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Episode 035 – Best Tools for Automation: Putting Your Business on Autopilot








Some need help, like Kevo, Z-Wave, or a Smart Hub.

Begin with eLocks

Then Dynamic Pricing

Add AirDNA

Make sure your Cleaning Company has Online Scheduling

Automate Your Messaging

Take a Look at Properly

Find a VA at

Think Shark Tank:  Do you want half of $2 million or all of $10,000?

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Show Transcript

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income, is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset, and you are listening to the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast...

and in today's episode, Speaker 2: (00:30)
we're going to finish up with the best tools for your automation, putting your business on autopilot. But before we get started, I wanted to remind you that today's podcast is brought to you by audible. You can get your free audio book download and a 30 Day free [email protected] forward slash s t our revenue with over 180,000 titles to choose from using your iPhone, your kindle, your android, it doesn't matter. You need an audible account. I'm telling you readers are leaders and also I wanted to give a shout out to pee. Jason Mack, who says, Michelle stands out among many podcasts about short term rentals. She's very transparent, personable, and generous with her wisdom. She's a professional without being too polished. To be honest, I've had, it took me one second, the Tbh to be honest, I'm kind of hooked on this show now and I see myself learning a lot from her.

Speaker 2: (01:29)
Well, I'm super glad and I'm super, super grateful that you took the time to leave me a review, honestly from my heart. I really, really appreciate you guys. So as much information as I can load into these, these episodes I am willing to do for you. So this is again the third time. If you listen to last week's episode, you'll know we recorded this episode already twice. It was a two episodes, so it's basically almost two hours each time. And I've done it three times, so I'm totally cool and to doing this. But oh my gosh, April is a crazy, crazy mom coming up for me because I'm moving. So right now I'm packing all the boxes and getting everything ready to move the beginning of April and all through April. And then I've got a trip out to Canada or up to Canada, especially if I'm, you know, in Arizona or Florida.

Speaker 2: (02:22)
I have to go up to Canada. Just a bunch of stuff is going on, and so yikes. Recording this for the third time. I'm like, oh my gosh, all right, I'm doing it because honestly, you guys, the last week's episode with the Sop, it's really, really critical for your business. You will not believe how much easier your business gets once you create your operating procedures because you'll just be able to know exactly what you're doing. It makes everything so much simpler and it makes it easy to to, but also sodas, automation. So this is the automation part. Automation begins when you get your first property. I think automation begins with your locks. It should be the first thing that you automate. You should get away from keys completely. If you've got keys, you are in the stone age. I mean, you're Fred Flinstone in it. Your feet are going through the bottom of your car and your Yaba Daba doing it because you need, he locks and there's so many great ones out there now and they get better and better all the time.

Speaker 2: (03:32)
Believe it or not. When we first started getting the elog systems, they were a pain in the rear end. You couldn't figure out how to get apps to work. Batteries would run out, they would work for a little while and then stop working. I mean it was just a pain in the butt, but now there's three different ones that I recommend, but you can go out there and try them all. What's really weird is I've talked to a bunch of people about different locks and what works for some people does not necessarily work for others and I'm not sure if it's different parts of the country or maybe it's just like, I don't know, they just don't mix with your vibe or something. But the three that I really like, I've got [inaudible] or [inaudible], I don't know how you always pronounce it, but everybody knows what it is.

Speaker 2: (04:19)
August now we're trying something called luck Itron, and it's, it's actually pretty inexpensive and I liked that too. So all of those will have on the website for you so you can look them up. But with Schlog or slage, whatever you want to say, you have to have something called Zywave. So when we were first starting out, we had to have KeyVault or z wave or a smart hub to plug into. And most of the time that's very true. But with a lock of Tron you don't, it uses a Bluetooth and with the Bluetooth Technology, the batteries last longer and you just use their app. So what you really want to do is you want to look for a lock system that uses a smart app or you can program it easily like online or on your phone because then you can create a different key code for every single guest who's coming in.

Speaker 2: (05:15)
And that's really what you want. That's the safest way for everybody, right? But you also want something that you can monitor. So you know who's going in and out at all times. So for instance, my cleaning crew, they get their own code and I can tell exactly by checking in on my computer or on my cell phone when they came in and how long they were in and when they left. Right? And then I can also tell the difference between them coming in and a guest coming in because of the code that they use. So it's kind of like a log. It keeps a log of everything and you can also set times, so let's say for instance, you've got a guest checking in at four on the first, but they're checking out, you know, at, at whatever your checkout time is, 11:00 AM on the fourth.

Speaker 2: (06:05)
So that code will only work for them. Now also look for things that can be integrated into the systems that you're using. So a lot of systems that I'm going to be mentioning, including Airbnb, Airbnb has a couple of different, he locks that they work with, so they'll actually produce a code for you and the code will unlock the door or ed give the guests a key, a key code for the door themselves, and they'll send that message out for you. You can automate that. And that's pretty cool guest. He does that. There's a bunch of different services and I'll mention them, but you can integrate all these things with smart locks. So it's pretty amazing. Once you get all these systems integrated, you're not sending out a million messages, you're not having keys that you have to remember. People lose and you have to charge for.

Speaker 2: (06:59)
That's a pain in the butt. You want to get away from that. If there's anything you want to invest in first it's going to be your easy locks. You have to have great he locks. Okay. And like I said, you might have to play with them and see how they are. I guess they've been having trouble with some of them in cold weather. I don't have to worry about that because I don't go anywhere cold anymore. Um, I was raised in Chicago. I don't do cold weather but I'm going up to Toronto right now and um, I'm not looking forward to the cold part. Definitely looking forward to the beauty part of it though. Beauty. A beauty. That's what I'm looking forward to. There also may be one other thing that may turn you on when it comes to your locks is you can also get ones that integrate or are compatible with things like Alexa or apple or Google.

Speaker 2: (07:53)
So you can say, Hey Alexa, unlock the door. Or Hey Alexa, you know whatever. You can do that with your nest. You can do that with a bunch of different lights and things like that. So you are really into that kind of technology. Look at your lock system and make sure that it's compatible. So the second thing that I think you should go for when you are integrating all these things and it's not pricey to do this, it's really, really worth the very low percentage that they charge you is dynamic pricing. We've talked about this before, but dynamic pricing is crucial. Guys. You will earn like 40% more. You will book, I think they say 2020 2% more bookings when you have dynamic pricing. Good dynamic pricing is crucial. I use wheelhouse and what's really cool is use wheel. House is their website. So don't just Google wheel house or go to go to use wheel okay.

Speaker 2: (09:01)
But there's also more you can try out and see what you like. Beyond a pricing is a good dynamic pricing tool. Price labs, price labs but dot. CEO. But price labs does dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing is critical but don't use and no one, I don't think there's anyone out there who recommends that you use airbnb's own dynamic pricing. It doesn't seem to work as well. Everybody else's dynamic pricing is based on incredible data that is at your fingertips. So basically they get a bunch of really cool math geeks together in a room and they monitor websites all the time constantly to see who's booking when. So they watched the demand for the rooms. They watch any, um, activities that are going on, parades or Mardi gras or super bowls or whatever's going on in that city. There's so many different things that they monitor and they raise and lower your price accordingly and literally do their best to get you the absolute maximum amount of revenue that they can possibly give you.

Speaker 2: (10:15)
So that's what you want. You want somebody working for you like that. Now airbnb has the same system, but I just didn't see it working the same way. So you link your accounts with them and they adjust your prices automatically all the time. Constantly changing them, which some people say is something that boosts your, your listing in a search engine too because it's changed often. Nobody knows for sure if that's true, but it seems to work pretty good for a lot of people. So I definitely suggest it. So there are three companies that I suggest you check out, but if you have a friend who recommended something else, then definitely do that. But I would try wheelhouse beyond pricing and price labs. Remember when you search these up, it's use wheel u s e and then w h e l h o u s

Speaker 2: (11:10)
Beyond pricing is easy because it's just beyond and price labs dot. See, oh, okay. You want to boost your revenue. So those two things you have to be doing, but there's something else I completely and totally recommend. You get air DNA, air DNA, and that's Air Dna is something you need. If you are going to be an investor and you're going to build a portfolio, it's, it's kind of overkill if you want it just for pricing. Okay. Because it's a little more expensive than everybody else, but it really does two things. You know, this teaches you how to price and where to invest and if you're just doing pricing you can just do wheel house that will give you your pricing. But Air DNA has something called the market minder tool and that thing is flipping amazing guys. It's like so crazy good.

Speaker 2: (12:12)
You can go in there and put an address and it will tell you what you can expect to make in almost every neighborhood of all the places that they service. It's a data analyzer like no other. I mean it's crazy, crazy good. So it's not just pricing, it literally the data that you collect from there you can use for, I mean for everything. And it's really great because there are some people who are lending money to people who are building short term rental businesses. And when you have to have something like a pro forma, which is a set of documents that you know, tells what you can expect to rent a place out for, and the here you're going to have all the expenses and the income that you can expect. You can literally have this data and create this awesome pro forma to hand to a banker.

Speaker 2: (13:07)
So he will lend you money. So honestly, I mean the data on here will blow your mind. All you little math nerds like me, you will love to play with this. You will get lost. This will be your, your Facebook. Because you know how some people get lost on Facebook or youtube and they go crazy. I get lost like playing around with these numbers because I'm like, what about this town? What about this town? Let's try this one. Let's try this neighborhood. It's so amazing. And you can look in your area, especially if you're living in a place like let's take a place like Las Vegas. Now Las Vegas is not very short term rental friendly, right? I mean you're competing with a bunch of casinos and you know, I mean I've seen Bugsy so I've seen that movie. I know who owns the casinos and I'm not going to say it, but um, I'm only imagining maybe they don't anymore.

Speaker 2: (14:03)
Maybe it's not, you know, a bunch of a guys named Guido or anything anymore. But whoever they are, they're very, very particular about competing with the hotels and stuff there. So they don't like short term rentals around them. But there are areas that you can have short term rentals and you can plug all these in. Now, make sure, like I said, if you're living in a place like Las Vegas, make sure you check everything okay. Because they really want to get rid of short term rentals around that whole area. So it doesn't matter if you're in Henderson or someplace else, you want to check every bit of information that you have from the cities, from the counties, from the Hoa fees. I mean before you rent any place or buy any place that you think you want to turn into a short term rental. Always, always do your due diligence and check and make sure that it's legal in that area.

Speaker 2: (14:59)
You never want to have anything that's illegal. You can lose a lot of money. You can be fined. I mean it's definitely not worth it. Okay. Not Worth it. But you definitely want to use something like Air when you start building your portfolio, it's imperative. I would say it was one of the tools that just like the door locks, I would say it's, it's right up there at when you're building your portfolio, you'll need air DNA. It's that important. Now you want online scheduling as much as you possibly can. So you want cleaning companies and people who are working for you that you can schedule easily online or through text messaging or something. So the two main people that you book with all the time are going to be your cleaning companies and your maintenance crew or your runners too. I mean we have a lot of our cleaning crews are also our runners who are going to get extra toilet paper or coffee and coffee filters or whatever we need to service, you know, if there's, if somebody is out of towels or they need blankets or pillows or whatever, these are the people that we have run.

Speaker 2: (16:10)
So a lot of times we have those all within our cleaning companies, but there also might be a maintenance guy who does it for us, but as much as we possibly can, that would be great to have them automated as well. So there are tools out there that will help you, help them automate their businesses and you'll want to look for those because if you've got somebody who you love working within their just not automated, they need to get on board with that. Automation is crucial. Okay, so you help them. Okay. Get automated to messaging is something that you need to automate as soon as possible. Now, I did cover this earlier and what I was talking about was hiring a VA and creating a bunch of templates that you're going to use and that you use often. So like a welcome email that says, you know, welcome to our city, here's the guestbook, here's the places you can eat, here's our checkin procedures, check in procedures.

Speaker 2: (17:13)
You can have in another email check out procedures. It's basically templates that you constantly send out. It's just a bunch of emails that you send out the same all the time and that's your messaging system. Now you can use, like we said before, you can use a VA, a virtual assistant to do that for you and you can set up with your virtual assistant a list of questions. We just call them frequently asked questions, that fake cues and they're just questions that are asked a lot. And you can make a list for your virtual assistant that they can answer these questions quickly and easily as you, and that's what you want. So you're not constantly on your cell phone answering messages because that takes up so much time and it's time when you're not making money. Remember what I said? This is important guys. You've got to remember those are what we call minimum wage activities.

Speaker 2: (18:14)
Minimum wage activities. Mw A's take you away from the activities that are going to make you money. You need to do them. Yes, they need to be done, but they don't necessarily need to be done by you. They can be done by somebody else and you can pay them more than minimum wage. We just call them minimum wage activities because they're less activities that are taking away from you, not putting the income in your pocket. You want to do activities that are building and raising your income and you want to put other people in charge of the activities that have to be done, but they're not necessarily making you any money doing it, right? So when a guest texts you or they're checking in, you've already got that reservation. You definitely have to take care of that guest and attend to them. So it's very important, but it's not going to make you any more money doing it, right?

Speaker 2: (19:08)
So it's not an activity that's raising your income, but it's definitely an activity that needs to be done. So messaging is crucial, but it's something that doesn't necessarily have to be done by you. Okay? So delegate, delegate, delegate, all those little activities out. You want to be working on, finding more properties and making more money, finding ways to increase your income. Okay, so there are great, great messaging services out there. SMART BNB and Guesty are my two favorite Guesty you have to have five properties in order to get in with them. But I'm going to tell you something really cool about Guesty ambiance Soto, who is the CEO of Guesty. I heard him in an interview last week and he said, if you have five properties on Guesty, one year later you will have 20 you will four x your business. Almost every single one of the people who sign up for Guesty with five properties, we'll by the end of the next year have 20 properties.

Speaker 2: (20:20)
So let's just say for instance, for Shits and Giggles, right? Let's just say for instance, you have five properties right now, each of them making $1,000 a month. Okay, so you've got a $5,000 coming in and that's pretty darn good. 5,000 a month coming in by the end of next year, if you were to sign up for Guesty, you would have 20 properties and let's just say for instance, and shits and giggles that they're only making $1,000 a month extra right? Cashflow. Now you've got 20,000 a month coming in now that's pretty flipping amazing. Who could not use 20,000 a month coming in in extra income? Why do you think too that that happens? How are they able to go from five to 20 think, think, think, think, be a little poo. Bear think, think, think. Because guys, it frees up all your time. You're no longer doing all the messages.

Speaker 2: (21:24)
You're no longer booking all the cleaning companies. You're no longer doing all that little stuff. When you use something like Guesty, they do the messaging for you. They're answering the phone calls, they're booking the cleaning people, they're integrating tools like remote lock and sending out the lock codes. They're the ones using beyond pricing and making sure that all that is integrated. They're lining up all your calendars. If you're using multiplex forms, they're doing price labs. I mean they line up with a bunch of different stuff and when they're doing all that work for you, what are you able to do? You're able to go out there and find more properties. Remember now they're doing all the Mwa A's and you're doing all the activities that build your portfolio and that's what you want. So when I heard that, I got super excited because he said like a huge percentage of the people who had five properties ended up with 20 by the end of one year.

Speaker 2: (22:28)
Tada. I mean, literally. What else can you do that we'll four x your business in one year. Use Them. Use Guesty. Okay. Or you can try smart bnb to a lot of people love smart bnb. If you do smart bnb, it's smart, Okay. But um, Guesty and smart bnb does the same thing. I mean, but you can use them with homeaway and airbnb. They'll, they'll join and combine your calendars. They'll do all your messaging. I mean guys, look into these systems and really see how you can use them. Don't be afraid of the tiny minute percentage that they charge you. Why? It's kind of like the Robert Kiyosaki story and Robert Talks about this so many times. I mean he drilled it into us. You can't be cutting coupons when you're making millions of dollars. So many people are looking to cut expenses, cut expenses, cut expenses. I'm going to clip coupons.

Speaker 2: (23:29)
I'll spend eight hours a day clipping coupons so I could save money. Saving money isn't the same as making money or investing and earning money. Not the same, not the same. You can't save your way cutting coupons to, to being a, you still have to invest money and time and become a millionaire. I mean, it's not the same thing. So you think you're saving money by not doing these things. You're actually hurting yourself. You're actually shooting yourself in the foot. Because you're too darn cheap. And I said something else the first time I cleaned it up the sack. But here's the thing, you're too cheap. Stop being cheap. Stop. You know, stepping over dollars to save a dime. It doesn't work that way. You are no longer an employee or self employed. Stop thinking like an e and an s. You want to think like a business owner and like an investor and business owners and investors are looking for more ways to make money and they know making money sometimes cost money.

Speaker 2: (24:37)
You have to hire employees and pay them. But guess what? When you do that, it's amazing. Have you ever watched the profit or shark tank? Oh my gosh. I'm telling you. Every time I watch those shows, I'm just stunned. There are people who walk in and they're so stuck on their one idea. It's their little baby and they won't allow these sharks to get in. And obviously the sharks want to deal too, but these people are so afraid to let go a little bit of their baby have an idea that they won't let these sharks help them. And I'm like, dude, you can sit and struggle and make $10,000 a year or you could give away half the profits, but this guy is going to make you 2 million. You can have half of 2 million, which is a million or all of 10,000 what do you want?

Speaker 2: (25:29)
You're like, it's, it's so idiotic. Stop thinking that way. They think like employees, they think like self employed people. You have to think like a business owner. Sometimes you're going to have to spend a little bit of money. Now I'm not saying go out there and go in debt right away. Do it wisely. Do it smart and do it step by step. Right? Start with the ILEX. Get the first property down, get it rolling in and the, you know cashflowing so once you get your first property, cashflowing would, you should be doing by the second or third month. Honestly, you should be cashflowing by the end of the second month. Honestly, because it's not that hard. It's not that hard to get a good property and have it be cashflowing. So by the second month, your expenses should be minimal compared to the income coming in.

Speaker 2: (26:24)
And then you just duplicate it, set it on autopilot and duplicate it. And if you have to use a VA until you've got five properties, so you can sign up for something like Guesty, then do that. Use a virtual assistant for a little while, let them answer the calls. Um, what's really great is when you use somebody like smart bnb or um, Guesty, they answer your text messages super quick, like within 30 seconds or something. So that keeps you your ratings really, really high and you can stay a superhost. So I, I like that about that. But you want to make sure that you have virtual assistants set on all hours of the day when you're starting off too, so that you've got 24 hours a day handled that there's somebody there to answer text messages. They don't answer the calls personally, but people are going to be thinking that they're talking to you and they're actually talking to a virtual assistant.

Speaker 2: (27:25)
And the only time your virtual assistant is going to contact you is when they don't know the answers to whatever the guest is asking. So most of your frequently asked questions are going to be answered over and over and over again, and they'll have it all written down. They won't even have to contact you, but maybe they'll ask something unique like how close is the library? And if they can't look it up, then they're going to call you and say, is there a library really close or is there a Vegan restaurant really close? I can't find one online. And you'll know the answer. Or maybe it's a church or something that you didn't have. But as soon as you answer a question that has never been asked before, you tell your assistant, your VA or Guesty or smart bnb, you tell them, please put this in my Faq is so that I don't have to answer this question again.

Speaker 2: (28:16)
And you just keep building it up, building it up, building it up, and you will answer less and less and less questions. It's amazing and very, very fun. So on the first part of this podcast episode, the last episode, it's going to be, but it was the same podcast I talked about how to use your virtual assistants and I think you should be using things like process street, Trello, Google docs, Dropbox, something, some one place where you can get all that information and some one place that you can share with more than one person so that they all have access to it. So you don't have to keep sending it out and sending it out and sending it out. So use, use a tool like process street. Process Street is great because it's like little checklists or use Trello because they can answer and pull up the questions and pull up the information they need so much quicker and way more easily.

Speaker 2: (29:13)
When you use a system like that. So integrate those systems when you're using a virtual assistant and when you're first getting started, integrate those systems. Okay. And the final tool I want to mention to you is properly P, r o p e r l, y and it's actually get So make sure you put the GE t and then p r o p e r l get this is an amazing tool that I recently found out about. I had a friend who showed me and she had told me about it a while ago and I just didn't like, listen, if you ever had a friend you're like, yeah, yeah, whatever. But it's like, you know everything, right? And she was like, no, no, you got to see this. And I was like, Hey, this is pretty cool, right? And I wasn't really paying attention.

Speaker 2: (30:05)
And then the other day we went out for lunch and she got like a message from her cleaning company and these little pictures came up and I said, do you get those all the time? And she said, yeah, I showed you that I showed you properly. I'm like, show me again. I was like so bad. Me. All right. Remember tone to do as I say, not as I do always remember guys, no matter how old we are, we can always be students. We can always learn something new. And I can't remember. I must have been busy with the moving or you know, just my mind was somewhere else when she told me the first time. But what was really, really fantastic was this time she pulls up her phone and her cleaning crew had not just sent her pictures but they had sent her pictures with like these little checks marks on them and little, you know I like, it was amazing.

Speaker 2: (31:00)
Like they showed all the different things that they did on these pictures and I was like this is freaking fantastic. I love this. So now I'm signing up for free and getting, getting used to the, the thing, and I'm going to integrate this in my whole system because I do have sites where I have my cleaning crews take pictures, but this is like beyond, this is a little, it's one step more and absolutely really cool because you can set up your property so you can stage it exactly the way you like and take a picture of it and they will match that picture each and every time. It makes everything consistent and it also makes sure that everything is done exactly the way it needs to be done. So people aren't going to forget. Your cleaning crew isn't going to forget all of those little touches, all those little details, especially when the little details or little like bookmarkers and hair clips and things like that.

Speaker 2: (32:02)
Whatever gifts you're setting out, sometimes people forget or sometimes they might forget to water a plant or sometimes they might forget to clean under a couch. There's also one more thing about properly, properly will help you when you're going into an area that you're not used to. So it's kind of like a marketplace. They'll tell you about all the cleaners that they already have set up in a certain area. So let's say for instance your on the West Coast and you want to buy a property or purchase a property over in South Carolina someplace, right? So you've never been to South Carolina only but one time and you went to the beach and you thought it was really pretty and you're like, I'd love to own some rental properties over there. So I'm going to set up some strs. Holy Cow. Now how am I going to find a cleaning crew?

Speaker 2: (32:54)
Hello, properly, properly already has these cleaning crews all set up in a bunch of different cities and everybody else is using them. So you can look at them and it's kind of like a craigslist, right? Like a marketplace for that. So it's really, really cool. And what I like is it breeds consistency. So you can do a bunch of branding with this. You can make your properties all the same and consistent, not just with this standard of cleanliness, but with your branding as well. So you can really, really go crazy with this tool. And I see a bunch of different opportunities here for everybody. So let's go over this automation one more time. Remember, you want to start with Eli sucks. That's the first thing you want to start with. And if you go to our website, you'll see August and lock Ultron. Slage. I've really got to learn how to pronounce that name right?

Speaker 2: (33:57)
But those are the locks you want to start with those. The second thing you want to start with, do you remember it was dynamic pricing. So we use wheelhouse and remember use wheelhouse. It's so easy when you say it that way you'll never forget, right? So also air DNA dot c o Remember Air Dna is the place that you are going to go. You're going to need this. It's overkill if you're just using it for dynamic pricing, but eventually you're going to be looking for more and more properties. Okay? So this will tell you where to invest and how much you can make from each of those properties. You'll be able to plug in different areas and see which areas, even in your own area, even in like the suburbs of Phoenix or the suburbs of Chicago or wherever it is that you live, you'll be able to plug that information in and see which neighborhoods will get you the best income.

Speaker 2: (34:55)
Well, you'll have the best return for your dollar. Okay. So that's really what you want to look for and really great data analytics to on that. So you want to make sure too that you're helping out your cleaning companies so that they can have online scheduling if they don't already down in Tucson. One of my favorite ones that I use down there is logic mates. So take a look at their cleaning schedules, how they schedule their cleanings. It's really, really amazing and I love the way that they've done that. Ryan Monday, he owns logic maids down in Tucson and he's really great and he's super smart, really young kid and he's integrated a lot, really great technology, but it helps us all out. So you want to do something like that for your peeps, right? Help them help you. Then there's going to be messaging.

Speaker 2: (35:48)
You want to somehow get your messaging automated. When you first start out, you might have to use a virtual assistant and remember you can find virtual [email protected] You can find virtual assistants there. And if you haven't listened to that, that's, I think I talked about it in the beginning of this, so that would be episode 34 go back to episode 34 and listen to that, but you can use a virtual assistant until you can use places like Guesty or smart bnb. Then you want to automate that messaging because that's going to save you a ton of time and mark BNB syncs your bookings to, I mean they do a lot of stuff. Same with Guesty. Guesty is absolutely amazing and guest, he is the one that I was telling you about where the owner, Mr. Soto said that when they start with five properties, by the end of the year, the majority of people will have 20 properties.

Speaker 2: (36:46)
You will for x Your Business and that's what you want because you're saving so much time. Okay? Don't be afraid of a little fees for some of these things because in the end you're going to be making so much more money. So think shark tank. Okay, do you want half of 2 million or all of 10,000 right? Half of 2 million or all of 10,000 you definitely want the half of the 2 million and last of all get that place is pretty cool. I'm just starting out with it. Oh, I should have listened to my friend. Be Open, be open. If I can give you any advice. It's always be open and I'm usually pretty good at that. I must have just an, when she did it, I was trying to remember when she showed me, I remember exactly where we were. We were at some restaurant, but I can't remember what was going on in my life, so it was probably at a time where I was just thinking about something else and I didn't pay too much attention, but this time I was like, grabbing it going, wait, now show me again, show me again.

Speaker 2: (37:53)
I was like, this thing is so cool. So I'm definitely going to be integrating that more and more with my cleaning crews and my cleaning companies. I loved it. I want you guys to automate as quickly as possible. Okay. Make sure you get the locks first and make sure you get your dynamic pricing set. Once you get your first property rolling and making money, it's time to move on and do it a second time. You've got to create your sop, your standard operating procedures, though. Make sure you do that. That should be done by the end of property number one because then you'll be able to set property number two and property number three and number four. All of those things up the same exact way. It will get easier and easier and you'll be able to delegate more and more and by the time you get to number five, it's going to grow exponentially, meaning that you're not going to probably grow one at a time.

Speaker 2: (38:52)
You'll probably be grabbing a couple of properties a month and sometimes more properties than that a month and make sure that you're setting goals for yourself. Go back and listen to prior episodes when I talked about the success path and setting goals for yourself and making sure that you're moving along, that you set particular goals and you can go and reevaluate yourself so that you know that you're moving forward. Because a lot of times people set goals and then they just waste their time. They don't do anything. Oh, you know what? I think I mentioned that in another book because turning pro talked about that and I loved that book. I mean, turning pro talks about a lot of things. It's really our fears holding us back and doing all that procrastination stuff. We're our own worst enemies guys. We want to become our bestest friends, so make sure you're working through all of this stuff because honestly, once you can get past that little voice and really start doing things and taking action, you'll notice how your business just grows.

Speaker 2: (40:03)
So turning pro was a great book for that, for the checklists and stuff. Remember the checklist manifesto and I'm moving, so don't forget that I'm moving and I'm busy, busy, busy. The month of April, but in May we're going to be coming at you gangbusters because our membership site's going to be opening and I can't wait to get that going. It's going to be amazing. We've got some really great interviews lined up. We've got Q and A's that you'll be able to do personally with the people that we're interviewing. We're going to have zoom calls. We're going to have so many amazing opportunities and tools and interviews and hot seats. And now my gosh, just so much stuff. So I want you guys to stay tuned, but remember this month is going to be slow. I'm not even positive that we're going to have something that goes out next week because we've been trying to get our interview redone with Carol Leda so we can get that in there.

Speaker 2: (40:58)
And if we can't, I'm going to be super disappointed guys cause I wanted to get that in there before I moved and at least before I had up to Toronto. But if I can't, I'm apologizing ahead of time and if we're skipping any weeks, I apologize for that too. But hang in there, go back and make sure you do your due diligence and do your sop. Okay? Because of having no sop is a means. Your Business is a pos. You want an sop or your businesses pos. All right? You know I love you. You know I care about you. Do me a favor and click subscribe. Send me some more reviews. I love reviews and send me those pictures of yourself, your family, your short term rental. We're going to put it on our wall. I'm super excited about moving. I'm super excited about going up to Canada and being with a great bunch of ladies up there and I will see you later. God bless you. Have a great day. Go and Grow.


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