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Episode 017 - How to Get Your Listing Viewed on Airbnb…We Think (Part 1)




[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:22] Hi, it's Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset and this is the short term rental revenue podcast. And in today's episode we're going to talk about how to get your listing viewed on Airbnb. We think, yeah, we think because we don't know. This is one of those things. People like facebook algorithms and Airbnb's algorithms, we don't know. It's a super secret, you know, it's like the the, the nine spices in the Kentucky fried chicken recipe. We don't get to know exactly how they do their algorithms in order to get your listings to show up first when a property is being searched for, but we think we've got a lot of clues. The clues are left by them and left by others. So these are ways that we know, we ways that we are pretty sure of and some ways that we think might be. So you're going to get some yeses for sure.

[01:20] This is going to help. Probably this will help and maybe this will help today, but first I to thank geiger 97 for the five star review that says cares so much about her audience. A Geiger left us this great review on Itunes and I wanted to thank you. It says, in addition to being an informative podcast, I love that Michelle really is trying to learn more about what we want to hear and where we are on our journey. I love that because that is true. I care and you know, I was talking to a friend of mine, she was asking me why I do my business. Like what, why are you doing this? You, I invested in real estate. I've invested in real estate for a long time. I invest in other things and what got me here, it was like, okay, what got you here to where you are?

[02:11] And I said, you know, I just want to help people. I looked at my mom and she struggled. She was a single mom for many years with four daughters. She worked really, really hard. She worked until she died, really? And she just, you know, she struggled with money and money is just a mindset. It really is. It takes you a long time to move from a poverty mindset to an abundance mindset. And there's, there's a whole journey, a whole pathway along the way. Some people get it really quickly, some people never get it. Some people make a lot of money and still have a poor mindset because they think that they have to take from others in order to get, that's literally their belief system. Or they have to cheat the system. You know, people who cheat, um, they, they believed that the only way for them to get ahead is to cheat.

[03:07] They don't have enough confidence in themselves and their ability to do something, you know, legitimately they have to do it in a poor way and had poor mentality way. So there, there are ways to make money. But one thing I wrote down a long time ago was, I know this is huge and you're probably going to Giggle, but I said I want to save the middle class in America. And that's true. I really do. Like if I had one big goal, one thing I could do it would be to save the middle class, to take people from that poor mentality thinking that you will never be. You'll never have. You could never make it to where they know that they deserve to be happy. They deserve to have more. They deserve a life that they dream of. God doesn't give you a dream without giving you the ability to achieve that dream.

[04:01] I truly, truly believe that. And as soon as you raise the level of your acceptance, as soon as you raise that belief in yourself and you believe that God truly wants you to be happy, because he does. And I know I don't mean to get know spiritual here. And I hope you know I'm trying to stay nondenominational. If you want to say the universe or source that, that answers to you in the fact that it loves you and it believes in you and it just wants you to be happy. You know, you keep bringing all these things upon yourself because of your beliefs. So watch what you believe. Watch your thoughts. You know, watch what you're thinking. Write down the things that come up. You know when you're, you're attempting to build your business and if you're attempting, if you've got a short term rental and you want to get into your second or third or even your 10th property and something bumps says, you know, I don't know, maybe you're going to big why?

[05:06] Why are you having that thought, those are little triggers. That's the edge of your, your comfort zone and it's time to break out of that. So start being very aware and even writing down and working on your belief. We're going to, we're going to have to do a whole belief system podcast. I'm going to write that down because I think it's truly, truly important to work on, but today we're talking about how to get our listings viewed on Airbnb and this is, like I said, it's a tricky thing. Nobody knows really how it works, but we know a few things. Let's talk about visibility now. Visibility means you know their, their ability to see you when they're searching on Airbnb for a property and like I said, I love Airbnb. They're my, they're my goto company, the back you with a million dollar policy, you should always get another policy on top of that, but Airbnb is honestly, I believe, to me, one of the greatest platforms to use.

[06:10] I really liked them. I really, really do. I like how they stand behind you. I like how they insure you. I like how they protect you. I like how they communicate. I really like Airbnb, so I recommend Airbnb. They don't charge you to list on there. You, you pay a small, percentage of your fees when somebody books with you. I like the way they also add the cleaning fees at the end. So you can look at your pure, you're pure profit, okay, so you can say I need to rent this property out for x amount of dollars and you don't have to worry about the overhead of the cleaning costs because a lot of times that that gets difficult because you're cleaning company charges you per clean. So if you have somebody staying at your property for one night, you're cleaning company is going to charge you the same as if they stayed there for four nights or as if they stayed there for seven nights.

[07:08] So that doesn't change. So what's really nice about Airbnb is that fee is charged in addition to your nightly fee. You can add that in addition and people understand that. And um, you'll get to know with your cleaning companies, you'll get to, you'll get to know how many times on average each property gets cleans. So on average, my bigger properties rent usually for a week at a time. So that's for cleanings, four to five cleanings a month, depending on how many Saturdays or Fridays there are in the month, right? But then I have other properties that they get cleaned eight, nine, 10 times in a month. They have a much, much better turnover with much shorter stays. So those cleaning companies can expect from me 10 cleanings per month on one property. So what does that mean for them now? Most people who have their house cleaned have their house cleaned one time a week or maybe one time every two weeks.

[08:11] And so that's great. They go, okay, we'll charge you this much, but I use that 10 times a month as a negotiating tool because I can't. First of all, especially if a property is a lower price property, depending on the area. You can't afford to say charge $60 a night for a stay, but then charge a $150 for cleaning. That's like going on Amazon and buying a penny book. But you're going to pay the $3 99 for shipping and handling. That's no big deal. You know, like because you're paying four bucks if you're still paying four bucks for the book, it doesn't matter how much the shipping was, right? So people understand that and they look at that and they go, what is this? I'm paying 60 bucks a night, but they're going to charge me $150 for a cleaning. So make sure that you, you know, now if you've got a really nice big house, then that doesn't matter or if it fits in a great area, resort area like you know, really close to Disney or really close to Universal Studios are really close to skiing, skiing resort, or really close to whatever.

[09:16] I mean there's something big going on and it's a great area on the beach or something. Then honestly you can charge fees like that. Nobody's going to blink an eye because they're paying so much per night, but when they're paying a little bit per night, you're gonna have to negotiate that. So there are always going to be companies that will work with you with that. But that's one of the reasons I love Airbnb. They allow you to do that on the side, you know, because you can pay your company, your cleaning companies directly if they are charging you $75 a day for cleaning. That's what you charge $75 and even if it's, you know, 75 to $100 a night, that's not an unreasonable fee for a professional cleaning. Now, if you're just getting started and you're doing this out of your home or you know there's maybe a room in your house or you're using a guest house or Casita or something that's attached to your house and you're doing your own cleaning charge for the cleaning still because honestly, that's your time.

[10:19] Pay Yourself for your cleaning. Do that, you know, create a little cleaning business on the side that you clean, you know, and you pay them. I mean, those aren't going to be, you're going to. Your business can write off a cleaning. You can't. So you know when your business pays a cleaner, that's great, but they can't pay you as a cleaner unless you are a cleaner. You know what I mean? I don't know how to explain that the right way, but make sure that you're not, you're paying yourself for services. And so we create a lot of little businesses. Oh my gosh, I've created so many businesses in my, in my, in the past, we, even one time we created a cabinet company because I had my boys, uh, putting together Ikea cabinets for all these houses we were renovating and it was a new area.

[11:15] They didn't have the same cabinet shops of the places that I was used to, you know, um, when you renovate, usually you're in one specific area and you'll get to know all the contractors and all the vendors and everything in that area and you'll be able to have all these deals. Well, we were in a brand new area. We didn't know anybody. We kind of looked around. We needed yet to get everything done fast. And when you go to Lowe's and Home Depot, they're low end cabinets are low end cabinets. They look low end and we didn't want to go low end. But when you go to Ikea, even their lowest price cabinets look pretty good. So we bought a bunch of them, but they were all apart, they were, they had to assemble them. And so we created a business and an LLC for the boys and the boys would put the cabinets together for us.

[12:06] And guess what I mean? It was pretty cool. The boys were making a little bit of money. We were paying them legitimately because they had their own LLC, their own little business going. And you can do that with your cleaning business. You want to be able to write things off. So make sure you do that. If you're a little, you know your, your, your little and are getting started. Okay. Back to visibility. Being eligible and being visible. That's where Airsbnb describes this as and being eligible means that make sure your property is eligible. One thing I see a lot of people making mistakes and is they set these minimum and maximum days for guests to stay and that that's fine and good. I mean if you've got a legitimate reason why you want somebody to stay there a minimum of seven nights, blah, blah blah.

[12:57] But just know, you know, let's say a guest wants six nights and your minimum stay is seven nights. You're not going to show up on their radar at all, so you are not even eligible to see them. Right? Or this is a big one. There's a lot of people who set a two minimum weekends, day or two night minimum and anywhere they want you to stay at least two or three nights. Right? Well, what's really weird is their calendar. We'll start filling up in different ways. Leaving a gap of one night or sometimes two nights. Well If you have a one night gap, you're never going to fill it. If you have a two night minimum, why? Because you're not eligible. None of your. None of your properties will show on any searches for one night because if you've got a two night minimum, so you have to make sure that your minimum matches what you've got available and what you want out there.

[14:00] So make sure you are eligible for the search. Do you get it? You need to be eligible, which means watch your minimums and maximums. How I do this on the properties that I have listed on Airbnb is when they're further out, um, you can set specific dates and say that these properties can only be rented by the week or by the month, especially in areas where I have properties. There's a lot of people who stay, especially in the wintertime for an entire month at a time, um, or several weeks at a time. So you can set that for weeks and weeks out. But as it gets closer to that date, let's see, what are we. We're in the beginning or the end of November. So now dates in December and January should mostly be filled up. There's just going to be a bunch of little gaps in there. My minimum dates are going to go down because now I'm just trying to fill those little gaps in.

[14:55] Do you see what I mean? So I might even remove the minimum stays when it, it's next month. And I've only got a few scattered one days or maybe two days here. I might remove those minimum stays so that it's eligible. So that's on a search. So watch that. What's really cool too is I should mention, is that when you first get started on Airbnb, as a Newbie, they put you out there, man, they put you right in front, and I really loved that about Airbnb because it helps you get started. It helps you get booked. I always recommend when you have no, this is your first, you know property and you have no reviews, no ratings yet, book price your property low enough to just make it those first couple months that you can book it, book it, book it, book it, book it. You want to get up a pocket full of reviews in there and have them all five star reviews and once you get, you know your first, you know, five or 10 listings or reviews, then you want to go in there and then you can start playing around with your pricing.

[16:04] But when you first get started, it's really nice because Airbnb puts you up front. They put your property out there, they want to get you booked and they want to get you making some money. Why? Because if you make money, they make money. It's that simple and if they can get you to be a raving fan, it's easier to keep somebody as a property owner than it is to go out there and market for a new person to get onto Airbnb. So they want to make you happy. They want to make you profitable, they want to see you make money. So that's a cool thing that they have for newbies. And then there's long term stay discounts. Those anytime there's um, somebody's searching for a week or a month, they look for discounts. So they might be going, um, let's say I use, I know I use Florida a lot.

[16:59] I'm so sorry. I'm trying to think of a different location. I love Florida and I live in the desert and so I dream about not living in the heat, although this is the most beautiful time of year for me here, but I'm telling you I am so desert, desert it out and my husband loves it here and will not leave. And um, so I'm always thinking about, please take me to a place where it rains and there's lots of green and plants and trees. So I use Florida a lot, sorry about that. But um, let's use Florida when people go to Orlando, a lot of times they get a week at a time. There's, we, we do almost all of our, our properties out there. Are a week at a time there Friday to Friday or Saturday? Saturday, not usually Sunday to Sunday. The, there's not nearly as many of those but they will be looking for those properties.

[17:52] So you want to have, if that's your market, you want to have those discounts in there because having a discount, we'll put you higher on the visibility. You, you'll be more visible with a discount. Now there are a lot of people who argued that if you're doing short term rentals that it doesn't matter how many days they like the smaller stays, they like, like I said, you know, in those properties that we have where they have 10 cleanings a month, they love those. And that's pretty cool. I personally don't like them as much because you know what I don't, I don't like I would rather have a whole bunch of long stays then a bunch of little short stays. But the reason why I liked the long stays is because those people are so much easier to me. I know it sounds sad, but when I get a bunch of snowbirds going down to Florida or going into Arizona, hello, they just want to do their snowbird thing.

[18:52] They, they're, you know, they're older people. They're usually, you know, in their sixties or seventies and they are so much less trouble than younger people. I know that sounds so bad and so judgmental and I don't mean to do that because, you know, I have millennials. My children are all, you know, are mostly millennials. So I'm, I'm not saying that, but you know, come on, be honest. They really are. They just want to go and hang out and talk to the neighbor people and hang out, you know, in the yard and sit on lawn chairs and have fun man. Sit and watch TV. I mean I don't know what they do, but they don't want me bugging them. And that's the kind of person I am. But there are so many other people who love being more hands on and if that's the type of person you are, then definitely go for it.

[19:43] There's a lot more money to be made when you do allow for shorter terms and you don't go for the long term ones, there's a lot more money to be made in it. You can charge a higher price per night when it's one night, a single night at a time, even with a two night or three night minimum. You can charge more than you charge for week because when people stay for a week or they stay for a month, they expect a discount because they're saying for that long. So they want to look around and they go, okay, well this property is 250 and night. But if I stay there for a week, I want to be able to get it for you know, 1200 for the week. They want a discount. And if you were to rent it by itself, here's. You could probably rent out always the weekends.

[20:35] Rent out really fast on properties. So you'll probably get every Friday, Saturday and Sunday booked and gone and you might have a few filler days in between. So if you price your properties that your weekends pay for your entire month's expenses, then the rest is just icing on the cake. So just make sure that if you do decide whatever you decide. And I'm not trying to sway you either way. Like I said, it's because I live in snowbird country both times of the year. So when I'm in Florida, I'm in snowbird country. When I'm in Arizona, I'm in snowbird country, so we have a lot of winter visitors coming down from Canada coming down from Minnesota, coming down from Iowa. Um, we, we always have acronyms for all our peoples who they're all the peoples who are out here. We got acronyms for them coming in, but they're basically snowbirds and they love to stay for a long time.

[21:34] I like those guests. They're easy. That's just me. I like free and easy. I'm getting old. I don't wanna I don't want to work a lot, you know. But when I was younger, I loved talking to people. I love doing stuff, I love being a lot more active and stuff. So if that's you, then own it. Just be who you are and let that shine through as a host, you know, be who you are and let your personality shine through. And like I said, you can make a lot more money doing those single days. So definitely be there. So when I said that's the visibility, that's going to be your visibility in the search engines. Now remember when it. The only thing I really don't like about Airbnb is when you search a property there, let's say you put in, you're going to Vancouver and you put in Vancouver and it comes up with properties all over the place.

[22:30] It you can put in a zip code and stuff and it still gives you properties sometimes from farther away in order to get around the area that you want. I've found that you have to go into their map and kind of look at a map like you're. You're like, okay, I'm going to be at this event and it's down by, you know, the, um, by this river, hotel or whatever, that's where the venue is and I want to be close to there and so I have to literally go on the map. I don't like that. I wish you could just, it would just give you a general area you could or you know, you could even put in a Niagara Falls and it would give you all the hotels within a very close proximity to Niagara Falls. But I've found that sometimes I'll be looking at a property when I'm going to stay someplace and then I'll look at the map to find out how close it is and it's way across town, not even near where I started from.

[23:23] And I'm like, why is this even in this search engine? So there are search engine isn't what it could be. They could learn from a company like Zillow because I love Zillow's searches and have for years I used to teach stuff about Zillow when I was teaching people how to invest in real estate, but Zillow has great search engines. I wish Airbnb would use those same ones. Okay. So that's when people are searching for you and the visibility and they search for your city. Now you're going to have to catch their eye and I took some notes here. I don't know if you guys know. I hope. I hope you do. I mean I hope you have a side business or something that you do, but there's this wonderful woman who I absolutely love. I've only been watching her and following her for a little over a year, but her name is Rachel Miller and she teaches Facebook strategies and she does this thing where she talks about like, I forget what she calls it, but it's like basically your bulletin board, your, um, your bumper sticker.

[24:29] That's what she calls it, a bumper sticker. And she talks about your Facebook pages and your Facebook pages and your page on your, your Airbnb are quite similar. And let me, let me explain why. When somebody is searching, they're going to see a bunch of thumbnails, a bunch of little cover photos. The one photo that you pick to be your cover photo becomes a thumbnail. And now they see a bunch of thumbnails with the picture that you chose and then the title of your property, and then the price per night. That's what they're going to see. And they also can see the reviews, the number of stars it has, right? So you want your thumbnail or your cover photo to be out there. It's got to grab their attention. Your cover photo is the most important photo. Why? Because they're not even going to click on it.

[25:31] If it's some boring photo, and I'm keeping a claim here, it's seriously cannot be boring. It can not be blahzay, it cannot be bad lighting and cannot be grayed out. It has to be a good photo. And we talked about the importance of photos before, but photos are critical. They are really critical. And Rachel talks about, you know the things to have on your facebook page, your bumper sticker, for instance, a bumper sticker, meaning that when somebody sees a bumper sticker on your car, they basically know a lot about you in a very short amount of time, right? Because your bumper sticker says something quick snap, right? It has like a little blurb that says, I believe in this right, adopt, don't you know, neuter or whatever they want you to adopt pets and not buy them from a puppy farm. So you'll know their belief system right away looking at their bumper sticker.

[26:34] It will have something that grabs your attention, a picture or something, a little pop print for instance on that one. Right? And if you like dogs, you like pets, boom. Your eye focuses on that because you're like, oh, I like pets. I like my dog. And you look at it and then you read it, right? So first the picture gets you. Then the message or the title, the same thing is going to happen with your, your, your property, right? So when you put your description of your property in there, you want to make sure that your photo grabs them quickly. That's going to get their attention first. Before your title is going to be your photo, the next thing that's going to grab them is the title. And most people, you know, they'll put something, Blahzay in there three/Two a three,/two townhouse.

[27:30] Okay. So you got three/ two townhouse or you know, whatever. And then you've got escape to the castle on the. Sea. Which one sounds better? Yeah. Come on. You want your title to grab people. You know, I give my properties all a name. It's like going to um, Vieques, in Puerto Rico. They don't have addresses on that island. Every house has a name. And just imagine that every house that I have has a name. I know my properties by the name of the house because I mean those are the ones that listed on Airbnb. The other ones I don't care about because I don't have to market to those, but the ones that I list will have a name. Your properties should have a name, it should be catchy. It should be something that people like. It takes them away right away and they say, yes, I want that.

[28:22] Just like the paw print, right? Just like the paw print. Got Them to look at you. And then then they said, hey, adopt. You don't want to, you know, feed these puppy mills, right? You want your message to come out very quickly that you want them to know exactly what they're, you know, they're being offered here. You want to, you know, a romantic getaway for, two, you know, if you had something like that, that tells them a lot. They're like, yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for. A romantic getaway, cozy cottage in the woods. Yes, that's what I want. You know, I don't want to hear a bland old description about it. I want to get away. Right? So you want to give your property's title something that's going to, you know, sell them on the dream of what they, what they're going for. If they're going for a family vacation, if they're going for a romantic getaway, if they want to go skiing and they're dreaming of a hot steam bath in the snow, you know, something that gives them a taste of a picture of what they are going to get.

[29:35] That's what you want. And then you want the description to kind of do the same thing, to be an extension of that, because now you grab them with your photo and then your title got them. And then they're like, now let me take a look. Now they click on it, right? So when you click on it, when they click on it, you're going to draw them in. You want your description to be something like, you know, you want it to be like reading a story, you know, something that describes everything from almost like you want to do it in a romantic way, not in a, you don't want to be like a hospital setting, you know, it's like two bedrooms, first one king size bedroom with one king size bed, one bathroom with a full tub, one bathroom with a walk in shower. No, not like that.

[30:35] It's like, no, you want a wonderful description, walk into your, your tropical getaway, you're your own tropical paradise. And you know, as soon as you walk in, be greeted by the openness of the room or you know, you want to get, get creative, man, I'm right now. I'm being less creative because a crapload of properties are going through my head and I'm trying to focus in on one. That's my ADD going. Use this one as an example. No, this one, this one. Okay. But so for instance, when they walk in, you know, when as you walk in the vaulted ceilings, you know, let you know how huge the property is, but, but then go into the cozy spa and the sauna or something. I mean, you're going to describe it in a much better way than I just did, but basically like a menu, right?

[31:28] So have you ever been to those restaurants where they just have this blahzay thing about the menu and it's like, oh burger, this says two patties, cheese and Blah Blah Blah on this burger. But then you walk into another place and it's like, you know, bite into the crunchy, steamy bun and you know, the, we have mouthwatering cheeses will, you know, take over your taste buds with it will pop with flavor, with a red peppers and the, you know, whatever you want that you want. You want to describe it in a way that it's like amazing. Like right now they're like, Ooh, I want that. That's what you want. You want your description to be an. I want that description. Not too long, you know, hit just the highlights and stuff and that's the same when you list all your amenities and all the other things underneath it.

[32:20] Don't list a bunch of crap. Nobody wants all that. They just want the highlights. They want the highlights. If they want to see the whole thing, they'll go into your guest book and they'll start looking at all the different amenities. But most of the time, like especially with properties where we have family getaways, you know, one of the things that people are looking for most there, and I don't list this in the description, mind you, this is not going to be part of my, my wonderful dinner description, but just on the amenities lists, they want a washer and dryer. It's the craziest thing, but if I don't list that there, that's the number one question we get asked in an email that says, yeah, but do you have a washer? And Dryer. So guess what? Whenever it's a family vacation place, that's one of the first things we list.

[33:08] So make the list of amenities because that's just a bullet point. Boom, boom, boom, boom, right? The, the list of amenities should include things that people are gonna want, wherever they are, wherever they're going. So if this property is by the beach, they want to know, hey, do you got snorkel equipment? Do you have a surf boards? Do you have, what do you have? You have something for us to use there. Do you have blow up beach toys? You have sand buckets and shovels for our kids, that's what they want to know. Lots of toys available. You can, you don't even have to list them. You can say lots of beach toy amenities available. And then if it's something they want, they can go deeper and dig into your book. So remember the description is going to be super flowery, right? You're going to, you want them to go, yes.

[33:54] That is. So what I'm looking for, you know, if they just want a weekend getaway and where it's quiet and stuff, let them know that this is the perfect spot for that. This is the perfect spot to get away from work if you don't have internet or really good WiFi, totally use that. That way. It's like we are so we are so secluded out here, you know, get away from it all, turn off your cell phones and your computers and just have a night away with no interruptions. You know, blah, blah blah. You can use things as to your advantage when you know what other people would see as a detriment. You can use to your advantage. But with your bullet points, you want to hit the high points. You want to hit the things that people would be looking for if they were going to that location.

[34:44] Like when people are going to Florida, we say, Hey, we've got rain jackets just in case we've got, we've got you covered in case it rains. You can put things like that, you know, that won't tell them whether you have ponchos or umbrellas. But they'll know that you've got them covered. You want people to know what they're going to get. Use Rachel's, you know, bumper sticker theory. Okay? Use her title. Make sure that you get the title right, make sure that you get the photo right, the thumbnails, those photos are super important and make sure that you get the description right, right and juicy. You want them to be living in. Okay? Now when you have a listing like that, you're going to be higher up because the more, the more you have, the more people you have viewing your listing that actually boost your listing.

[35:35] I know that sounds weird, but if a lot of people click on your listing, then it gets boosted up now. So we think we're pretty darn sure about this, but they even insinuate that when they're talking about how to raise your listings inside of Airbnb, so the more people who click on your listings, the more interesting you make it, the more people will click on it. More people who click on it, the more higher it is, more higher, the higher up it is inside the search engines. Okay, so keep it there man. Keep it there. Also, I know that I said, you know that sometimes you can use those things as, as you know, to lead people in if you didn't have WiFi, but I'm going to tell you right now why WiFi is probably the number one thing that anybody wants anymore in any property and I don't care if you're a remote property and Bali.

[36:29] People want WiFi they want to make sure you have good Internet, so I'm just going to tell you right now, I'm not going to beat around the bush. Pay for the best Internet that you can afford because the quicker, the easier it is, the better for people. You don't necessarily have to have cable. We have cable and a lot of our properties because it's included with the HOA's, but you want to have. You really, really want to have fast internet because people want fast internet and especially Americans. We're super spoiled. If you travel outside of the country, anybody who's ever traveled outside the country knows you get to another country and you start using the internet and you're like, what's taking so you feel like the old AOL thing is going on, like you're connecting with a phone and you can almost hear the modem like, like, oh my gosh, what is taking so long?

[37:24] We have really great Internet here in the United States and we are super spoiled. So that means if you've got an American staying with you, you better have fast internet or they're going to be claiming, you know, putting all kinds of reviews on there. The Internet was so slow, I could never connect, blah, blah blah. And that is not what you want. You want good reviews. So if you're offering internet, if it's one of your amenities, make sure it is up there. And I would always try to offer internet. I'm just gonna say that. So we went a little long with this podcast and I'm going to break it up into part one and part two. So we're gonna. Finish up this podcast right here with part one of how to get your listing viewed on Airbnb, and if you just keep clicking, we're going to have the next episode ready and available for you just in case you're working out and stuff. This was a great place to kind of break it in half and we'll hope that you tune in, remember to subscribe, hit that subscribe button, leave us a review and leave us a comment and tell us what we can do for you.

[38:29] Have a great day. God bless. Go & grow.


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