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Episode 012 - What One Thing Has the Most Impact on Your Bookings?

pictures Nov 02, 2018

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires and created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while Creating greater income is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:21] Hi, this is Michelle, the master of money mindset, and this is the short term rental revenue podcast and in today's episode we are talking about something that is extremely important. Actually, it might be the most important part of getting guests, of obtaining new guests and getting people to come to your property. What do you think it is? And it doesn't matter, really. Let's, Let's clarify. It doesn't matter what platform you're using. You can be using Airbnb, vacation rental by owner Homeaway. It doesn't really matter the platform. Don't use craigslist. Okay? I'm, I'm asking you not to politely because craigslist, God bless, craigslist, that guy who started that, what a wonderful concept, right? But here's the deal. There are so many scammers on craigslist. When we put our property up for sale, my daughter was living in one of my houses and renting from me, and then I just wanted to get rid of it.

[01:19] I was like, okay, it's time to sell it, putting it up for sale. I saw a for rent on craigslist, like at all. The pictures were the same pictures of the inside of that house on craigslist for rent. There are so many scammers on there. What's cool about the other platforms that I mentioned? Airbnb, Vacation Rental by Owner, Homeaway, those guys, they got their stuff together. They're kind of really. I'm not saying that there will never be a scammer on there. Hardly ever. Never hardly ever, but obviously the one where there is money involved. People will find a way to be bad and do bad things because it's easier for them in their own minds to do something wrong. Then to just put that much effort into creating their own business and doing something nice and legal for themselves in their family. I don't know why it's easier to steal.

[02:14] For some people it's just crazy. You're like, okay, but anyway, let's get off of that rant. What do you think it is? It. It impacts your guests, right? It's the first thing they see that gives you a clue it right. If it has the most influence, it's not the reviews, it's the pictures. It's the pictures and the pictures that you post on Airbnb. Now I'm not saying, especially when you're first starting out, I'm not saying go get a professional photographer. By all means, if you can afford one, get one because they are worth all the money in the world, but having good pictures and lots of them is critical for getting guests to come to your properties. Now, it used to be, let's back to the day, right? Used to be where you could go on vacation, rental by owner. They've been around for a long time, so back in the day when you would go on vacation, rental by owner, and the Internet was just starting up.

[03:15] Remember, people used to use travel agents to go on vacation. Nobody had computers and I'm only talking back in the eighties, men now I'm not going back decades or to my grandmother's times before telephones or anything, but when they just started listening on the Internet, vacation rental by owner was, was one of the first ones that I saw. And you would go on that and all the houses looked alike, all the Florida houses looked alike. They had that, um, Rattan furniture with a, with a very flirty or Hawaiian print on it. I mean they all looked like and pretty much every house you went into had that same, that same decor. It was, it was all the same. And it was, it was nice, it was clean, it worked, it was well functioning. But today who it is crazy because everybody is out there and it seems like they've all, you know, they grew up watching HGTV.

[04:14] That's it. They grew up watching all these decorators and there are some amazing properties out there. And that is your competition, ladies and gentlemen. So your homework is to go on the Internet and look at the pictures of all the properties that are available in your area and go on there, take a look at them, look at what they're doing, and look at how many pictures they have. They have pictures from all angles and like I said, if you, if you have the money to get a professional photographer, great. But if you don't, you can do this yourself. Just make sure you're not taking pictures with your phone that are up and down. Now, most cell phones now have amazing cameras, so it doesn't really matter that you use your phone if you want to take the pictures, but you want a landscape picture, you want it lengthwise, you don't want it up and down.

[05:12] This short little thing. You want them to get a good visual idea of what the property looks like. You do not want to lie on these pictures. These are not your house for sale. Okay? Which is kind of silly because this week we just had that happen to us. We might, my husband and I are looking for another house and we went online and my son and I found this, so I was like, Hey, look at this, look at this property. It's got the big backyard, the storage, everything that we're looking for, and we, we look at the pictures. My son looks at him. We're like, hey, let's make an a, you know, a, a call. And we called our Guy Jack, a realtor here in Phoenix and a Jack Burns. He's awesome. And he was. Jack takes us over to this house and it had great curb appeal.

[05:59] The yard was amazing. Front and back. The backyard was amazing too. And location was pretty good and we, we hop out of the car. I love the neighborhood. I was like, oh, this is awesome. Everything felt great until we open that front door and started walking through the house. This does not look like the pictures. And we were like, oh my God. It kind of does. But like whoever took those pictures, they paid them so well because what they did, they made that house look amazing and the house was awful. I mean, it was really bad. You don't want to do that with your rental property. Let me explain why. When you're selling a house, there may or may not be a buyer who buys the house sight unseen because that happens a lot now, especially houses that they think they can fix and flip, you know that need a lot of work.

[06:51] They'll trust a realtor to go in there and say, well, yeah, you know, the bathrooms need updating, blah, blah blah and give them a list of stuff that they know they have to do and they don't have to. An investor especially does not have to see a property before they buy. If they trust they're the realtor. But here's the deal. When you are renting these out, your pictures better be accurate because if they are not and somebody gets in there and it doesn't look like your pictures, you are going to get bad, bad reviews and if you get bad reviews, you can see a really nice house. Somebody clicks on it, looks at the reviews and they're bad. They're to the next one. Their attention level is like two seconds, baby. They see your reviews are bad, they're off of there, so your pictures better be accurate.

[07:38] It better be the length was, you know, landscape and there better be a bunch of them. Now, like I said, you're going to go on and you're going to get some great ideas from other people. That's the best way to learn is learn how everybody else is doing it. What do you like? What do you see? Which are the popular ones too? You'll see the. I'm super hosts on Airbnb. Those are people who rent their houses out a lot. Are there properties out a lot and they take care of. They get good reviews and you know, they call them super host. If you look at super host properties, you can get a lot of great ideas and if you read the reviews you can get even more ideas because the people will usually tell you what they liked best about the property and you'll get a bunch of great ideas from that.

[08:26] But like, like I said, if you can't afford a professional photographer, you can do this yourself. Just take accurate pictures and take a bunch of them. I mean, it's all digital, it's on your cell phone. You can just erase what you don't want. Um, you can just kind of go to view it all around something, right? You can get as many pictures as you want and then find the ones that are your favorite to it from an up angle, from a down angle with the windows in the background. You want to get the lighting you want to play around with it. Now here is another tip. So say you go on there, you list all these wonderful pictures that you took and you took great care and doing switch them around, switch them around as often as possible because every time they updated it puts you in the front of the line.

[09:16] It's, um, it's kind of like Ah remember how Facebook used to be, I don't know if there's still this way, but Facebook used to have the post, the most popular posts and people used to bump up the post by just hitting bumps, which would put it at the beginning of the feed. That's what, that's what you do when you Redo your pictures. It doesn't necessarily put you on the front page or anything, but it puts you in the front of the pile closer to the front of the pile because it sees that you change something. Oh, here's something new and then boop. It puts you up there, so you want to change your pictures often, especially if you only have one or two properties. If you've got a lot of properties at somebody else handles that. I just have them refresh that at least once a week, but when you have one or two properties, you can do this stuff yourself.

[10:05] Just go in there every day and change the pictures around. Instead of having the bedroom as your front picture. Then have your kitchen or your living room. Just switch it up and see which pictures help you book better because whatever you know, kind of do it like a marketing technique, right? Because when you're marketing, you have a whole bunch of ads that you put out and some might have this person or a picture of this or it might have a picture of that, or my being this color font or that color font might use a different font. You'll have, you know, you'll test all the different ways that you're marketing something. It's going to be the same thing for your property. Test it out, see what sells better, put descriptions in there, make them feel as if they're already there. That's what you want to do if you are selling this baby and sell it hard.

[10:59] I mean, so sell it. You know, pretend you're on the runway, this, your property has to compete with these others. And if it can't with the pictures, then you've failed already. Um, it's important that you take your time to when you're doing this and ask other people because what we see and how we perceive something is completely different than somebody else. So it's a good idea too, to take a bunch of pictures and you pick out, you know, get it down to where you're like, okay, I've got three pictures for each of these areas, or maybe you want three. I have believe me from every bedroom, I have like a picture from this angle, from this angle, from this angle. And a lot of people do that. So you know, you walk into the kitchen from here, you're from the back area, the kitchen, you're from the area by the stove.

[11:51] So you can, you can see what whole room would be like. But to have a friend look at these and say, Hey, what do you think of these pictures? Which ones are your favorite? Why do you like it? What don't you like about it? Because your friends will say there's no lighting. It's too dark, you know? And you're like, oh yeah, I didn't even see that because you're just comparing what you've been looking at all day and you didn't realize that man, those pictures were kind of dark. You want them nice and bright, right? So have somebody else look at them and give you feedback on them before you put them out there. Now, don't be stuck on price. We're going to have a price. Um, episode is coming up. It's, it's actually already recorded this. I'm rerecording this episode because I had um, my son's cat was here, was here and my asthma was bothering me, so I was wheezing through the whole thing.

[12:45] So I have to record this. So I know, I know that I have another podcast coming up that is all about pricing, so don't worry about the pricing, take note of it, definitely, but don't worry about the pricing of the other properties, but do notice how they're listing their pictures, what pictures they put up front, which ones are the popular ones, and what they look like. So you, that's going to be your biggest competition because if your pictures look bad, they're not going to want to book with you. It is the most important thing. All right. Now, as soon as you can get a professional photographer, by all means, because honestly that the few hundred dollars you'll spend for somebody and sometimes you can get them for less depending on where you are, but what you spend on a professional photographer is so worth it. It will make the biggest difference in your property.

[13:44] Now, you can't get a good picture of a property if the property doesn't look good. I mean you can, but like I said, you're not. You're not, you're not selling this, you've got it. You're not selling that like a house. You're selling it like a bed and breakfast. It has to look like the property they're going to stay at. If they show up, you know, and everything looks really bad. They're going to be mad. They're gonna leave you bad reviews. But here's the deal. What you can do is fix it up, spend the time, spend the money to freshen up the paint, clean up the place, put some new linens on, you know, get you don't you need to go get on the Internet and go to HGTV. You know, decorating on a dime, kind of shows, look those up and pay attention to them because you can decorate something and not have a lot of money doing it and make it look really nice and a lot of times less is more too.

[14:42] I've seen some places where they put so much stuff in there and people will look at it and go, I can't compete with that. I can't buy all these knickknacks and all this and all that. You know, a million pictures or whatever. You don't want the walls to be blank. You definitely want to spend some on artwork, but it doesn't have to be a lot of our work. It just has to be pretty good artwork. So I've done some pictures where I just took pictures and turn them into Amazon and Amazon sent them back and I went and got the frame at Michael's and put some really nice big pictures up of the beaches and you know, the amusement parks and things like that. So you can do that too. It's not gonna, it's not gonna hurt your budget too much and Amazon always has these sales.

[15:31] So those really big, I think they're 20 by 30 pictures. I think at one time they had a sale and they were like 15 or $19 or something and they send them all rolled up and you just go to Michael's and you order the. The poster boards. I noticed that the, the white poster board holders, the 20 by 30 frames, they're not really posters. Those are more frames. The poster ones look terrible. You don't want to poster holder. You want the frames for them and the frames will cost you about the same. So you can have a nice big picture for like 40 bucks. And if you could find something nicer for 40 bucks then great. Go do it. But you need something big over the bed. You need something big around the living room. You need a couple of big pictures and then you can have a lot of little ones.

[16:18] But they, you know, people want to see some artwork. They want to see some splashes of color. Try to keep with the theme, you know, pick a theme. If you're buying an amusement park, you can pick the amusement park thing that you're bi. If you're by Universal, you can have a bunch of Harry Potter stuff or pictures of magical things and people love that, you know, especially in the kids rooms and stuff. If you're by Disney than you could have a bunch of Disney stuff. Kids love that. But in the living room you want, you know, maybe you want a beachy theme or Florida theme. So palm trees when you're in Hawaii definitely want Hawaii theme. You want everything that reminds them of the place that they're at. Sunsets and things like that. If you're someplace skiing, you want these beautiful glistening snow pictures and scenes.

[17:03] I mean, and, and abstract art is nice as long as it's nice, you know, don't put there. I've seen places where they have risque are and you will, attract a certain clientele for that, but that's not the client I'm going for. So there's no risque stuff. There's no nudity in any of my properties because I get mostly families and that's the kind of client I'm going for. So I guess you are, you can put out what you want to attract, right? So I have some of that. What is it? The sliding pictures to the left, you know, have pictures of that. Somebody sliding writer sliding left. Just kidding. I'm just kidding. Okay. So remember pictures of the first thing they see and it's really the thing that matters because if the pictures can't get them into your description of your site, of your property, then you've lost a, they, they will just go and find another one.

[18:01] So you have to have good pictures and switching them around. I already talked about that. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. So basically you're conveying your whole property in those pictures, right? Make sure it looks clean and it's well lit that you don't have a lot of dark photos or gray photos and make sure it conveys the energy of whatever space that you have. Because that's what we said, right? So if you're at Universal. I loved the Harry Potter rooms. I love going to see the kids' rooms decorated in a lot of their properties. I've seen they decorate the kids' rooms to be either Harry Potter, Mickey and Minnie or whatever, and those are so fun now. They got a lot of Marvel ones. I've seen Spiderman and Iron man. Not too many Thors, but not a lot of DC comic stuff out here, but who does DC?

[18:55] Is that six flags? I think it's six flags. Does DC comics, so remember what you want your properties to look like is exactly what they look like. You don't want to lie. You don't want to deceive. This is not selling a house. You don't have a secret buyer who's not going to come to the property and not going to see it. They're going to come and they want to get exactly what they expect to get, so give them what they expect. Don't make them look nicer. Now, when you do get professional pictures, it will make it look the best it is, but it's not going to deceive them so much where it looks completely different and you want to decorate your place nice. You want to make sure that even if it's on a dime, that it's a comfortable space to be in. What does.

[19:42] What does the energy convey when you walk in there? Does it feel peaceful and calm? Right? Does it give them a place where they're like, oh, I can be home for a few days here. This is a good place. Look at your competition. That's a great way. I mean constantly be monitoring the competition and what they have to offer. Don't go necessarily get all into the price of the competition. Not yet, but right now we're just talking about the pictures and I want you to know what your competition looks like because that that's going to be it. When somebody clicks on there, they're getting to see their picture and your picture and which one's going to draw them to. You notice on the Airbnb sites in your area that you're going to be renting. Notice the pictures they lead with. This is weird. In some cities they lead with the bedrooms and I don't know why because I'm like a bedroom, a bedroom, and I don't spend much time there.

[20:42] I always wanted to see that living rooms and kitchen, but I noticed in some areas they always lead with the kitchens and living rooms and in other areas when I go and travel, they lead with the bedrooms. So lead with or experiment with which lead pictures you use at write it down and do them on the same days of the week and Blah, blah, blah. I mean, or, or maybe do them, you know, make sure that whatever experimentation you're doing that you're writing it down and saying, I did this, I got nothing. Uh, if you did it, it lead with the kitchen picture. I got, you know, two reservations next day I led with a living room picture. I got one reservation. Well, obviously the kitchen got a lot more action on it, you know, make sure you're writing it down. Okay? I know this episode is a lot shorter than most of the episodes because it's only about the photos that you're posting for your property, but it is extremely important.

[21:40] It is the most important thing. So remember, they're going to be landscape, they're going to be bright. You're going to look at other pictures and compare them, make sure you're conveying exactly what this space is and the energy and the feel is you're going to switch them around often, okay? Make sure you're switching them around so make sure you're writing down when you switched them around because the whole point of marketing is to take note of what you know, what's selling and what's not selling. If you're not writing it down, you're not going to remember, so make sure you write that down and just make sure you're honest and that you're constantly keeping. The place nice. You know that it's always clean and sparkly and it always looks exactly like your pictures. Convey it. Okay, so pictures number one, first thing they see, and it's the thing that's gonna, get them to click and if you can't get them to click, No click no money, and that is the thing that's going to support you and your family is the booking.

[22:40] It's the money you've got to get the booking. So it's all about those pictures. It's the very first thing they see. Now I'm going to put in a bonus here and we're going to talk about ratings. Ratings aren't as important as pictures and why? Because if you can't get them to click on the picture, they're not even going to care or look at your rating. Now, some people will argue and say, well, we can see the rating underneath the picture and that is true. That's true. But the thing is, if the picture isn't good enough, they're not gonna. They're not gonna care anyway. What the rating is, I've seen horrible places with five star ratings that I wouldn't stand just because of the picture. The picture is what gets them to click. Now, once they get in there, they're going to read your ratings. Now, if your five star ratings, um, sometimes some people don't read any ratings, especially if they're all five star, they're like, well, it was pretty much all five stars.

[23:36] That's pretty good, but there's going to be those people who love to read the ratings. I like to read the ratings because it tells me a lot about the place because they'll tell me this is, you know, Oh, I love the proximity of this place because it was close to this restaurant or I love the, you know, the decorations or the bed was really soft and I love that. And see what that does for people is it tells them a lot more about the property. Then you can say in a description, I mean, I guess you could say we're really close to a bunch of restaurants, but if somebody left in the description that they're close to a shake shack, I'm on that thing right now. Like shake shack what. What I love shake shack's. So if it said on there that the bed was soft, I was like, Eh, you know what?

[24:22] I don't really like soft mattresses. I need a hard mattress. Do you see what I'm saying? So some people love to read the reviews and others do not. They just, Oh, it's a five star review. That means they had fun. So it just depends on who is staying there and what they want to read. Your reviews are everything, so you need to be the best hosts that you can be all the time and you need to fix anything when it's happening, when it's occurring. And I always say nip, nip it in the bud, man, get it before it gets bad. I contact my people all the time I have, Like, okay. So say somebody checked in today and it's, you know, they're checking in at 3:00, I'll, I'll send them the code for the property and it said it 3:00. So when they get in I'll say, okay, just checking in about 3:30, 4:00.

[25:18] Did you get in? Okay. Now sometimes they'll say, sorry, my flight doesn't get in until seven, you know, and, and I'll be like, okay, well if you need anything, contact me. If everything isn't perfect when you walk in, let me know because you want to make sure that the first impression was amazing and there's going to be hard guests. I mean, honestly it's kind of like you just can't pick and choose. Do I have guests that you're like, man, I wish all my guests were like this. And then you have those guests who are so difficult, like everything, I don't know what they think, but they think that you are their personal slave, like you are their genie in the bottle that you need to be there on everything. And I try to explain in my description that I'm not onsite for my properties. A lot of times I'm not in the state of my property or the country of my property.

[26:13] It's just like, sorry I'm not there. But there is somebody there who can handle stuff, but it's going to be stuff like if something's broken maintenance guy, if something's dirty cleaning crew, you know, things like that. But I'm not going to be on it. There are a lot of people are like, well, you know, I wish I had this particular brand of coffee. Well, sorry. The brand that we have there is the brand that we have there, you know, well I wish we had this. It's like, well there's a store around the corner. That is my answer. When somebody says, you know, I wish you had this type of whatever. And I go, there is a convenience store around the corner, you know, and I'll give them directions to it. Hint, hint, I'm not going to go get that for you. It's pretty much I'm not being mean about it.

[27:02] Just being real. But then you'll also notice that the hard people are the ones too. That's like a, Oh, I've got one property that's giving me such a hard time right now. Um, it's uh, the, it's the property that we bought for the test for the, um, we're doing something. It's just the test property is just, let me keep it that way I guess. But anyways, the neighbors, it's, it's in an area of Tucson where it's all college kids in this area. So the college kids that move in and move out and it's a new year. So some college kids moved in next door and they have a little puppy and it's one of those little dogs. It's so tiny and cute. I was over there to take a look at it and the little thing is just a little yapper now. What I did was I went to Amazon and I got a barkbox and the Barkbox, you just put batteries in it and you turn it on, set it by the fence where they are and it emits a sound.

[28:02] It doesn't hurt them. It just deters them from barking all the time, but there are problems like that. You've got to nip those things in the bud. I actually had to go and do that because my maintenance guy had no clue what I was talking about. I'm like, I'm going to send you a bark box. He's like, Oh, what? And then he's like, okay, I'll set it up by the fence. No, no, you can't keep it out there all the time because the batteries will run out. It only runs on batteries and I'm like, you gotta put it in the drawer. They like some. Some Times your maintenance people are good about things and sometimes you're just like, you know, it's probably gonna be easier if I do this myself. So it was some of the. Some of the things that I did myself, I took the bark box down there, wrote up this little letter, put it in a drawer, put extra batteries there in case they need them.

[28:49] If the dog starts barking excessively, they can just go, you know, put it on out there themselves. But when you have a problem like that, you need to take care of it. You need to do everything you can do. Now the first thing we did was we called the neighbor, guess what? It was a newer neighbor. So the neighbors like, ah, I don't live there anymore. I didn't get a dog here. Like, oh, sorry. So second thing we went and we tried again. I had the cleaning crew go next door and try to talk to them. And they weren't as receptive as they could have been. Let's just say, um, because you know, some college kids, they just don't care. They just. And it's not their property, they're renting it. So there's not much you can do sometimes, but you do everything that you possibly can do.

[29:38] You know, that's the point. So ratings will fall because of a neighbor's dog of something that you can't do, but if your, if your guests see that you, you all, you went next door and he talked to the people, you tried to do this, you try to do that, you know, you got a barking box. If they see you are taking the action to be on their side, they're going to be much, much more likely to leave you a nicer review. I'd love to get rid of that dog. I'm actually thinking of um, I don't know if the barkbox works by the way it worked when we were there, but I couldn't tell if it was just because I'm a calmer person. And like when you're calm, like dogs kind of get calm because it was right by the fence, right by us and it wasn't barking.

[30:23] I was out there in the backyard, like doing stuff in the backyard and it wasn't barking. It all. So by I did have the Barkbox, they're trying to test it so it wasn't barking. So either it was, wasn't because of the barkbox or it wasn't barking because of me. But um, here's the deal, if it doesn't work, if that barkbox doesn't work, I'm just gonna put like a little can of treats in there and say, hey, just break off a little treat through a treat back there and that'll calm it down. Just calm. It's a new puppy too. So hopefully eventually it'll, it'll chill. It's just super excitable right now. And awfully adorable. I mean, you could probably fit this puppy. I'm not even kidding. You could probably fit it almost in your hand. It's so little. It's like one of those little little breeds.

[31:07] I have bigger dogs. I have a border collie. Well she's actually an Australian shepherd, but she looks a lot like a border collie because she's got those same colorings. But she's adorable too. And I have a golden who's getting old and she, she's a sweetheart too. But anyways, that's for my sister Saundra. She, she always likes it when you go and anyway you get, some people say anyway and some people say anyways, I don't think it matters. But anyway, I just wanted to make sure that, you know, to do whatever you need to do to keep your ratings high and mostly it's keeping your property clean, keep a well, a well maintained, keeping it, um, you know, your heating, checking on your heating and cooling system, making sure that everything is running as, as well as it can possibly run. You just want no problems.

[32:02] You want their stay to be on your part, uneventful. You know what I mean? You want nothing to happen in your place. You know, just, you want this uneventful. Yeah. I went in, turned on the lights and the lights worked. I turned on the air, and the air worked. I turned on the heat, and the heat worked, open the fridge, and the fridge was cold. You know, you just want to make sure that everything is running the way it should be and everything is pristine, clean. The sheets are clean, the towels are clean, the bathrooms clean. Everything needs to be clean. So we're going to go over that an episode two because we've got a special with my cleaning company. I've done an interview with one of my favorite cleaning companies and I will promote them on that episode and um, you just want things to be as good as they can be.

[32:56] An uneventful. Okay. So that'll keep your ratings highs. So ratings do go along with pictures a little bit. Um, not, not a little bit, a lot, not a little bit, a lot, but the first thing is definitely the pictures. Your pictures have to be good for them to even go there because if the pictures aren't good, they're not going to care about the rating and then the ratings or next. So the ratings are number two, but what can you do to keep those ratings high? Just be attentive. Just be the attentive host. People just want you to listen, I think. I think people just want you to care and they want to know you care. So you know, there's even those high maintenance people, a lot of times they just want to know you care. And a lot of times I've given away an extra night or paid for one of the nights.

[33:47] It depends on the property and it depends on the person and, and stuff, but just to make people happy because I've got to keep my rating's high and, but I don't give away a lot for free because if, you know, I'm, I'm that kind of person. I'm not, I'm not that easy. There's a lot of people who want everything for free. I've seen this in restaurants, especially in Florida over and over again, you will just have people, you know, just having a fit about a meal just so they can get the meal for free. People sometimes want something for nothing. And I think that's so unfair and it's so sad, but it is the society we live in. Your job is to keep them happy anyway. And they, you can do that just by being attentive just by listening. They just want, a lot of times they just want to be heard.

[34:35] Even the people who are trying to get something for nothing, they just want to be heard. So don't give away the farm because obviously, you know, I know in some of my properties were almost at cost because of the, um, like in Florida we have properties are getting so expensive out there, the maintenance fees and the homeowners association fees are so expensive sometimes that our properties aren't making the money that they used to be able to make. So you can't give away the farm, you can't give it away man, but you can make it as non eventful as you possibly can. So just do that. Just be a good person, you know, be loving, be kind, send out loving, forgiving vibes all the time, just like I forgive this person for being the jerk that they're being right now. I was like, please God put some love in their hearts and some kindness on there while they're trying to get as much for free as they can possibly get.

[35:35] So anyway, let's, let's wrap this episode up and I wanted to thank you guys for listening. Thank you for subscribing. If you have any questions about this episode Monday, we'll be doing a Q and A live on Facebook and you can go there and just ask me anything. I'm a lot of times questions come up in your mind, just write it down and ask, and if you don't want me to do it live on Facebook. If you want, I'm a private message, just private message me and I will get a private message back to you. Let me know too, if I can use your name, give me permission if I can say it on the air, because a lot of times when you have a question, somebody else has the same exact question, so, oh, and hey, we've got this great 30 day challenge coming up.

[36:23] If you don't have your first rental property yet, this is for you. We've got a challenge coming up or we're going to. We're going to have a great giveaway to with this challenge. The winner is going to be, well, there's probably going to be a lot of winners because I think that a lot of people can get this done, but we'll put you in a drawing for A. Oh, I'm not supposed to say everybody's shaking their head like, no, don't give it away. All right, I'm not going to give it away, but you're going to get a great prize, but the 30 day challenge is going to be to obtain and get a property and get it up and running and you know, listed and start making some money on it and 30 days. So if you don't have a rental property yet, if you don't have a short term rental yet, this challenge will be for you and you can get all the information you need to get on our website.

[37:14] You can just go to and that will take you to and you can find out all about it there. You'll also be able to see our old podcasts, get the downloads and the pdfs. Watch the videos, like the video on belief system. There's a lot of information there and more information every day. We're actually growing this huge encyclopedia of stuff you'll be able to download and we don't have that up and running yet, but we're working on it. We'll have all kinds of materials that you can just pick up that will help you run your short term rental property, so have a great day. Thanks for listening. If there's anything you need, please ask. Listen, subscribe, hit the subscribe button. All this subscribes help boost us and help other people too. So I want to thank you again. Have a great day. Go and Grow and God Bless.



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