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Episode 049 - Youtube Shut Me Down - So, I called the President and he set up a hearing with Ted Cruz... (Nah, that was a coincidence}

mindset Aug 16, 2019

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Show Transcript

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income, is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset, and you are listening to the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast...

and in today's episode,Speaker 1: (00:29)
we're going to be talking about how I got kicked off of Youtube, how you can get kicked off of youtube and we can all be victims. But before I get into that, I just want to remind you that our show today is brought to you by audible. You can get your free audio book download and a 30 day trial by going to audible forward slash s t r revenue. That's audible, forward slash s t r revenue and you'll get your free first book and 30 days in to the audible membership where you can use the app and go on all kinds of channels. It's so much fun. Lots of things to do. Things like Ted talks, things like mystery channels, two free books every month, a bunch of free offers.

Speaker 1: (01:23)
Every single day. You'll get an offer for a different book a day for like two 99 or a little bit more depending on what the book is and who wrote it. Audible is a great way to keep the knowledge brewing in your head, keep it growing anywhere you are, whatever you're doing, it's playing in the background and you're listening to books a day. So it's just like reading but not, okay, so we're victims. Now. I know, I know. Can you believe that? So I did that podcast a few weeks ago, be weeks back, and I talked about the California exodus and the fact that over 5 million people have left the state of California. If they're losing their middle-class, they're gaining a bunch of people who are wealthier because obviously they're the only ones who can afford to live there. So they're losing their middle class on. What that means for California is they're basically turning into a socialist state, like true socialism.

Speaker 1: (02:25)
That's what happened to Venezuela. You had the very wealthy and the very poor. And when you lose your middle-class, it's really bad news. It just means that a collapse will come and follow because you're middleclass is actually what supports your economy. And if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense because not only do you need jobs in a state, but you need people buying things and the very, very poor can't afford to buy things. And even the very, very wealthy only want to one or two things. So think about how many people are buying a new bed every year. Well, if you're wealthy, it might be a really nice bed, but it's not going to be a lot of beds. You only need one bed, you know, couple pillows and stuff. You're not buying a lot. But the middle class really supports the economy.

Speaker 1: (03:20)
They're the ones buying things every single day. So when you get rid of your middle class, your economy kind of falters. And that is definitely what happened in Venezuela. Actually. My husband and I went down to Venezuela a few years back and it was, it was incredible. I mean, it was weird that there were really, really wealthy and really, really poor people. You didn't see a lot of in between. The place was kind of different and no one saw that coming. And I mean, I'm sure maybe someone did, but we didn't see it coming. And it's very sad that that even happened. But now they have bread lines. Now they have, I mean, just so much poverty that people are just starving to death. And it's really despicable that the leaders of that country don't stop up and do something radically different to change and protect the people, but they don't.

Speaker 1: (04:15)
It's all about money. And that's what dictatorship is all about. It's about changing the laws so that the government's in control and then stepping in front of the government and taking control of the government. So you only need to get the government in control of everything and then one dictator to step in front of them and take all of it over. And that's what happens. So it's never a good thing. So I guess I got in trouble for those keywords. Right. But I honestly do not think that I'm a victim of anything. I'm one of those people. I don't believe in victims. I believe in volunteers. I believe that everything we experience in this life is exactly what we asked to experience. And I know that's so hard for a lot of people to understand. But actually I remember being there where I did not understand that.

Speaker 1: (05:06)
I literally remember years and years ago being at a life mastery conference in Hawaii with Tony Robbins and we were sharing a big room with a bunch of women and somebody had said that, you know, that these experiences were chosen. There was no such thing as sin and they were going on none. And being raised Catholic, I just looked down, I'm like, what the hell are you talking about? What do you mean there is no sin? And they said, well, just listen to this for a second. And I remember listening and just wondering about it just because my background was so, I mean, when you're raised up in a religion, it's all you know, and that is your entire belief system, right? I mean, that's everything. You know and believe is based on the things that you've experienced and the knowledge that gained from the people that you trust.

Speaker 1: (05:59)
And so it was really a hard concept for me and a very hard pill to swallow. But as I started on my journey, I started on my journey. I started to see what people were talking about. I started to understand and open my mind more and more. And I started to think, especially working for people like Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, when they're standing up there and they're telling you things, um, just it changes your whole mindset. It's like here's the mindset of an employee. Here's the mindset of a self employed person and look at the mindset of a business owner or investor. So when you read Rich Dad, poor dad, I mean that's why that book impacted so many people is because it literally got them to think outside the box. It literally got them to think in an entirely different way. And that's what those people did for me.

Speaker 1: (06:59)
They got me to think in an entirely different way. And they said, okay, what if, what if you're up in heaven and you're experiencing what heaven is like? And there's nothing there but love, love and light. And you're with all these souls and these spirits that you love. And then you want to experience something like forgiveness and there's nothing to forgive and haven't, nobody has ever done anything against you. You wouldn't have to forgive anyone per se. But if you come here and you inhabit these bodies, you can play roles and experience things and really expand your consciousness and you'll get to learn all kinds of new emotions and things that you never got to experience before. And you can help each other. So like soul groups would work together. People would travel together while not people, but souls and spirits would travel together and they would say, Hey, I want to learn what it's like to forgive.

Speaker 1: (07:59)
And it's like, well, in order for you to forgive somebody, they got to do something against you. I'll do something to you and then you can forgive me. And they say, hey, that sounds great. Let's go be incarnated together in this world. And that's that really then when I first heard that I thought you people are high, the high is a guy because that just doesn't make any sense. But the more I thought about it and the more I experience things, the more it made sense. I started watching things like the secret and learning about the love attraction and listening to Esther Hicks when she channels Abraham and things like that. And honestly it resonated with me. I was like, okay, but here's the deal. I mean I'm still, I would still consider myself a Christian because I still believe in Christ and all these other things, but I don't believe, and I guess you would say the confinements of a religion that would say there are things like sin because it's hard to sin if nothing is real.

Speaker 1: (09:07)
If only love Israel, the rest of it is just play. But then people will say, well what about bad people? And there are people who do bad things and there definitely are. And there are definitely different souls and spirits on this planet. You know, trying to throw a rock in to your experience and keep you trapped in this paradigm. So there definitely are different things at play, but for the most part we have the opportunity to just forgive and love and come back to these wonderful things where we just, we don't judge people. We don't judge the things that they do. We just look at things as an experience and try to see people through just this lens of love. And I know that I've had some trials and in my lifetime, and it's super hard sometimes to look at people and not be judgemental.

Speaker 1: (10:01)
Um, definitely, especially when you're raised, like I was an Irish Catholic and there's a little bit of French in me, so they get passionate and the Irish and being, well, we'd probably get drunk and angry, but I don't drink that much. So, but definitely they anger, but like, okay, so there are things that I get more passionate about, but I'm learning as I go along to give things less energy unless I want them. So I don't give energy to bad things. When my mom had her cancer, I realized that if we sat there and we thought about just giving all this energy to cancer, that the cancer grows, I would rather give all my energy and prayers to healing and those peaceful thoughts. So I would rather race for the cure, then go to a march against cancer. You know what I mean? It just, I know it's just words, but words have power.

Speaker 1: (10:56)
Words have magic. That's why your self-talk has magic. Have you ever seen, there's this great, great documentary film that I absolutely love called what the bleep do we know? And Barnes and noble actually had a rabbit hole edition of that. And it was amazing because there was a doctor in there and he did experiments with water and he would look under a microscope at the water and he would have these words that he would print underneath it. And when they looked at the water under a word like love, the molecules were beautiful, like snowflakes and absolutely gorgeous. And words like forgiveness, the same thing. They were just amazing, right? And then you would look at a word like hate or anger and those, the molecules would just get distorted and ugly when it was a negative word. There's so much power in that because we are a majority of water, the majority of our body is made up of water.

Speaker 1: (12:02)
And so if that works on water, imagine the negative self-talk, what that does to our body. Literally there's people who believe that all health ailments, anything that, that you know, ails you. Any health problems that you might have, even injuries are caused because of these bad thoughts because of bad vibrations, bad feelings and stuff that if you are in harmony, then your body will always be healthy. So it's just the, I mean you don't have to believe it. It's just what I believe. So what was really cool for me was after this whole thing and I got knocked off of Youtube, I was pretty angry at first in the night, you know, cause I was like, wait, what did I do? I went back and I listened and there was nothing really negative about it. There was nothing negative in the soundbite that I posted and I was kind of upset for a second.

Speaker 1: (12:55)
And then, you know, I thought, I'm not going to give this any energy, no negative energy. I'm just going to send love out there and know that every time I'm doing a podcast, every time I'm doing anything on my websites, I'm always asking for the best and highest good for all involved. Anybody who listens to it, anybody who hears it. We've got people on our wall that were constantly praying for their prosperity, prosperity for them, for their family, health and wellness. So we're always sending out these great vibrations. So it was really cool for me. I know this was so cool, was after I started sending like all this, I'm just gonna send out love and buy good vibrations. Right? Nixon, I know there's a hearing called and senator Cruz is like going down on Google and you know, Facebook and the logarithms and the things that they're doing there and talking about the manipulation of these companies.

Speaker 1: (13:53)
And so right here I wanted to put a little soundbite from the interviews that they had. There was a doctor, a professor who had been interviewed by Congress and he's actually on the other side of the fence. Okay. So He's more on the left. And actually it was really kind of funny cause when he said, so you did not vote for the president, you voted for Hillary Clinton and you, you would consider yourself not, you know, you're more of a liberal than a conservative. And he said, yeah, that's, that's putting it mildly. And I was like, Whoa, why is this guy testifying? Because he's testifying for taking him, putting a holter around Google the way they did mob bell way back in the day, because when I was growing up for all of those who are younger, you're going, I don't understand this mob bell thing. When we were young, mob bell was the only phone company you could have when you went into the city of Chicago and you were to get a phone, you would call the phone company and get a phone number from them.

Speaker 1: (15:01)
And they were the ones who ran everything. There was one phone company. And so what they did was they realized this is a huge monopoly. They literally, that nobody can compete with them because they own everything. And so the government came in and they broke them up and said, look, in order for there to be fair trades, we have to make this company public and we have to break it up so that others can compete. And hence now you have a bunch of different phone companies and you know, the competition is a little more fair out there, right? Not all the way. So especially when it comes to like cable companies and stuff, but more so than it was back then. So the same thing with Google. Now Google is responsible for, I get what they said during Congress, but like 90 some percent of the searches on the Internet go through Google and one of the scientists was a woman and she was saying that the bias, the only bias that's involved is the way that you input your search.

Speaker 1: (16:05)
And the other doctor was saying that's not true. It was incredible. He said, and I quote, this system must be built to keep an eye on big tech because in 2020 if these companies all support the same candidate, they will have the power to shift 15 million votes to that candidate. And you just sit there and go, oh my God, it's absolutely amazing what they can do. And they were saying, well, these are the search things too, that you said, well, they can't manipulate what they find. You're going to be able to find this and find that. Well, Prager u was there, and they said, well, that's well and good, but here's the deal with Prager U, they've been removing their videos and blocking their content. And there are a lot of stories out there that Google has been scrubbing content, meaning they've been making it disappear.

Speaker 1: (16:57)
So if they're scrubbing it and blocking it on youtube, then Google can't find it because it's not there anymore. It no longer exists. So yeah, you can search for it, but it's not going to be there. You're not going to find it, and it's going to be harder and harder. But of course they said, well, we're definitely, you know, if you go in there and search Prager, you, you'll find their website and you can go right there and search them. But there are a bunch of other people being shut down. And since I learned about this, tons of people have been emailing me and telling me about their companies being shut down for all kinds of things. But it's not just Google, it's not just youtube, it's not just Facebook manipulating things. It's literally mail companies to mail chimp has canceled memberships or cancel I W W I guess it would be subscriptions to their services just because people and their services sent out through their emails, newsletters that contained anti vaccs information.

Speaker 1: (18:02)
Anything that was considered anti vaccine information. So a bunch of naturopathic doctors had articles that were considered anti vacs. They weren't necessarily anti vaccs. They could have just been safe vaccines or information about something that went awry when they had that mumps outbreak and all the kids were vaccinated. And so they were like, well, every single one of these kids has been vaccinated so something's up. But those are considered anti vaccine. And so they shut these companies down and they said it was because it was an anti vaccine email post. Well, here's the deal. It's not even in their terms of service that you can't post anti-vaccine formation. So the fact that they said, well that was the reason why, but here's another thing. The CDC actually donates and gives a lot of money to MailChimp. So there's a lot of these big companies that are getting major, major dollars from other people. So for instance, well, I'll let you listen because I'm going to let you listen into the clip that will tell you more about what's going on.

Speaker 3: (19:11)
As I understand your background, uh, you're not a Republican and, and, and nor are you a conservative. Is that accurate? That would be an understatement. Um, and, and indeed, you're the former editor in chief of psychology today. Correct. So you're respected academic, you testified before this committee that Google's manipulation of votes gave at least 2.6 million additional votes to Hillary Clinton in the year 2016. Is that correct? That's correct. And I want to make sure I understand you personally supported and voted for Hillary Clinton. I was a very strong public supporter of Hillary Clinton. Yes. So you're not this dismayed that people voted for, but your testimony is that Google is through bias in search results, manipulating voters in a way they're not aware of on a massive scale. And what I'm saying is that I believe in democracy. I believe in the free and fair election, uh, more than I have any kind of allegiance to a candidate or a party. And looking forward, if I understood your testimony correctly, you said in subsequent elections, Google and Facebook and Twitter and big text manipulation could manipulate as many as 15 million votes in a subsequent election in 2020. If all these companies are supporting the same candidate, there are 15 million votes on the line that can be shifted without people's knowledge and without leaving a paper

Speaker 4: (20:48)
trail for authorities to trace.

Speaker 3: (20:51)
Now you described the go vote reminder and you said it wasn't a public service announcement, but rather manipulation. Can you explain how the, I'm not sure everyone followed the details of that

Speaker 4: (21:01)
well, sure. Um, if on election day in 2016, if Mark Zuckerberg, for example, had chosen to send out a go vote reminder, say just to Democrats and no one would have known if he had done this, that would have given that day an additional at least 450,000 votes to Democrats. And we know this without doubt because of Facebook's own published data, because they did an experiment that they didn't tell anyone about during the 2010 election. They published it in 2012 we've had 60 million Facebook users involved. They sent out a go vote reminder and they got something like 360,000 more people to get off their sofas and go vote who otherwise would have stayed home. The point is, I don't think that Mr Zuckerberg sent out that reminder, uh, in 2016 I think he was overconfident. I think Google, Google was over confident that all these companies were, uh, I don't think he sent that out without monitoring systems in place. We'll never know what these companies are doing, but the point is in 2018 I'm sure they were more aggressive. We have lots of data to support that and in 2020 you can bet that all of these companies are going to go all out and the methods that they're using are invisible. They're subliminal, they're more powerful than most any effects I've ever seen in the behavioral sciences. And I've been in the behavioral scientists for almost 40 years.

Speaker 3: (22:40)
You know, our democratic colleagues on this committee often talk about what they view as the pernicious effect of big money and big corporate dollars. Uh, what you are testifying to is that a handful of silicon valley billionaires and giant corporations are able to spend millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars collectively massively influencing the results of elections. And there's no accountability. You said we don't know. We have no way of knowing if Google or Facebook or Twitter sends it, sends it's Democrats or Republicans or how they buy us it because it's a black box with, with, with, with no transparency or accountability whatsoever. I mean, am I understanding you correctly,

Speaker 4: (23:24)
senator, with respect? I must correct you please. If Mark Zuckerberg chooses to send out a go vote reminder just to Democrats on election day, that doesn't cost him a dime.

Speaker 3: (23:35)
Fair enough. Um, do you happen to know who the Hillary Clinton campaigns number one financial supporter was in year 2016? Uh,

Speaker 4: (23:49)
I think I do, but please remind me

Speaker 3: (23:51)
that the number one financial supporter of the Hillary Clinton campaign in the 2016 election was the parent company of Google Alphabet who was our first witness. They were her number one financial donor. And your testimony is through their deceptive search methods. They moved 2.6 million votes in her direction. I would think anybody, whether or not you favor one camp or another, should be deeply dismayed about a handful of silicon valley billionaires having that much power over our elections to silently and deceptively shift vote outcomes.

Speaker 4: (24:28)
Again, with respect, I must correct you. The 2.6 million is a rock bottom minimum. The range is between 2.6 and 10.4 million depending on how aggressively they used the techniques that I've been studying now for six and a half years. Wow. Could you just say that again please? Just the 2.6 million is a rock bottom minimum. The range is between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes depending on how aggressive they were in using the techniques that I've been studying, such as the search engine manipulation fact, the search suggestion effect a, the answer bot effect and a number of others, they control these and no one can counteract them. These are not competitive. These are tools that they have at their disposal exclusively.

Speaker 3: (25:26)
If any headline headline comes out of this hearing, that should be it.

Speaker 1: (25:31)
So that was Senator Ted Cruz questioning Dr Robert Epstein and it was incredible. Now what's really funny is I thought, I'm just going to let this go and I am going to just focus all my thoughts and all my energy on cleaning up. I want to see the people take control again. And I want to see these big companies shut down so that they can't manipulate the information that's gained getting put out there and they can't manipulate voters. Because I honestly, I don't mind what way you vote. I really don't. And that that Dr Epstein said the same thing. He's a huge supporter of Hillary, but he said, look, I am first an American citizen and first I represent the honesty and the integrity that should be taking place on the Internet. But it is not. So these guys have the ability and if they all back the same candidate and they are right now all back in the left.

Speaker 1: (26:39)
So I guess if you're on the left you're like Yay. Manipulation, but not really cause that guy is not. And I, Kudos to him. My mom was the same way. My mom was a die hard democrat till the day she died. And she was one of the most honest people I ever knew. And I know she would never ever go for that. And neither would I. I would, you know, I have a hard time with the fact that they can scrub these things and so I just decided to focus on it and who knew? It's almost like I called the president and he said, Oh, get ted Cruz right on it for you, Michelle. It was so cool. It happened within days after that happened and this is the message I want to put out to you guys today. I want you to start thinking of the things that happen in your life, not as happening to you, but as the always says, what is happening for you?

Speaker 1: (27:42)
Why is this happening for you? What is the lesson you need to learn and where are you going to focus your energy? Because do not focus your energy on all the negative crap because we can sit there and we can cry and we can be victims, but there are no victims. There are only volunteers. I do not volunteer to be a victim. I don't. I don't and I will never, but I do volunteer to help people and to focus on the positive changes and the positive growth that I can make in the world. And I want you to do the same thing. I want you to commit to only positive stuff. So here is the challenge. I'm going to take the same challenge. I'm not going to put any negative stuff on my pages or anything anymore. Going against someone only going forward. And if I fail this, I need you guys to call me on my shit.

Speaker 1: (28:40)
Just call me like texts me on, you know, or, or message me on Facebook or message me, um, through the email and say, Hey Michelle, you put this on and this is kind of negative. You could put it in a different way. That would be in a more positive light. Let's challenge ourselves to be the positive change that we want to see in the world. And as I've been focusing on this and wondering what I was going to say to you guys, you know, old the past, not even a whole week now, but as I was wondering what I was going to say, I started looking for changes. I started looking for the positive stuff and I came across these guys and they have a nonprofit charity organization that they started called for ocean. And what happened were these two guys, they were good buddies and surfer dudes probably from California, I'm not sure exactly where, but they decided they were going to go to bally because bally is like one of the best places.

Speaker 1: (29:44)
It's a dream place to go. If you're a surfer, you're like, someday I'm going to go surfing in Bali. It's, you know, got awesome waves, righteous waves, right? Righteous waves. And they went out there and there was nothing but plastic in the ocean and plastic all over the beaches. Just plastic, plastic everywhere as far as they could see. Just bottles and just a bunch of plastic crap floating everywhere. And they asked the lifeguard, what is going on here? I mean, why don't, why don't you guys clean this up? Just come pick this up. And the lifeguard looks at me, he said, we do every single morning, every single evening we cleaned it up and this is what happens all the time. Every day more and more plastic just comes ashore. And they were like, this is absolutely crazy. I mean, this is nuts. For some reason the ocean currents bring it right into where all these guys used to go surfing and now it's just a bunch of trash.

Speaker 1: (30:46)
So these young guys found out that the local fishermen were having the same thing. They were picking up fish and plastic and they asked them how much they made per day. And so they said, how about we pay you the same as you would make if you were to get fish. But for every, you know, pound or so of plastic, you pick up, we'll pay you x amount of dollars. And they started this charity organization to hire all these local fishermen to clean up all the plastic, take their nets and pull in all the plastic. And for every pound they give them. So much money in the fishermen are making money and getting rid of the plastic and they're making these cool little bracelets for 20 bucks. They melt down that plastic and make these bracelets and that's how they fund their organization and keep cleaning up the ocean and get getting rid of these plastic, all the plastic those there.

Speaker 1: (31:42)
What's so cool about that guys is that's what happens when you focus on something positive. You could sit there and you could cry and you could make a law that says you can't have straws at Starbucks. You know, whatever. Come on. There are so many more plastic bottles than straws. These guys are making a difference for all these olds hurdles and all these little fish and dolphins and mammals that are anything that's moving in the ocean. They're making a huge impact on instead of whining and crying and going, oh you, we should ban this. They're actually doing something. So we need to do things and be more proactive and focus more positively on the things that we're doing. We, you know, people are walking around now crying and saying they're a victim of this or a victim of that. And I keep always thinking there's this awesome eagles song.

Speaker 1: (32:37)
It's just called get over it, but it was one of my favorite songs because it's like a victim of this, a victim of that. Your mom is too thin and your daddy's too fat. Get over it, get over it, get over it. Start doing something productive with your life instead of sitting there whining and griping because things aren't happening. Make things happen. You have that ability, especially if you are living in the United States right now. There is absolutely nothing you cannot do in this country. Don't let people lie to you or tell you it's because of this or that or the other thing. You are only a victim when you choose to be a victim. Otherwise the sky is the limit. So I want you guys to know that I'm always here for you. I want you to think positive. Hey, I want to think, shout out to the president for getting that done for me as soon as I, I mean, gosh, that was super quick to call all that into session four. Shout out to my president there, President Trump, and you guys have a great day. God bless you so much. Go and grow. 


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