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Best STR Insurance Companies in the U.S.

We've gathered some of the top Short-Term Rental Insurance Companies and put them on this Free List for you to check-out for yourself.

Questions to Ask a Cleaning Company

Use our Questions to assist you in hiring the perfect Cleaning Company for your Short Term Rental.  We also tell you what's inside the Maid's Closet.

Our Automated Messages with Smartbnb

What messages do we automate using Smartbnb?  Get our "7 Touch" Messages for free and sign up for a 14-Day Trial with Smartbnb.  You'll be SHOCKED at the time it frees up!

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Whether it's a device to measure noise decimals or plug-ins to detect smoke, you'll find the latest tech on our tech page.

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Sierra J.
Thriving Entrepreneur

Setting Goals That Really Work - Replay

Michelle will take you through an End of the Year

Goal Setting to get 2020 Started Off Right!


How to Get a Jump Start on Your Taxes & How to Stay Ahead with Your Bookkeeping

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Episode 20

What is a Belief System?


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Sierra J.
Thriving Entrepreneur

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Book Challenge 2020!!

Michelle is taking the Book Challenge and going for 50 books this year! Last year she read 34 but she thinks it would be possible to add at least a book a month if committed. How about you? How many are you committed to reading this year?


If you would like our book list for some great ideas to get started, simply click below


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Michelle has had her Audible account for more than a dozen years! That's before Amazon bought them, before their amazing app, and practically back in the stone age. Seriously, you had to download each book as an MP3 onto your computer... the stone age! Now, you can try Audible free for 30 days and get your first book free when you go to or just Click Here and Enjoy!

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