves to grill out and he has a Traeger grill at home and we even have one property that we have in Florida where we put a Traeger grill where we are planning to stay more often, but we haven't stayed there yet, but we are planning to stay there more often because he loves his Traeger grill and now it's less and less kids.

Speaker 1: (31:18)
We don't have to have the bigger, bigger space on the inside of the house, but the outside of the house has an amazing outdoor space, so we're like, Ooh, Traeger Grill, nice little pool area, nice table and chairs. We can sit out here in the Lanai and just have a fantastic time and it's all covered and it's screened in. It's my favorite, favorite thing to do when I go to Florida is just sit outside. I love it and if it's raining, I'm even more happy right now. We just started our monsoon season here and it poured last night for the first time. Now to us pouring it. Never kids, probably more than an inch of rain or something, but it floods all the time because our ground is so hard. It doesn't absorb in really fast, so everything seems to flood. But we actually took the dogs out for a walk and the rain and the dogs were loving it.

Speaker 1: (32:10)
We were loving it. We Love, love, love the rain. I love the way it feels. So when I'm sitting outside in Florida, I love to sit outside and just watch the rain. Now if it's storming, I probably go inside if it's too much lightning and stuff. But I even love the lightning storms. I'll sit and watch the lightning for howers man, it's so beautiful. And just listening to the nature. It's so cool. And the frogs, we get frogs out here in Arizona, which is really weird. They bury themselves and they don't come out for a year and they like hibernate under this dry, dry, dry desert sand. And then when it rains and it gets wet, they come out and they make these really weird noises and so you'll hear them. People love that stuff. They love nature, they love being out in nature. So if you can provide that space, an outdoor cooking area and outdoor eating area someplace where they can just sit outside and talk and visit and eat and drink and be happy.

Speaker 1: (33:10)
Those are the best areas. Make them inviting. Make yourself a zen area if you have it. If you have a room for a little Zen Garden, oh my gosh. We stayed at this one place one time and they had a little Chinese garden with a Koi pond and this zen meditating area. So cool. They had these plants around it that were specifically planted to attract hummingbirds and so there was a lot of hummingbirds there and we also stayed in this place in booket day, but cat sees this beautiful city in Panama. It's like a garden city and it's up in the mountains near where the volcanoes are and that's, they've got a ton of coffee plantations out there, so awesome. But they're known for their beautiful, beautiful gardens and we stayed at this one bed and breakfast there. That was so amazing. The guys came out every morning, they put fruit out on these plates and these statues and a million different birds came in and it was just so awesome.

Speaker 1: (34:13)
And as you walk through their entire area, the whole acreage of their land, they had a million different places to sit and just watch the birds and watch nature and listen and just sit and enjoy the weather. It was the most beautiful, perfect weather of almost any place I've ever been. It was really, really beautiful. So allow people to enjoy what you enjoy about the outdoors. Create those spaces, create sacred spaces, create meditation, create peace and tranquility, create barbecue and drinking, whatever it is you want to embrace. Let other people embrace it with you and share what you love about your space. So like I said, we're going to split this up and I'm going to continue it on next week with the family friendly areas. So you'll get the family friendly part. But here's the deal, guys. Outdoor spaces are extremely important. Just cover your assets, right?

Speaker 1: (35:15)
Cover your assets with insurance. Make sure you cover your assets with proper signage, create spaces for your guests that they will absolutely love. And when they do, they will come back to you over and over and over again. And remember if they are coming back to you over and over again, they don't necessarily have to go through the platforms that they in right away, right? So let's say they booked through airbnb this year and then they said to you, hey, I want to come back next year at the same time, or maybe even a little bit later and I want to book them directly, book them directly, book them with you and you can save that money that you would have for them. The only challenge you'll have is a form of payment and you will have to have all your refund information and the schedule and stuff there because you're running it like a business and it's not going through airbnb.

Speaker 1: (36:09)
But otherwise you could do it directly through you. So remember that you have the ability to do that. Grab people's emails and build your list, build your list of clientele, let them know when you add an Amenity, if you put a pool in, if you put a new hot tub in, if you put a new pet area and let them know anyone on your mailing list, we'll get that and say, hey, guess what we just did and send some pictures and people will like, Oh, I love that place. Let's go back. Let's try this out. They love being in a place that they recognize and feel almost like home with. We love traveling to the same places. Why? Because of the familiarity of it. We know where all the restaurants are by it. We know where the Starbucks is, you know, we know where the Piggly wiggly is when we go to another place.

Speaker 1: (36:56)
I mean we know where things are and we love that familiarity about it. We love knowing what street to turn down, right? So when people go there over and over again, they won't mind staying with you. They'll actually look forward to it and you will be their favorite person in the first person that they look up to book with. Okay? So you guys, God bless you so much. Remember to mark your calendars with August 16 that's going to be the big day. Mark Your calendars August 16th for the membership reopening, and I love you. Have a great day. God bless you. Go and grow.


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