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Episode 001 - How This Podcast Came to Be & Who It's For

str Sep 03, 2018

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This is episode one of the Short-Term Rental Revenue Podcast and this is your host, Michelle Russell.  Are you ready for this?

Hello and welcome everybody.   This is Michelle Russell and this is our first ever short-term rental revenue podcast. How exciting is that? Okay, let's get started. As you know, we've been doing The Prosperity process for a few years now. We've got quite a following on our blogs and our Facebook pages and all the rest.  But whenever I do seminars or I'm out speaking somewhere, people always ask me the same question.  They always ask me. “How do you make money if you don't have any money? How do you make money in real estate if you don't have money?" And the obvious answer to that is always flipping. But a lot of people just don't know how to flip and that does take money to start flipping. I mean especially if you're going to do it right, you're going to send out letters and marketing.  So really... can you make money without having money? And the answer is yes. Definitely there are ways of making money without having money first. But the best way to make money in real estate is to have a little bit of money behind you because when you have something to start with, you can start your marketing or you can start something else... doing something else where you have a little bit of revenue that creates a lot of revenue.

And I think those are probably the best ways. There's a couple of books out there that I'm going to recommend at the end of this podcast but they explain to you that you need that drive.  I think being broke is a great form of motivation or it gives you the inspiration to do a little bit more because you're like, "dude, I have to eat. I'm going to have to pay my rent.  So, I've got to make some money."  So, that pretty much gives you the light under your butt to get moving. Right? To get moving forward.

We have some properties that we do for specifically for vacation rental properties. And I was talking to my friend, Sheri, and she had a vacation rental property in Hawaii.  I say had because she lost that in the recent volcano eruption that happened there and that's very sad.  But the thing is, that wasn't her only property so. So Sheri is OK.  Please do send her great wishes because she lost actually two properties there.  One was a dream lot that she had that she was going to build her dream house on and retire on.  But anyways, I was talking to Sheri about her short-term rentals and we were kind of going you know going back and forth with different ideas and things that we were doing and you know we came up with this great concept.

I started thinking of the first time I did real estate: what I did to make the money and I was like, “Wow! We put these things together.”  So, we started researching it and guess what? Lots of people were doing it.  Oh well.  I thought I was so brilliant and people have been doing this for a while.

So anyway, we started doing it and I did it with my rental properties and then I started doing it with my friend's rental properties.  I was like: “oh my gosh! This is so much better. I love this.” and I love it for a couple of reasons.  I'm going to go into that in future podcasts.

But one thing I wanted to get across here was that you can get started in real estate with very little money down. You can do it with no money down. But you're going to have to work a lot harder.

So. if you've got a little money behind you, you can get started and you can turn that business into a huge, huge moneymaker (like serious money that's coming in that could literally take the place of your job and your income).  I can say that pretty much regardless of what income level you're at right now, any income. Because even my husband, who's a doctor, our rental properties take the place of what he's making and actually are going to be what retires us because he's not going to want to work that way forever. I know he loves being a doctor and he loves his patients and everything, but I love having him along when I go places.

So I'm going to start this kind of from the beginning. And you know me, I'm going to go back and forth a little bit.  I live in Arizona.  I've lived here for the past 30 years with my husband Kevin.  He's an amazing guy and he loves it here. Like I said, we've been here 30 years in Arizona.  It's hot here, though guys. It's really, really hot and the older I get the more I dislike the summers in Arizona.  I just can't take the heat.  It's just too much for me.  When it's 118 outside, it's no fun anymore.  Even with a pool, I don't care what people say.  "You can go from anair-conditioned car to an air-conditioned store to your air-conditioned office."  I don’t care what they say.  It's still hot and the heat drains me.  So, I've wanted to move for more than 10 years but I adore my husband and his practice is here.  And he loves it here.

So, what I did was I just started renting a house and then eventually bought property and then eventually bought more properties in Florida, so I could be closer to my sister.  I would spend a lot of time with my parents there, my dad.  They've both, my mom and dad, have passed away since then.

But my dad and I actually used to spend months there at a time.  We'd be flipping houses.  We would buy houses and fix them up and then resell them or buy them and fix them and keep them for rental revenue. So, we had a lot of properties there and we did a lot of flips. We did a ton of real estate until my dad passed away suddenly.  Sorry, I'm feeling the emotion come on just because I'm talking about that.  But when my dad passed away, I stopped investing in real estate for a little while.  I stopped actively flipping houses because he was my best buddy. He was the man I just, you know, I always loved doing that with him - like flipping houses with him. I would walk into a house and he would be right next to me.  I'd say, “Okay, Dad.  We're going to get rid of these flat panel doors and put some six panels in here.  Let's get rid of these windows and let's put some new ones in. I'm going to lift that up and I need some ceiling fans.” I would just tell him exactly what I was looking at and what I wanted and he could just give me the number.

He was actually dyslexic and he only had one arm. I know, it sounds like a sitcom, right? But, no. This is my dad. But, he was brilliant because he was dyslexic. He came up with all these amazing ways of fixing things and fixing problems and challenges - anything that came his way. He was just so out of the box in his way of thinking.  He could take a look at this house that I showed him and know right away, like just kind of "Ding, ding, ding, ding." You know?  Like the Rain Man or something. 

"Oh, it's going to cost this much to do that."  So, we would fix up houses and I just loved it. I mean, I don't know if any of you have ever invested in real estate.  You've taken a property and then you've turned it around.  You know, just fixed it up and taken it from looking like the ugly, mean, stepsister into looking like Cinderella. It's an absolutely amazing feeling. I love doing that and creating value. I mean, we were creating a ton of value.  It was so much fun working with my dad. I literally loved it.

And so, like I said, when he passed away, my heart just kind of fell out of it because I didn't have my best buddy. I didn't have my dad with me. And it's not as much fun to do something on your own, I think. I think it's way more fun to do things with your friends and your family members and people you love. That is if you can stand them. I mean. But, definitely, I could stand by dad. He was he was a lot of fun. And I loved every minute I spent with him. So I'm going to get emotional again. But no, I'm taking control.

So anyway, back to the story: when he passed away and I stopped, I still had rental properties and I still loved getting away from the Arizona heat. I would go down to Florida and spend a few months.  I have - because I am the fun person that I am - I have my annual passes to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios and, you know, just to all the places.  I love going to Busch Gardens. I love going down to see my sister, down in the Keys. You know, I have amazing fun when I'm in Florida and I love the green. I love the rain. I love the humidity. I love everything about it. It's so different from Arizona. Arizona we get the dust and the heat. And obviously, in the wintertime, it's not so bad, you know, because it's very calm weather.  But, in the summer, man, I'm telling you, the heat is just amazingly hard on me. So, I was thinking about my rental properties and everything I loved about them and everything I didn't love about them.  And here's what I don't love about rental properties.

Now my vacation rentals are completely different. Vacation Rentals are different because the people take better care of your homes who come in for a vacation. Your house doesn't get the wear and tear on it that it does if you’re renting it out month to month, you know. They just take better care of it because they're eating out most of the times or they're going to an amusement park or whatever reason.  It's just your properties don't get the wear and tear. So those are things that I really liked about vacation rental properties, as opposed to long-term renting right.

And another thing I loved was, it's hard to find or sometimes can be hard to find, properties that are in a good location that you can rent out for whatever money.  Or you know what your budget is, right?  You, in order to hold onto a property, usually, I mean you have to have some money that you can put into it. You're going to have to maintain it and fix it and all this other stuff. So I was thinking, “Okay, here's the cons list about buying more rental properties.” As I get older I don't want to fix stuff up. I do have maintenance people and stuff but still, it’s the headaches that come with owning a property. And I was like, “OKay, I don't want to do that.” 

Plus, I'm not really sure about the economy or our dollar.  And, because I write books about money and finances, and I'm kind of a dollar pessimist - kind of - I am a dollar pessimist.  Let's just admit it.  I'm a dollar pessimist. When we started borrowing billions of dollars every year and printing trillions of dollars and putting it back into our system, we were just basically nailing the coffin on the U.S. dollar. I have no idea how, right now, silver and gold (we can ask my friend, Mike, later on in another episode because I'll get Mike on) how gold and silver are staying so incredibly low and at bargain prices and how our dollar is still standing. I have no idea because we owe so much money. Our dollar should be collapsing. I just feel that way. So, I don't want to buy another property and go through the stuff that we all went through when the last real estate crash occurred.

Now, luckily at that time I was working for Rich Dad Seminars and so Kiyosaki had been up there on stage over and over and over again with other speakers and authors and these, you know, amazing people that knew that the crash was coming.  They had talked to us and he had told us, way beforehand, if you can't cashflow your property at half the income, it's time to dump it. So we dumped all our properties at the top of the market at that time. So, we did make out very well. More so than most people did. But knowing that our dollar is in such a teeter-totter kind of thing right now, I don't have a love affair with investing the way I did before. I need to know that it's going to cash flowing the way I want it to cash flow. And most people who own rental properties know that if you're renting out long term, you're not cash flowing a tremendous amount of money, You're cash flowing well, most likely, if you're investing well, but you know, not as well as what you have to put out there. And if you have to put so much into a property and your ROI isn't as high as you would like it to be, it's pretty much not worth it.

So I started thinking about the first time that I invested and that was property that I didn't even own; I never owned this property, ever.  I controlled that property, which is the keyword - control.  I controlled that property for about three years and I made thirty-five thousand dollars or just under thirty-five thousand dollars. And this is the first one.  I did better on other ones but this was the first one I did. I made thirty-five thousand dollars in those three years.  And how I did that was something that's called a sandwich lease.  A sandwich lease is not legal in all states anymore because of the unscrupulous tactics of some other real estate investors out there, because they were taking advantage of people. The real truth is, if everybody is on the up and up, it should be a win win win scenario for everybody. And here's what it basically was: I'm just going to go over it really quick.  If you want to see the whole thing, it's actually in one of our blogs on our site. I think it's under, My Favorite No Money Down Real Estate Investment.  And that's at .  If you go there, you can read it here.

But basically, what I did was, I found a guy who wanted to sell his house and he was having a very difficult time. He had a job change and he had to move out of state.  He kept dropping the price, dropping the price, dropping the price. And no matter what he did, he couldn't sell this property.  Right? So, I came in and I listened to his challenges. He needed five thousand dollars so that he could rent a truck and do some other stuff so that he could move.  He just basically wanted to save his credit. He didn't want the house to go into foreclosure and he didn't want to be paying two mortgages, one on this home and a new mortgage on a new place. So after listening to him, I said, "Okay. I can give you the five thousand dollars for you to move and we'll go to always, always do this through a title company. Okay because there's lots of reasons but basically you're going to tie up the property and not allow anybody else to putting kind of liens or anything on it. So, but we would go through a title company. I would pay his mortgage and his homeowners’ association fees and he would get this five thousand dollars. And in three years I would have the option of buying the property at the price that he had set for the house. I'm trying to remember off the top of my head it was it was somewhere around 170 or something like that. I can't remember but anyways I was going to pay for that house at that price within that three year period. I had three years to execute the contract. And on the flip side then once we settled that I gave him my five thousand dollars and then I went and I found a nurse because there was a hospital nearby and I advertised it heavily to the hospital and the university there. And I found a nurse. She came in. She gave me eight thousand dollars down so I made my five back plus three. And instead of I think it was around 700 dollars a month that I was paying for his HRA and his mortgage she was going to pay me like over a thousand dollars for this property every month. So I cash flowed over 300 and some dollars every single month for three years and then I gave her the option of buying at whatever the price was at the time that she executed her option to buy. So she had to wait to clear up her credit which was why she didn't have a lot of money or down you know, a thousand dollars is not a lot of money to put down on the property. And we didn't call it down either. But I can go into all that stuff later. This is a totally different program. But anyways she at the end of the three years I had made the 3000 dollars at the front I had made over 300 and somewhat dollars. so I think it came out to more than six or seven thousand dollars in them. In the midst of those three years every single month making 300 some dollars. And then at the end what I sold it to her for was I was kind of the middle man and she bought it from the guy who owned it with just me in the middle. And I walked away with like a twenty five thousand dollar check from that. So I made money upfront. All through those months and at the end and it came to just sort of thirty five thousand dollars. And I never owned the property. It was just controlled by me. I was the middleman and actually everybody was happy. The guy in the front got exactly what he wanted. The seller did because he kept as you know has his credit clean. He got the house sold for the price that he wanted. He had his you know, mortgage paid on time every single month those were the things and he got the thousand dollars and he needed to move right. So he got everything he wanted. I made money in the middle so I got what I wanted. And the nurse at the end she had a really beautiful house a lovely property that she got for a deal. So I mean we just sold it to her for what it appraised for and I think it was actually a little bit under that too. But she got a deal too. So literally everybody's happy it's a win win win scenario. That's why I say three wins because everybody wins.

So anyways I was thinking about that deal. Right. And I was thinking because I don't know if you know but if you read any of my books you'll know one of my things that I have on my board my vision board. What do you want to do? What do you want to be? I I've always wanted to save the middle class. I was brought up my mom was a single mom for a while. My dad - my parents were married. My dad had some challenges with his life he was a very intelligent man. A police officer at one time and actually went to prison at another time. So it's a long story. But anyways I had this single mom who was constantly struggling with money. We were very poor. We were raised in a very poor area and everything was always getting shut off you know lights shut off, the gas was getting shut off. I mean it was it was kind of crazy growing up there was never groceries. Way more cockroaches than food [laughing] in our pantry. But anyways I just I wanted to save the middle class because I knew that once I started making money I never stopped. I started making money when I was like 12 years old. I started all kinds of jobs and stuff and I never quit. I loved having side jobs and constantly having money in my pocket.

I mean I really did. And it wasn't the money that you like. Right. Because think about it it's not really ever the money that you want. It's the things that you can do with money or the feeling that you get right. It's the security. It's just knowing that you can walk into a store and buy huggies and a gallon of milk and toilet paper and that you don't have to make a choice. Because when I was young we were constantly making choices. Are we going to get the diapers or can we afford the Milk or do we get toilet paper and no diapers always wins toilet paper sometimes wins. Milk is always one of the last things I mean my mom would take powdered milk and mix it with regular milk and that in the can. Like she would divide it up and add water to a half a gallon milk and put powdered milk in there and shake it up and I mean I can't tell you how whole she would stretch money but I mean we had corn fritters for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a long time. Sometimes she would just put cream corn in the pancake mix and it was just, to this day I cannot even write. But the thing is I once you start making money and once you start earning more money, you just know you're never going back. You make that decision and it's kind of like a click. I am not going back there. And I also realized that it really wasn't anything that you did. It was a mindset and I got that because having staffed for people like Tony Robinson and working with the Rich Dad seminars seven years.

I worked for Rich Dad seminars. And every time I was watching Kawasaki on stage or watching people come in. we would get the same people coming back and forth for all these events. Right. And you start to talk to them and form relationships with them and some of them are doing really really well and some of them are just you know the same old same old and you started to wonder what's the difference between the people who are making money and doing these things and the people who aren't. They both seemed very driven and determined. They both listen to tapes and books and they both aspire. But what's the real difference. And I started to discover it's simply your mindset. It really is your mindset. You really have to believe that you deserve more. And once you get that belief and you realize that God wants everybody to have money, and if you don't believe in God you can say the universe or source or whatever you want to say. But I believe that all of us are meant to be wealthy. All of us and I believe that there's more than enough to go around and you know we don't have to fight over real estate deals or be real cutthroat about stuff because there's always another house. You know I never have to fight with somebody I just kind of let things go. Like whatever next. If it's meant to be it's going to be mine and if it's not that's ok it can be somebody else's because there's always going to be something else out there for me specifically. And I know that and I believe that.

 So I wanted to I wanted to create something for other people and I wanted to be able to empower other people to get to where I was and I can only do that with education. And I thought you know that's why I became an author and that's why I wrote my blogs and my books and became a speaker and did all this stuff not because I like the attention. I really don't like the attention. I really don't like to be in front of cameras or in front of people. I mean I can do it and when I get on a role you'll never think that I have anything against it. But I don't. I'm not comfortable even though I look comfortable everybody goes, “well are you look really comfortable.” It’s like yeah it takes me a few minutes to get rolling. But when I get really comfortable is when I start flowing into the position that I I've always wanted to be. And that is saving the middle class that is helping empower people giving them the tools that they need to get out of the rat race. I mean that's all it is. It's all about empowering others. And what better way to do that than with this course as all these pieces started to fit together the things that I did with the sandwich leases, the real estate that I had that was a vacation rentals. The reasons why I didn't want to buy more real estate as they all started to fit in it. It was like a puzzle pieces that were just coming together to form this wonderful beautiful picture that said: “Oh my gosh! You can do this. And this is the perfect opportunity to help people who have a little bit of money. But you're going to help them make a lot of money - a great form of cash flow.” And before the crash it was all about cash flow. Right. I mean pretty much that's what real estate was about. And I was the cash flow queen because I had taken a bunch of properties and created some really amazing cash flow. The whole point was you can create cash flow if you can create cash flow. You're literally replacing your income it's like if you're playing cash flow 101 if you've ever played that game. It’s an awesome game. I highly recommend it. But basically you can take the cash flow from your properties or anything else that you've got going and you can replace your income and now you've still got that. It's like working but not working. Right. That money is just a residual income that keeps coming in for you. And now you can live the lifestyle that you want and that's pretty much what I've been doing for years. Right.

I've been going to Florida for months at the time and sometimes I work when I'm down there and do real estate. Well, every time I go down there I always do a little bit of real estate because I love real estate but most of the time I'm just playing around. Most of the time I'm going like I'm leaving in a couple of weeks here and I'm going down for Halloween horror nights so if you see me walking around universal studios a Halloween Horror Nights, yes that's me because I spend at least the first three weeks of Halloween horror nights every single night I'm there. And it's called a rush of fear. I've got to get my fear on. Right. And I also go down because at that time it is Epcot Center's Food and Wine Festival. Hello. Who doesn't love amazing food and wine? So as you're going around the world showcase you can you know grab yourself you know slider from Hawaii. I know all everything is a country. Everywhere you go around the whole place is a country except for there's a little booth that says: Hawaii. And you're like, “Oh! Dude that's a state.” It’s like don't even tell them that because honestly they've got some amazing food and drink from Hawaii. So we'll call Hawaii a country because it rocks. But anyways I go down there and I just spend a bunch of time I go down and I see my sister. You know some time I spend weeks and weeks at my house there and I'm actually thinking of moving full time so that I'm more than six months out of the year in Florida. Because it's just like I said it is getting too hot here in Arizona. I know some of you are from Arizona and you love it and have at it people because you can stay with my husband and have fun in your heat. I am going to be partying at Disney and Universal.

So anyway that's I mean that's why I do what I do.  I just… not a few months ago we went to Hawaii and we spent time at our properties in Hawaii and places in Hawaii with our friends and weeks at a time. Right. That is what life is all about is having fun with the people that you love and the people that you care for; your family, your friends, your children. I mean that's life is meant to be lived. And that's why I work and that's why I do what I do because I create these incomes. I've done these investments so that I can live a life like no other. And I do believe I deserve it. And I do believe that my husband deserves. I do believe that everyone deserves that. And so that is why we've come down to the nitty gritty drum roll. That is why we created this program because everybody was asking: “How can I? How can I? How can I? And I said you know what the best - and one of the I don't want to say easiest because it's really it's not easy easy. But it is way easier than a lot of things but it's one of my favorite ways. I've got to say of creating income is with short term rentals. And one of the best ways that I've found to do that is to basically leverage doing what I do with other people's properties. So where you can use other people's money to invest in real estate. You can also use other people's properties to create cash flow for you. And that is entirely what this program is about. It is creating the cash flow out of leveraging other people's properties and creating your own short term rental business. And there's money to be made in this. And right now you'll see. I mean, I bet you've heard more and more and more.

The industry is changing. Right. There are more. There has always been a lot of houses especially in the Florida area of houses that are for rent, you know, with the Disney being there and all that you know Universal being there. So people have been renting their houses out for years. That's nothing new there. But it's starting to be new everywhere. Like you know with Airbnb and the Vacation Rental By Owner-VRBO. They’ve been doing that for a long time but now you'll find these properties in the middle of nowhere and in some weird state in the United States. And get this we only make up 20 percent of all the Airbnb properties the United States does; 20 percent. Like you can go anywhere around the world and live in somebody else's house for days or a week or month and really get to know what those places are like that. And I totally recommend that I've taken my kids, we went camping all around Australia for an entire month and I took all five kids. And honestly I think that's the best way to visit any country or any city is to really delve into it just become a part of it. Just make it your home for a while because that's the only way to really get to know what other people think and how they live. And it's a wonderful wonderful experience not just the food and the drinks and stuff because I mean I obviously love food. I should be way heavier than I am because I love food so much. But the thing is you get to know the people and people are pretty much loving good caring people all around the world and everyone should get to experience this. And they should get to experience it on someone else's turf because you start to see the values of other people are a little bit different than yours. It's not so important somewhere else about you know what kind of phone you have or what kind of shoes you wear or the purse you carry. And so you start to see that a lot of the things that we think are important here really aren't that important. And you would only get that kind of education by going out there and living it. And so I highly recommend creating for yourself a residual income a cash flow that keeps coming in every single month so that you can live a life where you can learn to appreciate and love others. And it's just an enriching life.

I love my life. I love the opportunities that I have been given. I don't want to end my life too quickly or do anything like that. but honestly if I died today I would be so amazingly happy because I've really really lived my life the way I wanted to live it. I travel all the time you know because I just got back from Hawaii and then right after that I went on a wine tour in California with some friends and I mean I travel all the time and I do it with my friends. I do it with my kids. I do it with people I love and I care about. And it's an amazing lifestyle and you can have that amazing lifestyle. I don't have anything different. I never had anything going for me other than my drive to just keep going to get it done. Right. I made a ton of mistakes. I've lost money in real estate. I've lost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate. But I've made way more money than I've ever lost. And the reason is I don't quit. I don't stop I keep going. And that is crucial. That is the key. You always fail forward. You move forward. You're constantly moving and engaging in things and learning new things and going forward. And every time you reach another level it's never the - be all end all. You should never have that attitude where you say I'm going to be happy when I make this because I hate to tell you as soon as you get there you're going to set the bar a little bit higher. It's definitely the journey people. It's definitely the journey the journey is where it's all at. The journey is where it's happening. You keep moving with people that you loving and you care about and setting new goals and going forward. And I'm telling you, you can live this life and be happy all the time. And I really want that for people I want to save the middle class and I want to create 100 millionaires within the next five years. And I know that's a big tall order. But I think that I can do this. And the reason why is that you know I feel it. I feel my mom on my shoulder giving me that wink and that nod and just encouraging me to help other people achieve what they can achieve. But they just need somebody on their side a little encouragement, a little knowledge, a little education and they can do this too. And there's more than enough for everyone. There's you know this lack and limitation stuff is just BS. So I'm super-duper happy and excited to have created this podcast. Like I said is episode number one. I hope you stayed through the whole entire thing and that I didn't bore you to death. But if you stay with me on this I'm going to give you everything I know about short term rentals and teach you to create a revenue that will take the place of the current JLB that you have right now and replace that with a lifestyle that you only dream about because it can be a reality. It will be a reality as long as you don't quit. As long as you keep going and I'm super excited to be a part of this and that you've invited me into your headphones so that you can listen to me and I really want, I want us to be friends I want you to hear me out.

I'm going to be as honest with you and as open and I'm going to put myself out there. As you know my personality out there I hope you like me. If you don't I'm sorry that's just how it is that's how people are. You’ve got to realize that when challenges get in your face when you are confronted with something that is not by accident. That is completely on purpose. Those things are there for you so that you can learn a lesson and get over it. OK. If you've got a problem with somebody else's personality that's you. It's on you. It's not them. I know. We all like to blame everybody else but honestly you're taking control of our lives is really taking control of our emotions and our feelings and how we believe in how we think about things. And so our perspective is everything. So you can get a flat tire and be completely cool with it or you can be totally ticked off about it. And it's all up to you. You decide every day what you do and how you react to any situation that's in front of you. So I'm going to be real with you. And if it's offsetting then click off and don't listen. But by all means if you're ready for some truth if you're ready for some honesty if you're ready for some real lessons that can make you some money, then by all means click on subscribe and become one of the tribe. And let's get this done. Let's create some millionaires. OK. It might not happen super-fast but dude I'm telling you if you stay with me it will definitely happen. Do what I tell you to do. Exactly how I tell you to do it. Maybe you can tweak it a little and make your own because honestly there's only a few things that I'm going to be really adamant about not changing. But for the most part you're going to have all the tools that you need to create a wonderful wonderful lifestyle and that is all I wish for you.

I'm so excited about this. I know my mom is watching. I know she's on my side. I know she's on your side. She's cheering us on, my dad too. You've got a bunch of people not just me, my staff everybody in our group a huge community. They're all on your side and we we're all ready to just cheer you on through the finish line in creating the lifestyle of your dreams. So stick with me and I'm so happy you're here. And if you like these podcasts please like I said subscribe. Click the like button make a comment and let's make this a great day.

Go and grow.

God bless.



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My absolute favorite, no bias at all, of course, is Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter's Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  This book will change the entire way you think about money and get the ball rolling towards your financial future.  Rich Dad Seminars was a big part of my life for seven years and I am proud to say that the owners still mentor me.  My love for Peter Johnston and Suzi Dafnis has no bounds.  Of course, being tought by Robert, himself, made a huge impact on my beliefs and the way I invest.

After that, I recommend Daymond John's, The Power of Broke.  I have to say, I really like this book.  I mean, Daymond is on point when he says that the power of broke can drive you like no other force.  I find it to be so true.  His story and the stories that he tells in this book will not only inspire you, they have some excellent lessons in them, too.  I hope to meet this shark someday.

And the third book you should read is Cashflow Quadrant.  This Kiyosaki book allows you to easily see and understand where you are and where you want to be in regards to money.  

What's really great about this book is, you'll understand a whole lot more about business when you're done.  You'll also begin to see that while most of us start out as an "S" in many of our businesses, our goal is to move into the "B" and the "I" as soon as we are able.

It's one thing I love about the STR Business.  After you begin to accumulate a few properties, instead of getting harder, it becomes easier because there is more and more automation.  Pretty soon, you're barely involved in your business' day to day.  Mostly just to check-in and check-up.  So, start with these three books.



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