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Episode 018 - How to Get Your Listing Viewed on Airbnb…We Think (Part 2)



[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle Russell, the master of money mindset and you are listening to the short term rental revenue podcast and in today's episode we are on part two of how to get your listing viewed on Airbnb. We think, and this is part two because I went a little long with part one, I decided to put them out at the same time, but you're really gonna like this. There's a lot of good information in here. You need to listen to the entire thing because you know me, I ramble on. I mean I do have an outline that I go through, but I'm like, oh, look at the pretty butterfly sometimes, but all of what I'm saying is irrelevant. Not a lot of it. All of it is, but the thing is, you know, when you, when somebody is telling you about something, you know how they'll get off on little tangents.

[01:05] Oh, that reminds me of this. That's kind of what I did. And stone, instead of going to 45 minutes like we planned, I went like an hour and a half, so almost doubled that time and I just wanted to make sure that we didn't cut all the good stuff out because all of it was good. I was like, no, no, let's not cut that up. How about we just cut it in half? And that's what we did. So this is part two and I want you to get all of it in. I really want your business to grow and thrive and if there's anything I can do for you, please let me know. So here we go. Part two real quick. I want to touch on two. There's this great new show on Netflix. I'm loving it. It's called "Stay Here" and it's about the short term rentals.

[01:50] This is so cool because honestly we are, you are listening to this. We are all getting in on the beginning of this wave now, who knows how long any wave last, but right now, boom, We are all on our boogie boards were all in our surfboards and we are all on the same wave, so get on board. Let's ride it right now. There's a bunch of new shows coming up. All about short term rentals and this stay here is super cool because every property they fixed, they get this, this photographer in there, the shows that I've seen, it's always been the same photographer even though they're in different locations, but they dragged this guy around and it shows you exactly how to take your pictures. So many people take the most boring pictures like, yes, here's the refrigerator and here is the couch and here is the. You know, they're taking these boring, boring pictures.

[02:46] But honestly when you set, you know, a glass of glasses of wine with wine bottle and the cheese tray out and some crackers on the table and you, you stage it as if people are enjoying it. Put a nice throw across the back of a couch or something. You can see when you watch that show and it, like I said, it's a Netflix only so you got to go to Netflix and it's called stay here. S t a y h e r e stay here. It's got that girl and she's been on, I want to say HGtv, but it could be another DIY show or something, but she, she's a designer and she goes in and she helps these people redo their B-n-B's, redo their short term rentals and it's really, really cool. Although they don't so far I haven't seen them use.

[03:36] They teach them to, you know, do search engine optimization and stuff. I'm like, dude, that is. I'm not paying per click on this stuff. I mean if you really want to totally go for it, if you've got a team out there, but I ain't got time for that. I'm like, really? Here's me going, I ain't got time for that. Who's got time for that? But the way that they do their photos are amazing. It really shows you what people want. They want the dream. So yeah, they want to see what the layout of the property is, they want to get, you know, an idea of it. But what they really want is the dream. You want the coziness if there's a fireplace and stuff, man, have the fire going and, and have, you know, the beautiful logs, you know, around there or have um, what, what did they have?

[04:28] They had, you know, just all these beautiful things out, these tastings, everything to get them into the, into the feeling of the picture into the feeling and the mood that they would have if they were staying there. Right. So they had, um, they had this lady who lived by the beach and it was just amazing watching him take the pictures. I was like, Oh yeah, I love this guy. We have to find out who this photographer is and have them come take some of our pictures and stuff. But you want people to live the dream. You want them to see it as if they are staying there, you know, look, here's a wonderful soft, cushy bed, you know, not just the bedroom, you want the bed. And the pillows, you want them to feel how comfortable the bed is, right? Not just the table and the chairs.

[05:14] You want to like, oh look at this is we're going to be having wine there and all of these cheeses, right? So you want all of that, you want people to live this dream. So make sure that those photos are being taken well and you can get some really great ideas from that new show on Netflix. Thank you. Netflix. Okay. Another tip is changing your pictures often. Now this is one of those tips that we think it might help, but we're not really sure, but a lot of people say that changing that thumbnail photo often or changing you know, a tiny bit in your description every now and then just a word or two. And then clicking save and updating it will throw back to the top of the pile. Not sure if that's true, but even if it isn't, I always like to have at least two photos, at least two that I really liked to be the front to draw people in.

[06:12] So, um, a lot of times it's going to be either the bedroom photos showing this nice comfy bed or some, some part of the living room or something, something that shows, you know, it could be even a, it depends on what you're going for. If you're going for a cozy little place, then you might want the fireplace, you know, the, the, the wonderful intimate couch with a little fire blazing across from it, whatever it is, pick out a couple of photos and you can switch between the two thumbnails every now and then. And some people even I know do it every day. They switched the photos out every single day and do that so that they can boost their, their listings, their visibility. But nobody knows for sure if that works or not. That's one of those what ifs. We were not sure, but you can change the order of your photos.

[07:03] You want to want to make sure that people are seeing all the amenities, not just the inside of the place but the outside the area around. But not too many photos of things like that. Just you want to hit the highlights of the area around you. Okay. And you want to make sure that you're highlighting on where they're going to be staying because that's really what they want to know. I've seen some people who put 90 pictures of the wonderful outdoor area and like maybe three or four pictures of the inside of a place and you're just like, really? I can't even tell what any of this looks like, so why would I stay there? Because that just to me, it looks like you're rolling the dice and nobody wants that. Obviously you want to know where you're going, but you really want to know where you're staying and what it looks like.

[07:51] So and make sure, make sure that things in the back of your photos are okay. We were looking at a place a yesterday because we have to go away for a convention and literally, I'm not even kidding. They had the pictures had in the background off in the distance. They were showing a picture of the living room, but you could see the dining room off to the side and it was a folding table with folding chairs like a card table. I'm not joking, but then these showed this beautiful table and you're like, well, which table is it? It didn't even look like the table was in the same property. It didn't look like the same color rooms or anything. It didn't look like the same size. Anything. So it was very confused and was like maybe they just. They went somewhere and they bought this table and they're going to put it over there and at that time that they took the pictures, they didn't have a table and you're just wondering.

[08:47] Right? But you want to make sure that everything is congruent, that it all looks like, be aware, be very aware at what you have in the foreground of your pictures that you know you might be focusing on the bed, but you know, if you got the patio door open and there's a guy streaking down the road, you want to know about it. So be aware what's going on around the picture, just take a look. Okay. Be aware of it. And also you want to make sure your prices are comparable. Now there's a lot of argument about pricing too. People say that you should compare your prices to other prices of stays in the area. And that's true to a point, but I always based my prices on the prices of the hotels in the area because if a person can be a hotel and get a much better place than I know I can book that or if my place is a lot better than a hotel, you know, because it's got a kitchen or whatever.

[09:49] And they're like, dude, I could pay 250 a night for a hotel, but if I pay to 75 or $300 a night, I could get this place and have my own kitchen and everything a lot more room. Uh, you know, living room and stuff so the kids can be separated from me. I mean think about that. Right? So I compare my prices to a lot of different variables. But your price is going to have a lot of it's gonna have a lot of leeway in your visibility in the search engines too because people will search by price, they can set their price. I want to look for a place between 100 and $250 a night or 200 and $400 a night. So they'll set those boundaries. So if you, if you're like trying to stay low and let's say you put your place at $199.00 and somebody starts their search at 200, you just missed out at that.

[10:43] So I know you might think that that's helping you. But most searches I know I'm like most searches start at a, you know, a flat amount. Like nobody goes, I'm going to start at $97 a night and go to a $147. They don't do that in their head. They go, I'm going to start at $100 and go to $150. See? So they know when they're buying. We know that those are triggers. We know $97 is a trigger. We know $147 is a trigger, they don't know that, so just be careful where you're putting your pricing and also know too that when you set your price at a certain amount, guess what? Airbnb raises the price just a little because they don't just charge you the small percentage on your bookings, they actually up your price a little bit when they, when they book your, your place so people pay a little bit more for your place and they make the money on that end and then they make a little bit on your end too.

[11:43] So that's how they make their money and that's why they can have your, your place listed for free. So factors that Airbnb says that we have control over are things like the price and we just discussed that. So it's one of the people's biggest decision factors because if they can't afford it, they're not going to stay there and they're going to set those prices when they go in there. Right? So stay competitive. Stay around what everybody else has stayed around. Unless you're way better than them, right? And unless you're places way crappier, you want to be a little bit below what a bargain we have. There's only a few roaches on the bed, but you want to be competitive and comparable. So you want to know what's going on. Always be aware of the market. It's just like buying any rental property. You got to know what the rents are going for in the area before you buy that property because how are you going to know if you're overpaying for it?

[12:37] The same goes with pricing. You can't overprice your place because you won't get the bookings right. You won't even get them at the end. People are gonna just they'll say, I'm not paying that for this place. So make sure you're staying competitive, but don't be cheap about yourself. Don't undervalue your place because you know, except for in the beginning when you want to get those ratings and they're obviously, I think those first couple of months, yes, you might want to keep your price as a little more competitive, but once you get the reviews and stuff going, don't undervalue your place, man. You got to pay rent and all this other stuff on there. There's a lot of stuff that goes into keeping a place up. Don't get to the end of the month and you only made 50 bucks. Man. You could have made 50 bucks doing a lot of other stuff or a lot easier.

[13:28] You know what I mean? You could have mowed the lawn two times and you wouldn't have had any of the trouble that you had paying all this stuff is not worth it for 50 bucks, man. You got to make a little bit of profit. You're in business to make money. All businesses are in business to make money. Obviously we are always there to serve. That's number one. We want to serve people, but why be in business if not to make money? Just admit it, and if you want to be a super host, Airbnb says that being a super host doesn't boost your listing, but all of the things that you have to do in order to be a super host all contribute to boosting your listings. So the things that, the factors that make you a super host are things like having a higher rating. So keeping your ratings above four point eight, that's four point eight.

[14:20] You know, out of the five star ratings, you want to keep your ratings high and you want to be responsive. Responsive means when somebody requests your room or your or your property or your house or whatever it is, when they requested they're going to send like this a little ding to you and you have to respond within 24 hours. Now that's easy. I respond super quick because it gets sent right to my phone. So unless my phone is off when, when I'm recording, like right now the phone is off because you know, I even have to remember to turn Alexa sometimes because she's bugged me. It's like you know your packages arriving here like thanks. Thanks Alexa. You want to be responsive. You want to make sure that you're answering them quickly because here's the deal to think about you. When you go online to buy anything, you see it and you ask about it.

[15:16] But then what do you do if, if they, you know, if they're not responding, what do you do? You go next, right? Next, you go to the next property and if there's somebody who will allow you to book instantly as opposed to somebody who takes requests, you're going to take the instant book and it's going to be too late, too little, too late. So the quicker you respond, the more likely you are to get the reservation and you want to be active. You want to have at least 10 plus days a year. So you can do that right away when you first get started, just by, you know, like I said, keeping your price low, keeping your minimum stay off when you first get started so you can get a whole bunch of stays in one and that's going to help you get your activity.

[16:03] way up. Reliability, you want to have zero cancellations and that's a good thing. You don't want to cancel on people, you don't want to allow people to book and then change your mind. Why would you do that? This is a business. Don't change your mind. I have a friend who lives in Hawaii and she had to cancel her, her reservations because of the lava flow and that was sad. She ended up actually losing her house, but at first she had her house booked out. It was down in vacation land and she had had the property out, but they closed all the roads first when the, um, when the volcano first started to erupt. So she had to go and cancel their reservations and Airbnb was all ticked off at her and she's like, look, I have no control over this. We'd love to not cancel but,

[16:58] there's a volcano erupting and they've closed all the roads. There's no way to get to the property right now. And it ended up she actually lost the property. The property is now. It was very. You could look out her back. We've stayed at her property. You could look out the windows and the ocean was right behind you at night. It was so beautiful, so lovely. And now it's a mile from the ocean there. It's covered with lava. All the houses are gone and the lava goes out an extra mile out into the ocean and all the tidepools are gone and stuff there. It's really, really sad, but the thing is sometimes you got to cancel, you know, and there's nothing you can do about it, but do your best to not cancel. If you cancel one time, boom, you are not a super host, so you want to make sure that whenever you open your calendar, those dates are really available, that nothing else is going to go on, and if you open it and somebody books it, you can not cancel it.

[17:59] Okay. Or for fear of losing your super host, super host is really important. If you're a super host, all those things, all those factors are going to put you higher and the visibility on every search. Okay, so the acceptance of reservations as got to be 88 percent. Now I kind of have a hard time with this. We have ours on instant book. The instant booking means, well, I'll explain that in a second, but instant booking allows people to book right away. They don't have to call me and I don't have to text them back and answer it as long as they meet certain qualifications, right. They can book instantly. But if they don't meet those qualifications, then they have to answer me, you know, asked me and I'll get a text message that says, hi, this is Cheryl from Virginia and I'm coming in and we want to stay for three nights, blah, blah blah.

[18:51] But they don't have anything. They don't have a picture. They don't have their government ID down, you know, downloaded or uploaded yet they don't have any reviews. Those aren't the people I want in my place because I'm asleep. I would rather have people who already have good reviews. I need people to have their government ID's stored there in Airbnb. Airbnb doesn't share it with you, but at least you know that it's there. And they used to say that it matched the payment ID. So if you're, you know, if John Doe was the, on, the Driver's license than John Doe would be on the credit card. But I don't know if they still do that. Somebody told me they don't, but at the same time I want to know that these people are real people and it also helps me with the extra insurance I have. Now. Airbnb has a million dollar policy for you as an Airbnb host that they include.

[19:46] That's it. That's part of the fees that you pay to them is your property is covered, but here's the deal that is totally up to them that is there. It's completely at their discretion whether or not they're going to cover a property or not, and so I like to be a little more safe. Now, when you're first getting started, you may or may want to take risks. I don't recommend taking risks. I've. I have friends who have short term rentals. There's a guy who does an arbitrage. I'm here in Phoenix. He had a property that was just ripped off not too long ago, so he walked in. He even did a facetime live with it and he walked in and he's like, oh my gosh. They ripped us off like the TV is gone. The couch was gone, like you walk in and he goes, hey, it looks like a dance floor.

[20:36] No, this used to have furniture in it, but the actually move the couch into the hallway. They were trying to get things out, but I mean if they rip you off, I mean people will actually steal from you and sucks. That sucks and it's sad, but it's reality, but it's less likely to happen with guests who have stored their government ID or who have traveled before and have reviews with other people. Now, if somebody has their Facebook profile linked to their Airbnb and they have their government id downloaded, but it's the first time they travel. I may do it. I may do it. So it's just going to be completely at your discretion. Do you want to take those chances? But I figured if they've got their Facebook, you know, I'll even say if they request it, I'll say, look, in order for you to stay with me, I'm going to need you to download your government ID.

[21:31] With Airbnb. They do not share, share it with us as hosts, but we need it for our insurance to make sure that, you know, will be covered extra, you know, blah, blah, blah. And then I also make sure that I tell them that, um, I still say that they'll match it with their payment method and you wouldn't believe how many times, I don't know if it's true. I'm like, I don't know if it's still true, but it may or may not be their policy, but there's a lot of people who won't answer back after you say that, download your ID and they'll match it to your payment method and then they'll stop and you won't get anything back from them. And you're like, well that's probably good news. So I love that little feels almost like a threat. Like they're going to match your ID with your payment method and if it doesn't match you will not get it in.

[22:20] And you're like, ah, they just don't do it. But that's cool. I, I would rather have people not answer me back and know that I made the right decision. Then there's other people go, oh, I'll do it right away. How do I do it? And I just give them the link where they can do it. It's super easy on the APP. If they do it on their phone, it's pretty easy on a computer except for you're going to have to download the picture, but way easier on the APP, way easier on the APP and it's just a simple step. So I asked them to download their government or upload their government ID and I asked them to link their Facebook page. If they do those two things for me, then I know that this is most likely who they are. So I'm like, all right, now I'm feeling a little more comfortable.

[23:05] I'll do that for you and reviews. They want your reviews, you to do reviews. I should say. They want you to do at least 50 percent of your reviews a hundred percent. Ladies and gentlemen, you should always be leaving reviews. When somebody stays at your property, you leave a review for them. As soon as you leave, review their review shows and you don't get to see each other's reviews until they're both left, they leave you one, you leave them one and then boom, they opened them both up for you guys to see. I kind of makes it like a fair game, but then you can always leave a response to and I recommend always, always, always leaving and response people. It's like, oh, I love the little place. Thank you Michelle for this and that and it's my pleasure. Can't wait to see you and host you again.

[23:51] You know, it was great talking to you about. As you know, I'm wishing you luck in your, you know, marathon that you're running, whatever. You just want to make sure that you want to form a relationship with people because I'm going to tell you something. There's a lot of people who stay with us over and over and over and over again. Why? Because we, we become friends. You, you form a relationship with people. You care about them. They know you care about them. You start to know their likes and dislikes. You can put little things in there that you know, that they like, you know, if they talk about, oh, every time we go to Disney, we, you know, or to Universal, we, we hit that Voodoo doughnut place, you know, right there on, on Citywalk. So what do you do? You take a short trip to Citywalk right before they come and you put a few doughnuts in there from, from Voodoo doughnuts place.

[24:40] What does that cost you? Less than 10 bucks. And they love that because you remembered they loved Voodoo doughnuts. Hello? And I always, you know how I remember because it's in my comments from last time, I make sure that I comment on the things that I know and sometimes I can do it in private comments so you know, so that's not something everybody else sees. But the private comments going back and forth between us. So when they book again, I can see that we had that conversation going because that keeps going in there. That message keeps going. And what's really cool is I can see all those old things and, and just play on them. And people love that. They know you care. So you want to do that. You want to be that person. And remember, not only are you receiving good reviews, but you're leaving good reviews, you're leaving people stuff that says, Hey, I really felt special and I am really grateful for you staying in my place.

[25:38] So thank you so much for using us. We hope we get to see you again next time you visit. So you know, let them know that you care and let them know that you're grateful. Now another thing that might show up in the listings and your placement is going to be the location. So obviously this is a kind of funny thing that they do, an Airbnb, that they don't do it other places, but they look where other people book. So let's say for instance, where did we say we were going up to Quebec, Ontario, Ontario, where, where are we going? We're going up to Canada to someplace. And so, um, let's, let's use Ontario. So we're going up to Ontario and we put in Ontario, guess what places they're going to show that are going to pop up on the location thing. When I put in Ontario, they're gonna show where others book most and that's kind of weird because they're not asking you, you know, what plays do you want, what area of town you want to be in, but they're going to say the majority of people who go to Ontario.

[26:38] Stay here. Here's where people book the most. So if your property is booked out more often, you're going to be placed higher on a search. So it does behoove you if you aren't doing the monthly and weekly rentals, you know to, to do that because you'll have more people staying in your place. And the more people that stay in your place and they have booked with you, the more likely your place is going to show up on the search. Right? And they also use like a thing where they think most people are most likely to book. So let's say if you do Orlando, they're going to put you down, you know, towards Disney world because most people would book somewhere by Disney World because the majority of people go to Disney World. That's going to be the number one place, but if you are a, you know, if you're like a Harry Potter fan and you want to be at Universal, you're going to have to search a little bit harder.

[27:36] Go to. You're going to have to go to the maps, click on the maps, go up the 4 a little bit and boom, you're going to be staying over that way so you're going to have to make a little more effort, but they. They're going to show people where the most, where they're most likely to book, where most people have booked before and it's just not as great as it could be, but I wanted to cover real quick to the instant booking. You're going to do these things because you want to get boosted in the algorithm and instant bookings get boosted in the algorithm. They've talked about this and they've admitted this. If you have instant bookings, you get boosted in the algorithms, so instant booking is pretty cool, but if you do, you know, do these things. because it's, yeah, you want to accept bookings and, and you want people to be able to book with you right away without asking you, but you want to be careful.

[28:33] So they, these don't require your approval, but you can have all these things checked on them. So when they do an instant booking, they're going to have to check, the guest is going to have to say yes, we accept the house rules and we agree to abide by them. They check a, like a little agreement thing. They're going to have to have their government ID there and they will only have positive reviews on their feedback. So they're going to have to have positive reviews from all the other hosts and they can also send you a message. So let's say you, you can set this little questionnaire up. It's kind of cool. So we say, hey, and it's an automatic. It's like a Bot, right? So as soon as somebody uses the instant booking, a little question comes up for them and says, hi, I'm Michelle welcome to wherever their staying, right?

[29:28] And then it says, hey, why are you coming in? Or who are you coming in with and why are you coming in for, for pleasure or for business, blah, blah blah. And it just asked them a couple of questions in a really nonchalant way and if their answer or the reply to that question is just like, you know, if they say we're coming in for, you know, the murder fest or someome would say, well, but I'm just saying if they, if they see something that just was like, you know, your little Ding, Ding, ding, your Spidey senses tingle and you're like, yeah, I don't like this. This doesn't sound right. And you start looking into this person, you don't feel comfortable with it. You can cancel that for free. They allow you that one free message. So when they reply to your whatever question you put out there, when they reply to that, that one message comes in, you can cancel after that if you're like, I said, your Spidey senses are all a tingle and you're like, no, no, no, I don't like this answer.

[30:27] These people sound like you know, crazy people and I don't want them at my place. So don't worry about that. And then you can set an advanced notice too. So you can say we'll accept people you know, on the same day or at least one day in advance or two days or three days in advance. Now we're going to talk about this because the trip length, oh, the trip link is automatically set on 14 days unless you said it different. So they can stay as long as 14 days unless you said it different. Okay. But they can only book out as many days as you set too. So like if they're coming in today and they want to come in today, you might have, you need an advanced notice. I always recommend an advanced notice. And the reason why I do is because I have a cleaning company for all my properties, I do not clean my own properties and I have to make sure that if somebody is coming in right away that I've, my cleaning company is available tomorrow and I want to know.

[31:31] So I always look out. I'm always on the lookout for my cleaning company when they are getting booked up and as soon as they start booking up the night, take my advanced reservations and I make it farther and farther out so that they can get somebody in there to clean it. So if somebody is only staying for one night and let's say if I had an instant book and I had it so that they could have a same day reservation, that means that my cleaning company would have to be available tomorrow morning to clean because they could come in, they could say tonight, they can check out tomorrow morning and I got to make sure that my cleaning company is going to be available to go clean that property. And that doesn't usually happen on one day notice. My Cleaning companies I know need a couple of days notice, so I'm very careful about that.

[32:16] Now if you're cleaning your own places or you know that your place is super great at that or whatever, then you don't have to worry about that. You can do same day and that's okay. When people are kind of going through town or something, same days usually. Usually not always, but usually end up being a one night or two night Max. They don't stay very long because usually they're driving through. They're like, okay, I'm driving through Phoenix and I'm getting really tired on my way to LA and I just got to pull over for the night. Let me just see what's here. You know, so that's kind of what they are. And that's why they're same day. Most people plan, um, most people plan I think a couple of months out and now it's getting more 30 days and now there's, you know, it depends on the season too and where you are.

[33:03] But if it's a high season, people plan farther out. So if people know that they're going, for instance to Hawaii in May, they're going to plan ahead because May is a very big season. I mean that's when the, the whales are out there and all this stuff is going on. There's a bunch of different festivals and things like that. So you know, you know, um, the Gem Festival down in Tucson. Um, where do I go every single Halloween, I am at my place in Florida because I'm there for Halloween Horror Nights and the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot Center. My favorite things like you know, where you're going and you know it's going to be busy, you know, spring break is busy at Disney, you know, summer's busy at Disney. So you know, the times of years that are busy and you know, if you're going to an event or something and that's busy at that time, you're going to plan it a lot farther ahead than if you're on a road trip and you're just driving through because your buddy needed to pick up a car in Texas and then get it to LA.

[34:02] Right? So you, you plan ahead for different things and then those things, you know, those things you know about an advance. So just know now nowadays people are more and more booking out in the same month. I don't know what's happening but in my mind I am a planner but I guess people are just becoming less and less planners. So you can do that. It's totally up to you. What's really cool about the instant booking is you can do a lot of those settings yourself and if there's something that you don't like don't do instant booking. I also sent set mine at a very. I have a strict cancellation policy. People once they book it, they got 24 hours, have changed her mind after that boom, 100 percent of that money is mine and I don't change that. I am very strict about my cancellation because I need to be.

[34:54] I have, you know, I have a lot of properties, I have a lot of expenses and a lot of times, like I said, my properties are booked out for a complete month or so. Imagine if somebody had rented your property out for a month or two and then they changed their mind the day before. If you didn't have a strict policy or seven days before, even seven days before, now, seven days before their two months day, you've got a two month opening in your, in your calendar. That would not be a good thing. So I recommend as soon as you can, when you're first starting, now, go ahead and be a little bit more lax daisy, but as soon as you can go strict goes strict cancellation. And um, I don't think that has anything to do with your ratings, but maybe it does, but I don't think it does. Especially if you can do an instant booking with a strict cancellation, then go ahead, do it.

[35:48] You still have that opportunity to cancel if they send you back something that makes you think they're a serial killer, right? So just cancel them, boom or cancelled bye, um, and the same day, just watch out. You just want to be careful with your cleaning companies. So I kind of went over a bunch of different stuff, just making sure you know that your pictures and everything are great. Your title, Doing Rachel Miller's, you know, bumper sticker thing there. I love her. She's so sweet. I would love to meet her someday in person because she's got a bunch of kids too. I think she's got six kids and I think she's adopted, but it doesn't matter man. When you got. I have five kids. I didn't adopt any of them. Oh, I wish I could kidding. I love my kids, but I love people with a lot of kids because they're just like me.

[36:39] Most people who have a lot of kids that are kind of like me, they're just like, yeah, whatever man. We are like the easiest friends to have. We're the ones like, you know, somebody says I need you to drop by, but my house is mess. Like, what? Why? Like you care about your house, look clear off and plays for me, man. Get me a cup of coffee. I don't care. I'll rinse the mug myself. I'm not. Because when you have a lot of kids, you, you've gone through a lot of stuff. Now my house is pretty clean only because I'm a little bit OCD, but you know what? I don't, I honestly, I don't care. I don't judge anybody else's stuff because I'm like, man, I've been there. There was a time when my kids were younger and I was doing scouts. I did, I did.

[37:21] Girl Scouts were like 10 years. I did boy scouts for seven years. I had um, I was coaching tee-ball. I was coaching soccer. I mean it was just doing everything because you were doing the mom thing, right? You had all these kids who are juggling all this stuff. My house was crazy, like it would be super clean. I would get the upstairs done downstairs would be a disaster. I get the downstairs done. The upstairs would be a disaster. It was just, you could not stay on top of stuff. Who am I to judge? That's always so people with a lot of kids, we are so free and easy. You were like, you know, if you come in, the kids are wearing their pajamas at 2:00 in the afternoon. I'm homeschooled my kids we have been in our pajamas all day. Sometimes. It was like, I don't care.

[38:06] We've, you know, you, you do what you gotta do. So we're super easy people so I want to meet Rachel someday. But um, and again, I just want to thank you guys for all the great reviews. I love that and I love helping you out. If there is anything I can do for you, if there's a question you need answered, if you don't want it broadcast, just private message me on Facebook. You can find this in our group at the short term rental revenue right there on Facebook. You can go our website. We've got a bunch of really great. All our podcasts are on there. We're starting to put more and more articles on there. We put a bunch of references to a bunch of different things on there. So you know, we're just building it out for you and we've got a lot of new stuff in store coming in the coming year.

[38:54] We want to make sure that you have a place to go to get all the information that you need to build your short term rental revenue business. So by now I'm hoping that you've already got your first property. We're gonna start getting into a lot more nitty gritty about running your properties in this podcast series. So if you still haven't gotten your first short term rental, go back, go back to the first podcast and start listening to them in order so that you can build up and get your first short term rental. And if you've got any questions, email us, go on Facebook, get in there. If you don't want to do it out in the open, do a privately. We don't care, we just want to help you. If there's something we can do for you and answer a question for you, we really, really want to do that.

[39:37] And there's a bunch of freebies too. We've got some freebies for traveling. Um, some, you know, little e-books and stuff to give away. Obviously we're just trying to grab your email addresses so we know who you are. I'm always like, yeah, let's hide the fact that we're giving you a free e-book. It's like, please send us your email address. We want to know who you are. We want to get to know you. We, we. What we really want to do is get a bunch of emails together so that we can get some surveys out to people so that we really know the content that you're looking for so that we can serve you better. That's why. That's why we just want to, we want to serve people the best possible way we can. And so if we don't get a lot of feedback, we're just kind of, you know, going in one direction and somebody is like, I wish they would talk about this.

[40:24] Well we, we aren't mind readers. We would love to be mind readers. My mom was a mind reader. I think she, man, she could. She knew everything I was doing all the time. She would say, A little Birdie told me, I was like, this woman is psychic. I know she is. Well, my mom was a mind reader. I am that however, so I need you to tell me what you want and I would be happy. I am more than happy. I would be grateful to be able to serve you. It would be my honor. It would be my pleasure to be able to do for you what my mentors did for me, what Robert Kiyosaki did for me, what you know Peter Johnston did for me, and Susie Daphnis and the people that I love and care about and all the mentors that I've had in my life, how they taught me and helped me through all my growth. That's what I want to do for you. Thank you so much for your five star reviews. Thank you so much for subscribing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Have a great holiday season. We're going to talk to you next week.

[41:23] Have a great day. God bless. Go and grow.


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