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Episode 014 - Excuse Buster: My Spouse Won’t Let Me & Other Fear Covered Excuses

excuses motivation Nov 16, 2018

 [00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income is your host best selling author and Speaker Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, it's Michelle of the master of money mindset. And I'm here with today's episode of the short-term rental revenue podcast. And in today's episode, we're going to talk about the excuse, "My spouse won't let me." I love that excuse. I've been in all types of businesses and people use that excuse all the time and there's so many things wrapped around this excuse, but I want to start with a story real quick. I have dogs. I used to raise golden retriever pups. We had some acreage out by the superstition mountains and years ago we used to raise golden retrievers and they would have these puppies and they were so adorable and there was one litter in particular, I kept two of the female pups. They were, you know, sometimes you have your favorites and you're like, I'm keeping it. I'm keeping these ones. So I had, um, of course I had girls too, so my girls named a lot of our puppies so a lot of them had disney princesses names.

[01:26] So one of them was Ariel and one was Jasmine. Yeah. Disney princess. But Ariel was, uh, she was not quite six months old yet, but we were playing ball out on our property and I was tossing the ball out and she would fetch it and bring it back to me. And she was so adorable. She was a dark red golden retriever, almost like Irish setter red. Very, very pretty. And she went out behind where the pool pump equipment was and I heard her like, you know, like Yelp, like a little, you know, like maybe she got into some cactus or something, you know, and she brings back the ball and I reached down and I can see her face is all round. She's got the ball in her mouth, right? It looks like she had the ball and I went down on, I'm trying to grab the ball out of her mouth and she's crying and I looked down and she didn't have the ball in her mouth.

[02:20] She had two Fang marks and venom dripping from her jowl and her face had already swelled up large enough for it to look like she had the ball in her mouth. It was huge. It was just swelling super fast and I knew right away, living in the desert and right next to the state land, that she got bit by a rattlesnake. And I was like, oh my gosh. So immediately I grabbed her and I jumped in the car and grabbed my cell phone and I start, you know, zooming down the road towards the and calling my bet. I speed down my vet and on the way. And the vet said, oh, don't come here. Don't come here. I don't have any antivenom. You need to go all the way out to Gilbert. Um, there's an emergency clinic. At the time there was an emergency clinic at Gilbert and southern, I believe, and they were the only ones who had any antivenom, so I'm, I'm thinking to myself, man, this is a long way because I'm way out by the superstition mountains and Gilbert was a long drive, but I'm driving down the road and I'm looking at her and her mouth is foaming and her face is just swelling up and I was just panicked.

[03:41] My stomach was sick and then and suddenly I realized that I loved all the kids outside playing in the pool and there was a rattlesnake in the back and so I immediately called home and I'm like, get the kids out of the yard and get the kids out of the yard. There's rose sneak back there. I'm taking the puppy to the, to the vet and to the emergency. And my daughter's like, we got it. We saw it. We took the kids out of the yard. I'm like, thank God somebody has brain when there's emergency. That happened. So my daughter Nicole had gotten everyone out of the yard and everybody was safe. All the puppies were out of the yard and I proceeded to the emergency room so I get to the emergency vet and walk in with her and she was just, I mean she looked terrible and I handed them to her and my heart was really breaking but I'm kind of as a hard but you know, I'm not gonna break down in front of people or anything.

[04:39] So I walk in, I hand them the pup and they take her in the back of the room and I said, you know, she is the antivenom going to work as you know, I'm, I'm trying to talk to the girl. And the girl said, well we know what we're not even going to work on her until you pay us. And I looked very confused like what? And she said, well, you know, these treatments are extremely expensive and the minimum have ever seen them. Cost is around $1,400 and this is years ago, ladies and gentlemen. So it's probably more maybe, hopefully it would be less. But knowing our, you know, knowing our society, it's probably more now, but they wanted to $2,000 upfront, I had to give him a credit card with $2,000 upfront and I was like, are you serious? And she said, yes, you know, we won't even look at her and we're gonna charge it 2000 and if there's a credit we'll put a credit back on there if we don't use the whole 2000, but we want to make sure that we get paid ahead of time because we're not going to spend the money for the antivenom unless we know we get paid.

[05:42] And I honestly, I could not believe the. I was like, for the love of God, these people are supposed to help animals. But as an animal lover, I'm like, yeah, definitely. Here. I just handed her my credit card and yes, do what you have to do. Right? So then I thought, oh no, my husband will kill me. I better call him. So I called my husband as I'm sitting there in the waiting room and I said to him, he knows this now, but I said honey, and I start crying, you know, like the operate on her until, you know, we give them $2,000 and they won't even look at her and Blah Blah Blah. And you know, I told him the whole story and, and I'm crying telling him, please, please let me give them the $2,000. And he's like, oh yeah. And he just, yes, yes.

[06:29] Give them the credit card, go ahead. And then I was like, okay, thanks. I'll call you back. And I hung up and then I was like, fine, I wasn't, I wasn't crying anymore. And the girl just looked at me and she goes, what the heck, what the heck was that? And I said, well, I've been married a long time. I, I have to make. My husband believed that it's his idea. Everything is his idea. It's like if it comes from him then it's, it's okay. So I had to make him think, buy it already paid for it. I didn't, didn't wait for Kevin. Of course I paid for it. It was the first thing I did. Are you kidding? That's like, these are my puppies. I love them. They're my dogs. And money was no object. It was like, just take the money, fix my puppy, make her whole k again.

[07:16] And um, but the thing was with my marriage, I knew that in order for my husband to say yes, I turned on the tears, you know, ask him to do it. And then I knew he was going to say yes, but I had to let him think that it was his idea. So what do you think, what do you think I'm going to tell you about that whole episode of, you know, my wife won't let me do it or my husband won't let me do it, you know, it's the old same. What do they say? It's a, it's better to ask forgiveness than permission. You know, I believe in that a lot too because there's a lot of times where I just do something and then call them up with that property, that same property that was out there and we had a big huge house that overlooked the entire Phoenix valley and we were the highest house on the mountain.

[08:11] Nobody could build behind us and so we were looking down on everyone. Well, the lady with a house in front of our property, which was a little bit downhill, but she was still in front of our property. There was a lot, an empty lot in between our house and her house that she owned and when she put it up for sale I just went over there and made her an offer and bought it. And again, when my husband got home, I just told him, I said, Oh, I bought that lot in front of us because she was. She just put it up for sale and I didn't want anybody buying it and building a big house on it and blocking my view of the entire valley because my view and knight was spectacular. Right. I mean, I could see all the lights, tingling and I could see all the way to Phoenix, downtown Phoenix.

[08:59] We still have that property, but um, we don't have the house anymore that we lost that house to a fire, but I loved, loved, loved that house and I loved my property. I love the view and I wasn't going to lose the view. And so I, there was just that time I just didn't even ask for forgiveness. I said I bought it, so I bought it just so you know. But the thing is if you want something in life, you got to take it. You don't wait for somebody, you don't ask permission from other people. You just got to do it. And I know that a lot of you say, well, I'm married. You don't know how that is. Oh yes, I do. I'm married. I've been with my husband since I was 16. We've been together for a long time through high school, through college, through Grad School, through everything we dated for five years.

[09:50] We've been married for 32 years. We have five children. We have grandchildren and we've been married a long time and obviously there's up and downs in every marriage, but the thing is when you want something, your spouse should not be the person who stopping you from doing it. They should be the person who's behind you, cheering you on and encouraging you. They should be your biggest cheerleader and if they're not your biggest cheerleader than maybe you should rethink a few things. If you are in a marriage where someone's not supporting you and supporting your ideas and, and, and even, you know, I'll go into this a little later, but even if your ideas aren't always sound, I mean obviously you're going to go back and forth and say that doesn't sound like the safest thing, but if it is, if it's something safe and that something proven, then there should be no reason why those people are not encouraging you.

[10:45] You should really rethink the relationship that you have. If someone's going to stop you from living your dreams, and I'm obviously, I'm too. I think with short term rentals and investing, I mean these are things that have to be done. You have to invest your money if you are going to retire your money, you can sit and work and save all day long, but what are you getting in a savings account? Like less than two percent now? I mean it's. I mean in some areas it's less than one percent. It's ridiculous. When I was growing up, I worked at a bank and I remember the cds in the bank being between 10 and 12 percent interest and the interest rates were amazing and the returns on your investment, you could definitely hold your money in a bank at that time and not have to worry about it, but those times are gone.

[11:40] Those times are over and if you want to retire with any, any type of money in the bank, you're going to have to invest in something. And I think real estate is one of the safe, the safest investments to make. And I also think that the way that I teach investing, especially right now because I believe it's the top of the market, that we're going to have some kind of adjustment in the near future. Especially in real estate. Probably a year and a half in stock markets, so it's 2018, the end of 2018 right now and I believe there is an adjustment coming so hopefully it's not going to be bad, but maybe it will be and even if it doesn't come, I'm very careful about the properties I buy so I teach people how to rent and make an income and you can do this out of your Iras, you and we've got an episode coming up about that.

[12:31] You can take your self directed IRA and invest in rental properties and create an income that is going to just add to your Roth Ira or your Ira that you have and build your wealth and income for when you retire so that you have money to retire. So you're not working gathering carts at Walmart when you're 70 years old because that's just sad. That is just sad. So I want you to consider some of the arguments that I'm going to bring up for you today if you are using that excuse. When I got started in investing in real estate. My husband, he's a doctor and he invested with a bunch of other doctors and to some, I can't even remember what you call it, but some account and the way he kept describing it to me, hey, I'm going to be putting this much money away every month and we're going to invest in this thing.

[13:27] And I said, you know, that sounds wrong. I think you should check on that. And he said, what are you talking about? And I said, well, I think that sounds like tack of tax of Aiden's that you're not paying taxes and that's illegal. And I said there's a difference between finding loopholes and avoiding taxes, you know, and evading taxes, like moving things off shore. There's difference, there's a difference between legally finding loopholes where you don't have to pay taxes, you know, like a Roth Ira or something and what this guy is doing. It sounds to me that is fishy, but my husband didn't believe me and I was young too and I didn't know. I just heard some things, you know, and read some things, but it wasn't by any means an expert in any field at that time. So he didn't listen and we ended up losing $80,000 with his investments and I'm going through a bunch of stuff with that too.

[14:24] I mean, we had all kinds of things because that company was very, very illegal and they were ripping off a lot of doctors and it was really sad because they ripped them off for a lot of money. And, and that, you know, obviously think about that. If you had $80,000 back 30 some years ago, what that would be worth now, it would be incredible. So my husband wasn't completely, um, let's say he wasn't super excited about investing. He really, really wasn't. So my life had kind of taken all these different turns. And um, I had eventually ended up being with a group of investors, other investors who were investing in real estate. And when I said I wanted to do that, he was, yeah, less than excited. He was like, no way, you're not going to do this. And I said, well, guess what, there's no way you're going to stop me because people are making a lot of money and the way I'm going to do it, I'm going to, you know, check everything out.

[15:25] I'm going to be as careful as I can, but I really think that we need to start investing or will never make up for the money that we've lost in the past. We really need to work on this and we need to work on the future so that we can retire, that we're not working until we die. And so he gave me that. I'm air quoting this. He gave me $5,000 to start with and he said, okay, tell you what, you take this, you know, and if you can do well with this, then we'll keep doing it. And so we made a deal and he gave me $5,000. And at the time I had told him all I need to start right now is $5,000 because with our credit and all that I have, I can get this, this place and I only need 5,000.

[16:12] And so I took that $5,000 invested in our first property and then I took the equity from that property and built it into another property and took the equity from those properties and I just kept going out and out and out and building up a rental portfolio. And that created a really nice income for us for a long time. It lasted for a long time until when I was working for rich dad seminars, you know, we had had a bunch of experts, analysts, Robert Kiyosaki himself, a lot of people came in and said, we're heading for a real estate crash. So this was [inaudible] I think we started to realize it way back in the early two thousand. And then as it got closer, Kiyosaki said, okay, it's really getting close. We need to sell everything and I want you to sell all your, your income properties if it's not going to cash flow at half, you know, receiving half the income.

[17:11] So for instance, if you had a rental property that was bringing in a thousand a month and your rent was cut in half to only 500 a month, could you still cash flow that property? And the answer to that question for the majority of our properties was absolutely not. We couldn't. There was no way we could cashflow it on half the income. And so we sold a lot of properties at the top of the market and it was crazy. It was crazy. And that at that time, you know, we got out way before the crash and we were really lucky and blessed to do that. But, um, you know, I kind of talked about that because what I want you to know is that money created a lot of wealth for us and it still does today and there is not always wins. There were some investments that I made, actually handfuls of investments that I made that did not win big or some even lost money.

[18:09] But you know, you learn more from the failures I think, than you do from the winds. There are so many great lessons. You either get the outcome that you want or the lesson you need it. I always say that, and that is honest to God truth. Your winds will be so much more, you know so much bigger if you allow yourself to fail because failing is not really failing. It's falling forward is learning lessons and falling forward, so don't think of things as failure, if you will. If you think of it, if you're sitting there on the couch right now going, I can't invest because I'm a really deep down. It's not my wife or it's not. My husband hates the fact that I'm afraid I'm gonna fail. If you're afraid you're going to fail, I'm going to tell you right now. You are. You're going to fail.

[18:59] You're going to have some wins and some losses. That's just the way it is. Hopefully, you'll have more wins than losses, but you know what? You will have no wins, none. If you don't get out there and start investing, you will never get any farther than you are. Now. If you don't get out there and get started, you need to do that and it's just the reality of the whole thing. Yes, it's scary. Yes, it's frightening, but you know what? There's a lot of things that you can do to cut down your chances. An odds of losing. There's a lot of steps you can take it, you know, just to make sure that you don't have losses or that you are careful or that you can get out of a contract within six months if you're not sure of it, you need to take those steps.

[19:44] But by all means, I'm going to tell you right now, you probably have some failures. So what everybody does, you pick yourself up, you dust yourself off, you go back and you analyze what was good about that, what was bad about that, and you move forward and now you're, you're smarter than you were one more one deal ago, right? Because that deal taught you a lot. Now I did, um, talk about one of my deals where I lost 8,000 and somebody asked me that and you know, they said they wanted to hear more about me going into that. I'm not going to go into that one right now and that was my choice. I want to let you know that I actually, I could have made money on that deal. I chose to walk away from it and lose that money and I'll explain later why, but I, but I did it for a good reason.

[20:38] I thought and I would still do it that way, but anyways, let's move on. If you're afraid of failure, you're focusing on the wrong thing. You're focusing on failure. You need to focus on winning. That's where your mind needs to be. Um, Kiyosaki has played a game one time and we knew it was some kind of poker or something with dollar bills and we were all playing and everybody was winning. Some people were losing, some people were gambling more than others. And then we went around and talked about it. And the whole point of the entire game was the fact that those who are afraid to lose wouldn't put anything out there. In order to gain, you have to be focused on winning. If you're a mentality is I can't afford to lose that, then you're focusing on losing and you're already behind in the game, so focused on the wind.

[21:33] Now the last might come, but so what? You're going to dust yourself off and you're going to move on from that, but focus on winning. Focus on the money, focus on the income, focus on the difference you can make with your family, with your friends, with your charities. Focus on that and you'll be focused in the right place. And then it's just like I said, it's just having the wrong attitude. You know you need to change your attitude. Your attitude is wrong. If you're afraid of failure because failure is not a bad thing, it's actually a good thing. It's a learning thing. It's either getting the results you want or the lesson you need. Okay? Just remember that and live with that because that should be your mantra. I'm either, I'm moving always ahead, always forward. It's just about picking yourself up and moving on, you know, and dusting yourself off and doing it again and again and again and you're going to get better at it and better at it and better at it and you're going to have more and more and more properties and you're going to make more and more money and the more money you make, the more influence you can have in everyone's life and the more good you can do so you really need to focus on the good focus on the outcomes because it's not really about money.

[22:51] It's about the good you can do. It's about the difference you can make in your life and the lives of others. Okay, so focus on that. That's where your focus needs to be, and again, I'm going to say it's always better to ask forgiveness than it is to ask people for permission because no one's going to say, by all means go risk this money because to them, if they're not investing, it's always a risk and all investing is is a risk. There's always a little risk involved, but here's the deal. There are some investments that are less riskier than others. There are some ways to invest that make them less of a risk. You know, you can even invest in stocks and never lose more than 10 percent of what you put in. How just put a stop on those, like, uh, when the, when the stock falls below what you bought it for 10 percent, what you bought it for, then you, you're out.

[23:46] You sell any 11, you'll never lose more than 10 percent. There are ways to invest that, make them less risky. Just people choose not to do them. So be the person who you know, crosses the t's, dots the i's and checks out and does all their due diligence. Be that person and you will have lot less go wrong than anyone else. And they'll wonder why you're so lucky you're not lucky you've been working your butt off learning and learn from other's mistakes too. I love listening to other people and the mistakes that they've made and we'll have a lot more mistakes on the show because I've got friends and all of us have made mistakes and even in the short term rental industry, so will all teach you, um, because location, you know, I mean there's a bunch of things are going to learn. Location is not always the best thing.

[24:37] We have some friends who picked up a location in Hawaii, not the best location you would think it was, but we'll tell you why it wasn't. But here's the deal. You need to take your future into your hands. You need to take control of your life and you need to be brave and it's not not being afraid because there's always going to be a little bit of fear there. Just take that breath and breathe it out. Let it be exhilaration, right? Let it be exhilaration and feet instead of the fear. Don't hold the breath, let it go through. Go, Yep, I'm feeling it. Let's just breathe through it and do it because that is the only way you're going to move ahead and move forward. Now there are going to be some people out there who are afraid of their spouse for different reason and I just want to touch on that.

[25:30] Are you afraid of your spouse and you say, I, I, you know, I can't do it. My spouse won't let me do it and you're afraid of abuse and that's a reality. That's, that's a big reality. My life. There was abuse in my life. I'm going to say, oh, definitely wasn't my husband. It was my, it was my father, my real dad. Um, I loved my real dad, but my real dad was alcoholic and abusive and there was domestic abuse in our home for the majority of my childhood and adolescence. And especially with my mom, I can remember vivid scenes in my mind if I want to. I mean, I usually do my best to not remember those things, but you know, I've, I've learned to see them and remember them and kind of cut the emotion off from them because they're, they don't have that tie on me anymore.

[26:24] But I know it's a reality and I know it's reality for a lot of people. They're abused and I can see my mom, you know, being thrown to the floor and being kicked in the stomach. Even when she was pregnant, my mom lost five children because of my father's abuse. I remember him throwing her down the steps and you know, several times her going to the hospital because she lost children. Um, as the oldest. I remember that. So if this is a reality for you, if you are being abused, if there is someone in your life who is willing to hurt you physically, you need to do this business and you need to contact me because I'm going to help you. I will personally help you if you are an abusive situation because one, you need to get out of that situation. You need this income more than any other.

[27:13] You need to structure it in a way that it's going to take you in any children that you have out of that situation and you'll be able to leave that person. And it could be a male or a female because I know that there are abusive women out there abusing men as well. Although probably less than than the opposite, but still it's a reality. You need to do it for you and you need to do it for your children. If you have children and you need to get out of that situation so you need it more than anyone else, but I can totally understand why you can't just do it out in the open. There are ways to get started. There are people to help you. There are actually business investors who are willing to invest in those kind of things and if you are in a protective shelter, there are people that reach out and do their best to help women in those shelters.

[28:03] Learn how to create an income for themselves and I'm one of them. I want you to know that I'm here with you and I'm on your side, but there is a life after that and there are people who care about you and you are worth more so don't listen to the BS. Don't listen to the lies. Don't listen to the stories afterwards because they don't mean anything because that's just gonna. Get worse and worse as time goes on and you need to get out now and be safe, so if you are one of those people who are saying, I can't do this because of my spouse, I can't do this because of my wife. I can't do this because of my partner. You need to get clear on what you really want to do and you need to do what makes you happy because chances are, if it's a good relationship, what makes you happy will make them happy too, and this is something that can make you happy.

[29:00] This is something that can change your life for the better and even as a small income of $500 a month can make a huge, huge difference in your life and the life of your children and the life of your family, the life of the people in your church, and those you choose. Choose to influence the rest of your life. Money makes a difference and you know it's great if you are not wealthy and you say, well, I volunteer and I do all this at the church and I work at. You know the Andre House or I go here and there, I'm going to tell you, you can influence and help a lot more people with money than you can without because without your working the soup line, but with money you can actually pay for the soup line and create more and more. You can build churches, you can build schools, you can build hospitals, you can build wells.

[29:51] You can influence so many more people with money than you can without. So the is not an excuse. That is not an excuse at all. You need to just get clear on what you want and you need to get clear on your why and then you need to take action. So if you don't start now, when will you start? You know, most people say, well, I can't do it right now. Okay, so when's a better time for you? You know, it seems like we're hard salespeople when we do that. Like we're working in the MLM. Yep. I'm an amyloid dealer. I'm an amway distributor. Is of the. I'm like coming to your door going, well, when would be a better time? But that's the truth, that's an honest response. When would be a better time for you because there's no better time than now. And let me, let me clarify that too, because I've got a ton of friends and a wealthy people that I've talked to, you know, you could say that we interview each other because when we're hanging out we talk about all the different stories, you know, the wins, the losses, the lessons that we've learned.

[30:54] But here is one thing I hear over and over and over again, and that is people saying, I wish I started sooner. I wish I started sooner. And that doesn't matter what they do. It doesn't matter if they're into stocks. It doesn't matter if they're into real estate. It doesn't matter if they moved out of the country. I have friends who have moved to Panama or they've moved to Costa Rica. And the first thing that they say is, I wish I had done it sooner. I wish I had done this sooner. I wish I had taken action sooner. And people do that with, you know, investing too. They're like, man, if I had only done this when I was back in my twenties, back in my thirties, even back in my forties, there are people not starting until their fifties. The thing is this is the best time and the best time before, this was before when you were just legal and 18 and finally could sign a contract legally.

[31:53] That would have been probably the best time to get started, but now is the second best time. It's now. It's like planting a tree, right? Everybody says when's the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago was probably a better time to plant a tree, but now is the second best time. There will not be a better time in your life and you can't wait for a perfect time. There will be no perfect time. This is the perfect time. You need to do it now and I don't care if you don't look at the calendar, you know, it's like people sit there and they go, okay, well I'm gonna. Start my diet on Monday. That's bull. If you want to start something, it doesn't matter what day of the week it is, it doesn't matter what month it is. Well, I can't do it now because this is, you know, it's almost Thanksgiving and then you know how we're going to have the holiday foods.

[32:38] Well guess what? Aren't you going to want to eat through the holidays healthy like does it really matter what time of the year it is? It might be harder. Why? Who puts the food in your refrigerator? You do. It's not like you know your neighbors come over and put a bunch of crap on your counter. That's you. You're the one who bought the crap and put it on your counter. Just eat healthy. Now. Don't use dates and times and days of the week as an excuse to put off, starting. Take action right now. There's no better day of the week. There's no better time of the year. You know, there's no better month. This is it. I don't care what time it is. I don't care if you're in a place where there's seasonal rentals. Okay, so let's say you're in Arizona or because we only have, you know, snowbirds coming out, it's hotter than heck here in the summertime and 118, not fund, Ladies and gentlemen, but I don't care if it's the beginning of summer, July and August, and you want to start a short-term rental.

[33:40] It's the best time to start it. Why? Because at that time of the year, nobody's renting. So you're like, okay, there's always a good reason for each and every time. There's always one reason for the be the best time for you. Find that reason. Grab hold of it and take action because that's what you need to do. And I don't mean to. I don't mean to sound so you know, b-i-t-c-h-y and I'm saying, you know, I just, I just want you to know that there's always going to be an excuse. If you want someone to hold your hand, use us, go online, get in our facebook group. We will definitely encourage you if you're scared Heckman, we've always been there. We've all,  like every single one of us who have invested. We've been scared too. And sometimes if it's something bigger, we're scared again, every time I up the ante and add another zero, I get scared, you know, like the first properties I bought were all in the 20 and $30,000 range.

[34:45] And then, you know, I got up into the hundred and $200,000 range. And then when you get up at 900,012, you know, one point, $2,000,000 range, it gets scary every time you up the ante, guess what? New level new devil you will be afraid again. You will. There will always be that fear of something different. That's just how you know you're growing. You're growing out of the comfort zone. And that's where success is. Success is not in your comfort zone. Winning not in your comfort zone. It's not the place to be comfortable. Comfortable is just sitting back and letting nothing happened. If you want something to happen in your life, you've got to take a step out of the comfort zone because that's where the action is. Yeah, there's a little bit of fear there, but step through a baby because that's how you win.

[35:39] And you can do this, you can do this, and I know you can do it because anyone can do this. I don't care who you are, you don't have to have a degree, you don't have to have anything, you just have to have a desire to be doing, have more than you have now, and did make a difference in other people's lives. That's all. That's all you have to have. So I really want to encourage you to stop making those excuses. And especially the excuse of my spouse won't let me do this because that's some bs right there. That is some bs right there. Get over it. Do it, do it for them. You're. You are the one who's got the great ideas. Be Brave. Be Bold and do it. And then I want you to get on the facebook page and I want you to tell me about you doing it because we're all going to go.

[36:34] You did it. It's scary. Yes, I know. So we've got this 30 day program to coming up and the 30 day challenge is going to be to help anyone who hasn't taken those steps yet because we want everyone to be a short term investor. We want everyone to have a rental property and so what we've done is we created this 30 day program where we're going to get you from zero to hero. We're going to get you from no properties to having your first rental income property and we're going to do it with a challenge. So I encourage you highly to go onto short term rental Or you can just put an s, t, r and go there, find the 30 day challenge. You'll see it on there and then plug it in, put your name on that list. And as soon as that is available, we're gonna it.

[37:27] It should be up and running by the end of this week. We've been, it's, it's been like snagging the little boat. I'm like, man, I want this done by the end of this week. Everybody's guy. I want this done by the end of this week. So by the time this comes out, this podcast comes out, it better be up and running or there's going to be some, some awfully ness of Michelle. You're going to see the bad part of me. My team was like, oh, we're going to get this done. No, I'm, I'm actually a nice person, but I really know that there's a lot of people out there who need this and we're going to be there to encourage you and move you through this and I really want to thank you for listening. I want to thank you for subscribing to our page and I really want to wish you the best. Thank you so much and keep listening. We've got great, great episodes in store and you'll see some of the upcoming ones on the website. So have a great day. God bless. Go and grow.




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