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Renting Out the Extra Room Your College-Bound Child Leaves Behind

single room rentals Jul 31, 2020


Renting out the extra room your college-bound child leaves behind can provide you with extra income and a chance to meet new people. It's a big decision, so plan carefully and make wise choices. Consider these tips to ensure that you create a good experience for you, your child, and your new tenant.



Help your college-bound child to adjust:


  1. Give yourselves some transition time. Your child is already coping with major changes while heading off to college. It will be less stressful for both of you if you wait a couple of months or so before taking on a tenant.


  1. Involve your child in the decision. People usually react more positively when they're included in the decision-making process. Tell your child you're considering renting the room and want to discuss it. If they're comfortable, you can steam ahead. If they have concerns, slow down and consider your child's viewpoint.


  1. Be sensitive to your child's needs. Everyone will have to make some...
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Episode 094 - The ABC's of Acquisitions: How to Build Your STR Portfolio

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2020




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Episode 093 – Room by Room: Backyards and Bonus Rooms - Part 5



Keep it clean, safe, & inviting!

Resilient Flooring & Durable Fabrics (Easy to Clean)

Add a Pool Table, Fooze Ball,

Air Hockey, and/or Game Table

Pinball Machines


Games, Video and/or Board

Card Games, Skip-Bo, Uno, & Cards Against Humanity

What's in the Neighborhood?  Bikes and Helmets, Golf Carts, Snorkel & Dive Equipment, Canoes & Kayaks w/life vests or jackets, sand buckets, water toys, sprinklers, water guns

People LOVE Water!!

Pools, Hot Tubs, Lakes, etc.

A place to sit, a place to sun, a place to eat (Shade)

Volleyball, Tetherball, etc

Sports Equipment, Balls, Rackets, Bats, and more

Lawn Games, Corn Hole,

Fire Pits

BBQ Grills & BBQ Tools

Blow up toys for the water

Buy/Rent close to amenities and pay the HOA instead of maintenance fees.

Buy/Rent close to playgrounds instead of having to keep your own playset safe.  Otherwise, make certain your playset is well anchored, sanded and safe of splinters...

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Solo Travel Made Easy

vacation Jul 17, 2020

Traveling solo can be a great adventure. If you travel alone, you’ll get to know yourself better and follow your own schedule. If you’ve been holding back, these tips will make it easier for you to head out alone. You’ll learn how to deal with three of the most common concerns.


Coping with Loneliness and Boredom


You may wonder whether you’ll get lonely if you travel alone. The truth is that learning to enjoy your own company makes solitude rewarding. On the other hand, you can surely find companions if you feel like mingling.


  1. Engage fully. Be mindful of your surroundings. Getting caught up in new experiences as you travel will leave little time for boredom.

  2. Take a tour. A day tour is ideal for meeting new acquaintances. It’s easy to strike up a conversation when you share the same interests with others and you’re away from your usual routine.

  3. Dine out. Look for places with communal tables or ask your hotel to...
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Episode 092 – Room by Room: Kitchen! What Each Should & Must Have - Part 4

kitchen tips & tricks Jul 13, 2020


Table and Chairs (place to eat) 

Centerpiece and Art adds color

 Faux Plants

 Glasses, Wine Glasses, Cups

 Paper Covers

 Cups, Plates, Bowls

 Silverware, Serving Spoons, Spatulas, Lots of Utensils

 Pots, Pans, Baking Sheets & Pans

 Colanders, Storage Containers

 Serving & Mixing Bowls

 Knives, including steak knives

 Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Wine Bottle Opener

 Measuring Cups & Spoons

 Pizza Cutter

 Dish Washing Liquid & Pods

 Sponge/Scrubber Pad

 Dish Towels & Clothes

 Some Cleaning Supplies

 Paper Towels, Garbage Bags, Zip Lock Bags, Foil

 Pot Holders, Place Mats

 Potato Peeler or Crab Forks - special to your guests

 Toaster, Toaster Oven, Coffee Maker, Blender, Hand Mixer

 Trays & Containers for Snacks & Coffee/Creamers



Coffee, Tea

Creams, Sugar, Stevia

Snacks, Bars, Oatmeal


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Episode 091 – Room by Room: Living Room! What Each Should & Must Have - Part 3

living room tips & tricks Jul 06, 2020


Smart Locks

You absolutely must use smart locks.  Today, they are less expensive than ever and are MUCH safer than handing your keys to a strange to lose, or worse, make copies of.  We use August, who teams with Yale.  Their app is easy and you can safely set codes that begin when your guests arrive and end with their departure.  Set codes for your cleaning staff and maintenance.  Plus, you can log when people arrive or depart without the worry.


Living Room

Comfortable Couches and Chairs – stain-resistant or washable

Pillows, add color and texture

End tables, Coffee table, TV stand – kid corners (see Safety Article below)

*Smart TV – along with fast wi-fi

Remotes, batteries


Entryway: hooks for coats, a place for shoes, entry rug


Art, plants, some nik naks


Office Area

Don’t need a designated room, just a space.


Comfy Chair


A place to easily plug in a computer and...

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Top 7 Tips for Stress-Free Family Vacations

family vacation kids Jul 03, 2020

Summer is here but there’s still time to plan and take a vacation. Although family vacations can be a little frustrating at times, they’re the source of many comical and pleasant memories. Whether you plan to go to the beach, the mountains, or even the big city, you can take a memorable family vacation that’s low-stress and fun for everyone.



Keep these tips in mind to reduce stress on your next family vacation:



  1. Plan ahead. Planning is a very important part of any vacation. Take into account the individual needs of your kids and arm yourself with whatever is necessary to take care of them while on vacation.
  • For example, if your four-year-old takes naps, bring along the stuffed animal they sleep with at home as their “comfort” item. For your teen, ensure they have their favorite hand-held electronic device to pass the travel time.


  1. Set up a flexible schedule for each vacation day. When you have a day-to-day plan,...
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Episode 090 – Room by Room: Bathroom! What Each Should & Must Have - Part 2

bathroom tips & tricks Jun 29, 2020


 Each Towel Set Includes:

A Bath Towel

A Hand Towel

A Face Cloth/Wash Cloth

Thick & Clean

White Towels (2 sets per guest, *ADN)

Guest Sized Toiletries, *ADN:

Bar Soap



Shower Gel


Soft Close Toilet Lid

Liquid Hand Soap

Quality Toilet Paper

Kleenex Tissue

Trash Can w/Liners

Hair Dryer


Make-up Removal Pads*

Sign (*Don't Use Towels)

Hair Dryer

Shaving Mirror

Shower Curtain & Liners

Arched Curtain Rod

*ADN means always displayed nicely

Guests don't want to share a Costco Sized Shampoo & Conditioner. Ask your Guests! Hotel Sized or Wall Dispenser?





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Episode 089 – Room by Room: Bedroom! What Each Should & Must Have - Part 1

bedroom tips & tricks Jun 22, 2020


Here's what you need in your Bedrooms.  (Download the pdf on our Show Notes Page)

Comfy Mattress Mattress Protector (no bedbugs)

Mattress Pad

Soft Sheets

Pillows (2 hard, 2 soft)

Pillow Protectors (no bedbugs)

Blackout Curtains


Reading Area: Snuggle Chair, small table, light

Extra Sheets & Blankets (in a sealed, zip-tied bag)

Your Gift Bags or Basket


2 Nightstands

2 Lamps for nightstands

Alarm Clock (w/USB?)

USB Charging Station

Luggage Rack

Lots of Hangers in closet

Lots of Drawers

Full-Length Mirror

High End Units may offer:



Sleeping Mask

Ear Plugs for noise

Use Textures! You want this room to "LOOK" Comfortable! Make them want to snuggle in just from the pictures.



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Plan A Multi-Family Vacation Everyone Will Love

family vacation kids Jun 19, 2020

A multi-family vacation is a great opportunity to save money and have more fun. These are some ideas for planning your time away and putting together an adventure that your family and friends of all ages will love.


A multi-family vacation could be constructed of extended families, like a family reunion in the destination of choice.  It could also be sets of friends and their children, where everyone decides to go on vacation together to make sure that everyone has fun, kids and grownups alike.



Planning Your Trip

  1. Test your compatibility. Living together for a week is very different from an occasional lunch date. First, take a day trip or go on a weekend outing together. Make sure all the kids get along, especially if they are going to be sharing quarters.

  1. Form a planning committee. Pick one or two well-organized people to be the trip leaders. They can assign duties to the rest of the group. If you live close by, meet in person, or meet on zoom if you...
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