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Episode 005 - Bonus Breakdown of the Actual Cost Breakdown of a 1Bed/1Bath STR Unit

costs expenses Sep 14, 2018

Get our free Excel Spreadsheet here that has the complete descriptions and costs of every item used to furnish and stock a 1 bedroom/1 bath STR from this week's episode.

[00:01] Over the last two centuries, nearly 90 percent of the world's millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Here to tell you how you can ride this wave with less risk and less capital while creating greater income is your host, best selling author and Speaker, Michelle Russell.

[00:22] Hi, this is Michelle, the Master of Money Mindset, and I'm here with episode number five of the short term rental revenue podcast. And in this episode we are fulfilling a request by one of our listeners who asked for a line by line description and price itemization of all the furniture and items that we put it inside one of our short term rentals. And so luckily we have a short term rental that we have been doing a type of experiment on down in Tucson that we literally had that for. And you can get the excel spreadsheet of this episode and the Excel spreadsheet of the line by line descriptions including the links of where to get these items. If you go to short term rental and look under blogs, podcasts, and under episode number five you'll see a little download button and you can go right in there and download it yourself and have all of this yourself.

[01:26] But for someone who does not have a computer yet, this listener did not have a computer yet, but she was getting one, but she had a cell phone and she could, you know, I don't think she has excel on her cell phone, which is probably why she would like us to kind of go over this stuff. So we, we thought, you know what, if she needs it, somebody else probably needs it. And so we decided to do this quick little episode. Now I hope it's not boring because it's going to be aligned by line description, but you know what, I'm going to give a little description, little tigs and tags, you know, little tits and tats of each one of these in case you need it. Just to kind of elaborate on it. But, we're going to start with now, like I said, this is a one bedroom, one bath property.

[02:13] Obviously, if you have two bedrooms, you're going to need two beds and everything else, but this should pretty much cover almost everything that you have. So, you might hear me clicking because I'm looking at my computer while I'm doing this and we're going to start with the furniture for each and just go line by line. We usually go room by room, but I put it furniture all in one thing and the electronics all in one thing so it would be easier for you to shop. Okay.

[02:44] So first thing first we got a bed, bed frame, and mattress and we got these at a yard sale for $150 for the entire set. So we just put $50, $50, $50 down for that. And we got it at a yard sale. The nightstands, we got one of the nightstands at a furniture store in Tucson and it was $25 for the nightstand but the other one was thrown in for free. So, it was kind of weird. I don't know why they wanted to do it that way, but they did. The dresser we got at American Furniture, brand new dresser for $88, which actually was better than going to Ikea or a store like Ikea because Ikea uses pressed wood for a lot of their furniture, probably not all their furniture. I'm not saying all their stuff is, you know, crappy or anything, but it definitely, you need something that's going to hold up under a lot of use. And Ikea furniture does not hold up under a lot of use. You want to have something made a little bit better. And we found that here in Phoenix, anybody who is selling a used dresser, they were just selling them for an outrageous price. Um, you know, so I, I care that you bought your furniture, said 25 years ago for $2,500 and you think it improved in value. I don't think so. Everybody seems to sell their stuff for so much money. It's just not worth it. So we did go to American furniture store and get, get it there. Um, we also got a cabinet from goodwill and that was $29.95. The cabinet we use because this property did not have a maid's closet and almost all of our properties have maid's closets where we can keep all of our supplies. Right? but this property did not. So we got a cabinet for it specifically for you so that we can lock away and toiletries and everything else. We also got a love seat at goodwill and that was $65 for our brand new love seat. Somebody had gotten the wrong color. And chairs we got at a yard sale for $25. Other end tables at um, complete furniture, which is a tiny furniture store, $28.25. Coffee tables at goodwill and the TV stand at goodwill, $19.99 and $29 99. A dining room table and chairs at a yard sale for $150. Luggage rack we got on Amazon. And if we got something on Amazon, I put the links in the excel spreadsheet for you. So you'll be able to go right there. And a few of these links have smile before them, they'll say And all that is, is a link to Amazon's charity. Um, when you have an Amazon prime account, you can hook up a percentage, you can hook up a charity to your purchases and a percentage of all your purchases go towards the charity of your choice. And so when it says smile like that, it just means that the link had a charity linked to it. So you can use the, you can just put it in www or you can keep it with the smile. Maybe you've got your own charity that you could do it through.

[06:17] Okay? So it doesn't really, really matter. Um, let's see. So next thing is wall art. There's a lot of art in all of our properties. What I do is I buy the same color art as our logos and everything matches from our business. So whenever I'm out and I see something that kind of goes with the color schemes, I pick those things up and I do that a lot. So there's wall art and table art and art. And decorative everything you know from everywhere and most of the time they're at yard sales or goodwill or Bed Bath and Beyond, which is one of my favorite places to pick up pictures and small items. So we've got a miscellaneous $150 art expense there. And then $4.99 on one, $88 on another, decorative pillows we picked up at Costco for $16.99, artificial plants we picked up at a yard sale for $50.

[07:21] And then we're going to move on to electronics. With the electronics, we bought a smart tv on Amazon for $229.99 and most likely that was during Amazon Prime Days. We always usually by around Amazon prime day or at Christmas time when Amazon does a lot of their cyber Monday sales or something. So there's always a bunch of TVs around our house and we usually buy the smart TVs. What's really cool about TVS nowadays is that they're super thin, really big and a lot less expensive. And there's smart meaning when you plugged them in, they already have apps built into them. So we don't have to have cable at our newer properties. Now our older properties that we have in Florida. We usually bought those furnished and they have massive TVs and a lot of them. And even though they have the massive TVs, they're not smart TVs, so they need cable. A lot of our HOAs there in Florida include cable TV and Internet and so we pay these extremely high HOA's at those places, but we don't change out the TVS or anything because that way that people get HBO and all this other stuff and they get internet and we don't need to change out the TVS. But in our newer places, we save money by not having cable and only having Internet and only providing Internet and if you have internet and you have a smart tv, then people can just go in and sign into their Amazon Prime TV account or their Netflix account. And they can watch their favorite shows on there. And you don't need to provide anyone with cable anymore. It's not necessary anymore. It's actually a huge expense in a lot of areas. I recommend a smart TV and I always recommend buying them at that time of year, when they're really, really cheap and Amazon has some amazing sales. Just don't go crazy. That's a 50" or 47' TV right there for $229.

[09:38] We also get the protection plan, so right underneath that you'll see, "4 Year Protection Plan," $21. Okay. Um, the wireless router - that was included this time in our internet bill down in Tucson because we're using a different provider and they just included the router. So that was cool. HD Antenna for $8.99 on Amazon. You can get an HD antenna that you plug into your smart tv and that will give you all the local channels that you need. $8.99. And with a four year protection plan, that's $2 extra. And the antennas work amazingly well. Okay. We also get eLocks for the doors and we put a couple in here, but um, these are not necessarily the ones that we use all the time. So actually I'm thinking maybe I should eliminate that link because I'm, well, no, you know what, I'm going to leave it in there and there's a three year protection.

[10:41] That was $188. It was that was on special and we figured we could use it for another property, but I'm going to have an entire show on the door locks and which door locks to use because door locks are extremely important. And I think it's one of the things anybody you should, I'm clicking my pen. You can hear me click my pen because I'm reminding myself door logs. I'm going to put some great links to door locks in an article for you guys and I'll, I'll, I'll post it on there. I'll post why you want the door locks that we choose, but you, you're going to have a hub. Um, and I don't believe the hub is in here right now, but almost all our properties have a little hub and it's a little block and I believe they're by Samsung or it's an s, but any ways that the hub connects all the smart appliances and smart boxes and smart plugs and the thermostats and everything to each other.

[11:47] And that attaches and goes in through the internet and you can connect from your computer at home or from your iPhone app. And what's really cool about that is you can change codes right on your phone. So if you're talking about the door lock, you could go in and you can give somebody a six digit pin or a four digit pin into a property. And that pin can start at a certain time. You could say this pin's starts at 3:00, which is check-in, it ends at 11:00 AM, which is check-out on, you know, three days later or whatever it is. And it can change so that everybody has their own pin, their own unique pin for the property at certain times only. And what's really cool too is that you could tell who goes into a property and comes out of a property every single day at every single time, so you can say, oh my maids were in there between 11 and 1:00pm and oh my maintenance guy went in there at 1:30 and he was in there for 10 minutes changing the air filters or whatever.

[12:52] So you know when people are in and out of your properties and that's really cool, but it also connects to your thermostats so that when the properties are empty, boom, you can turn your thermostat up or down depending on the weather, depending on, you know, what season it is. So in Arizona we could turn the thermostat up so we're not wasting a lot of electricity. Cooling down a place when nobody's in it, right? Same thing in Florida, you want to keep... you've got control of the thermostats when you have those smart apps and the smart products that link to your hubs. So we're going to have a whole entire episode that teaches you how to do that. And that's going to save you a lot of time. And money, okay, I'm on all those bills. We also have an eLock for the maid's closet. Now that one is a really good one to have and it's only, what was that $39?

[13:44] Um, these are little door knobs with like a little keypad on them and you set it for your, your maids and your maids have their own code and they can go in and out of that closet, which is really, really cool because you can keep all the, all the extra supplies in there which has toilet paper and paper towels and garbage bags and all the little toiletry items, everything that you, you know, all your supplies that are going to be, um, consumables, the things that you're going to go through often are going to be kept in there and your maids will have access to that. We also keep a clipboard in there so we know who was in there when and you know, they do a running tally, inventory. All that stuff is kept within the maid's closet and it's locked up. So we also call them owners closets or owners cabinets when you're in Arizona, uh not Arizona, when you're in Florida, Also out here in Florida, what's really cool is if you don't have a maid's closet here, they have these boxes and there's a company that picks up these big crates and, and um, I'll have an episode on that for you too, because you really want to have your stuff be able to be your stuff and be locked away from everybody else. So I'll kind of go into that stuff later. But right now we're just going over the expenses of all this stuff. So that included when you bought the front door. Oh, that's why we got it. Because it included the cloud cam, um, which is a camera that connects to your door knob, which is really cool because then it can connect and Amazon can open your door. I know it. Doesn't that sound awesome, but get this, when Amazon is delivering the package, boop, boop, they press their little code, the camera hooks up and can see anybody entering. An Amazon delivery guy will open up your front door, shove your, your delivery in there and shut the door. And you'll have the whole thing on tape and when the door opened and when the door shut and it's actually a very, very safe and kind of cool too. So you don't have to have any of your packages that are being delivered out. Alright. So outdoor motion lights for security. Those we got to Costco, those were $29 a piece. There's three of them there. So for $89.97. Those were solar lights so they don't have to be hardwired. And there were solar lights that we put around this whole entire property because it was a very dark property. It had a covered carport area that was completely fenced in.

[16:23] So at night it was really dark in there. So he wanted that light to go on by itself. But we didn't want to have to pay for a bunch of hard wiring. And plus that property is not our property. It is owned by somebody else and we rent it out. And so, you know, we can't just change things without the owner knowing. But you can put up a solar light, you know, and be able to take it down without doing impact to very much around it. So we put one, you know, in one location, one by the front door, blah blah blah blah blah. So you just wanted to make sure that you have the property is secured, that when people get there at night, there'll be able to see and get into the property and park safely. And you know, nobody's going to be hiding behind anything.

[17:11] You've got it nice and lit and safe and secure for people. At Walmart, we went and we bought the alarm clocks for $5. We put a place for a DVD player. We don't include DVD players in our properties. There are some of our older properties that have them, but people don't usually rent movies when they go on vacation anymore. There's not a lot of blockbusters or anything out there. There might be red boxes, but there aren't red boxes everywhere. People, um, when you get down to the keys, I think the keys just got a red box not too long ago. So, um, we never put those out there. We just let people go on their Netflix account.

[17:51] Coffeemaker, we got a goodwill, which I don't recommend, but for some reason, somebody had a Keurig at goodwill. It was $6.99 and it was super clean, which is, it's like a treasure.

[18:03] Okay. Because, um, people love Keurig's (I do not because I don't like the, the impact that has on the environment). I know that sounds sad and silly, but I'd rather get an, a, a regular coffee maker most of the time. This was a nicer property. So yeah, we put a Keurig in there and because we got it for so cheap it would be fine, but you also don't find very clean used, um, you know, things like toasters and coffee makers and stuff at a goodwill usually. But that was actually a find. Most of the time, you're going to wait until around Christmas time or around the time that kids are going back to school and that's when you're going to find little baby appliances like toasters, toaster ovens, coffee makers, those kinds of things. And there'll be maybe $10 or $20, you know, seriously $19.99, they've got them all over the place at those times of the years.

[19:03] And you'll start to pick those up and you can also go to different sites and, you know, get them for at costs. And those are what you want to do. You want to make sure that you always have a few of those in the, in the wings waiting for you in case something goes wrong. Alright? So living room lamps and bedroom lamps, we got both of those at goodwill, $25.87 for the two living room lamps and the one bedroom lamp was $14.99. A floor lamp we got for $12.99 at Goodwill. A hairdryer, we got on Amazon for $9.94. An iron, we got on Amazon for $9.99.

[19:42] Now we're going to move on to the kitchen. You're going to want to stock your kitchen with pretty much everything that you can stock a kitchen with - that you would need when you are on vacation. So it doesn't have to be fully, fully, fully stocked, okay. Um, but it does have to have the necessities. So that's going to be your plates and dishes and cups and silverware and spatulas and pots and pans. Some people include pizza pans and baking dishes. Um, let's see, uh, ice cube trays are important and then you're going to have all your stuff that can get thrown away. So your dish washing liquid and your paper towels and your trash bags, the and the kitchen sponges. Dish towels and stuff, too. That's going to be with your linens, but those types of items you're going to need. And what was really cool is you'll see a little farther down under kitchen items. We found this really cool set at Walmart and it was inside a plastic tray, like those divider trays and it had a bunch of stuff.

[20:53] So it had measuring cups and spoons and spatulas and you know, um, pancake turners and wine openers and a bottle opener and just a bunch of really cool stuff that you're going to need. Whisks and things like that. And I think it was $39 and we bought that and that was a huge find. I was like, oh my gosh, we actually picked up a few of these because we're like, aw, these are great to get started with. So you look for things like that. And that was right before school started. So it was like in a college kid's area, you know, like "Is your child going off to college? You need this!" So that's where we got that.

[21:37] So, I'm going to go through all the stuff that we got for the kitchen. Sam's Club, we got a dish set with bowls and that was $29.99. We also got serving bowls for $19.99 that matched and serving storage containers at Walmart for $17.96. Then we got mixing bowls for $9.99, drinking glasses on Amazon for $17.99, wineglasses at goodwill for $13.92 - which was really kind of funny because right afterward, we found these really great wineglasses over at Walmart for $4.96. We picked those up instead. Then we got coffee cups for $5.28 at Walmart, silverware that was like a complete best find because usually we buy silverware at Bed, Bath and Beyond because they've got great sets that are inexpensive and still, you know, pretty nice. And then you've got to get the plastic holder that, you know, it separates your spoons and forks and knives, right? Well those holders are usually at least $8 or whatever for $9.99. They had a 48 piece set of silverware that was sitting inside one of those plastic containers already. So we didn't even have to get the separator after we got the, the silverware and that was only $9.97. And again, it was in that college. It was when we were going through that college thing. So see if he can find that. That was pretty, that was a really good buy. Cooking utensils at Walmart. That's the one I'm talking about that had all that stuff, $39.94. And, we bought an extra wine opener I think because that one didn't work right. And um, yeah, we always check the wine openers, right, because some are really bad. Same with can openers, uh, bad can openers are awful. Um, so it was $3 to replace that. The knives, we got an Amazon for $19.99. The pots and pans were $29.97 at Walmart. The cookie sheets on Amazon for $19.99, a colander, you know, to drain macaroni and stuff was $5.75 on Amazon. The measuring spoons and cups were inside that little kit. So they're on there, but they're just not, but they're just not added in. The drawer organizer, we had bought that first. Remember, like those organizers, like I said, are about $8. So yeah, there it was, right there. A canister set for the coffee, creamer and sugars. We always provide coffee, creamers and sugar to our guests. And we even provide, splenda, not splenda, Stevia, because it's more natural. So we, we provide that. Um, the canister set was $15.96 on Amazon. A little cutting board was $7.96. I did not like that cutting board. That was the first time we had to buy one in a while and I just bought it all at one time, just kind of put the order through and then, when it came, it was way too thin and way too small, so I don't recommend that one, but we'll find a better link for you guys and put that in there later.

[24:56] Oven Mitts at Walmart, $1.76. Woohoo. Right? Paper Towel holder was $5.97 at Walmart. The fire extinguishers and first aid kits were both available on Amazon and I do recommend using those. Those, both of those, are good. I think one of them was on sale. You know, there's always these prime sales that they have and so one of them might be cheaper when you click on it you'll say, oh, this is more expensive. The reason why was it was probably a special on that day, but we recommend having a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit inside every property. Salt and pepper Shaker, $1.24 at Walmart. The miscellaneous Goodwill - I think those were just like all these little knic-nacs and things that we had and those were $17.96. Let's see. Other things that we have are kitchen and bath rugs and we get those at Costco. They were $24.98 for two of them. And what's really cool is, I mean Costco has some really great rugs and they're usually only $10 or $12. So $24 for two. Yes, those are awesome. Trash cans, kitchen, bath and bedroom. Okay. You're going to need those $21.77. A lot of your places might need laundry baskets, too. So you want to make room for a laundry basket, liquid soap dispensers at, um, for the bathroom. And the kitchen. Those were $9.64 and those are refillable. So we have usually a refill that we buy, as well. Acrylic Swab and makeup pad holder. Those are these little plastic holders that go in the bathroom that hold your Qtips and your makeup pads. And we also will tell you about that later. But we also have little signs inside of all our bathrooms that say "Please don't use our wash cloths to remove your makeup because it stains the washcloth and you're going to be charged for it." And so therefore we provide those. Um, let's see. That was on Amazon for $7.89.

[27:04] A shower curtain on Amazon was $9.45. The shower liner (don't get that shower liner. Those shower liners were really cheap. You want the better one.). We'll put a better link on for you want the one with metal, they're surrounded with metal so they don't tear easy on the holes and those weren't them. Shower rings $5.92 , hanger - we got for $5 at a yard sale. Ironing board, $13.88 at Walmart, a broom and Dustpan at Costco for $11.49. A lock - those were locks for that cabinet that we got. That was $8.99.

[27:49] The bedding and towels. So all your beds should always be the same size. Obviously, you might have one bedroom that has two twins and that's okay. But if you have master bedrooms or other bedrooms and you have beds, you don't want to have a king, a queen, a full and twins, you want to have all your properties, have the same size beds.

[28:13] And let me explain why, because your linens are going to be collected and gathered by your cleaning company and nothing is worse than when you're cleaning company arrives at a property. And let's say that property uses a king size and they grabbed queen sized sheets, you know, then they're stuck there. They've got no clean sheets, they've got to call somebody else. It takes them time and effort to go and get those sheets in there. So all our properties have queen size beds. We do have a couple of properties that have a king but not very many. And if we do, they're not fitted sheets. They are flat sheets that they just use a flat sheet for the bottom flat sheet for the top. They're not fitted sheets because fitted sheets having, like I said, like having several sizes just confuses your cleaning company.

[29:06] So you want to have the same size beds, same size sheets for all your properties. Okay. Next thing are the mattress covers and the pillow covers. You're going to have mattress covers and pillow covers that literally encase the entire pillow and the entire mattress, like a sleeping bag. It makes it so that there can be no bedbugs or anything that get inside your mattresses. This could save you money because you don't know where people are coming from or what they're bringing. So they may have been to another property that had bed bugs and they took those things with them and they get to your property and fumigating for bed bugs. Not a fun thing. So you want to make sure that you always protect your properties by having, you know, usually they're not too, too expensive anymore. They used to be $40 or $50 bucks a piece and sometimes they were $80 a piece, but now there are a lot less expensive but there's just as good.

[30:07] And you can see those. Those we got on Amazon pillows, we got too soft and too firm pillows at Costco and they were $9.99 for the sets. So I mean you can't even beat that price. It's such a great price and they're great pillows, too. Bed skirts. Those are nice to have that go around the bottom of the bed, especially because you're not going to be using comforters later on. You might use comforters at first and um, you'll see the comforter is on there. That from Bed Bath and Beyond the comforters we don't recommend because you always want your guests to have a clean bed. And that means top sheets, everything, right? Everything has to be clean. And first time use and comforters were not made to be washed all the time. And how many times you want to get into a hotel and you want to lay on a comforter that may have been used by like God knows how many guests, right?

[31:04] So most of the beds, and we'll show you in a video how to make your beds where they're just made with sheets and they can layer the sheets with blankets that you can wash each and every single time and then just have like, it's almost like a table runner, but it's made for the bottom the beds and we put these bed runners on there that add this splash of color and that's all you'll need. Okay. You don't need to have comforters, but if you do use comforters, make sure you have two comforters, one in the wings all the time that's clean and ready to go and make sure you train your, your cleaning company on how and when to replace those. Okay. Towels, bath towels, hand towels, and face towels. We got those at Costco and Costco has a great set of the towels that are made specifically for hotel brand and that whole set, I think it was a set of 10 was $76 and that's not very much at all.

[32:02] Also, kitchen towels at Costco, $11.99 and tablecloths - those are the little runners that we have on our tables. Those were $15.80, and I believe we got those at Walmart. I don't know, it doesn't say that. Then we also have promotional items which we have the print made from Gotprint, which is one of our favorite printing companies, but they make these little printables for all our properties and we put the full price there for you of $29.75 because I think those are the minimum prices. And we also made a house rule book from Amazon, which is like a one inch binder that, you know, just basically gave everybody, you know, here's what to, how to act in this house, what to expect when you go in the area where you can shop, where you can go to eat, where the nightlife is, how you can get transportation, those kinds of things.

[33:03] Those go in your house rules book. Then we also had our business displays. So this is your BNB business. You're going to have calendars. We put everything in there. The pens, an auto mileage book, calculator. For auto mileage, there are apps now, but I'm old fashioned. I still use books,. Acrylic displays for your rules, acrylic displays for your cleaning company. All those things are in there. And we got it, we either got it from, or we got it from Amazon. Um, let's see. Yeah, the calculator we got at Walmart for $3, but everything else is in there and the prices aren't very much. $23 for the, for the acrylic displays or you know, different sizes had different ones. Now when you have displays for things like that, you might want to have them in a photo frame because those look really nice too. When you can get the frames that matched the color and decor that you have.

[34:08] All right, now these are consumable items. Consumable items are items obviously that you're gonna replace often because they're consumable. Okay. And most items that you had above there, are items that you only have to replace every so often, like a long time. So like how many tvs are you going to buy? You're not going to have to buy one for at least another several years. Um, hopefully you can keep that tv, you know, for years and years and years, but sheets and towels, those things you're going to go through because the more they get washed, the more they were thinner, they get, the less useful they are, the holes they get in them and you're going to have to replace them. These items, these consumable items are items that you're going to have to replace all the time because they just get used up. So they're items like Qtips, Costco $8.49, makeup pads, Costco $12.99, toilet paper, Amazon $48.22, paper towels, it says "got towels." That meant that we had towels for those.

[35:10] But we just get those usually at Costco, too. Kitchen sponges on Amazon for $6.99. Flowers, and candy. Those are things that we put in our property that you don't necessarily have to do. But we do. And those items were $29.98. And the full, well we make these bookmarkers for our patrons. And then we put like a little flower clip on it from Hawaii because, um, most of our properties are island properties. And so we own Island BNBs and it's kind of like our, our logo thing, so it's something that we do, but you can pick out something special that you do for your people that goes with the majority of your products and in it goes with your brand, right? So let's see. Shampoos, conditioners, soaps and body wash. What was really cool is we use a service that is specifically for short term rentals that we buy these at.

[36:12] But then when we were looking to do this property, like I said, we were doing it as an example and we found some on Amazon that were quite similar and very inexpensive. And we put those in here. So $39.99, $19.99, $22.99, and $41.98 for a hundred of each of the bath washes, the soaps, the shampoos and conditioners. So dishwashing liquid, you're going to want to have, coffee, coffee filters, creamers, coffee filters. Creamers, that we sometimes we have the flavored ones. At Thanksgiving, we'll have pumpkin spice ones and then Christmas Time we might have a peppermint one or something in there. Sugar and Stevia, those are all included. The prices vary for all those things, but you want to have those available at all your properties. Now, if you have any questions about any of this stuff, please feel free to ask and like I said, if you like this information, if you want different information, whatever you need, go find us on facebook and write us a private message.

[37:24] We would love to answer your questions. We do a Q & A on Monday right now, and even though I'm in Florida, I'm going to be doing the Q & A probably from one of the theme parks on Monday afternoon, so that'll be 8:00 PM our time here in Florida, 5:00 PM in Arizona, Arizona Time. And when we get back, we'll be back to the Arizona time at 5:00 PM Arizona time, which is Pacific time right now because Arizona doesn't change their clocks, so sometimes we're Pacific and sometimes we're Mountain. It just depends on what time of the year it is until we fall behind. We're still on Pacific time, so let's see. That's it. If you have any more questions, we love to be able to do this stuff, answer questions, for any of our listeners. We want you to, we want you to have a successful business. If there's something that we can do for you, please let us do it. Subscribe like us, and please go to our website, or, and we'll be happy to serve you in whatever way we possibly can. Have a great day. God bless. Go and grow.


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