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Episode 050 – Safety Features Your Guests Will Love & Appreciate



Many Guests pay particular attention to the security features of the property as much as their own comfort during their stay.

01)  Ring Security Cameras

02)  Surveillance Cameras 

03)  Security Screens from Security Screen Masters

04)  Screen Door Bars and Locks

05)  Door and Window alarms (See link with 10-pack for $14.97)

06)  Replace Ordinary Doors & Locks with Strong Ones 

07)  Motion Sensing Lights (Solar don’t need hard wiring) 

08)  Reinforce Window Treatments



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Show Transcript

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income, is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset, and you are listening to the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast...

and in today's episode, we're going to be talking about all things security. You're going to love this, it's going to keep your place safe and it's going to make your guests feel amazingly at ease inside your properties. But first I wanted to remind you that our show today is brought to you by audible. You can get your first book free and 30 days free trial with audible app by going to audible forward slash s t r revenue. That's audible, forward slash s t r revenue. I also wanted to let you know that coming up really soon, August 16th we're going to be opening up our membership site again. We only do it twice a year and so we've already opened it up and we had our Beta membership.

Speaker 1: (01:17)
We have our founding members who have been enjoying the site and all the activities that go along with it, including our Monday mindfulness. We have accountability calls and we have questions and answers every single week that you can get involved in. Plus all the things on the website and a couple of free gifts that we thrown in there, but that site will be opening up again August 16th you should mark your calendars because it's not going to be open very long. We limited it to 20 members this time. We think we'll add another 50 members, maybe a hundred members, and then we're going to shut the doors again so it won't even be up for an entire week. So you better mark your calendars August 16 and our membership site will be up. Okay, let's talk security. I mean everybody needs to feel secure in their own home, but rental properties, it's really important that you keep them secure.

Speaker 1: (02:14)
A lot of our properties that are down in Florida are in gated communities. We have 24 hour guards. I love those types of properties where you have somebody, I mean nobody can go in there with a truck and just back the truck up and get all this stuff out of your house. I mean it's really nice and it's very, very difficult because they've got people running all around and security cameras everywhere and guards everywhere. It's really hard to break into a property like that, but then we have houses that are standalone homes in neighborhoods, quiet neighborhoods where hardly anyone is there during the day. Those homes are a little bit easier for someone to break into and we have had properties broken into. We have some people that we know here in Phoenix and they've had their properties broken into. This is just the day and age that you really have to take care of.

Speaker 1: (03:10)
Now there are some things you can do and some things that we don't recommend and we're going to start with the obvious cameras. I absolutely love outdoor cameras. I love the little ring. It's r I n and you can get these little doorbells with a camera on them. Literally they're down to 99 bucks. Sometimes you can get a little bit more expensive, one with a wider view, but for 99 bucks you get a really cool view and you get that remotely through your apps and phones and computers and you can see what's going on. You can answer people even when you're not home, they'll think you're home and you can let them know, hey, I'm here. I'm busy in the back with the kids. What do you have? What are you doing by my door? I mean, it's absolutely nuts. The the technology that we have today and all the things that we can do with it, but I love those little ring things.

Speaker 1: (04:08)
I love putting cameras outside. Why? There's a like a few reasons you know who's going in and out of your house. You know how many people are going in and out of your house. So when you see a bunch of people going in and out of your house, you're going to say, look, there's a party or something not kosher going on in my property. So cameras outside are absolutely cool and absolutely okay. Cameras inside the house, however, are not cool. Now you're talking about People's privacy and you don't want to get into their privacy issues, but outside. Absolutely you can totally, I mean it's your place. You can have those cameras anywhere, but you don't want to infringe on anyone's privacy. I've even heard of people offering to allow the people inside their homes, renting out the units to have access to the outside cameras.

Speaker 1: (05:04)
So it's totally up to you. But it does make people feel really great to know that they are safe. They are sound, they are secure. And really quick, I want to bring up something that we have here in Arizona. I'm not positive if it's unique to warm states like Arizona and Florida, but those are the only places I've seen them so far. In Arizona, we have sunscreens on our houses. You know we get, obviously we get more sun than any other state. Even the sunshine state, we have less rain than anyone else, about seven inches per year here and it gets really hot outside. So sense it does. A lot of our windows have these really cool sunscreens and it blocks a lot of the UV light coming in and the light coming in so that your house doesn't heat up right during the day. But we also had these really cool things a few years back.

Speaker 1: (05:58)
They started creating these and there are security screens, so these look like regular sunscreens, but they're really, really a strong and they fit kind of like those old security gates that went on windows, but they're not gates. They're just a really strong mesh that people cannot cut through. They can't pound through it, they can't break the window behind it. It's absolutely nuts. These things are secure. Like you can't, you can take a bat to them, you can take a crowbar to them, you can take a hammer to them. They won't allow your windows to break behind them. I mean it's super awesome, cool and no one can see through them. You can take a crowbar to them and try to pry them off and it doesn't work. So they work even better than most alarm systems. I mean, most alarm systems are going to wait until somebody broke a window.

Speaker 1: (06:54)
When those alarm things here, the braking and the shattering of glass, that's when they go off. That's already too late. Somebody already broke the window and is breaking into your house. Lot of people hear those things too late. But these security screens are absolutely amazing. Seriously. I think they created them originally for hurricanes. So definitely down in Florida because they do two things. They protect your home, providing security and keeping your house cool. So awesome. No one can see inside your house, so awesome. I love that. So it saves you a lot of money and it's not like those roller things that block the windows because then people just know, and those are ugly too. But these just look like regular sunscreens. They don't look like anything out of the ordinary and no one's going to know what they are until they get up there and they're actually trying to break in.

Speaker 1: (07:51)
And it's really cool to watch them use a bat or a crow bar or something else trying to break in and they can do it. And you're just like, that is so cool. So again, if you want to take a look at them, just go to security screen, take a look at the security screens. They're not super cheap, but they're definitely worth that. Neither are sunscreens super cheap, but definitely worth the investment, I would say, especially if you've got places that are empty for lengths of time where no one's around during the day. And a lot of our neighborhoods, somebody could go into the back and be between homes. And in Arizona we have a lot of really high fences in our backyard, right? So our backyards are blocked in with six foot walls and it's hard to see, you know, next door. So if that was on your window, no one could hide from a neighbor and no one could break into your home without someone seeing them or hearing them or hearing the frustration as they can't get in.

Speaker 1: (08:53)
So they're really, really cool. I really liked them. Also, let's talk about motion sensing. Lights, love, motion sensing lights. Who Doesn't love security lights? Security lights are great. A couple of reasons, okay. Especially in areas where someone is going to park a car and walk to your home, you want to make sure that you have some motion sensor lights in case somebody gets in late and just them waving their arms around or walking there. We'll turn on these security lights and that's really great. Now obviously it's going to help them get to the house and be able to get into the house with lights, but it's also gonna provide some security for them in case a burglar or somebody was, you know, hanging around the light goes on, scares them away. They don't like that at all. So it works a couple of different ways too.

Speaker 1: (09:47)
But what's really cool is a lot of people never used to want to buy these lights because they had to hard wire them. That is not the case today. We bought a bunch of these on coupon at Costco and they're awesome. Huge lights. I mean really, really big. They light up a big area. So what like 270 degrees. It's like 180 degree around straight a wall, but then another one around a corner for 90 degrees there. So that's pretty awesome. They light up a nice big area and they don't have to be hardwired. They actually come with this cool, you know like a tray, probably the size of a cookie sheet or something. And it's a solar tray so you can set it someplace that doesn't have any hard wiring. You screw this little solar tray in, so that's getting all the energy so it's not hardwired.

Speaker 1: (10:44)
And then it stores that energy during the day and it works all night long. You don't have to have it hardwired, you can have it anywhere you want. So we were able to, we had a car port that was away from a property and we were able to put some in there inside this car port where there was never any electricity. And it was so amazing. For the first time everybody felt safe. And on those really dark nights with no moon, it made a huge difference for people. And they could just pull their car in. A lot of times the car would make it go off by itself, but if it didn't, they got out, they could wave their arms around, the lights would come on and light their path all the way down to the house. And that's really cool, especially because you don't have to have a hard wiring.

Speaker 1: (11:30)
And another reason is it's super cheap. There's no reason you can't afford 28 bucks on a Costco coupon. Guys. I mean this thing was really great. And obviously Costco, I mean that means you've got a great warranty. If anything ever goes wrong, he could just bring it back to Costco and they'll refund your money. So it's really a great deal. So I love, love, love having security lights outside doors all around the property. I am a security light nut because I have a lot of guests who visit next to the universities who are single ladies visiting by themselves or sometimes two women visiting by themselves. And I don't like, you know, being responsible for women traveling alone. I know I'm a mom so I can say that I know other people are going, oh that what a UN feminist you are. I'm a mom, I've got girls and I want to protect my girls.

Speaker 1: (12:27)
So if you were a mom, you would want to protect your girls too. Not that we don't want to protect the guys, but we want to really make sure that the girls feel safe wherever they're going and they've got a nice light path, you know, it's lit all the way so they can get into the house and get in and secure themselves in there without any trouble at all. So definitely, definitely motion sensor lights, those are great. Now let's talk about ordinary door locks and strong door locks. People can tell when they get into a property with really yucky weak doors. Have you ever like shut the door and go? I mean, this isn't very secure. The door is really light and hollow and you're like, anybody could kick this into this really scary. No one likes a door like that. People love to have heavy, secure doors.

Speaker 1: (13:16)
You guys, if you're buying houses and you're fixing them up so that you can put an airbnb or something in there, you really want to have safe doors and safe door locks that go all the way through that bolt all the way through. You want to make people feel safe. If you walked into a place and you were staying by yourself, you wouldn't want some flimsy door. You want something that feels heavy. A lot of times it feels more secure, so let people feel safe. By not having those crappy door locks and putting some strong locks on there. It just lets them know that it's hard for other people to break in and so they're very happy when you give them options like that where they know they're safe and secure. When there's a deadbolt on the inside, they love that. Now you won't have to worry if you give them dead bolts that can only be locked from the inside because that way, if they're not inside, they can't lock it from the outside.

Speaker 1: (14:18)
It can't accidentally be left locked. It has to be locked only from the inside. And that makes people feel safe. If you don't want to put a deadbolt in there, you can put one of those flip blocks and that makes people feel safe or chain locks. But you definitely want a heavier door. Something that makes people feel safe. Doors are one of the first ways that people do that. And let's talk about patio doors. Patio doors freak me out. I gotta say, especially when I'm on the first floor of someplace and I'm constantly checking to make sure the patio door is locked. So what I really, really love 12 bucks at home depot are those safety bars that come down. They're super easy to install. Just have your handy guy do it. Make sure he's a smart handy guy because we have, we have had, and I'm not even kidding actually I'm gonna, I'm gonna tell a little bit of story on my husband.

Speaker 1: (15:13)
One time he was installing some security locks on a patio door for me and he wanted it higher up because we had a pool out there and he was like screaming this thing in and he took his drill and I said you better be careful with that drill because you're probably coming really close to where the glass is inside the door. And he's like, no, no, I've got all kinds of room. And the very next second you just heard this, she's like shattery shattered the whole, the whole window just came shattering down. It was really kind of cool cause I was like Whoa, who knew that that was safety glass like that because safety glass shatters into like a million pieces so nobody gets big shards of glass going through them. It just, safety glass just shatters everywhere. And that's what that did. It was like a snap, crackle, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop up and then the whole glass was there.

Speaker 1: (16:07)
That was hundreds of dollars to to replace that. He felt like an idiot. But it was kind of funny because now he's super careful or we'll have our guys, but just make sure you have the guys who know that yes, there is glass in some of those doors you have to be, you have to be careful. Don't be silly, but they're literally made for that. Just don't get overzealous with your security with them. But definitely those bars, work wonders guys. And you can have them nice and high up so everybody can see when they're working. I cannot stand it when people put them way down at the bottom. I mean I've seen people have like a broomstick handle down there, but let's not get all redneck. Okay, let's not put that in there. Let's not use berms. Stick handles. Let's use a $12 bar that we installed correctly that is nicer and more efficient and it will work better anyway than the broomstick handle.

Speaker 1: (17:04)
Okay. Plus, I mean that's just so bad. But like, no, no brooms to candle guys. We need a real bar there. But those things make people feel safe. Now there's really cool thing if you have swimming pools that are up high and there's these little switch locks that it just is a little flap and kids can't reach them. Those are amazing. In some states like Arizona because of pool safety, so you have to have pulled gates and pull door knobs so that the doorknobs are up higher. But in an older house you don't have to have those. I always suggest if you have a pool having those safety locks that just flip over, that only the adults can reach and they can keep that flipped over. And we even have these really, I mean, and they're cheap guys. We got them on Amazon and I forget what they were like two or three bucks and their little alarms, it's, it's kind of like those window alarms where there's two pieces of plastic and when they're in contact with each other they don't go off.

Speaker 1: (18:11)
And as soon as the contact from the magnets break. So when the door opens in know one half is stuck to the door and one half is stuck to the frame and when the door opens it breaks that contact and then the alarm goes off. It's just like a beeping. That's super annoying. But oh my gosh, it works like so well, especially if people aren't used to having pool that way. If their kid does get the door open, the parents know right away and for two bucks, it's absolutely an amazing thing to have on there. So that will make people feel more secure when you have the patio doors, especially if the patio doors go out to a pool area, you want to keep those little guys safe because they might not be used to going into a pool. Right. So you don't want any accidents to happen.

Speaker 1: (19:01)
And remember when you're talking about pool safety, when little kids fall into a pool, most of them fall in without making a big splash. I know that's hard to believe, but they've got video after video, they'll be reaching for something and slide right in. There are videos of people having barbecues with tons of people outside and a little one slid in and nobody saw them, but the camera caught it and then finally somebody saw them down in the water and pulled them out. But the crazy thing is no big splashes when there's little kids. So you really want to make sure that you've got as much pull safety as you can possibly have when it comes to having guests inside your properties with pools, whatever safety, insecure measures that you can offer to your guests, offer them, especially if you've got little kids in there because pools are dangerous.

Speaker 1: (19:53)
I always recommend getting those gates. We have these wonderful fences that can go up in the polls. Just go right into the cool decking and you can just take them out. If you've got a whole bunch of adults and you're having an adult party and there are no kids around, you just boom, boom, boom, pull the little steaks out and the fence is gone and down. And not a nice or, but when you've got grandkids around or kids around, boom, you just put these poles in and then automatic fence. I love those. They're secure. Not too expensive but really great to have when you have kids. Now I already mentioned having those cool security screens outside your windows, but windows should also have some kind of sensor on them in case someone breaks in. It's a glass breaking sound sensor. If those are too expensive for you, you can still get those breaking the sensor once you know where there's two pieces of plastic ones on one part of the window that opens and shuts and the others on the frame and when the sensors don't meet and touch again, a little alarm goes off.

Speaker 1: (21:02)
Those things are great to have because I'm always reminding people they love to leave windows open constantly and making sure that people are locking windows. I mean it's crazy week. We go through properties constantly. I'm like, did you remember to check the locks on the windows, check the locks on the windows, check the locks on the windows. Nobody remembers to do that. And so it's really imperative, especially when you've got really Nice evenings, the springtime and the fall when you've got that lovely weather and people want to open the windows and keep them open. I mean in the summertime, not so much cause they've got the AC going, but definitely when you get those cold breeze nights where people just want to have the windows open, they're going to forget to keep them shut. And so a lot of times it comes with a security system.

Speaker 1: (21:51)
So I, I really liked those. I liked the fact that it says, Hey, you've got this window open or you left this window open because then people can say, oh yeah, I forgot I had the kids window open. Or the security alarm won't set until all the windows are shut. And so everybody has to go around see which window was shot if it doesn't have one that reads it. But those things make it really secure. There's a lot of ways to make windows more secure, even with window treatments. So blinds, there are blinds that make them more secure. There's the outside awnings that roll all the way down to make windows more secure. But anything you can do to make windows more secure for your guests, absolutely do that. Number one place people break in are going to be windows and doors with glass because all they have to do is break the glass.

Speaker 1: (22:46)
And so anything you can do to secure that, boom, do that. Make people feel safe and safety is a huge, huge thing. And you are, guests are going to be targeted if people know that they're not from around here. Right? So if they drive in and they have out of state license plates, it kind of shows that they're not from around here. A lot of people target them. I don't know if you guys remember, but back in the day, back in Florida, there used to be a time when you would pull into an airport or go into an airport and rent a car and they would have like national car rental on there or Alamo or hertz. They would have these bumper stickers. Will, Florida had so many cars being broken into when they knew that there was someone who was renting the car. So when the ever, they saw those car rental stickers, they targeted the cars and would break into them knowing that they would probably have some kind of cameras or maybe some suitcases with valuables inside them because people were like, well, I'm not gonna leave my valuables in the hotel room.

Speaker 1: (23:58)
I'd rather leave it into car where it's so much easier for people to break into. Don't ask me why, but they did and they finally decided that, you know what? Any cars that people rent in the state of Florida, they're all going to have Florida license plates. We're going to take all those stickers off so you're not going to be able to tell. I hate to tell you, but we can tell because they can't drive for shit. That's while we can tell it's a snowbird because we're like, same thing in Arizona. We're like, oh my God, that mountain's going to be there all day. Please pull over and take a bloody picture and let us drive around you or you'll go down the road and our roads are about 45 miles an hour and somebody is crawling at 35 because they're so used to going slow in Minnesota where they're from or something.

Speaker 1: (24:47)
You're like, oh my God, so we can still tell you're a snowbird because you drive slow and bad. That's how we can tell taking lefthand turns from the far right lane. It's like, oh no, I wanted to turn here. It's like, oh great. I wanted to stop here in the middle of the road and then decide, oh, this is fantastic. That's how we can tell that you're from out of state, so we don't need the license plates to tell us anymore. We always say in Arizona though, we don't have the leaves changing color because unless you go up north, but down here we can tell because the license plates change color, so we get Minnesota and Iowa and Saskatchewan, so that's how we tell the change of seasons is the snowbirds arrive Yahoo, but they do help us out. Right. Tourism. Tourism is great. Baby pays the rent.

Speaker 1: (25:43)
Mama needs a new pair of shoes. That's what we got to say. Right. So remember, let's go through all of this again. So outdoor cameras are great, not indoors because we don't want to invade on anyone's privacy, right? But the ring door knob things, the doorbells, oh awesome. Those things are 99 bucks. So amazing. Hey and I heard too that if you get those stolen, that ring will actually replace them for you. So make sure you register them when you install them. I think you have to take a picture and put them on there. But if somebody ever comes and steals them, I heard that ring replaces them and is an absolute fun place to go and look at all the stuff that happens. I just saw one where they had a screen door, they opened the screen door and then there was a big old door, like a 90 year old or a hundred year old door with the glass there.

Speaker 1: (26:39)
The door was sticking and the person shoved the door and the whole glass pane baroque. And there it was on the ring on the camera. So they got to see the guests break it and go, oh shit. You just heard everybody like, oh yeah, take a deep breath. You just broke a hundred year old door. But it was, it was not. There's a lot of times where people are getting packages stolen and you'll just hear somebody go put the package down and they drop it and they run. It's crazy. I'm like, that's so awesome that you can just say something and people will drop it and go. But there has been a lot of Breakins, a lot of breakins. So these things really do help. So you can get a ring on Amazon too. Like I said, 99 bucks, but they go up to 200 and some just depending on what they look like and how pretty and stuff they are.

Speaker 1: (27:32)
You just want something that works. Motion Sensing, the lights, those safety, security lights, everybody needs those strong door locks. Everybody needs those security screens. I love security screens. So Florida, Arizona people definitely get security screens anywhere. You've got a lot of sun security screens and I don't think it would be a bad idea to get those actually in any part of the country because of the safety security features of them and they help out in the summertime you can take them and open them. They open like doors to from the inside, so if you're inside and there's a fire and you have to get out through the window, they just clip, they just flip open so they're very safe and secure from the inside that make the whole house safe and secure. So you're going to love those. Check those out again, security screen, they're out of Tucson.

Speaker 1: (28:27)
Really, really great. Also any kind of reinforced window treatments you can get, those will be really, really great. And the patio door bars and locks, you want to make sure those windows are being locked. Everybody's taking care to lock those windows and doors. These are really great ways to make your people feel secure. Lots of bolts on the doors, heavy doors so that people understand that they're safe and secure. And a lot of times, like I said, heavy doors do that heavy locks. Let them feel secure because when they feel safe, they will come back to you over and over and over again. Get Rid of those flims it flimsy doors. Okay. And remind yourself to go mark your calendar right now or put it in your head August 16th August 16th August 16th that's going to be when we re open the membership site and you're going to love it.

Speaker 1: (29:24)
We just hired some new people to help us out with it and we've decided how we're going to drip it and how it's going to work and everything. Look fantastic and new for you guys. August 16th is the big launch date and mark it down because we're only opening it up twice a year and you will absolutely love it. You're going to meet lots of amazing people in there. And I love our accountability group. I love our Monday mornings. I love, love, love the Q and a as people popping in and stuff. So you guys are gonna love this too. And I want to thank you guys for listening and remind you that you can go to our website and download the show notes and a bunch of other free gifts that you can find there, and just sign up for our email and get our email list. And all the articles will be sent to you every time they come out. So we really want to thank you for listening. Have a great day. God bless you. Go and grow.


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