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Episode 020 - You Can’t F This Up

belief system Dec 28, 2018

Watch the Belief System Video Michelle spoke about at the Prosperity Process and read more about Mindset by reading some of Michelle's Blogs on mindset, too.  Try these articles first:  Creating a Money Mindset and Mastering Your Money Mindset and I Wouldn't Want to Clean All of Those Bathrooms.  Click the links to read them today.


Here are the books and products that Michelle spoke about in this week's episode.  Note, these are affiliate links.

[00:00] Over the last two centuries nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave With less risk and Less capital while creating greater income, is your host, Best selling author and speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:22] This is Michelle the master of money mindset and you are listening to the short term rental revenue podcast and in today's podcast we're going to talk about how you cannot F this up. OK so there might be a little swearing in here. I'm going to do my best not to because I'm a grandma and I always have to practice not swearing. Sometimes words slip out. And as a grandma then you get like daggers thrown at you like mom mom you're like What. I didn't know. I'm sorry I didn't know she was right there. You know but I do know that I have to always practice so I can't let myself go. Like just on the air or something and say OK just be yourself normally and and then go right back to being the person who's always constantly trying to be aware of their language in front of young children. So I'm going to try to keep it cool. But there may be times where I'm like you know I'm just going to be real. So I just want to be real for you folks. But I really quick wanting to give a shout out to STR jr. who left me a five star review. Thank you for the five star review.

[01:33] Super duper happy and Sarah Jr. says Michelle delivers a power punch to her audience with actionable information and straightforward talk. Friendly entertaining and knowledgeable. Michelle walks you through the perils, pitfalls, and purpose for having a short term rental and how you two can create one. I highly recommend this podcast. Thank you so much. STR jr. I love how you put all those P's in there Pop-Up perils , pitfalls and purpose. I had a mentor. His name is Joel Bauer and he would have you pick three words. Always had to have you know a ma ma ma ba ba ba pa and P's are hard to do on the air you have to have this little thing in front of your mike so that your P's aren't hard and being from the Midwest I tend to over perform my P's sometimes and so I get scolded for that but I really like that.

[02:31] Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. I know that sometimes we go you know I'm going to do that I'm just going to do it later and then it just goes out of her mind. So I appreciate you taking the time out and doing that and I'm just here to call you out if your real name was on there. I would have read it for you. Hit me up on my Facebook page on the short term rental revenue Facebook page. I'll answer any questions you guys have. I love to be here for you.

[02:58] And my job and my purpose here is to help you out and answer as many questions as I possibly can. If I don't know the answer believe me I will get you the answer. I know people who do have the answer because I worked for Robert Kiyoski. He used to always teach us that he wasn't the Be Be it all. Know it all guy. He said I just surround myself with people who are he said it constantly. I don't know everything. I surround myself with the people who do so what what I don't know I will find out for you. I promise. All right. Thanks again. But all right let's get into. Oh really quick to I want to say we've got some really cool upcoming podcasts and if you go on the Facebook page we've got all the giveaways are ready and like right there right under the picture that says Merry Christmas.

[03:50] You will see three amazing giveaways right there that you can just go and click and download yourself. There's one for your if you want to create a house rules book. Most people I saw some people were selling those things and they're probably pretty amazing when you sell them. But you're going to have to do that anyway. You're going to have to create the book for yourself and for your property and your area and location. So whatever you do whenever you know templates you buy for anything you will have to create it again for yourselves like there's a cleaning template on there. That's how we make our people clean. But you may have weirder stuff or or newer stuff or more awesome-er stuff than we have in our short term rentals things that you have to put in there. And like I said before some of the free gifts that we give away for our bed and breakfast are these book markers with little flowers.

[04:53] And if you don't I mean like if you don't want to give that away if you if you've got other things in mind. People give bottles of wine away, people leave candies on their pillow. I mean whatever you want to do those things need to be in your cleaning guide for your cleaning crews so that they remember to put those out. It gives them like a checklist. It's like oh yeah you know I made the bed and dusted. And of course vacuumed and did all this cleaning stuff. But the very last touches are you know whatever you have them do. I mean if you live in some places they even fold little towels into animals and do some cool stuff. Disney used to do that and all the cruise ships do that. Oh my gosh. I love that and I've got books on it. I've tried to talk my people into doing that. But most of them can't. They're like look that just takes too much time and I've got time for that.

[05:44] And so I always you know I respect their lack of time because I always feel like I don't have enough time I'm like I don't have a lot of time who's got time for that.

[05:54] I don't have time for that. I got stuff I got to do.

[05:57] I'm always running around because with five kids I think that was a constant when my kids were growing up that I constantly felt rushed, hurried, and never had enough time like we were always going somewhere and you were trying to get one kid ready and another one was getting dirty and you had another one's hair combed and then by the time you got to the last one the first ones hair would be pulled out. You had to start all over again and it was just like "what was i thinking". Now we're going to get a little philosophical but not too bad. OK. So really quick I'm going to tell you what. I'm a big believer in I am of the belief that 1. there are no accidents. None. Nothing is ever by accident. It's totally by design to get us back on track.

[06:47] Somebody go Well that was you know an accident. I'm like everything I believe in my mind. I'm always like I believe that everything is meant to happen the way it happens. Just you know I think that the planets aligned to give us this one path that we're supposed to be on and all these experiences that we think are accidents are actually to redirect us to that path constantly adjusting our flight to constantly adjusting the flight just like when the pilots flying to Hawaii they have to constantly readjust for the wind and whatever. You know very rarely heading directly towards Hawaii but the same thing goes for life. So I don't believe in accidents. It's always a redirect. Henceforth I believe that there is a reason for everything there is a reason for that. Even the worst things that happen to us. Now you don't see it but later on you will appreciate it and I started thinking of all the terrible things that happened in my life that at the time were just like oh this is terrible and tragic and sad or you know makes you angry but it was it felt like such a huge event or such a huge blow against you.

[08:00] And you know the direction you were going and your dreams or whatever maybe they felt like huge setbacks but in the end they were actually really good. They actually redirected me to something even better. One thing led to another thing which led to another thing. And if I hadn't had that one big huge setback then I would have never been redirected on my path.

[08:25] So that's my belief system. You really need to always look at what you believe to be true. Because remember what you believe to be true becomes your reality. So constantly readjust your thinking if your thinking isn't working for you. If a belief isn't working for you, you have to fix it. You have to fix it now rather than later, sooner rather than later because honestly you don't want to go down the wrong path for too long. You want to you want to really trust yourself. And most of the time people go wow how do I know what my beliefs are how do I know which way to go and I'm like what makes you happy. What makes you feel good you know stop thinking about everybody else and how they're going to judge it or feel about it and start doing what makes you happy.

[09:15] Because think about this. I mean even if you have kids or if you have you know a family that you're taking care of, if you're in a job that you absolutely hate and somebody offers you a new job doing something that you absolutely love. But you know you might not get the same pay but you know that in the long run you can make more money. You know people would say well I have this responsibility to my family. Your first responsibility to your family is to be happy and healthy and be a whole person, a whole complete person. And I don't believe that anybody can be a whole complete person without being themselves just you have to be yourself and you have to be happy with yourself and being yourself. So when you do when you just hold two things in your hand too. You know you're like I can do this or this.

[10:09] And obviously the I have always said there's always more than two choices but let's just say for argument's sake that you have two choices in front of you. Put one in one hand one in the other and concentrate on your right hand. And that that opportunity that you have there Breathe it in, Breathe it out and then contemplate what's on your left hand Breathe it in, breathe it out. And when you do that you'll be able to feel what feels best like you'll know it. It's a part of you don't fight it, don't overthink it just you know don't start thinking about everybody else you're just thinking of that opportunity, opportunity and you're right and opportunities to be on your left hand and don't overthink it but really feel it, what feels best for you. You can't go wrong. You really can't. You can't go wrong with what you feel.

[11:07] But so I've got those two beliefs right. No accidents. And there's a reason for everything. But also I believe that you get the results that you wanted or the lesson that you needed so you can never do anything wrong. You know I'm like OK. It comes from years of reading Mike Dooley books and anything from Hay House. Basically I love the Hay House authors but what they tell you is every single thing you do. You can never make a wrong choice because you're either going to make the right choice which is what you optimally want.

[11:47] That's you know that's the outcome that we really want. We want to make the right choice all the time but believe it or not it's always the right choice because even if it doesn't turn out the way that we think it's going to turn out it gives us a huge lesson something that we needed some direction or meeting, or there was a reason for it, a purpose for it. So you can't mess it up you can't f it up. That's what I was saying you can't f this up. So I want you to constantly do that. I want you to really think about your feelings from now on.

[12:21] Guys I know of men are listening and they're like I don't want to think about my feelings. Think about your feelings. Honestly were were alone right now. You and me, talking. You can do this when nobody will know what you're thinking. Nobody knows what's going on in your head but you, you don't have to let everybody know that you're actually thinking about how you feel. And nobody knows that you know that you're this loving caring person that actually deserves a happy life. Nobody knows that but us right now. So even if you're a guy please take the time to feel for yourself. And ladies I want you to do the same thing especially if you're a mom because I'll meet all these moms and they are so flustered they're juggling so many things that they really want to do business but they've got one foot in their business and one foot in motherhood and one foot in Tee ball and one foot in the Scouts and I get that because I've been there.

[13:19] But here's the deal. You really really have to take care of you first have to take care of you. And you can only do that really by doing things that make you happy. If somebody asks you to do you know yet another thing you know make cupcakes for this meeting and you know you don't have time. But we as moms constantly are feeling guilty and going well if I don't do it who will. Somebody else will. I guarantee you somebody else will have the time. It doesn't always have to be you. And one of the biggest and best parts of growing up and having your kids grow up and becoming a more mature adult because now I'm in my 50s. I can tell you the day I started to say no to people was like the best day of my life. It really was because all those things were taking pieces away from me and the things that I wanted to do.

[14:19] And the goals that I had and even the things that I was doing for my family because I thought well I'm doing this for my son, or I'm doing this for my daughter, I'm doing this for my church, or I'm doing this for you know you're not. You're doing it for this wrong reason. Trying to make everybody think that you're this Perfect little person that has to do everything right. Well guess what. Sometimes doing things right means saying you know what I'm really busy right now. I just don't have time for that. I wish I did. But you know later on hit me again and I'll see if you know what my schedule looks like. I can't guarantee you anything. I'm a very busy person and I say that all the time. Now I can't. But you need to do that for yourself. You need to be the person who sticks up for yourself because no one's going to stick up for you and you will be bullied and pushed around if you let people, you know set boundaries.

[15:13] Oh my gosh I'm super big into boundaries right now. You need boundaries in your life. And again this goes with. I'll tell you something we judge ourselves so harshly. But the whole thing is it's all about setting boundaries in your life you really really do. And the sooner you set these boundaries the better everything feels you have to set boundaries around everything around you, your time around your money, around everything that you do, and stick to them protect yourself, protect your family, protect those boundaries right. It's so sad that we like I said we enable the people in our lives but we're only treated badly when we allow ourselves to be treated badly. So if someone's treating you badly it's because you're allowing them to do it, don't allow it just stop just stop allowing it. And again you can't f this up.

[16:16] There's always there's always a reason for everything. So I I totally and truly believe that. So back on track if if each life had its own unique journey or path and I know we did a show about setting your path and I love, I love thinking about life as a path. I'm I'm probably sure that it's not linear because you know they tell you that time isn't linear it's you know all these all these parallel things but let's just pretend for a second it is. Let's just pretend that our path our journey can have the destinations that we choose. And there's going to be a way that we get there. There's still a path. You know we don't have to know necessarily the how. And Mike Dooley always talks about the dreaded How's. I never worry about the how I only worry about where I want to go and that makes it so much easier to make those decisions when somebody put something in front of me.

[17:19] Is this taking me towards the destination that I desire. Or is it taking me away from it you know. And that includes I mean you can have a goal or a specific design for any part of your life even your family life. So if your family life looks like X and you've designed this perfect picture of it and somebody asks you to do something else at Christmas time is that taking you towards the design that you have for your family or away from it you know. And business is going to be the same thing here is that the design and the dream that you created for your short term rental business. And then somebody says hey let's go to this event and we're going to learn about this is that taking you towards your desire or away from it. Is it distracting you from what you really want and some things like when I go to equity trust events and I'm learning about self directed IRAs those things, those things are actually pretty cool because they're things that I can do with my business.

[18:27] So there might be a little distraction but they're actually more like taking your Bedazzler and Bedazzling in your path and so Bedazzling my path. I'm making it even better. And so I always go OK I'll do that because it actually improves my path and makes it prettier. So everybody's got this life journey in my head of where they want to go and they can change that destination anytime they want, right. They can they can have several paths for different desires or different aspects but it's still a unique journey. It's still a unique path only to you, right. Only you can take that path and only you can experience your entire path the entire journey. But some people are going to join you and share that journey for sometimes a short time sometimes a long time. You know like your brothers and sisters you all experienced the same childhood. For the most part but they can't know what you went through every day unless you know you are twins and you were in the same classroom but still personalities differ. The way that you take things in and the way you perceive them is different from somebody else and they can't walk your exact same path all the time.

[19:51] Nobody knows what you've done and only you can travel that path.

[19:56] The full length and the full way right.

[19:59] Your experience makes you unique and no one can possibly understand all the things that you've gone through. Heard. Listened to, seen, felt experience. They can't go through all of that. Exactly the same way that you went through it. It's different which all those experiences all. All that was input into your computer of your beliefs. You know actually I'm going to put my belief video from the Prosperity Process up on the short term rental revenue podcast on this episode and I could put it up on the whole website and if you haven't gone there you need to go there. You can go by clicking in STRrevenue,com or the secure site is . And when you go there there's a bunch of freebies right. I already talked about. And there's also I'm going to put that video on there for you.

[21:05] Because the video that I created about the belief system is really important for you to understand all those experiences go into your head and you create what you believe about them. It's only because you know somebody told you, you were one thing or another or all these other little things seemed like evidence that made you believe one thing or another. But your beliefs are, are just your beliefs. Very true to you. So it's you know it's really kind of funny when you watch especially oh man the past few years since Donald Trump has been in office. You've seen so much hate and so much you know separation in this country and it's really sad. The reason why I just I kind of just shake my head at it. You will never get everybody to agree on everything. You can't. It's impossible because there are people who have experienced certain things in their life which have created beliefs and values for them that are completely and totally opposite of somebody else's beliefs.

[22:17] These people would have two beliefs that they would know and experience and down to their core believe in. Do you see you can't because they didn't walk the same path. It doesn't make one right or one wrong. It just makes them different. There are only a few real laws out there and I don't think we have to have a million different laws out there. But if you think about I think I might have covered this before. How do you know what's a belief and what's a true law and always true something that is a law is always true. So the gravity it's always true. You can throw like on Earth. But it's like if somebody throws a rock in the air that the rock is going to come down. It's you know the law of gravity. But if we were in outer space. Guess what the law of gravity doesn't exist up there.

[23:13] So only here it's kind of you know strange like that but people might say well it's dark outside it's dark and you know or the sun is shining. That's not true. The sun is always shining sun shines all the time. It doesn't turn off when it gets you know it's always shining but it's just being hidden by clouds or hidden by the earth itself at night. When we've rotated the sun is always shining it's just what you perceive it to be. So it's kind of funny because people go well what is the truth. The truth is whatever it is to you your beliefs create your reality your beliefs create your truth. Right. And you have to live what is true for you. You really do. And you have to honor and respect others for living that same way because you don't know what they experienced along that journey.

[24:07] You have no idea they can't duplicate that exactly either which is funny because oddly enough a lot of people will find themselves a guru and latch on to them and say well I'm going to go to this person's all of this person's events and I'm going to read all their books and they just they latch onto that person trying to become that person. Guess what you will never become that person. Why. Because you've never walked every single mile in their shoes. They are all those experiences that they've had. You can hear a lot of these stories but there's no way you can know every single one. There's no way that you can possibly know every single thing that's in that person's heart or the reason they do it or you know or anything else you can only know what you've seen and experienced. About them sharing that path.

[25:01] Right. So when you find those gurus be careful that you find gurus. I mean there'll be people in your life for a long time. You'll have teachers in your life especially like when you were in let's say you're in college or, or high school you might even have one teacher in your life for four years and you'll really, really like that person. And they, they rode with you on that path for a long time. And part of them might become a part of you and part of their beliefs and stuff that you're going to share because of your shared experiences or because you were learning from that person. Right. But just like a parent just like a teacher. Every guru out there wants you to learn and grow and then become your unique self become who you are meant to be. So when I start teaching you and telling you all my experiences about having short term rentals I share my experiences and those stories because those stories are good.

[26:05] You don't have to experience all the bad things that I've experienced in order to get the lesson from it. Right. So when my friend when she lost her house in Hawaii I remember thinking while there's so many lessons in this there's so many lessons what can we do. Or when I see the video of the arbitrage guys in Phoenix had a video of their short term rental being broken into and you know they got there and they had that camera going like with this Facebook Live and they were showing it around. I was like I never have to experience that. I mean even if somebody did break into my, my place I never have to feel the fear that they felt when they first went in there I felt their fear. And then I realized as they started talking through it don't worry guys we have insurance and Airbnb has a million dollar policy that covers us as well.

[26:59] And then I was like that that makes me feel a lot better. I didn't have to go through that in order to learn that lesson or in order to you know put myself at ease that way. And yet these stories and all these things I tell you are for those exact same reasons because I don't want you to have to experience the bad things in order to get the lessons. It's just like when you're a parent you try to tell your kids hey this happened and this happened. Don't ever tell your kids you do bad things. They will hold it over your head forever. But you know the thing is we're not perfect and when we share experiences even in stories most of the time we can get the lesson as long as we have an open heart and we're listening to it, right. So the only way someone can have the exact same experience that you did is if they were with you,

[27:49] Right. But the second best way would be for you you know to be told about it. Or you could tell them about it. Right. So it just means that no one can duplicate exactly what you've done. So when you go to a guru like Robert Kiyosaki and you say well I'm going to do exactly what he did. And that way I'm going to make exactly the same amount of money. Yeah. That can't happen because Robert has knowledge that you will never have an experiences that you will never have. And every property is unique too. So he will be given opportunities that are completely different than the ones that you will be given. Your journey is going to be completely unique to you.

[28:38] So you really need to have that and own that and say OK, I might only make this much on my first rental property but it could be way more than I made and I think I told the story of the first flip I did in real estate and how I lost eight thousand dollars. And you know I can tell you that really fast too because people keep asking and send me messages about it. OK how did I lose eight thousand dollars on my first real estate flip. I had been doing rental properties for the most part. I had done a couple of fix some flips but most of the time I was fixing and then putting a renter in there and holding. And then after the crash it turned it turned into fix some flips and I wanted to learn about the new the new big thing was doing flips on houses that's buying a property and then selling it immediately and making a small profit.

[29:37] And between just being you know both the buyer and the seller just to two different people you're the B in the equation. There's going to be the original seller you buying it from them and then you selling it to a buyer. So you buy you know you buy and you sell it. You get to play both of those. And I had never done that before. So I went and I did. First of all I went to Dean Graziosi real estate thing. I think we paid like 70 grand to go into that I paid 50. My girlfriend paid 20 we went in together as partners and we were like OK let's really learn what this whole selling thing is about. We know about a lot of other stuff and we learned a couple of really cool tricks that changed since before the crash so it's like oh this is cool.

[30:24] But when we decided that we wanted to do wholesaling we needed some training so we went to Dean first, we did that and it wasn't exactly what we wanted. We didn't get the information that we needed. It wasn't that, I'm not trying to be mean. I mean Dean Graziani has some really good training but the really good training that I got was actually from the clever investor. That would be Cody Sperber. I ended up personally going into his group and that was another five figures to coach with him and at that time he was coaching the group.

[31:00] Personally I think we had a group. I can't remember how many maybe 20 of us. There wasn't a really big group because I remember us all at that fish restaurant in Scottsdale and we did some. We had some oh my gosh we had some fun with Cody Sperber. He is an amazing guy and I love that guy. I got way more from his. He was just that you know different teachers teach with different styles and you are going to learn in different ways and Cody's way of teaching really resonated with my way of learning. So when I went to him on I learned how to to wholesale I was like OK I'm going to I'm going to try that. But I I still was fixing a bunch of houses down in Florida and I had my dad working with me. My dad was obviously still alive but my dad was a contractor and he would I mean he just was extraordinary. He's my stepdad.

[31:56] But like in my heart he was just my, dad, He was like my dad. I mean my my first. My real dad had passed away. And so I got to be blessed with this other man for years and years and years decades my kids knew him as Grandpa I mean he was a really. Ted was he was a great guy choking up a little when we were flipping houses.

[32:20] I was doing business with my dad. We buy a bunch of houses and we'd fix some and flip them and we had a bunch of money into it you know because you have to buy the house and you have to buy the materials to fix the house. And I found a property on I think it was like it was one of those auction ones it wasn't. I don't think it was but it might have been. But I was really good at finding houses on auction at that time. So I found this really great house in Orlando somewhere. And it was a big house and it was absolutely gorgeous. It didn't need hardly any work at all. I was able to pick it up and I think I had to put like eight thousand dollars that's the 8000 that we're talking about I put eight thousand dollars down on it and I had to close by a certain date.

[33:08] So I didn't have the money to do that. I wasn't cash rich at that time because I had my money and all these other properties that we were fixing and all the materials and stuff for them. So I maybe had you know 20 or 30 thousand in the bank. I definitely didn't have when you buy a house on auction. A lot of times they make it where you have to pay cash for it. And I was like oh shoot. Well this is a great opportunity. I'm going to find the end buyer right. So I found these guys. And at the time I didn't have a huge list. I did. I was building my list of buyers and you know I was doing that but I didn't have a big list. And also it was the first time I was doing this remember I I'd done a bunch of real estate. But always I was always the end buyer I was always the one buying it.

[33:57] So these people were very I don't know. I said it was going to try not to swear. Right. These guys were assholes let's just say it. They were real. They were real buttholes and they could smell a newbie in the flipping business a mile away. Now like I said I wasn't new to real estate. It was just new to flipping and they had done a few things that I should have seen right away but I always give people the benefit of the doubt or I did back then I gave people the benefit of the doubt but they hadn't put their deposit down on, on the contract done in escrow.

[34:37] And the girl had called me from the title company and said hey their check was due let's say Monday but it's still not here and it's Wednesday. So I called them up and they said oh yeah we'll have it there. Sorry we got busy with another thing and we'll have it there tonight. And the close wasn't for another week or two later after that. So I called the girl back I said hey they're going to have it there tonight. Just let me know if anything happens you know either way but it should be there by 5:00 p.m. and blah blah blah.

[35:08] And she I should've seen that that was a red flag. Anybody goes into a business you know and they're on the up and up. The money's going to be deposited and their deposit was a non-refundable deposit that was going to cover my eight thousand dollars and then some. Anyway I wasn't looking to make a whole lot of money but these guys were gonna make probably close to $200,000 on this house. I think minimal. They could have sold it like tomorrow and made $160,000. And even with what they had to put into the house. So I think I was asking for $20,000 and that was not unreasonable on a big profit like that with not a lot of work. I mean these guys would have had less to do but they knew that if I had the money I wouldn't be picking it up and flipping it myself because like I said it had a minimal amount of work to put into it. I just didn't have all that cash.

[36:07] So come the day before closing or something. I called to make sure everything was going OK. I called the title company to make all the arrangements and the appointments want to make sure that you know they were coming in to sign Baba blah. The auction company all that stuff was going to go through and we were doing it all on the same day it was going to be a double close.

[36:26] And she said Oh yeah but their deposit check never was deposited. They never got that to me. And I was like, wait that was like two weeks ago. Are you kidding me. And she said oh no, no. And I called them up immediately and immediately that you know that. I mean first of all I should have realized when they didn't do it right away. But when they didn't do it then I was like oh shit this is going to be bad. These guys are going to try to screw me. So they weren't answering my calls I started emailing them and I was like look that money needs to be deposited before we go any farther. And of course I'm not going to answer me because this was the beginning of their scam. I mean this is what they want to do. They wanted to hold me over the fire knowing that I needed that close or I was going to lose the money I had down and they were going to use that you know like holy shit thing to negotiate a new fee and only pay me a few thousand dollars for this flip.

[37:30] That was amazing. Right. So I started calling all the other buyers on my list trying to get somebody because now do is call somebody and say I need I don't know what it was like 170 or 200 and I don't even remember what it was but it was it was a beautiful house worth probably you know four hundred thousand. Even after the crash it was worth that much. In a gated community and everything but these guys were just being jerks and they were being greedy and it's a boys club real estate a lot of times it's a boys club out there.

[38:06] So I had a lot of things going against me as a woman but I like a newbie, I was a girl.

[38:14] I was like I'm not going to, I'm not going to fail. I'm going to call everybody I called everybody and could not find a buyer. So I went in there just knowing that you know they were going to rake me over the coals. I was like this is going to be bad Whatever I'll just get my 8 grand back. And you know and maybe you make a few thousand dollars but these guys were really greedy as SOB's. And not only that they were cocky sons of bitches and they just you know they, they said it's time for us to renegotiate. I knew it was coming and I just remember my stomach kind of sinking. But then just their attitude about it just pissed me off. And I said yeah f you. And and they were like excuse me. And I said F you I would rather eat this.

[39:04] Eight thousand dollars then give you any kind of satisfaction. So you could walk out that door and make you know six figures. Fuck you. I was just pissed. I was just like all that was inside of me was like I will eat eight thousand dollars. Screw them I'll make it back my next deal. And you know screw them. I would rather lose the eight thousand dollars than have them win. And so that's how I lost the eight thousand dollars is my. What would you say. I'm part French and part Irish so I'm like What is that. That's pretty stubborn probably. And all the curse words that's probably from the French side and the Irish side too but man I was not a happy camper and I thought I would.

[39:49] So I did. I walked away from the $8,000 I let the whole thing go. Lost the eight thousand dollars a really awesome opportunity I was really kind of upset because I would have the other I think I remember that the other properties the three properties that we were working on at that time I would have taken all those properties for that one property because it was really nice. I was like man I would have even lived in that house it was such a nice house. I was like maybe I would have fixed that up and lived in it anyways.

[40:17] It's just those experiences really kind of funny is so you think that's a bad thing right. No. Because remember what I said I called a bunch of other people I called a bunch of buyers and I was like I was you know I was frantically looking for a buyer. I was doing some wheeling and dealing trying to find somebody who could take advantage of this deal. And I wasn't being greedy. I was like it's a totally from somebody nice. I would have taken five thousand dollars for it honestly I would have. But these guys were jerks and I was like I'm not going to give them that satisfaction. Just forget it like I said you're going to have teachers like your junior high teacher you're going to learn from them and move on. You know your high school teacher, your college teacher, instructors that you may have had mentors coaches, all these people and you keep like I said you might keep a mentor or a coach for many, many years and learn as much as you possibly can.

[41:18] But the whole thing is they don't want you to be just like them. They want to learn and move on learn and move on. Right. You might be able to grow together especially. I've seen people have the same coach for years and years and they have great success with that. The whole point is you are on a completely different path than even your mentors even your coaches even the people that you aspire to be like you're on a completely different path. You need to own that and realize that and realize that everything that you're doing even if you judge it because it's really your judgment about it even if you judge it as being wrong it's actually not wrong. It's giving you the lesson that you needed to readjust you and put you on the path that you really want to be on or that destiny or God or whoever even your Higher Self has designed for you. Right. So you might think it's bad or you might judge it or label it as being you know something really crappy that's happened. Have you ever heard of people like having an affair like a person and their marriage has an affair and the marriage goes on and is even more successful will say actually it happened you know it was the best thing that ever happened to us. You're like WTF are you serious.

[42:45] Like really going to say that that person having an affair was the best thing that happened to you and they're going Yeah, yeah because here's what I learned and blah, blah, blah.

[42:53] And it actually improves things. I mean no I'm not definitely not saying go out and have an affair is going to improve your marriage but what I'm saying is people will take a really bad event and they'll look back on it in hindsight and that 20/ 20 vision will give them the clarity to see that there was a bigger lesson to learn there. And once they got the lesson it was amazing. And remember a lot of times too, things are happening in your life. Have you ever heard people talk about that.

[43:29] You know why do I always meet the same guy. Why do I always get this kind of guy or why is this always happened to me. Oh. What is that. Well first of all there sending out their vibration whatever you send out you receive. Right. But the second thing is hello. Are you not learning the lesson. I'm always like if something keeps coming back to you and reoccurring the same shit different day. SSDD if something keeps coming back to you that lesson keeps coming back to you. You are not learning the lesson learn the lesson and move on. So whenever something bad happens to me I always look for the lesson in it like what was the lesson what did I need to learn here. Because I definitely don't want to relive that right. Especially if there is an affair or something. Who in the heck would want to relive that nobody. So you want to learn less and you want to move on. But the thing is those bad things are not bad they're lessons they actually put you ahead in the game they give you some advantage and later on in the game you're gonna go oh no I'm not falling into that trap. I've been through this. I've been on this path.

[44:42] I remember this lesson and then you'll do it the right way at the exact time that you need to and bam. That'll be it bam. That'll be the the big win in your life. You know the one thing the game changer. The thing that you know that was the pivotal moment that shifted everything and changed it all and you were headed to success. You knew it from that moment on because the lessons that you learned in the past are going to give you that lesson there. Therefore you cannot say it, you cannot f this up right. You can't you can't because everything is there for a reason. You can't mess it up and remember to. I mean I'm going to give you the little guru thing. Don't ,don't just find a guru and hold on to them for dear life. Be you know. Absolutely listen to the guru. I mean if you've got something to learn and you're learning from somebody hold and listen and walk that path and that journey with them but remember your journey is different. Right. And what would happen to if you were when you were a kid if you just read Shakespeare or if you only read Ayn Rand or if you only read you know Wayne Dyer whatever year you want different perspectives on everything and every guru isn't perfect.

[46:08] They've got some kind of flaw inside them and that makes them unique in that I mean that doesn't make them bad. But it's ,it's our imperfections sometimes who make us who we are. But even OK so even Wayne Dyer there's a If you guys know who Wayne Dyer is I mean you should because he was amazing and he passed away not too long ago but Wayne Dyer was really big in the inspiration world like a Hay House author and one of the last things that he did. One of the last was have an interview with Esther Hicks who of Abraham and Abraham if you've ever heard of Abraham. It's amazing. But Esther I don't want to go into that whole thing because that's going to just confuse the crap out of you.

[46:56] But there's this very knowledgeable woman who taps into a higher consciousness named Abraham it's a collective consciousness it's not just one but Abraham is you know amazing to listen to. And Wayne Dyer was doing an interview with this collective consciousness Abraham and it was really funny because Wayne Dyer who's supposed to be super enlightened and everything was talking about it papayas or mangos in Hawaii and how they were all GMO and it was just getting his goat. It was just you know like have you ever had somebody that just really irritates you. And he was super passionate about these GMO and he was asking Abraham you know well what about this what about this. And when he started talking about the GMo''s I'm going to say in the mangos cause I can't remember exactly what the words that could be that could have been papayas but he was like you know well in Hawaii there's GMO's in all of the mangos and Abraham was like OK.

[48:04] All of them. And he said well no not all of them but like 99 percent of them. And Abraham said then find the one eat it and relish in it and I just thought that was so.

[48:18] Beautiful and so profound because even this enlightened guy there was like so much about that that was profound. But even this amazing guy this amazing author who most people would consider super enlightened and I'm sure he was he was really I mean he was a really great author.

[48:35] But even this guy this guru who had this flaw of of not realizing that you know your beliefs become your realities thoughts become things people. So if you're holding to the belief that every Mango that I touch in Hawaii is GMO. Guess what you're attracting more and more GMO's right. So what was Abraham saying then find the one eat it and relish in it. And when you ignore all that crap and you focus on the good. What do you draw to you, more good. That's what you draw to you and I was like Man this is so awesome. Because even somebody that you look up to even I know I have flaws. I've a lot of flaws. You don't want to know my flaws but you can learn my lessons. That's you know that's that's another thing. I'm not I'm not a guru. And it's funny because I watch Tony Robbins things that you know he goes I'm not your guru but what we mean by that is we don't know everything right. We're not experts in everything but we certainly are experts in what we know and what we've experienced. We are the experts in our life. You are the expert in your life. No one knows what you know.

[49:59] Exactly. They can't. They can't have gone through all those experiences and walked that exact path with you right. You know I can only share with you my experiences my education my knowledge. That's all I can give you. I can just share those things that I know and nothing else. So you know I am not a guru or an expert. You need to go out and become your own guru an expert. You need to be individual and not me right. You need to be yourself. You don't have to know everything either because guess what. This is it. We've got a long way we're going to be here for awhile. You know let's just dig in and just get this done. The thing is you're going to you're going to be learning your whole entire life. Just be open to it. You'll never know everything.

[50:52] Not not in this realm not, not by a long shot. You know you may think you would. You can look at the Dalai Lama and even he when he passes away and he's in spirit form is going to learn something new that he didn't know when he was walking this earth I'm telling you you will not know it all. Just be open to the experience the whole the whole part of this life is never getting to an end result. Because once you get to any end result that you desire any goal that you desire you're going to set a new goal and want to get somewhere else. So it's it is never ever the destination because you will set millions of destinations throughout your life. I just want to get here. I just want to get here. It is always about the journey right. And just be open to the learning experience. And that's even the bad parts. And remember those bad things you can't f this up because those are giving you the experience that you need.

[51:49] The lesson that you need to get to your next destination. Right. And then when you get there you can set another goal. But it's sad when people get stuck on the path because they'll get stuck moving along or you know I've used to see them as working you know with Rich Dad seminars for seven years.

[52:09] We would get the same people who came in all the time and some people were coming back over and over again to the seminars and they were always a little bit further along their path always moving. And some people were just stuck and they weren't moving at all. What's the difference. That's how tightly that they're holding to the beliefs. Right. You got to be willing to let those old beliefs go and you've got to be willing to go on your path. Take the education and move it to your path and what it means to you. You can ask yourself. You know like a bunch of questions but what happens when you're stuck with a guru and stuff like that is you need to ask yourself those questions and say OK who's Path am I on there's or am I on mine. And what story am I telling myself what story am I living.

[53:03] That's keeping me stuck here. How can I change it. What can I do to move forward. What can I do to make this better or what can I do to make this work. You know you have to really take your, your negative and the questions that are keeping you stuck and change them. You know is this taking me in the right direction. Am I going where I need to go and what do I want my path to look like what do I want my end result to be. What do I want to get out of this. And once you never need to really know the how of why you do anything. Like I said Mike Dooley always calls the dreaded How's meaning you just need to be moving.

[53:42] But it's going to be basically like Destiny or the universe or God or higher self that opens all these doors of opportunities in your life when you're moving towards you know what you desire in your life be it a beautiful wonderful happy marriage or a you know a wonderful experience in the short term rental business you know whatever, whatever experience it is you want to experience you're the one you have to design what the outcome is and then get moving along the path and believe me no matter what you do. The universe is going to knock you back onto that path as long as you keep focused and keep positive. Every lesson is for it an exact reason you're going to need it down the line somewhere. You can't f it up. It's going to take you exactly where you need to go. Just have faith.

[54:38] It's kind of like the you know what it was that the Raiders of the Lost Ark episode when he was looking for the Holy Grail and he had to you know just step on faith and when he took that step he realized that the path is there. It's like taking that step and knowing that the net is going to be there and it is very scary. But at the same time you know you got this you got this. You can design whatever lifestyle you want and you can't F it up and just don't lose yourself along the path because you know being a parent being a teacher and a coach might guide you one way or the other always go your true north. And how do you know which way that is. Remember it's the feeling of it. It's putting you know one opportunity and one hand one and the other and feeling your way what feels best.

[55:35] What makes my heart happy you know. And then just going along that path because your heart will not lie to you. You know we all want happiness what makes you happy move in that direction. Because me being happy makes my family happy. And they even joke about that and say you know a happy wife happy life. Well there's a reason for it because when we are happy we everybody around us tends to be happy when we are happy. Our business runs better when we are happy. Life seems to just go faster, farther. Better you know and that's what you need to do. Just follow your heart let it guide you and you can't F it up. You become the you that you want to be. OK. You design it design you. Every single day. That's the coolest thing about this life is it doesn't really matter.

[56:34] Never look back. You can't change yesterday. So don't dwell on the past don't dwell on history don't dwell on the crap that happened to you blah, blah, blah. Everybody's got a story. That crap happened. I can't. You know when we walk into those groups I think that therapy is so amazing because we sit there and a lot of times afterwards we go you know I don't ever want to tell that story again because that is just a story who I am now is so different. And I think that's such a beautiful thing that I've learned that every day I just wake up and I put my past is behind me and I don't have to think about what I did and the mistakes that I've made because I can't change them and dwelling on them isn't going to help but I can rewrite the person I want to be the kind of person I want to be, the kind of life I want to live, the kind of business is, I want to do the way I want to interact with people, the way I want to make them feel about me right.

[57:32] You know the win, win scenario when you're buying real estate you want everybody to be happy when you rent a property from somebody you want them to get the money that they need that they've always gotten for that property that makes them happy. It's a win, win scenario. You know and that's what you want so make sure that you are every day getting up and just rewriting the destination what you want to be, where you want to go, who you want having what what type of person do you really want to be in. Right. The destinations don't worry about the how and then get out there and say OK what's going to any you know let's what's going to take me towards that path. And go back and listen to that episode if you want that success path episode. If you want to set your business course.

[58:21] But the thing is you can set these little milestones but little things will happen and you'll think it's messing things up. No nothing will mess it up. It's going to be either what the outcome you wanted or the lesson you needed. Right. You can f it up. You can't f it up people so I just want to thank you for listening and really, really thanks again as STR Jr. Awesome thank you. I'm so appreciative. Holding my heart right now sending you lots of love and and gratitude. I want to thank you for listening. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for those five star reviews. I really love them and any questions you have. You can reach me on Facebook. Reach out to me. I really want to help you grow and succeed in your business. Go to our Web site. The short term rental revenue website you don't have to put an https in there, just the or remember don't put an s in there if you're going to write the whole thing out because that just redirects you and you can't secure a redirected site. But the short term rental revenue site is a secure site. You're going to have lots of free downloads there and we are here to help you. Good luck. God bless you. Have a great day. Go and grow.


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