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Episode 033 – How to Get Your Mind Right & Win This Game Called RE Investing & Life




01) Keep it Positive

Tame your "Little Voice" with yoga, meditation, or a good float at a spa.


02) Keep it Moving in the Right Direction

Your Success Path plan will give you the compass that you desire.


03) Overwhelm Negative with Positive

When your brain says "this won't work," present examples of when it already has worked and realize that you can do it, too!


04) Know You Have People Cheering You On

There is always someone in your corner!


05) Never Quit!

Be a lifelong student and never ever give up.




* It's an easy Score Card

You're either making money or you're not.

* It's like a Game to Your Brain

Easy to feel accomplishments, like a game.

* Multiple Exit Strategies can be Planned For

* Forgiving

Even some Bad Buys can turn good over time.

* Master an Area and You can rinse and repeat


Michelle's Challenge or

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

Create your own "Calling Card" for your business.

*Wine, Flowers, Cookies

*Towel Art

*Something Unique for Your Area

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Show Transcript

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income, is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset, and you are listening to the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast

and in today's episode, we are going to be talking about...

Speaker 2: (00:30)
how to get your mind right and win this game called real estate investing and life. But first I wanted to thank more a rogue for her five star review that says so many good nuggets. I just soap these up. I have been binge listening and I can't get enough. This has been so helpful for me. Thank you. More rogue. Hmm? Could that be more a Rogers? I'm pretty sure I remember more Rogers. I think she's working on her second short term rental right now and if that's you Morra I am so routine for you man and Maura. I am definitely in your corner. I can't wait to hear more and more wins about all the stuff that you're doing.

Speaker 2: (01:11)
You guys, I'm super, super proud of you. I get more and more of these cool little everybody prints them up for me and then hands them to me, but you guys are doing so amazing and I love these stories. I also have to remind you that we are sponsored by audible as listeners of the short term rental revenue podcast. Audible is offering you a free audio book download along with a 30 day trial to give you the opportunity to check out their services and you know, I personally recommend audible. I've been a member since 2006 love, love, love, love, love them. I can never ever say enough good about them. And to download your free book and Start Your Free 30 Day trial, just go to audible forward slash s t r revenue and you'll get your free book. And every week I've been doing my best to recommend at least one good read for you this week.

Speaker 2: (02:07)
I've got a couple of good reads for you. I want to start something. I think it would be really cool as if we could start in our little group, a book of the month where we can go in and talk about a book that I haven't read, you haven't ride and we read it together and it promotes our business in some way, shape or form and sometimes maybe throw out mindset book in there because you know I'm all about mindset, so that's what this episode is about. I am going to do my best to get the interview done again with Care Leda. Her schedule has just been so incredibly busy and you guys, I apologize a hundred times over and over again. I think that was my bad, how we lost that whole two hours plus of information that she gave us. That was so amazing and great.

Speaker 2: (02:55)
So I'm going to do my best to get that to you this month. Inside of April. Now April's going to be a busy month for me guys. I've got a lot, a lot, a lot going on. I'm moving. I'm going up to Canada for a visit up there. I just got done speaking and the as Rhea for women's conference with Maria Giordano, that was amazingly fun. On Monday we had just a great group of women there and it was just a blast. It was just a blast to be there and to be able to speak and answer questions and the group of women's so smart. Oh my gosh, these women were great, so I've got just a bunch of stuff going on in April. We're closing on another short term rental up in Tempe and we're selling a property down in Tucson and so all of this stuff is going on, so I'm going to have shorter episodes.

Speaker 2: (03:47)
I'm probably more Q and A's. I'm going to try to see if I can get that one with Carol Lita done and thrown in there. If I can't just know that the episodes this month are going to be a lot shorter. There's probably going to be a little questions and answers. I would take all the time off if I could, but I don't want to leave you guys hanging with nothing to listen to, but maybe I'll just do a quick question and answer and then tell you guys to go listen to an old episode to remind you of this stuff, but just know April is going to be kind of a really busy month for me. I'm bouncing back in May because on May 1st right around that time, that's going to be our launch date for the membership site and we're super duper excited about that. We've got a Beta membership going in for people who have or want to start their own short term rentals.

Speaker 2: (04:36)
I'm thinking it's going to benefit you guys a lot because we've got so much planned in there. We've got interviews that we're going to do every single month with a bunch of experts. We're going to have hot seats, we're going to have trainings. We're going to have ways to promote your business. We used to make your business even better and make you stand out. We're going to be here to support you and I'm telling you this, this community is going to be amazing. So if you're interested in being in that Beta membership group, please go to the short term rental you'll find some place on there where you can sign up to be on the Beta group waitlist. And that's what you want to be. We're going to be sending that out in a mailer. So look for the mail and we're only going to take a few people, okay?

Speaker 2: (05:25)
Because you guys are going to be the ones who help us set it up and make it look right and pick the right wording and the verbiage and we get it all set and then we'll open it up. But anybody who's in the Beta group, whatever pricing we give you in the Beta group, you will be grandfathered in for life. So not only will you be a huge part of creating this wonderful, wonderful community and what it looks like and, and the content that it has, what's working and what's relevant, and we'll throw out what's not, create more and more of that work better for you, but not only will you be a part of that, you'll be grandfathered in for as long as you stay and I think it's going to be an amazing community and lead to some amazing, amazing events. So I'm super excited about that.

Speaker 2: (06:10)
So keep a lookout, get on our mailing list and keep a lookout for that group. Also, at the end of this podcast, I've got a challenge for you. So stay tuned all the way to the end and have a listen because it's going to be kind of fun. Okay. This podcast is very much needed and the reason why is because I wanted to let you guys know that mindset is pretty much everything. It is crucial. The reason why I am called the master of money mindset is because I've realized over the years working with authors like Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins and all the people that I've worked for, all the people that I've worked with, all the events that I've attended, everything is about mindset. It's really, really amazing to me that you'll find groups of people who are going to the same events and sometimes for years attending the same event, year after year after year with the same people and stuff, and some of them move forward and some of them say still and some of them even fall behind.

Speaker 2: (07:11)
And you look at the difference and the difference is always mindset. It literally is. Everything is about how you think about it. And so this is a much needed episode because I should really, every fourth episode should be about mindset because I want to keep you guys in that mode where you realize that it's not just what you do, it's what you think about what you do. In this episode, I've got some key steps. Okay, so number one, we're going to keep it positive. We have a little voice inside of our head who's constantly talking to us, telling us we're not worthy, or maybe this shouldn't work or won't work, or we should be doing something else, or who are we to be building this or we don't have the knowledge or the education behind us. That little voice is so annoying, but at the same time it was there for a reason.

Speaker 2: (08:07)
It's really there to protect us and keep us from falling RFAs and embarrassing ourselves and everything else, but we have to teach that little voice that, yes, while we appreciate your input, it's not necessary anymore. We don't need you anymore to do that. We've got this from here, so you need to override that little voice. Number two, we've got to keep ourselves moving constantly. Okay? It's all about taking action. Tony Robbins was really great at teaching this. It's great to be, you know, watching movies like the secret or reading books like that, but honestly it's missing a huge, huge step and that is the step of taking action. You can't just meditate in your chair, see money falling on yourself, and then that's going to happen. No, it doesn't happen. It doesn't happen without taking action. So you're going to have to move. You are going to have to take steps and we'll go over that.

Speaker 2: (09:02)
Number three, overwhelm, all those negative thoughts with positive, and there's a bunch of ways to do that. But basically when your brain is saying this, you have to present more facts that say that because our belief systems have been formed since we're young and we have a tendency to fall into these patterns that we've created for ourselves, and now we have to create new patterns, patterns of success, successful habits, let's say. And number four, know that you're not alone. Know that there's a lot of people in your life rooting for you. Again, there's that American sane rooting for you, but it means that somebody in your corner and that they have your back. And it could be your mom, it could be a friend, it could be me guys. I am here cheering you on every step of the way and don't negate the people that you don't know.

Speaker 2: (09:58)
Let me remind you, think of the, the soccer kids in the cave. That was just this past year, like a year ago or so. There were these kids that were stuck in a cave for days and days and days. I mean it was incredible. They had gone into a cave with their coach and the water began rising and people all over the world were watching as these kids were stuck in this cave and had to be rescued. And 30 years ago, I think in 1980 something 85 or there was a little baby girl, she was like 18 months old and her name was baby Jessica. And she was stuck in a, well, if you're old enough to remember that this little girl had wandered through a field and fell into this hole and she was stuck in there for a couple of days and they were afraid to dig her out because the, the well would collapse on her.

Speaker 2: (10:51)
The dirt around her would collapse. So they had to come in sideways and dig this child out and it was incredible. The whole world was watching and praying. Guess what? People who don't know you will still love you and cheer you on and be praying for you, so accept that love and accept the friendships from even virtual friends like me. When you go onto our Facebook page, you find us a short term rental revenue on the Facebook page and you write us a little note or leave us a message or you email [email protected] when you do that, we're there cheering you on. We literally have a little board with all these people's names and stuff on it and little stories like a little postcard of each one of them that we've created so that we can look at these people and just we're constantly sending you our love and positive vibrations.

Speaker 2: (11:48)
We really, really are, and I know if you're not woo woo, you probably don't believe in that stuff. Guys, you're constantly in our prayers and our thoughts. We really, really want you to succeed. Every one who listens to this podcast. The first thing I do before I do a podcast is I literally just hold the intent of it reaching people and making a difference, a positive difference in their lives, helping them in some way, shape, or form. So if you're listening to this podcast, you were led somehow by a higher power to listen to it so that it could somehow move you in some way, shape, or form. So we're here, we're backing you up, not just backing you up. We believe in you and we're rooting for you and we're on your side and we are the ones. If you've got no one else, you've got us, okay?

Speaker 2: (12:39)
I bet you somewhere some somebody else's rooting for you and they're in your corner cheering you on. If not a person right here on this earth, someone up in heaven, right? Maybe a grandparent or somebody who's passed and maybe your higher self or a guardian angel. There is somebody up there. Think of Clarence the angel in. It's a wonderful life. I love that movie. And the cool thing about it was when he thought that everything was going wrong, there were people watching and a much higher place just making sure that he knew that he was loved and that there was someone who wanted something better for him. And there's somebody who wants something better for you, you need to go and grab that. There's nothing preventing you or stopping you from getting then. And number five is never quit. This is like one of my favorite scenes and one of my favorite books too.

Speaker 2: (13:39)
I mean when you start reading about the presidents and the people, there's so many people who would say, just don't quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Right? The reason why is you can't lose if you don't quit, quitters lose unless you're quitting drugs obviously then your winter, but rehab is for quarters. That's a good positive move. So if you want to quit drugs or alcohol and things like that, and yes, by all means quit, but don't quit trying to build your business, to expand your portfolio, to make a better life for you and your family. Never quit that. You can't lose unless you quit. I'm this and I'm not going to quit until I'm in my grave, so I'm either going to do it or I'm going to die trying, so screw it. I'm Irish and I'm stubborn and serve. Richard Branson says, screw it.

Speaker 2: (14:29)
Let's do it. Let's do it. Let's get this done and I'm not stopping. Nothing will stop me until it is done. Okay, so step one is keeping it positive, right? Calming down that, that silly little voice and telling it to just shut the hell up. Shut the hell up. I got this. You're going to have that little voice talking on your shoulder. I people have seen the cartoons where the got the angel on one side of the devil on the other. You are going to have that forever. What you have to do in your life is create a positive plan that just overwhelms that voice. Think the little voice for its input, but then move on because you've got to keep it positive. A great way to do that is through meditation, through Yoga, through floating places where you can get your thoughts together. Because a lot of times we're just so busy that these thoughts and these feelings overwhelm us and we don't even take the time to sit and feel who we are and realize the person that we are inside, right?

Speaker 2: (15:34)
We're living on this treadmill and we don't take time to breathe. We don't take time to go outside and just take our shoes off and put our feet in the grass and look up and breathe and be a part of everything. And once you do that, once you are a part of everything, once you take that breath, you'll realize that we are part of a much, much bigger picture and we are much bigger than we think. We see ourselves in these bodies. But your spirit is so much bigger than the body you are stuck in right now. You are spirit is amazing. People have like literally, there are scientific studies now where you can see the Auras of people. They're talking about, hey you're, or is this color or that color? Even if you don't believe in that. There is an essence about people that expands beyond their body and a power about them that expands way beyond that.

Speaker 2: (16:32)
Tons and tons of scientific studies between the links of people and how far they can reach. You can think of someone across the planet and they'll call you. Have you ever done that where you're like thinking about somebody and next thing you know they call you up and you're like, oh dude, I was just thinking about you. That is so crazy. The reason why is we are all connected. We're all way bigger than we think and we're all connected. But this little voice, this little voice I believe in my mind is to keep us small and to not allow us to expand to the big, big person that we aren't inside. And so what we have to do is just think that little voice. Yeah. Thank you for being there. Thank you for your input, but I've got this and then just overwhelm it with positive things.

Speaker 2: (17:21)
Just constantly keep the positive flowing. Don't allow negative music in your life. Don't allow negative movies in your life. Don't allow negative news and your life. Oh my gosh. I think I touched on it really quickly about the kids in the cave and Baby Jessica in the, well, here's the deal guys. We used to have positive stories on the news that would move us to be together as a community or together as a planet, as a nation. Right now you go on there and everything is negative and the media has taken over with a negative agenda and that is really bad for our soul. Really quick in your head, think about somebody who just pissed you off and made you super angry. Do you feel like scrunched up? You feel like this and this tightness, the tightness you feel is you contracting into this little person, but when you think about love, like when you think about somebody that you love, like a child or your spouse or grandparent or somebody who's been special in your life, when you think about that person, your body automatically responds to that in a relaxing way where it expands.

Speaker 2: (18:42)
So hate pulls us in because hate is really fear and love puts us out there. And so by loving and doing loving things and being positive, we can allow ourselves be out there. And what happens when we're out there, we grow, right? So love and growth and all those things are expanding things. They're expanding. You are expanding your intelligence turns expanding your wallet guys. Okay? So the only way to do that is to let all that hatred go. Don't feed into the bullshit of the media and all the stuff on TV when you get on there, you know, even if you're on that side where you think that stuff is funny, hatred has never funny. It's really not because it tightens you up and it keeps you small and they're keeping your mindset. Small. Guys, don't keep your mindset small. Allow yourself to expand. And the only way we expand as by giving and being outside of ourselves.

Speaker 2: (19:47)
So be in that loving growth stage. Thank your little voice for its input, but then go out there and expand. And I recommend, I know, I think I've talked about this before, but I just got back from one yesterday and I go floating. I don't know if you guys have ever tried this, but I've been floating for a couple of years. My daughter gave me a gift and I'm trying to think, it was either two or three Christmases ago of a float tank out here. They have something called true rest and I have a membership there and I go and I float. You get in these tanks and it's an amazing, amazing experience. I know a lot of people go, that sounds really bad. And I'm like, no, no. It's actually really, really good. I go in and I don't have any music or any lights. You can go in, you can have little lights or you can have like this really relaxing music.

Speaker 2: (20:39)
But I had five kids I love like total sensory deprivation and you're floating it's tank with like, I don't know, six eight inches of water or something and it's super salted water so that you float and when you're in there, you just closed this pod that you're an, and it's the, the temperature, it makes it feel like you're just floating in space. I'm not even kidding. You can't drown. Even if you fell asleep, there's so much salt in there. It keeps you floating and buoyant so you can't drown. But it's really amazing because when you're in there, a lot of people go, oh, I would get claustrophobic. No, it's actually expansive. It's amazing. You get in these float tanks and you feel like you're way out in space and absolutely huge. You feel like, oh my gosh, this is great. So I use it to kind of connect, connect myself with source, and you know what?

Speaker 2: (21:37)
I've got some kind of thing I'm working on in my brain is just all over the place. I use it, just pull myself into a single thought or sometimes just expand out and ask for guidance and whatever. But I love floating. To me it's a lot like meditation, but I have a harder time meditating. I know a lot of people are really good at meditating. I'm not because I get distracted easily. A float tank for me gives me this place where there are no other distractions. Cause when I'm meditating at home I just hear my dogs like sniffing around me. You just hear that and then you know they're by your ear or there licking your face. You're like, thanks guys. And you shut the door. Then you hear like them outside the door like like oh my gosh. It was like when you had kids, I had five children.

Speaker 2: (22:31)
So you couldn't go to the bathroom alone for the longest time or take a shower alone. I mean there was constantly a kid with you all the time and somebody always touching you with sticky fingers. Like it was just nonstop. So now that I'm older, I totally appreciate alone time. I totally appreciate the deprivation of all those senses. And sounds, so I totally recommend, um, floating. It's a great pastime and it's going to help you keep it positive. Okay? Make sure everything that you've got coming into your life is a positive thing. No media, bad media. I mean good media. Yes, positive news, yes. News that's going to advance you and move you in a great direction. Yes, but keep everything in your life positive. If there are negative people that includes them, cut them out or start pulling yourself away from them. And I know a lot of people go, well what if it's your spouse?

Speaker 2: (23:33)
Then you know what? Overwhelmed them with positive. If you've got, what do they call them, Nellie negative spouse or whatever, Debbie Downer. You got to be the one who shows them. Especially if it's a person you can't get away from like his battles, right? You've got to be the one who shows them a better way, a way that feels better for them because they're stuck in a routine of negative. And you will be pulled into that and suck down into that if you don't pull yourself out. So you've got to show others how you can do more positive things. So when they want to tell you all this negative stuff, allow them to go there. Don't kind of feed into it, right? Don't feed into it at all. Don't give any response back to the negative, but then come back with something positive. Hey, you know what?

Speaker 2: (24:22)
I read today. I read Blah, blah, blah. Right? Hey, guess what I did today. I went to this float and it was the most amazing thing. Or Hey, I got this really cool meditation CD and I did it for about five minutes today. I'm telling you, I feel like amazing. Or Hey, I went to this yoga class and that was like the most positive thing. So start showing them and they will eventually come around, but it's going to take you to do it. Now. If they're not married to you and they're negative, find yourself friends and people you want to hang out with that you want to be like. And I know that's probably easier said than done because a lot of times we're going to hang out with people we've been hanging out with a lot. But it's time to really analyze the people you're hanging out with.

Speaker 2: (25:08)
Do you want to be like those people? Do you want your kids to be like those people? And if the answer is no, then you need to start looking for better friends, a better quality of friends because your friends should be people you aspire to be like. And if you don't have any people like that in your life or they're not around you, then you need to move and find them. And that includes just listening to podcasts, right? You know, when you surround yourself with people who you can aspire to be like, it literally lifts your life up and lifts not just the quality of your thoughts, but the quality of your life and it lifts your aspirations. It expands all of that. So you want to really, really analyze the people you're hanging out with. And Yeah, sometimes you might have to, I mean there were times where my husband was so negative that I said, you know what?

Speaker 2: (26:05)
If you can't change this, then you know, then I have to move this way. When you do your best to show others how to be and if they don't move, then you just know. I mean sometimes we move along this path with people and sometimes we grow apart from them, but whatever your path is, make it a better path guys. Make it a better path. So that's like number two, keep it moving in the right direction. So what is the right direction you had to have done that path plan, fail to plan. You plan to fail. There is a truism in that because you can't just keep writing on this treadmill and expect anything to change because nothing will change unless you hop off and you make new plans and start going somewhere. But it's kind of like the Alice in wonderland thing. If you've ever read Lewis Carroll's books, you'll realize there was one of my favorite quotes and there, and I'm probably going to blow the crap out of it so I'm just going to improvise.

Speaker 2: (27:07)
But basically it was the Cheshire cat. Alice came up to the Cheshire cat and asked which way do I go? And he said, well, that just depends on where you want to go. And it's like, well, anywhere from here. And he's like, well it doesn't matter then which way you go. Just as long as you're moving, you're going to get somewhere. You need to know where you want to go and the only way to do that is plan. And if you don't sit down, just take five or 10 or 15 minutes for your life. If you can't do that, just sit down and start planning your life path. You are doing yourself a huge disservice because you're going to sit there and bitch about being in the same place next year or the year after and it's because you didn't plan or you're going to say, I only got this far.

Speaker 2: (28:00)
Did you expect to be farther along the age that you are right now? Did you think somehow whatever age you are that you would be somehow farther along than you need to plan? You need to know where you want to go in order to get there. You don't just start driving and say, well, I'm just going to start driving and see where I end up. No. You know like if you're going to take a trip across country or something and you're like, you're usually going somewhere, hey, I'm going to go to Disneyworld, or hey, I'm going to go to mount Rushmore. I W you've got to have a plan, a destination because just driving will get you somewhere, but it's not going to get you to where you want to be unless you plan to go there. It'll get you anywhere. Do you know what I'm saying?

Speaker 2: (28:44)
So have a destination, not just the GPS. The GPS does no good without a destination. So make a plan. How many houses do you want to have? How many short term rentals? How long do you want to do this? Have a plan, have a plan set in mind. Do you want to be 70 years old and still hosting properties? If the answer is yes, great, because your plan is for you, right? But if it's my plan says no, I'm done doing all that stuff, I let other people do that for me now. And the reason why is it's my path. I choose my path. You choose your path and you choose what you want to do. When you want to do it, how you want it to be. By certain times you set the milestones, you create the path that you want to live. And once you create the path, when you know the destinations, you know the milestones that are going to get you there, it's so much easier to go because now you're like, oh, well in order to have 25 properties and you know, 25 years, I have to average probably a property a year.

Speaker 2: (29:58)
Yeah. Do you see? And now that you know you have to do that, you can move along that path a lot easier than just saying, okay, you know, yeah, I want to retire rich and wealthy. Well, great. How are you going to do that? And there's the dreaded house, right? You're not really supposed to worry about how, but having a path is absolutely crucial. You need to set it up. You need to know where you want to go. Okay. Number three, overwhelmed the negative with positive information. So when your brain says one thing, then you give given information about something totally different. This is just basically every time your brain says, you can't do this, this won't work. Give it evidence of something working. Give it evidence, show it that it's working for somebody, and if it can work for them, it can always work for you.

Speaker 2: (30:51)
Every time your brain says you can't do this, you're not worthy, you're not enough proof to it. The opposite, give it so much overwhelming evidence that this can be done, that it can be done by somebody like you, that your brain just shuts up, says, fine. Okay, fine, we're going to do this because the more evidence you show your brain and you get this evidence by reading guys, I mean honestly these books that I'm giving you, this isn't for, this isn't for show. When I give you a book to read, it's because it's literally making a difference in my life or it's made a difference in my life or it's making a difference in somebody else's life. But basically what it's doing is building evidence. A lot of times, especially the books that we've been reading lately, they just give you story after story after story of scientific studies on how these things work, how people, you know, a lot of people sit there and they think to themselves here, you know, you have to have a great education in order to become a millionaire.

Speaker 2: (31:57)
No, that's not true. That's bullshit. And that's wrong. And there's book after book after book that will show you that more and more people create money who never came from anything. There are more millionaires out there who are self made than ever before. Lsa. Well, um, you know, you can't do it because there's only so much wealth and they're not sharing it. Nope, that's not true. More and more money is in circulation every single year. And not only that, more businesses are being created and more money is being created by those businesses and things that never existed before. So whereas one time there were no cell phones. Now there are cell phones, there are cell phone apps. Things are being created all the time that make the commerce grow and grow and grow. So there's not just one pie with money and they're not slicing at fairly.

Speaker 2: (32:50)
That is an illusion. And that is a bullshit, bullshit belief system to buy into. Don't buy into that belief system. Create your own economy. Don't buy into the bullshit economy is fixed. The wealthy are the only ones making money. You can't have a share of your own. Overwhelm your brain with the knowledge and the real facts and don't just feed in to the monopoly of minutia that is being put out there. Just the propaganda to keep you locked in wherever you are because you are a victim. You're a victim of your color, you're a victim of your sex. You're a victim of your religion. That's bullshit. You are not a victim in this world. There are no victims in this world. Not unless you want to be. If you want play victim, then go ahead. But I'm not a victim and I'm not going to play victim for you, okay?

Speaker 2: (33:47)
Don't buy that. If you draw that victim card, put the card back at the bottom of the decks and no one gets it for a long, long time, okay? Because honestly, you get to create your own reality guys. And the, the real, real truth is that money is created all the time. More money is put into the economy all the time. More millionaires are created every single day in the United States than anywhere else. 1700 people a day become millionaires in the United States. 1700 and those are people who didn't come from a background of being wealthy, don't buy into it, don't buy into it. And they're all different colors and they're all different sexes. There is no one size fits all when it comes to millionaires. There's not, there's not, we don't fit into any categories. Not unless you want to believe that. If you want to believe that, then you're listening to the wrong programs.

Speaker 2: (34:48)
Go listen to the stuff that keeps you stuck in whatever victim hood you want to be in because you're not a victim. Don't do that to yourself and don't do that to your kids and don't do that to your family. Because here's the deal. You deserve better. We are all children of God and he wants what's best for us or she, whatever you want to believe, right? But God wants what's best for us. As you think about your kids, if you had kids, wouldn't you want what's best for your kids? That's what God wants for us. He doesn't want us to suffer. You don't want your kids to suffer. You want them to work hard for what they have, right? And go through a little bit so that they, they what? So that they appreciate it, right? But if you have in your heart and you're willing to work hard, you can literally, there's nothing you can't do.

Speaker 2: (35:43)
There is nothing you can't do. And there is no one and nothing that can stop you. Don't let it. The key to this one, this overwhelming negative with positive is literally getting your brain in front of the information that says otherwise. So read those books that I give you because you're going to see the statistics. You're going to see how people have made themselves out of nothing. If you're broke right now, one of my favorite books was the power of broke. It was so great and there was so many great stories about people in that book just coming from nothing and creating these powerhouse companies. There's tons of millionaires. I mean, look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. These guys were kicked out of school, some of them. So some people like the guy who created FedEx, he went to a big Ivy League school, and when he put his business plan for Fedex out there, they said nothing could compete with the u s postal service.

Speaker 2: (36:43)
Well, Hello Fedex, ups. Now you've got two giant companies making millions of dollars, right? And guess who they're competing with? Oh Gosh. Wow. And who's struggling? The U S Postal Service. So don't believe what people tell you. B, simply because they're educated. Just because people are educated does not mean they're smart. I hate to tell you, and you can come from any background and build this, so even if you do have an education, you can become wealthy in in it with real estate because almost everybody who makes her money in real estate, they don't have an amazing wealthy background. Look at Kiyosaki. Kiyosaki is extremely against the g, the regular education system because it teaches people to remain in the quadrants of employee mentality, right? Do you want to be an employee? No. You want to be a business owner and investor. Get out of that quadrant. And the only way you can do that is to change your brain, change your belief system.

Speaker 2: (37:47)
And the only way you can do that is by educating yourself. Read, read, read, and just grow, grow, grow, okay? Don't allow yourself to be held back. And if you're not reading and you're like, oh, I don't like grading. Listen, that's why. That is why one of those wonderful reasons why I have that audible thing. Audible, forward slash str revenue. Go there, get your first book and then become a reader by listening to books on tape. You can listen to them anywhere, but these things are going to help you move forward. Guys, you really need to do this. So speaking of books, I wanted to say turning pro by Steven Pressfield. Okay, now Steven Pressfield, amazing author and he's a good author for artists and stuff to now, not only does he write novels I think, okay, so you wrote the legend of Bagger Vance and a lot of people have seen the movie but not read the book.

Speaker 2: (38:46)
But he also writes for people who are creative minded and he wrote this book called turning pro. It's super simple, super quick and easy to read. It's like a, probably it would take you a couple of hours to read it or you know, one evening you could sit and read it or you can get the audible version and listened to it and it's probably a two hour tape. And if you're listening to it on, you know, 1.5 speed, you could get it done in an hour and a half while you're cleaning the yard and doing the dishes. Okay? But here's the deal. What he talks about in turning pro is the fact that you've got these habits that you do every day and those habits keep you in the place that you are at, right? But once you decide to turn pro and do what you want to do forever and ever.

Speaker 2: (39:29)
So let's say you want a short term revenue business. Once you decide that you're going to turn pro, your habits are going to change. You're going to think differently and you're going to act differently. And that is the difference between turning pro. That's the difference between playing video games every night when you get home from work, sitting, having a beer going here and hanging out, you know, and just getting nothing done with those cracks of time. Instead you're going to fill those cracks of time with education, with you know, productivity, where you're moving, acquiring new properties, acquiring new cleaning companies, interviewing people, moving your business forward. Turning into a pro. I love that book and I think you need to read it and you need to think about turning yourself into a pro. You are now a professional investor, so dammit, act like it. And how do you act like it?

Speaker 2: (40:25)
You know how to act like it. Think about it. If you were a millionaire right now with a shitload of properties, what would you be doing every day? And don't say sitting by the pool, you know, sipping coladas cause maybe you would once in a while, but most of the time your ass would be productive. You'd be doing something right. You be acting like somebody who's producing a business. You've got employees. You would be acting like a boss. How does a boss act? You know how to do these things. They're actually already inside you. If you have the desire to do this business already inside you, you already have the ability to do that. There's a, an old story about this, and I love this story, that the word desire had a meaning in olden times meant of God. They believe that if you had a desire to do something, that that spark, that desire came from God, and that at the same time that you got the desire or the aspiration to be do or have more, that God gave you the ability to do it at that very same time.

Speaker 2: (41:33)
Because if he didn't, if he didn't give you that ability, what kind of God would he be? What kind of father would he be? What kind of mentor would he be? That would be cruel to give you the desire to do something that you had no ability to do that would be cruel. So if you have a desire to do something, you have the ability to do it already. It's already inside you. So do it. Just get out there and do it. And if you don't know how to do it, w how would you act if you didn't know how to do it? I know it doesn't that just piss you off once people say that, but it's the truth. Act like you would if you did know what you are doing. It's like, well, I don't know how to do this. Well, how would you do it if you didn't know how to do it?

Speaker 2: (42:18)
And it's like, well, maybe I would. There you go. See, it's already inside you. It's already inside you. And there's another book too called atomic habits. Now, atomic habits was written by James Clear, and this one is all about creating those habits. Every single day. Habits are everything, guys. Your habits from the time you get up til the time you go to sleep, if you can change your habits, you change your life. Oh my gosh. I mean, there's a million books written on this, a million books written on habits. There's actually a book called habits with an orange cover that is amazing book. But creating these habits, that one tells you more on how habits, you know, move people. But this one is telling you specifically how to change your habits. So I would read this one first and then you can read the other one too. But you want to create habits in your life that her moving you and keeping you productive and changing the rhythm of your life, right?

Speaker 2: (43:21)
Getting you off that treadmill of the day today, today, because you don't want to be on that treadmill. You're not a hamster. It's not fun. Do you think that's fine? Getting up, going to sleep, you know, working all day. No, that's not fun. Do you know what is fun? Creating measurable outcomes. Creating something that's tangible, right? Something you can measure, something you can look at and go, yes, I did that. That feels good, right? That is awesome. That's what you want. That's what this habit is for and moves you to, so you want, you want that scorecard, right? Is it working? Is it not? If it's not, change it up. Don't quit. Don't get frustrated. Most of this shit will not work. It's like most of this shit won't work. You're going to have to try it and tweak it and then do it again. Try It, tweak it.

Speaker 2: (44:17)
Do it again. Try It, tweak it, do it again. Right? But then when it works, guess what? Then you, you moved to step up the ladder. Keep going guys, keep going and just don't stop. Don't stop. So that's why real estate is, you know it, it creates the most millionaires because it's easily readable. You can see the scorecard, you can tell if something has cash flowing or not if it's working or not. It gives you that feedback almost instantaneously. And so it's an amazing, amazing way to invest, which is why I love it because it's so readable. It's quick and easy. You see the temperature of the gauge, you know what I mean? Just like a video game gives you that sense of accomplishment. Real estate gives you that sense of accomplishment every single day. Is this working? Is it not? So number four is the fact that others are cheering for you.

Speaker 2: (45:10)
Just know that you are here and you know what guys, give us your name and go online. Go to our Facebook page, short term rental revenue. Go there, go to support at the prosperity process. Go there, give us your name and what you're doing. I mean, you don't have to give us your whole name if you don't want to. If you don't want to share information because you're freaked out about privacy, that's totally cool and I get that, but just tell us who you are and what you're doing because we want to put you on this board and we want to watch you move. We want to see your progression. We want to hear your stories. We want to live your successes with you. We want to cheer you on. We want to be the Rah Rah. You know what I mean? We want to be those cheerleaders for you, so send us that because we care.

Speaker 2: (45:56)
If you've got no one else in your life that cares, you've got us and hopefully you've got other people in your life who care too and they're cheering you on to and be your own biggest cheerleader. Look in the mirror. Do the the Louise Hay thing where you look in the mirror and say, God darn it, I am good enough. Right? Everyday look at yourself and say, you are a winner. Just look at yourself and say, yes, you are. A winner. Look at you. Go, man, look at you. Go girl. You go girl. You know, say it any way you want, whatever you want to say, but here's the deal. Be Your biggest fan and cheer yourself on and know that we're behind you too. And find your cheerleaders and find your role models. Just live the most amazing life that you possibly can. And that brings us to number five.

Speaker 2: (46:46)
Never quitting. Never, never quit. Never quit learning. Never quit reading books, never quit being a student. Always realize there's someone out there who knows more than you. And that's okay, because if you can turn down the notch of, I know everything. If you can be a lifelong student, then your life will change in a heartbeat. And if you can be a cheerleader to others, and the person who lifts others up and has constantly aspiring to help other people, oh my gosh, gratitude servitude, right? You want to be that. You want to be the person who's grateful, the person who's giving and the person who just is constantly, constantly blessed by the people who are in their life. And the only way you can do that is by never quitting, never quit. I'm not going to quit until I'm in my grave. We don't get to tally up that scorecard until we're dead.

Speaker 2: (47:48)
That's not, you know, that's just not an option. So it doesn't matter how many, you know, monkey wrenches are thrown into this program and this project in my life because I just look at it and say, well, it's not over yet. It's not over until I'm laying in that grave. Once, once I am, then, then you can tally it up. But until that moment, I'm not quitting. There's nothing that's going to make me stop. So I've made a lot of money and I've spent a lot of money. The past couple of years of our life have been really, really difficult for my husband and I because we have a daughter who's been affected by the drugs going across the border here in Arizona and the heroin that was brought in. So she has a problem with addiction. And honestly, it's the hardest thing that any parent can go through. It's the hardest thing.

Speaker 2: (48:42)
There is nothing in my life. Even my parents cancer that has been harder than our daughters addiction. But the craziest part is all the money that we've spent and all the things that we've spent has have just taught us more that no matter what life hands you, you can always handle it. There's always people out there to help you if you're willing to take help. You know if you're willing to be a student, if you're willing to learn, if you're willing to give and you're willing to open up, then it's never over. Guys, it's never over. You're never ever alone. You are never alone. There are, there's always somebody out there who understands completely what you're going through. If you feel alone, you're not looking hard enough for other people who can be with you. So never quit. Never quit looking for your people because you've got a group of people out there who are willing to make you a part of them and you can all be better people because of the people that you're with.

Speaker 2: (49:43)
You don't ever have to worry. As long as you never quit, you'll never stop learning. You'll never stop growing. You'll never stop moving and as long as you've got that plan, you know you're moving forward. Right? So I just want you to remember work on your mindset and I wanted to also mention, I've got a challenge for you. I want you to do something special for your guests this month. Okay? So if you've got your short term rental going, I want you to create your own basically like a calling card for your business. You are going to create something special. And I don't care if it's wine or bookmarkers or flowers or cookies or towel art. There's actually a book on tell art. My kids love tell art when you go on cruises. They tend to do the tell art where they turn your towels into animals or characters or something. 

Speaker 2: (50:36)
The last cruise we went on was a Disney cruise with all the kids and the guy who was our cabin steward, he had some amazing, amazing towel art. So the kids got a book about towel art to see if they could replicate it. But nobody could. Nobody could do it like this guy. But I mean he had all amazing stuff. Not just the monkeys and swans and stuff, but just some really, really cool things and the kids were loving it. So if you guys have little kids, try to do, tell our kids love tall art. It's really cool. You can even do stickers for little eyes and stuff like that. This guy was great. So whatever it is you decide to do for your guests, make it your own, make it your calling card. Make it this special thing that you do. Have a book for your guests that you create.

Speaker 2: (51:23)
Even a map of where they live, something that makes it special for them, something that makes them want to come back and keep coming back to visit you and stay with you over and over again. Right? And then make sure that you post it and describe it on our Facebook page because we want to see it. We want to see pictures of it. We want to see guest reactions to it. Whatever you have. Is it working? Did it not work out? Did you decide to try something else? Let's put that in there because honestly, let's find out for each other. What's working and what's not working. And let's get creative too and see what is going on. Cause I can't wait to see these. And if somebody can do the tall art, I love that. Oh my gosh. The kids had so much fun with that and I thought that was great. Let me see your pictures online. I love you guys. My thoughts and prayers are always with you. God bless you. Have a great day. Go and grow.


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